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47 Amazing Bullet Journal Ideas You Need to Steal

Get planning with these amazing bullet journal ideas. They’ll help you to stay in control of your time and get organized!

bullet journal ideas

Bullet journals offer a beautiful way to track our progress, health, eating habits, and exercise goals. They truly let us stay on top of things.

If you love to feel in control of things and want to stay more organized, you have to start a bullet journal! Trust me, your life will forever change!

Today I’m sharing a few bullet journal ideas that will help you to get started!

47 Bullet Journal Ideas for Some Inspiration

If you lack inspiration or want to transform your journal, see these original ideas I’ve found! Try them and track your achievements.

1. A Simple Meal Plan Layout

Meal Plan Layout

Source: Instagram

Feel like it’s time to track what you’re eating and change your diet habits a little bit? This little meal planner will do just that.

If you’re the type of person who forgets to eat breakfast, this bullet journal won’t let you do that! Just make a mental note to write down whatever it is that you’re eating.

2. Printable Daily Planner


Want to get into planning your days immediately? You can quickly print this cute daily planner and add it to your bullet journal!

A simple and easy way to get to planning in case designing your own bullet journal pages is just not your thing right now!

Get this printable planner for free below. Just put in your contact details and I’ll send the PDF file straight into your inbox immediately. 🙂

3. Track Your Steps

Track Your Steps

Source: Instagram

If you have a smartwatch and feel like you need to move a little bit more, make your own step tracker. It’ll give you a nice idea of how much you’re moving during the day.

Red columns represent the days when you haven’t reached your step goal, green ones – when you’re just on track, and yellow – when you’re super active! Try it, and notice how much fitter you get!

4. Write Down Your Saving Goals

Saving Goals


If that’s the time of the year when you need a new laptop, a car or perhaps just some money to travel. Start saving and logging what it is that you have saved so far!

I absolutely loved this bullet journal idea. You can easily track how much money it is that you already have for one thing or another.

Try it and start saving today!

5. Track the Quality of Your Year

mood tracker

Source: Instagram

If you have a new year’s resolution to be more positive and make the most out of the upcoming year, you’ll love this little template.

Make sure it has 365 squares and fill them up with a color every day. Choose what colors represent how well your day went.

My personal recommendation: keep the positive days warm and bright. Red, orange, pink, and yellow are great for that!

For less successful days, use blue, dark purple, grey, and other colder colors. A year later you can look back and think about what you could’ve done differently.

6. Track Your Mood, Physical Activity, and Sleep

physical activity tracking

Source: Instagram

This is a bullet journal spread offers a great way to track how physical activity and sleep influences your mood. It’s always great to look back and see whether these factors affect you.

It’ll help you to get to know your body a little bit better and perhaps even change your day-to-day life!

7. Not Down What You Can Control

reminders spread

Source: Instagram

Often, our stress and anxiousness originate from the things we cannot control. The truth is, since we cannot control them, it means we cannot do anything about them.

So, why do we even stress? Think of the things you cannot control and the ones you can.

Write down what it is that you can control and read them each time you feel anxious about something.

8. Log Nutritious Values of Your Food

nutrition log

Source: Instagram

If you’re serious about losing weight and getting in shape, one way to take control of what you eat is to start logging calories, proteins, carbs and fats of the foods you eat.

Once you understand how much you eat, you can understand better what it is that you have to eat to lose weight. Ready to eat low carb?

Here is a 7-day ketogenic diet menu with all the nutritional values! I’ve made it myself, so feel free to check it out!

9. Write Down Your Passwords

password tracker

Source: Pinterest

If you’re like me and tend to forget your passwords all the time, write them down. Just make sure your journal is in a safe place and not lying around!

It’s great to note down your passwords if you tend to change your devices quite often. Also, it’s just nice to have the important information on paper like in the good old days!

10. Label Your Tasks!

task labels

Source: Instagram

I absolutely love this idea. Make your own labels and make sure they’re at the beginning of the journal.

Now, whenever you write down a task, you can also label it. Sometimes we have so many things as ‘’work in progress’’ that it might look like we’re actually not doing anything.

The truth is – we are! So, use the labels to note that down and save yourself from panicking.

11. Make Your Own Health Tracker

Health Tracker

Source: Instagram

Use this bullet journal template to track how you feel throughout the week. What are your energy levels?

