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23 Easy Doodle Face Ideas

These easy face doodle ideas will up level your bullet journal endlessly. These face drawings are perfect for journal or just doodling on scrap paper when you are bored.

Doodling is one of my favorite past times, whether I’m watching a movie or just dreaming the day away.

If you’re someone like me that has always found themselves doodling but sometimes likes to make something a little less abstract, finding lists like this is a must!

I’ve loved doing simple, goofy face doodles for some time now. You can genuinely have endless creativity and possibilities with facial expressions and body shapes.

If you’re looking for fun with your daily drawing scribbles, look no further, this list is simple, cute, and fun!

doodle face ideas to draw

And if you get stuck on any of the directions here, I have a YouTube video with the exact drawings—23 Easy Doodle Face Ideas!

Before I begin, if you’d like to know the supplies I want to use for projects like these, here are a few of my go-to’s: these notebooks, this marker set, these types of pens, and I love these pencils for sketching!

I hope you enjoy drawing any of these as much as I do! Let me know what’s your favorite in the comments below.

Watch: 23 Easy Doodle Face Ideas

1. Slightly Smiling Faces

slightly smiling face

Starting on the left side, we’ll start with this character’s inner arm by moving the pen downward to make the hand, then upwards to do the same, but reverse and on a smaller scale for the ears.

A slight arc for the head and mirror on the left side completes the outline.

Draw the two eyebrows and then anchor the eyes off of that, making a tiny triangle in each to represent the irises. Fill in the rest of the details.

2. Angry Face

angry face

A rainbow shape will create the body, then, for the eyes, draw two “6s”–one the traditional way and one backward, and fill those in.

The frown is next, followed by the hair, like you’re writing the number “3” a few times, but connected.

To finish up, create the baseline but add the arms and the detailing around the eyes where you want them.

3. Relieved Face

relieved face

For our following figure, start with the eyes; fill in the eyes with a Pacman-esque shape in each.

Then, for the body, make an upside-down hook—it should meet the middle of the far eye—and the continuation of the body below the face.

Following are the smile, arms, and baseline of the picture. To finish, add the circular detailing at the back of the head.

4. Smirking Face

smirking face

Create the body as half of a sizeable soft-angled rectangle; add the ears. Once the outside is finished, move on to make two skinny sideways capital “Ps” for the eyes, and the toothy grin.

5. Squinting Face with Tongue

squinting face with tongue

A rainbow arced shape for the body, the squinty opened triangle eyes—I think of a greater than and less than sign, the mouth, add the sweat drops and facial lines.

Finish everything up with coloring in the tongue and perspiration.

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6. Confused Face

confused face

Begin with another rainbow-arced shape for the head, and add ears. The ears look best situated at the very roundest part of the upper body, fill in the inner ears.

Follow that with the eyebrows and mouth. Add some detailing at the bottom and a few question marks to bring this confused friend to life.

7. Jolly Face

jolly face

Next up, for miss jolly, draw the bow first. The bow will help proportion the body well.

Follow it with the an arced-shaped body from either side of the bow, the eyes, and the mouth.

Finish it with the eyelashes, coloring the bow, and making the cheeks and the markings at the base.

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8. Smiling Face

smiling face

For this little fellow, draw the hat to anchor the rest, just like miss jolly’s bow. Draw an angled cylinder resembling a can, then add the brim, and finish to detail the hat.

Once the hat gets done, create the body. Continue to add the eyes, make sure to draw small circles inside of the bigger ones before you color.

We round this fellow out with a simple mouth, little arms, rosy cheeks, and trim detailing.

9. Exhaling Face

exhaling face

Begin with this little guy’s body and arms, followed by creating the eyes—think about two sets of upper case “Ds” facing downward, but one smaller than the other. 

A little reminiscent of a cactus, don’t you think?

To add life to this succulent all you have left is to add the eyelashes, the pink cheeks, the fine markings, and a mouth.

