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41 Fun Activities for Teens

Teens are all different, and their interests and worlds are expanding faster than ever before in their life. These incredibly fun activities for teens might just have putting their phones down!

How are you supposed to keep up with them, let alone them trying to keep up with themselves?

Here, I have compiled a list of 41 fun activities for teens, an eclectic list offering varying levels of involvement.

activities for teens

We all know teens’ interests can flip in a second, so regardless of their feelings, there’s something for anyone here.

Share the list with them to offer a solo project, or join in with your kid, because, after all, they are still one! I hope your teens enjoy this list, or you take something for yourself for a good afternoon of fun.

1. Paper Hat

paper hat craft


This first idea is as simple as it gets! A classic paper hat is always an easy and fun craft to construct with essentially any paper you have on hand.

Construction, newspaper, and even tissue paper can all get turned into a very fun chapeau. Make them for a party or event, or just wear them around the house together.

2. Origami Blossom Hearts

origami blossom hearts


Surprisingly, origami has become one of my favorite pastimes; constructing different shapes or animals is therapeutic. I think it’s a perfect craft for teens.

It takes a little more brain power but produces something more lifelike and helps destress the brain because the focus is in the folds.

3. Tie-Dye Shirt

tie dye shirt


A great summer classic, although it’s very doable year-round if you have the right indoor space. We love this kit; it has everything you’ll need for your tye-dyeing needs.

Anything is doable, too, as long as it’s a lighter wash. Although, in recent years, bleach dyeing has become more popular too and gives you more freedom in what to dye, but with less color variation.

4. Macrame



One of my other favorite crafts is anything macrame! During the pandemic, I really got into these types of crafts and never looked back.

My best suggestion is to learn the basics first–knots, types of projects, etc. Then once comfortable with the essentials, pick your project and enjoy!

This is a great quality-time activity to do with your teens on a weekend!

5. Paper Rose

paper rose craft


Not necessarily origami outright, but close enough to fall in a similar category. We love paper flowers in our house!

A school project one year came home for Mother’s day with simple paper flowers. We loved it so much that we’ve done it ever since and with more complicated constructions.

6. Watercolor Painting

watercolour painting


Honestly, watercolors are a beloved standby for any artist of any age.

To jazz up a watercolor project, try, prior to sitting down with your paints, to sketch out an image with a non-bleed black or dark-colored marker like this one to make the paint stand out more.

7. Macrame Bracelet

macrame bracelet


As I’ve mentioned, macrame is truly a favorite project in this house! We’ve made many of these for our friends and us over the years.

Embellish your creations with cute charms or beads, or keep it classic with just the braiding and knotwork. Either way, they’re a great quick project and a cute accessory that lasts years.

8. DIY Wall Art

DIY wall art


One thing is for certain; most teens are all about their friends! This sweet DIY wall art can showcase all of your teen’s friends in a streamlined location.

Pick a shape from the craft store, or make your own if you’re feeling extra artsy! A pinata-style construction works best.

9. Yarn Pom Poms

yarn pom pom craft


Yarn pom poms are some of the cutest homemade things I’ve made in recent years. Add them to any craft to give it that extra pop of fun!

Generally, yarn pom poms are a pretty straightforward craft, perfect for any teen not interested in doing too much. I grabbed this multi-pack of yarn to try out this craft, and it was an excellent purchase.

10. DIY Bath Bombs

DIY Bath bombs


Bath bombs are endlessly fun to create, not to mention picking which one to use for a bath! We grabbed this starter pack to try it in a low-stakes way, and it exceeded all of our expectations.

It’s great fun, though, because your teen can grab any mold, essential oils, or small additives they may want in their bombs.

Teens, or the creators, have complete creative control over how this craft gets constructed.

If you’re going out to buy your own oils, make sure you pay attention to whether or not they are skin safe! I’ve had friends that have hurt their skin by not checking.

11. Paracord Bracelet

paracord bracelet


A cousin to the macrame bracelet, a paracord bracelet may be the better option for your teen, depending on their tastes!

We normally have paracord floating around from all the different odds and ends we use it for.

One day, I was going to make a macrame bracelet but realized I didn’t have enough–enter the invention of the paracord alternative.

And, if it comes down to it, you can use the paracord to get yourself out of a pinch!

12. DIY Leather Tassel Key Ring

leather tassel key ring


Along with the pom poms, this leather DIY leather tassel key ring has been one of my favorite crafts I’ve made recently. This little leather pack has the perfect swatches to construct your own.

Teens may be interested in an array of colors, and that pack comes in different options for any crafter.

13. Friendship Bracelets

friendship bracelet


I felt that most of my teenage years, or summers, were spent making friendship bracelets.

It’s more so a right of passage than anything else, but if your teen hasn’t partaken yet, grab them this great pack for friendship bracelets.

Endless options of patterns can get found online, or you can experiment on your own accord. Anyway, these bracelets are endless and easy fun for teenagers.

This is one of the best teen birthday party activities to have more fun!

