25 Sunflower Bullet Journal Spreads

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Have you been looking to brighten up your bullet journal pages with some fresh florals? You’ve found the right post!

Today, I have twenty-five ideas for sweet sunflower bullet journal spreads for everyone’s notebooks. The designs below range from minimalist and simple to colorful and full of detail.

Before we begin, here are a handful of recommendations for some products that could be helpful in creating these spreads.

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sunflower bullet journal spreads

1. Mood Tracker

Mood Tracker

A traceable mood tracker throughout a month can do wonders to reflect on how you’re feeling throughout a month or even a season.

A sunflower is a great vehicle for this idea because of its large nature and the amount of petals you can fit on one bloom.

Make sure to create a color key on the general emotions you typically exhibit or want to be aware of within this time frame. The key is there to keep an accurate account of emotions.

2. Summer Calendar

Summer Calendar

For an overview of the summer, what’s better than big beautiful flowers accenting the three months? It’s a great referential spread to detail out the weeks with a quick glance!

This idea also could probably benefit from a color-coded system for the days with plans.

Check out these other cute doodles for your bullet journal!

3. Daily Agenda

 Daily Agenda

A daily agenda is found pretty regularly in most bullet journals, and for good reason!

Sunflowers dotting the plans for the week bring warmth and brighten up the week, whether it’s a busy one or not.

Feel free to color your sunflowers however you’d like–adding some stalks could be a fun addition, too.

4. May Flowers Calendar

May Flowers Calendar

If you’re looking for a more classic calendar format, try this blocked-out out, traditionally formatted one.

To brighten it up, add a row or field of flowers down below to round out the page’s details.

5. Weekly Agenda

Weekly Agenda

As we all know, sticking with a calendar can look different for so many people!

So another possible spread to try out is this weekly formatting–you can go a little more detailed in appointments, classes, schedules, and more.

6. Your Week in One Page

Your Week in One Page

A weekly one-page overview is a nice option to have as well! It’s a great space to have the major events of the week all in eyesight.

If you’d like to make a big accent with your sunflower, you could add the roots doodling through the days below as if it were underground.

7. Monthly Cover Page

Monthly Cover Page for bullet journal

A cover page for the month of August is begging for some big, happy sunflowers!

Take a page out from my book and add it to a simple jar, or create a completely different scene to kick off the end of the summer season.

8. Habit Tracker

bullet journal Habit Tracker

Our bullet journals’ whole purpose is to track, so a few different habits you’d like to keep track of would look great, adorned with a few bigger sunflowers cheering you on.

I’d recommend a few pages, depending on the layout you are planning.

9. Day of The Week Boxes

bullet journal  Day of The Week Boxes

I love having chunky daily overview boxes squared up perfectly to fit the page.

The extra boxes you’ll inevitably have can be dedicated to sunflower art and make the spread a lot more enticing.

10. Habit Tracker #2

Habit Tracker for bullet journals

As we all know, different formats work for different journalers, and however you choose to do so works. If you are a classic calendar kind of girl, this habit tracker is a great option.

Embellish with a few fun flowers to complete the page.

11. Monthly Calendar

monthly calendar for bullet journal

If you’re not sure what you like best in terms of scheduling, stick with a classic calendar page–it can never fail! The spread gives you the space to work on your sunflower designs and art.

12. Daily Agenda #2

bullet journal Daily Agenda

If you need a reliable way to format your dailies, just measure out boxes that work for your space!

Any remaining areas on the page you can dedicate to your beautiful blooms or a small overview of the month.

13. Bannered To-Do Lists

bullet journal Bannered To-Do Lists

If you live and die by your to-do lists, give them the space to shine! Depending on what your schedule looks like, format accordingly.

Whether it’s one list per page or half a week paired together, it all works. The banner adds a darling touch to the have-tos of the day.

14. Daily To-Do List

bullet journal Daily To-Do List

Similarly, a more classic looking boxed to-do works just as well and looks as nice on the page. Add fun patterned lines for each task to personalize the look a little more.

15. Monthly Cover Page #2

bujo Monthly Cover Page

A great option for a cover page is to focus on the bloom itself; sans stem, or any other major detailing of a sunflower.

The best part, too, is that you can go incredibly detailed or minimal; both are an excellent statement for the month.

16. Monthly Calendar #2

bujo Monthly Calendar

Classic minimalist calendars work wonderfully in any context, whether your journals are incredibly detailed or simple.

Add any cute touches like washi tape or other bits and bobs along with your sunflower blooms.

17. Agenda with Notes Column

Agenda with Notes Column

If you’re someone who likes to have options to add important details, try this page out.

The notes section is a perfect place to have upcoming reminders, new details, or anything in between.

18. Habit Tracker #3

bujo Habit Tracker

Are you looking for a more unique but traditional way to track habits? Try these bubbles out–it’s the perfect page to have a huge sunflower rising like a sun.

This habit tracker spread is a page to make multiples of or to resize accordingly to fit your lifestyle.

19. Daily To-Do List with Notes

bullet journal Daily To-Do List with Notes

Another great page to have a place to jot anything you need to during the week!

The spacing of pages like this is versatile, too–resize the notes section either way, and the spread still looks adorable.

20. Sleep Log

bullet journal Sleep Log

A sleep log can be life-changing if you are trying to examine that part of your life or work toward a better schedule.

Keep it simple, and make sure to use a ruler while setting up to keep everything aligned with one another.

21. Monthly Cover Page #3

bullet journal Monthly Cover Page idea

If you like your pages to play double duty, consider a month title page with a calendar included! That way, you don’t have to flip through an extra page or two to get a hold of your schedule.

22. Minimalistic Agenda

bujo Minimalistic Agenda

I know a few of you out there have been waiting for a minimal-week page, and here it is!

Simple and to the point, this minimalistic bullet journal page still pops with those fun sunflowers with the cross-hatched lines.

23. Shaded Daily Agenda

Shaded Daily Agenda

I love this type of spread in a lineless journal because it creates a structured format to create lists easily!

For formatting, decide on how much you’d like to include on the page, draw out each day’s lines respectively, and then fill in the rest.

24. Seasonal Calendar

Seasonal Calendar

A seasonal calendar option is a great spread to have in your back pocket if you know you have a busy season or if you like to look ahead.

It’s one of the easiest in design, the most timely element of it is writing out all of the numbers amongst the flower doodles!

25. Food Tracker

bullet journal Food Tracker

Finally, a food track closes up our list today! Circles are perfect and simple ways to track any type of habit, and food is no exception.

Again, like the mood track, make sure to have a color coded key to keep track accurately.

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