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40+ Easy Flower Doodle Ideas (Step-by-Step)

These easy flower doodle ideas will take your bullet journaling to a whole new level. These small flower drawings are perfect for bullet journal enthusiasts and art lovers.

When you’re in the mood to doodle, it can also be an opportunity to enhance and hone your skill and technique. It doesn’t have to be a mindless cacophony of squiggles and scratches.

flower doodles

So the next time you’re up for an hour or two of doodling, go ahead and doodle some pretty flowers, leaves, and plants! Check out these 40+ easy flower doodle ideas for instructions and inspiration!

These will be perfect for your bullet journal.

flower doodle ideas

1. Leaves


Knowing how to draw leaves is one of that essential know-how that every budding artist must, well, know. There’s only one way to learn and that’s to keep practicing.

You can always start off by doodling different leaf styles. There are so many trees out there that have so many shapes of leaves, not to mention colors, vein patterns, and more.

You can practice your shading patterns, as well, and even incorporate a few seasonal changes to your leaves. So grab your pencil and start doodling!

2. How to Draw Plants

How to Draw Plants

Now that you’ve mastered the art of drawing leaves, where exactly do you plan to put those leaves? On plants, of course! Drawing plants can be as fun as it can be educational.

If you’re into landscape painting and love painting rolling fields, grassy terrains, or jungles filled with trees and plants, then it’s time you sat down and mastered the art of doodling plants.

The four you see here are perfect for when you’re looking for quick fillers. They are long and thin, almost coiling like tendrils in vines.

More of a visual learner? Check out these flower doodles in action!

3. How to Draw Flowers

How to Draw Flowers

Leaves, plants, and now, the next natural step would be to draw flowers, of course; it’s the natural progression of your doodle journey.

This four-petal flower is perfect for any spring or summer landscape. It’s got just enough shading and dimension to fall under the intermediary category and is perfect for beginners, too.

A few dots of gold for the pollen, a few green leaves, and voila, your flower is all done!

4. Tulips


Tulips are so fundamentally beautiful that they take my breath away. I’ve always wanted to see those tulip fields, and I bet you have too.

So until you get to visit, you’re going to have to contend with drawing tulips. But this can be super fun, too, and you get to master a new flower doodle along the way.

The best part? Since tulips come in so many colors, you can go crazy when you color in the petals. Grab some markers and get started right away!

Use these beautiful tulips for your creative future bullet journal logs.

5. Marigolds


Did you know that marigolds are widely used in India when celebrating a wedding? There’s something about the bold shades of orange and yellow-gold that just captures one’s attention.

They’re majestic and regal, too. So how about you grab your pencil and start doodling a few marigolds?

If you do a little research, you will find plenty of varieties of marigold flowers, which gives you plenty of variety in terms of colors, angles, and petal structures to doodle.

6. How to Draw Sunflowers

How to Draw Sunflowers

Speaking of bright yellow golds, you can’t get any more classic than sunflowers. What they can do for you to improve your drawing technique will surpass any other flower. How?

Well, first, sunflowers always bend towards the light. This makes for interesting shadow play, which means you can practice different angles of shadows that fall on different surfaces.

Additionally, the center of the flower is full of seeds, and when you doodle it, you can use dot painting techniques to recreate it.

7. Dandelions


Dandelion stems just sway the winds as their fluffy buds scatter and fly away…doesn’t it just sound idyllic to boot? There are so many ways to draw dandelion flowers, and the best place to start is at the basics.

Draw a thin curved stem, and a circle around it to act as the circumference for the buds. Then go ahead and draw concentric lines around that circle before filling out the top of each with little buds to act as the base.

Finally, fill out the fluffy tufts, and you’re all set!

8. How to Draw Daisies

How to Draw Daisies

Daisies are like the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches of flowers. They’re just sweet and happy, and they’re a feel-good factor wherever they are–just like PBJ.

You can practice different angles, as well. A full-frontal daisy is as easy as it gets, but you can also draw one that looks like it’s looking up at the sun or fluttering sideways.

Drawing daisies on paper can be a fun activity–therapeutic, even. Just grab a cup of coffee and a plate of cookies. Then just sit down on your kitchen island and start doodling those daisies.

Draw these on your mood tracker.

9. How to Draw Roses

How to Draw Roses

If daisies are happy, feel-good flowers, then roses are just swirling with passion and color. Drawing roses, though, can be a cakewalk, if you know the technique and practice a lot.

If you’ve got a bouquet of red roses sitting on your dining table, then use that opportunity to doodle a little. No two buds are the same, and you can hone your dark-shadow and shading technique when coloring the roses red.

10. Ombre Flower

Ombre Flower

These flowers, too, are a staple in most beginner-level artists’ repertoire. It’s just so easy to draw them, and yet, so many ways that they can help you advance your doodling skills. Grab some paper, your pencils or pens, and some colored pencils or crayons.