14. Seashell Necklace

seashell necklace


This idea came from an occasional tradition of ours during our beach holidays, but storebought shells do just as well. Make this as ornate or as simple as you’d like.

Just make sure to clean the shell(s) well if they do come from the beach.

15. Homemade Soap

homemade soap


Like bath bombs, homemade soap is endlessly fun, customizable, and generally pretty easy! Make a seasonal holiday or anything in between that pleases the soap user.

Grab this cute natural paper and some of this twine to give your gifting soap all the more sweet. 

16. Lavender Candle

lavender candle


After learning about all the potentially harsh ingredients found in most commercial candles, I started looking into how to make them myself.

Obviously, you can choose another scent other than lavender, but it’s one of my favorites and one I made the most recently.

17. Macrame Keychain

macrame keychain


Do I even have to say anything? This craft is what I like to do once I pretty much only have odds and ends of macrame rope.

It’s also fun for teens, adding fun little beads or other embellishments to make it extra fun.

18. Bullet Journaling

bullet journaling


This craft is for an artistic or organized teen who likes to track their life in a tangible way. Lists, calendars, photos, journals, and so much more can get recorded in a bullet journal.

If unfamiliar with the concept, I’d recommend doing some research to present more possibilities to your teen interested in trying their hand at this type of journaling.

This is one of the best productive things to do at home on a rainy day!

19. Polymer Clay Earrings

polymer clay earrings


These polymer clay earrings are a really fun girls/friend’s night activity! Paint, clay, and some shaping tools are the main needs for this craft.

Play around with the different colorations of the earrings to yield different results.

20. Baking Cookies

baking cookies


Making cookies is never a bad idea; it gives teens experience with the oven in a simple application.

If your teen is gifted in baking, grab a more complicated cookie recipe, but a little premix does a great job for the average teen baker.

21. DIY Bottle Vase

DIY bottle vase


This activity is a great upcycle project. Any bottle or interesting jar can get the job done, that and a few different layers of paint.

Let each layer of paint dry until happy with the appearance of the bottle dry. Add any detailing post the last dry of the base color of the vase.

22 . DIY Tassel Chain Necklace

tassel chain necklace


The idea of a DIY tassel chain necklace was on my brain after I made the leather tassel key chain. This little pack of tassels does a great job of providing the different colors needed to do light jewelry work.

Play around with the colors of metals to make for a more interesting piece.

23. DIY Marbled Mugs

DIY marbled mugs


For teens who love tea or starting to drink coffee (aren’t they still babies, though, where does the time go), these DIY marbled mugs fit the bill.

Excess nail polish is the secret ingredient for the vibrancy of color on the bottom of the cups.

Grab a few of these markers to use on top of the color to make the set all the more special. Bake the mugs to fix the color and any other markings on the faces of the cups.

This is one of the best sleepover ideas for teen girls!

24. Paper Lantern

paper lantern craft


Paper lanterns are another regular craft we do for special occasions or a holiday. We’ve been known to use all sorts of material, but our most used and successful is with craft paper like this.

One of our kiddos loved it so much that we made one for their bedroom. We have an electric tea light with it so they can turn it on and off themselves without a second thought.

25. DIY Tassel Garland

DIY tassel garland


A perfect decoration for the teen that is a minimalist but likes a cute and simple flair is this DIY tassel garland. The best part about the garland is that the crafter can make it as colorful or simple as they’d like!

The material of the tassel itself is open to whatever you may have on hand–yarn, decorative paper, or even leather.

26. DIY Scrunchies

DIY scrunchies


Another great group activity for anyone that uses scrunchies or could gift them to someone is these DIY scrunchies. This starter kit is a great place to try this idea out for someone not as savvy at sewing.

We started there and have branched into trying it ourselves, and it has been a great experience. This craft makes great gifts, and making holiday-oriented scrunchies for the little ones has been really fun.

27. DIY Bracelet out of Shoelaces

DIY bracelet


One of my friends shared this with me quite some time ago, and it fits right in with my macrame and paracord bracelet family.

The best part about shoelace bracelets–shoelaces can get bought virtually anywhere.

A fun way to spice these up is to buy three (or how many strands you’d like) corresponding shoelaces in different colors or patterns and weave them together for an even more unique piece.

28. Knit Headband

knit headband


When I can’t find a headband pattern I like for my kids, I’ll make my own! Grab a regular plain headband, or upcycle an old one.

I’ll use scrap fabric from old projects or go to the craft or thrift store for material to cover up the hairpiece.

29. DIY Phone Holder

DIY phone holder craft


A perfect craft for any teen with a cellphone–cheap and cute!

The base is a toilet paper roll. Yes, you read that right; a small, snug opening to slide the phone into gets the job done.

Let them decorate it however they please, or keep it as a toilet paper roll–whatever works for them. It’s really the easiest and cheapest craft on the list if you’re working off a tight budget.

