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17 Bullet Journal Divider Ideas

Love your bullet journal, but looking to add a bit more organization or personal touches to your notebook? Here are seventeen great bullet journal divider ideas for anyone looking for inspiration!

Enjoy these easy bullet journal ideas and take your planning to a whole new creative level.

bullet journal dividers

From very simple line designs to specific doodles to help outline, break up, or accent your page. Customizable by color and size, obviously, these dividers are just so fun!

bullet journal dividers

I mainly used ink for both drawing and coloring the seventeen options before you, but feel free to use whatever you have! Watercolor could be a great option or colored pencils!

colored bullet journal dividers

Here are the tools I used if you’d like to know what I used while crafting my dividers collection. I used these markers, these pens, this notebook, and this ruler.

I hope you enjoy these as much as I do! Have fun, enjoy bullet journaling, and share some of your favorites with me–I’d love to see them!

bullet journal dividers

Youtube Video: Creative Bullet Journal Divider Ideas

1. Line and Shape Dividers

line and shape bullet journal dividers

Starting simply, our first set of dividers is nothing too complicated! I always use a clear ruler to help ensure my image is straight and even.

Most of these lines are pretty straightforward and easy to replicate. The third one down is connected spirals, which can be weird to achieve.

 Grab a scrap piece of paper to practice the spirals. Start from inside out or out to inside, ensuring the tails connect to the inner points of its neighbor.

These dividers would be great with these bullet journal mood trackers!

2. Natural Dividers

natural bullet journal dividers

I love these as a set of a holiday or seasonal dividers. Change the color of the accents to completely get a different vibe, or go with your favorites to customize them to the page.

3. Doodle Dividers

doodle bullet journal dividers

As most of you know by now, I’m a pretty avid doodler. So much so, a page lower on the list is entitled “Doodle Dividers 2!”

Have fun with these ones, and doodle them however you’d like! For the infinity symbol, start with one wavy line, and then at the correct length, bring the line up and over to invert the wavy line.

You will also enjoy these cute doodles for your journal!

4. Line Dividers

line bullet journal dividers

Whether you’re using these to divide sections into your pages or use them to frame your information, you can’t go wrong. Simple and chic, these will definitely add crispness to the page.

Add more or less to each line, too, as you’d like! I decided to go minimal or maximal for each to showcase both sides.

5. Colorful Shape Dividers

colorful bullet journal dividers

Pretty self explanatory–colorful shapes–use any color palette that works for your journal. Don’t forget your ruler for this one, too–it helped keep the lines organized and crisp!

6. Text Dividers

text bullet journal dividers

I love text dividers and always love finding or creating a new one! Here, we have relatively straightforward dividers.

I also love using these while taking notes, although that happened more often while I was a student. Anyways, breaks in notes can really help organize the information instead of whole blocks of text.

7. Spring & Summer Dividers

spring and summer bullet journal dividers

Nice, bright, colorful–can you tell I’m so ready for the warmer seasons? These are some of my favorites because it’s not constructed of a connecting line–we have fun little objects creating the line.

You could really take any simplistic shape or image and turn it into a dividing line! A bumble bee or pairs of sunglasses could be really cute!

8. Doodle Dividers 2

doodle bullet journal dividers

My second page worth of doodle dividers! As far as I’m concerned, any abstract or not doodle you have has the potential to become a divider for my bullet journal!

Start with the full circles anywhere you want for the circles and semi-circle lines. Once drawn, add the semi-circles in an outward fashion to fill out the entirety of the divider.

9. Cute Dividers

cute bullet journal dividers

I love most dividers I’ve created, but these cute ones are some of my absolute favorites! Pick your favorite colors and make them even more adorable for your style.

For the dotted and scalloped lines, make the dots first. This way, when you return to do the scalloped edge, you have anchors for the high points making both lines uniform and even.

10. Minimalist Dividers

minimalist bullet journal dividers

Although some of these line breakers look busy, they’re some of the simplest ones to recreate from this list. Jazz anything up that you’d like, or strip it down further to match your pages.

For the curly looped lines, try this out on scrap paper first. Try to move fluidly but in a structured way–this way, the line will come out cleaner in fluidity.

You might also enjoy these minimalistic bullet journal spreads!

11. Space Dividers

space bullet journal dividers

Perfect for pages like night routines, sleeping logs, or even nightly reading records! You can’t go wrong with any of these out-of-this-world ideas.

For the moon phase line, start with the full moon as an anchor. Work out from either side of the full moon with each phase and any embellishment once getting to either end.

12. Foliage Dividers

foliage bullet journal dividers

Like the other natural page filled with greenery, feel free to change the color of each line to reflect the time of the year. I love to use these with the first signs of spring most often, but I love the flowers with autumnal colors.

For the multi-colored flowers, draw them before the connecting lines. Use this line as I have with some angles, or draw it as a single line.

13. Simple Shape Dividers

simple shape bullet journal dividers

I’ll never get bored looking at these colorful shape dividers. They almost remind me of the childhood board games I played as a kid.

Change the color to all warm or cool to make your pages pop! Add more detailing or remove lines to make them more minimalist.

14. Simple Dividers

simple bullet journal dividers

These are great starters for anyone starting out on a bullet journal. All of them are simple enough to adapt to any section of a journal without too much planning.

15. Minimalist Dividers 2

minimalist bullet journal dividers

Here is a second page of minimal, clean-line dividers for those looking for something pretty but not show-stopping.

For the last line on the page, draw the dots and then go back and draw the structure in to complete the divider.

16. Spring Dividers

spring bullet journal dividers

Our next page is an entire page dedicated to spring flowers and foliage for those looking for that extra green to create in their own journal.

These will beautify any topic and, of course, add more to each divider or a different color to personalize these blooms fully.

These flower doodles are sure to liven up your journal!

17. Line and Shape Dividers 2

line and shape bullet journal dividers

Surprisingly, almost any arrangement of lines and shapes creates a fun or exciting divider!  I love them in black and white, but they are also a lot of fun with colorful patterns.

These amazing bullet journal ideas are sure to keep you inspired!