Perhaps it has something to do with the way you’re sleeping? An absolutely great idea to see how your body reacts to different things.

A great self-care idea for sure!

12. To-Do Lists Don’t Have to Look Boring

back to school list

Source: Instagram

Perhaps if you invest a little bit more time into making a to-do list, you might feel more inclined to start doing the tasks!

Have fun with your to-do lists. Make them exciting and enjoy ticking each task off whenever it’s done.

What’s more pleasant than that?

13. Map Out Your Ideal Morning

morning map

Source: Instagram

Starting your morning right can change your whole day. You can always feel more in control of what you’re doing and enjoy the little things that come in the mornings.

So, what’s your perfect morning routine? Write it down and follow it every day!

Little things like that do add up!

14. Separate Events from Everyday Tasks

event tracker

Source: Instagram

We have some tasks that simply need to be done every day. So, make sure next time you have an important event coming up note it down in a different column.

15. Track Your Watched Movies

movie spread

Source: Pinterest

If you’re a movie lover, you’ll love this idea. Start tracking what movies you have watched so far!

You can use the little stars to give the movie your own rating. It’s a great list to have for future reference.

If you’re the type of person who loves to re-watch good movies, you can always just come back to this page and pick the movie that’s worth your attention.

16. Netflix and Chill

Netflix and Chill

Source: Pinterest

Not sure what series you’ve already watched? How many seasons? Where you’re at in terms of episodes?

Make your own little Netflix tracking plan. Write down the series you’ve watched, how many seasons you’ve watched, and make sure you note down what else you’d love to see.

Also, feel free to note down new premieres, so you’re ready to binge-watch your favorite show whenever it’s out!

17. Track Where You’ve Travelled

travel tracking

Source: Pinterest

Draw a map and color the countries or states you visit. It’s great for seeing your progress and planning on where to go next.

If you have a goal of visiting X states/countries this year, this little bullet journal template is great for that! Try it and share the countries you’ve visited with your friends.

18. Reflect on Your Day and Progress

day progress

Source: Instagram

This is a great idea for those who want to look back and see how they’ve done. Log how much water you’ve drunk and how much of the greens you’ve had!

Also, point out some of your favorite things today. Have you achieved anything? Is there anything you’d love to improve on?

Don’t forget to note down the essential tasks too! Overall, a great way to track your self-growth and productivity!

19. Log How Much You’ve Achieved Today

achievement log

Source: Instagram

If you have productivity, fitness, and nutrition goals, this little template is great. The best thing about is that you can track your progress.

Compare your days and see how much you’re achieving! It’ll also help you to stay in control and keep on beating your fitness goals.

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20. Plan Your Blogging Schedule

Blogging Schedule


If you own a little blog or planning on starting one, try this blog planner.

Choose the topic for the next article, keywords, summary, and start writing. This is a great little planner for someone who has to write an essay for school too!

Figuring out what it is that you’re going to write about exactly before doing it is essential! So, try it and let me know how it goes in the comment section.

21. Journal Your Meals for the Week

meal journal

Source: Instagram

If you’re busy and don’t have a lot of time to cook, making a meal plan for the whole week can save you a ton of time. Especially if you have a big family!

Meal prepping or just planning what you’re going to eat for the rest of the week can help you save money too. Also, it’s a great way to make sure you’re eating healthy.

22. Plan Your Vacation Days

vacation planner


If you’re a full-time student or have a full-time job, you know how precious holidays are. Write down all your vacation days and plan what you’re going to do!

Knowing when your next holiday is coming up will help you to get prepared for the trips, buy the essentials, and save you from the stress.

23. Don’t Forget Affirmations

affirmations spread

Source: Instagram

All to-do lists should have affirmations around them. Simple phrases like ‘’I am strong’’, ‘’I am in control of my time’’ can help you to feel calmer.

Let’s be honest, never-ending to-do lists can be scary! So, a little bit of self-affirmation will never hurt.

24. Separate Tasks by Type

Separate Tasks


If you’re a student and have a lot of things going on (work, studies, internship, volunteering, etc), make sure you separate the tasks by type.

At different times of the month, studies might be more important than at the other. Separate lists will help you to stay in control and do the tasks that are more important at the time first.

25. Semester Overview

semester overview

Source: Pinterest

If you’re a student, often you know about upcoming exams, tests, or projects at the beginning of the semester.

Make sure you note them down, so you’re always on top of things. Don’t forget to highlight the holidays too!