30. DIY Herb Garden Mason Jars

DIY herb garden mason jars


Perfect for those teens who are taking an interest in the natural world, there’s no better place than to start with managing a small and simple herb garden. Discuss herbs that may interest them, or grab the easiest ones to grow and let your teen set up the rest.

Have them keep a notebook, too, if they are interested in tracking the process. Expand with each year, or even plan a garden with your teen for the following year.

31. Paper Flowers

paper flowers


As I have mentioned, I’m a lover of paper flowers, as well as my kids. I’m a big believer in art therapy, and paper flowers are at the top of my list for settling the mind and body.

Plain craft paper is what I usually lean for a while constructing these, but I’ve just started trying it with patterned paper, and they come out super cute!

32. Photo Collage

photo collage


This fun photo collage is a more streamlined version of the wall art from earlier on the list. There are a few ways to construct this, so do whatever works for your budget or your teen’s.

We liked using some of this washi tape to frame in the different images. Keep it in a structure-taping pattern, or layer your washi-framed photos for a more interesting look.

33. DIY Jewelry Trays

DIY jewelry trays


One of the sweetest crafts, and each one looks entirely different from the next. These trays are even simpler by using air dry clay–just mold it and let it sit until wholly dried.

It’s a bit of a two stage craft project. Once everything is dry, then it can be painted or colored with different mediums.

34. Vision Box

vision box


If you’re teen shares a room or doesn’t have enough wall space for a vision board, suggest a vision box!

It’s the same concept, but everything for the vision box gets collected into a container they can revisit time and again.

The plus side of a vision box is that if your teen has something more than clippings, it can stay with the rest of the contents of the container. The box helps harbor more creativity and vision for the teen’s goals.

35. DIY Photo Display Board

DIY Photo display board


Think of this as a cuter corkboard or a corkboard with material covering it to give it a nice makeover. Whether upcycling an old board or grabbing a new one to embellish it, it’s a great craft for a teen.

It’s a simple craft with a good payoff that will last them for years to come.

36. DIY Notebook

DIY Notebook


To go the extra mile in bullet journaling, try having your teen make their own notebook! It’s possible with scrap paper and semi-sturdy material.

If you or your teen is interested but a little lost on where to start, this book-making kit is an excellent place to get started!

Once you get the hang of making notebooks, it’s a great activity to do and can even earn the artist a bit of extra money by selling them!

37. Lotion Bars

lotion bars


Similar to soap and bath bombs, lotion bars are a great activity for a teen to completely construct their own unique product.

Have a conversation about what they’d like their lotion bars to accomplish–soft skin, smells like baked cookies, etc., and then have them research what they need to buy.

Again, if they need to buy essential oils for their lotion bars, make sure they either have a carrier oil to avoid any irritation from essential oil.

Or, make sure your oils are skin safe to prevent any complications to the skin.

38. DIY Cocoa Lip Balm

DIY cocoa lip balm


As a teen, I remember loving all the yummy scented lip balms and chapsticks. Were they the safest thing to use–who knows, but this DIY cocoa lip balm covers all the bases, delicious smelling, and all natural.

I liked to start with this lip balm, but I could see experimenting with different scents and ingredients. Let me know in the comments if you try something new with this idea!

We like to make these around the holidays for chapped lips and to get into the festive spirit.

39. DIY Body scrub

DIY body scrub


Teens love getting into pretty or interesting-smelling things as they hit this age. A tried and true favorite for not only the kids but us adults, too!

Sometimes I’ll buy a scrub from the store, and it just doesn’t feel as nice and luxurious as a homemade DIY body scrub.

All the ingredients for the homemade version are fresher and closer to whole products, unlike some of those additives to preserve store scrubs.

Teens may find this therapeutic in the construction of the scrub as well as using it on a weekly basis, and it helps your skin health!

I love trying different combinations of ingredients, too–most recently, we tried this lavender vanilla combo, which was perfect for the welcoming of Spring.

40. Coloring Mandalas

coloring mandalas


Coloring has never not been a great therapeutic outlet and results in something you’ve created!

Perfect for a teen that doesn’t want to commit to anything unfamiliar but still gets something cool at the end of the activity.

Mandalas are a little more complicated and sophisticated than that of coloring ponies, dinosaurs, and any other child-oriented coloring book a teen used to work out of.

It’s meditative and a great way to spend a rainy afternoon while watching a movie for teens or anyone older.

41. Pressed Flower Mason Jar Luminaries

pressed flower mason jar luminaries


Probably the prettiest project on the list, these pressed flower mason jar luminaries bring a few different interests together into one cool activity.

We like using flowers most often, but we’ve also used other foliage, including smaller leaves, clover, various types of grass, and even small, already dead, but intact insects.

Upcycle some old pasta sauce jars, or grab this set of pots for the luminaries.

This project takes maybe around a month because that gives the foliage or flowers the appropriate amount of time to get pressed correctly.

These other productive teenage activities will help get you out of boredom!

Christy Stich

Friday 12th of April 2024

I wish there was more... I showed this to my daughter and she ONLY liked TWO things.