To get that lovely burnish gold color at the heart of the flower, you will need to blend red, orange, and yellow, with a few liberal streaks of brown lines running up and out towards the ends of the petal.

11. Lavender


Whether it’s in my tea, or as essential oils that spice up my room, I love lavender.  Lavender buds are one of the most versatile flowers to doodle, paint, or even stamp-paint.

There’s no hard and fast rule or technique that you have to follow, but there is a way to master it. With the right medium, you can incorporate different shades of lavender, white, and more, to give your lavender more depth and make them look almost 3D.

12. How to Draw Simple Flowers

How to Draw Simple Flowers

These simple flowers are always a welcome way to break the monotony of a big and sprawling landscape picture. But they can just as easily be drawn around the margins of a page, and up on the corner.

Full of color and sass, these flowers are what you could ideally call wildflowers. They’re the kind you stumble upon on a long hike through the woods.

They’re there when you least expect them, yet there they are, bright and just popping with color and character!

13. Lavender


The thing about lavender is that there are just so many varieties. They come in different colors and even bloom in different shapes.

Whether it’s the conical head of deep purple lavender buds or the more mellow and luscious blue-lavender blooms, this here is an opportunity to make the most of doodling them. Grab your colored pencils and get started!

14. Plants Variations

Plants Variations

Whoever said that plants and flowers cannot be as beautiful or as effective in black and white clearly had no idea of what they were saying. However, in a backdrop of white, with a black pencil drawing, you know what would enhance the entire picture?

Just one pop of color, and only one shade at a time, too. Check out these plats and tell me you don’t find that spot of deep saffron just absolutely lovely and sensational!

15. Floral Wreaths

Floral Wreaths

Your flowers don’t have to be a stand-alone affair, nor do they have to only be on trees, plants, or in a vase. You can doodle flowers along a wreath as you see here.

With a curved form to work around, you can finally recreate those different angles you’ve been practicing and bend your flowers and leaves accordingly.

If you’re doodling a seasonal wreath, feel free to switch colors to incorporate the essence of your favorite season.

16. More Floral Wreaths

More Floral Wreaths

If you want to incorporate flowers and leaves all around the wreath, then you have a ton of different ways to do so. You can incorporate monochrome flower buds, little vines around the circular wreath form, and a combination of two.

Feel free to play around with different colors, different leaf, and flower types, and also with different shapes of the actual wreath till you get the outcome you like.

17. Cute Flower Doodles

Cute Flower Doodles

Now that you have quite a variety of flowers, leaves, and more in your repertoire, why don’t you put everything together in a pot or a vase? There’s nothing that I love more than a vase full of flowers.

They light up the room, they light up my face, and they light up my day. If you want that, but not the hassle of going out to actually pick or buy flowers or plants, then perhaps you can contend with doodling them for now!

18. Calendar Flower Decorations

Calendar Flower Decorations

Don’t you just floral artwork? They’re perfect for every season, all throughout the year.

I always believed that it was flowers that bring in that first whiff of spring, summer, rain, fall, and even winter into the air. So how about you capture that–that essence of the earthy floral notes–on paper with a floral border for your calendar?

You can change the colors to match the season–I can’t wait for fall colors!

19. Flower Letter

Flower Letter

Remember when you practiced doodling all those wildflowers? Well, it’s finally time to use them.

Here is another floral calendar decorating idea, filled with little doodles to help bring color and cheer to your months–both on paper and in real life!

This is truly your chance to let loose and let the creativity flow. There’s no pressure to draw uniform flowers, or even the same colored flowers–unless, of course, you’re following a color scheme.

20. Black and White Flowers

Black and White Flowers

Let’s turn the pages in your calendar and go through your daily schedule. Do you have a ton of tasks looming over you? If you want to take the edge off those tasks and soften them up a little, there’s nothing like a few flower borders to help you with just that!

If you find yourself spending a ton of time painstakingly fine-tuning said schedule, a little break from the chore by doodling on the very pages you’re working on is sure to help.

21. Easy Roses

Easy Roses

Do you remember working on that rose bud from way back? While that’s pretty and gorgeous, it might not be a quick doodle to create.

When you want something simple and easy, something that you can easily incorporate with wildflowers without seeming inconspicuous, then you can try doodling these roses!

22. Elegant Calendar Decoration

Elegant Calendar Decoration

A ton of color is all well and good, but it’s important not to let it get away from you. Flowers in just the right amount and just the right number of colors can be cheery and bright. But too much? That can become tacky.

The above calendar page is a perfect harmony of color and elegance. Just plan your page layout and your doodles ahead of time so you can truly achieve that harmony and balance.


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