These will keep you motivated to keep ongoing throughout the semester.

26. Moon Phases

Moon Phases


We, mortals, have always felt this wondrous fascination with the moon and other heavenly bodies. It’s a way to reach out to the heavens and connect with the universe.

Have you considered using a bullet journal page to track the different phases of the moon? It’s a wonderful way to set goals and expectations for yourself to achieve, review and renew at every moon circle!

27. Hobby Tracking

Hobby Tracking

Source: Instagram

If you’ve got more than one hobby you like to pursue, then it’s time you start tracking each of them. Why? When you track your hobbies, you’ll be able to review your progress and plan your time better to accommodate your hobbies.

Still not convinced? Think of it this way: when you track your habits in order to review and revisit them to better yourself, why not track your hobbies, too?

28. Social Media Tracking

Social Media Tracking


If you lead an active life on social media, you might consider tracking your activity with a social media tracking page in your bullet journal.

It can help you keep on top of the pictures, videos, and any other content you post. You can also plan your future content, create it and then schedule when you want to post it.

It can also help you keep track of your followers and any page you might follow, too!

29. Bill Tracker

Bill Tracker

Source: Instagram

When you’re super careful about your budgeting and your finances, then I’m sure you already track all your bills. Monthly expenses can pile up before you know it, so it’s important to get on top of that.

Here’s a list of bills you might consider tracking: rent, utilities, credit cards, gas, car payments, loans, and subscriptions like Netflix or even to the gym.

Give each bill a column, specify the amount due as well as the due date and then go ahead and keep track of your expenses.

30. Evening Routine

Evening Routine


You hear a lot about the importance of morning routines and how the right routine can help you start the day off on the right foot. But have you tried to formulate an evening routine?

Start with a detailed image of what your ideal evening routine looks like during the weekdays and then the weekends. Next, plan out your own routine based on your schedule, incorporating different activities.

The easy part is over; now stick to your routine!

31. Compliments Jar

Compliments Jar

Source: Instagram

Who doesn’t love to get compliments? But sometimes, you just need to pick yourself up, and what better way than to give yourself a nice compliment.

You can have a little compliment ‘jar’ in your bullet journal that you can use to fill your page with motivation and encouragement.

Did you ace a big test? Did you have a productive day? Compliment yourself. Don’t let the little things go unnoticed!

32. Holiday Gift Ideas

Holiday Gift Ideas


With the holiday season right around the corner, I bet you’ve already started planning your holiday shopping. Have you figured out everything you want to buy for your family?

A holiday gift tracker page in your bullet journal can help you figure out where you stand with your holiday shopping. It can help you schedule your shopping trips so you won’t find yourself out of time.

You can also just check the gifts off your list as and when you buy them!

33. Fitness Log

Fitness Log

Source: Instagram

A fitness log is a must-have for all bullet journals. This isn’t just to track your exercising habits, but also to track every exercise you do.

You can make this a daily tracker or alternate weekly or monthly to spice up your exercise routine. You’ll find that over a period of time, you will have a fully functional exercise regime to keep you fit.

34. Habit Tracker

Habit Tracker

Source: Instagram

A habit tracker bullet journal is perhaps the most common page you’ll find in a bullet journal. It’s easy to recreate, and when you’ve got your habits down, it’s easier still to monitor and track.

Do you want to start exercising or reading more? Perhaps you want to drink more water or eat healthier? Do you keep forgetting to water your plants?

A habit tracker is your best friend to help you get your life and habits in order.

35. Book Tracker

Book Tracker

Source: Instagram

Whether you’re just developing a new reading habit, or even if you’re a seasoned reader, keeping track of the books you read is crucial. It helps you schedule specific time slots to encourage your reading habit.

A book tracker is also a great way to avoid re-reading books you might have read quite a while ago. So check out this particular design with a little bookshelf doodle to help you track the books you’ve been reading.

36. Podcasts


Source: Instagram

If you’ve been listening to podcasts recently, then you know how easy it can be to lose track of all the different podcasts you follow.

You can also lose track of exactly where you stopped the last time around, how much progress you’ve made, and how much more of the podcast you have left.

A page in your bullet journal to keep track of all the podcasts you listen to is the answer to your problems!

37. Favourite Quotes Spread

Favourite Quotes Spread

Source: Instagram

Are you wondering what a quote spread is? Well, have you ever seen those super-inspirational journal quotes that are scattered through the pages of bullet journals?