10. Excited Face

excited face

We’ll start again with the ghost-like shape of the body. Then we’ll follow with sideways “6s” for the eyes and fill in, again make sure to have a small space reserved for the white of its eyes.

Next, draw the mouth, making space for the tongue and coloring behind it; then, add the cheeks.

Finally, mark the hair with a few spikes on top and then follow the curve downward against the body.

11. Face with Head Bandage

face with head bandage

For our bandaged friend, we’ll start by drawing a backward “3” and then straight into its body.

As you come down the other side, create a regular “3” to complete the outline, the hair and headband will come in soon.

After, draw the hair where you please, followed by the bandage.

To make this combination successful, you’ll have to pick your pen up at different points for the band to look like its behind the hair.

Return to the face to start the eyes, grimace, and arms, and then return with a colored marker to fill in the band. Feel free to use any color you please there.

It felt like a blue moment while drawing this picture.

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12. Upset Face

upset face

Again, for this upset face, start with the body, but stop to draw some hair on the top of its head. Create the eyes and frown—darkening any mouth part to emphasize the emotion.

For any, really, but if you add any additions, you’d like to make them even more expressive! This friend particularly would do best with many specific details on the body.

13. Surprised Face

surprised face

Begin with the arced shape for the body and then create its eyes.

The following things we’ll do are the eyebrows and mouth, really achieving the “OMG! I can’t believe that just happened!” look.

Head on to its right arm, add the baseline to help with the left arm’s correct spacing and finish the line after the second arm is complete.

14. Celebrating Face

celebrating face

Hooray for this party animal! Draw the arced body first, followed by the eyes.

To get the dimension in the eyes—draw these two little circles before you color everything in. This detail makes the whole character become more complex.

Move towards making the mouth, the hair, and the arms. After, add the motion lines around the arms and celebrate!

15. Nerdy Face

nerdy face

For our studious friend, we’ll begin with the arced shape but make little arcs as you go for the ears.  Once the outline is completed, we’ll move toward the facial bits.

Add glasses—run them a little parallel with the ears to help give you the correct spacing. Once the frames are drawn, return to do the eyelids, the hair, and finally, the mustache.

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16. Cold Face

cold face

The body gets drawn first, followed by its hair. Once the outline is done, move inward to the eyes, then the mouth, and add details—maybe even a scarf!

17. Face Full of Joy

face full of joy

Start with a candy cane on the left side of the page, add two little bumps in the middle, and then another larger candy cane shape for this drawing. Following the body, we’ll draw its eyes.

After that, and finish up, make the mouth and the expression lines.

18. Grinning Face

grinning face

The body is first, but do a squiggly line on top for its hair. Add the arms, the eyes, the smile, and finally, the cheeks.

Don’t forget to reserve the circles in the eyes!

19. Cool Face

cool face

Begin with the arced shape, but stop at the peak to create hair. After, make the glasses and fill them in to become sunglasses.

Next, fill in the eyebrows, create a smile, and add those cheeks!

20. Beaming Face

beaming face

Create more of an egg shape for the body, but again make small arcs towards the upper part of the body for its ears. Next, make a cloud-like hairpiece for this little one and color it.

Move to the facial features by making its eyes and then a toothy smile.

21. Cute Nerdy Face

cute nerdy face

Create a rounded arc for the outline, and add the arms and a small tuft of colored hair. Next, the eyes, eyeglasses, and smile gets created.

22. Painful Face

painful face

A short rounded edged square starts this drawing. Followed by the squinted eyes, the mouth that we’ve added hash marks into, and the detailing on the body.

23. Mischievous Face

mischievous face

For a drawing full of personality, and our last on the list, we start with the same arc shape we have for most.

Next, draw the eyes so you can proportion the rest of the face by adding half moons facing downward.

Once you’ve finished the outline of the eye, fill those in, and add that wry smile and mischievous eyebrows!

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