Why don’t you give it a try? Pick out some of your favorite quotes to begin with. Next, plan, design, and execute some artwork to jazz it up.

Trust me; when you flip through the pages of your journal a few years down the line, you’ll be thrilled to find all those quotes!

38. Doodle a Day

Doodle a Day

Source: Instagram

Have you ever had a doodle book? How about you try this doodle-a-day series in your bullet journal?

It’s fun, it’s unique, and with every passing day, you’ll be adding to the artwork in your journal. You can make it a weekly or monthly challenge, too!

Try it out and just enjoy the little pocket of time you spend every day doodling in your journal.

39. Monthly Important Dates

Monthly Important Dates

Source: Instagram

It’s much easier to keep track of any important dates, anniversaries, or birthdays when you jot them down on a monthly basis. A single page before or after your monthly calendar spread should do the trick!

This one also features some gorgeous, juicy lemons that make the page pop out. You can create and execute your own art and designs to jazz up the page.

40. Vocab to Learn

Vocab to Learn

Source: Instagram

I always love that feeling of learning new words to add to my vocabulary. Be it word-of-the-day toilet paper or just running your finger down the page of a dictionary, learning new words is definitely important.

However, what is even more important is to keep a record of all the new words you’ve learned and subsequently use them.

The best way to do that? Set aside some pages in your bullet journals to keep a written record of all the new words you’re learning every day!

41. Braindump


Source: Instagram

You probably have a ton of creative ideas, new projects, or even just random musings swimming around your head. A brain dump page or two in your bullet journal will help you offload all that data from your head.

When you put your ideas and thoughts into words, you allow yourself to analyze, categorize and sort through the content.

Bonus? I believe that putting pen to paper and writing anything down is an affirmation of your ideas and will surely get the ball rolling in making your ideas manifest into reality!

42. 30 Day Challenge

30 Day Challenge

Source: Instagram

Call me a hopeless believer, but I believe that 30-day challenges are the first step in changing one’s entire life. It takes a person 32 days to develop a habit, as well.

So, a 30-day challenge can help you reaffirm your goals and divide your big dream or aspiration into more manageable milestones. So go ahead and allow yourself to try out a 30-day challenge!

43. Cleaning Schedule

Cleaning Schedule


When you have a cleaning schedule, you’ll find that you never have to allocate time on the weekend or every two weeks to ‘clean your home.’ Spending 10 to 30 minutes a day cleaning your home can save you a chunk of free time later.

So try to formulate a functional cleaning schedule that considers the needs of your household and your schedule. Picking up after yourself every day can also be a part of your cleaning schedule!

44. Calendar Spread

Calendar Spread

Source: Instagram

A calendar spread is a must-have for every bullet journal. With 12 different months to plan out, an overall monthly calendar spread can help you access information at one glance.

At the start of every month, allocate two consecutive sheets of paper for your monthly calendar and jot down the dates. Next, you can fill it up with anniversaries, events, and other bits of your schedule.

45. Self Care

Self Care

Source: Instagram

Self-care is right up there next to mental health and basic hygiene. In fact, isn’t self-care a blend of both?

You can have your very own self-care routine for your skin, your hair, and even your post-workout self-care routine. Self-care can also include your daily meditation time, morning routine, and even time you spend doodling or journaling.

So go on and track your self-care regimen and watch your life unravel in the best possible way!

46. Packing List

Packing List

Source: Instagram

When you travel a lot for work, or even just as a part of your lifestyle, you’ve probably mastered the art of packing right. But it can never hurt to have a nice packing list to help you check every item off the list.

You have to keep track of your clothes and your accessories, make-up, footwear, travel gear, and other travel essentials. A packing list will eliminate the possibility of leaving anything important behind, be it your charger or your toothbrush!

47. Gratitude Log

Gratitude Log

Source: Instagram

The last bullet journal idea on this list is a gratitude log. Don’t disregard this gratitude page; you won’t believe how powerful a few words of gratitude every day can be.

In just a week or a month, you’ll find that you have a ton of things, people, and activities in your life to be grateful for. Every new thing you log that you’re grateful for will get you closer to changing your entire lifestyle and mindset, so give it a try!


Did you like these bullet journal ideas? Are you going to try any of these?

Let me know in the comment section below! Feel free to share your own templates too!

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