40+ Cute Doodles for Your Journal

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Need some cute doodles? These doodles are super easy to draw and improve your journaling experience.

I love a long and lazy afternoon when I have time to just draw! Especially when those drawings go onto my journal where all of my planning happens!

colorful journal doodles

Today I’m sharing with you cute and colorful doodles you can use for your very own bullet journal.

cute doodles

1. Fish Doodles

Fish Doodles

Doodling fish? There’s just so much you can do when you’re doodling pretty and colorful fishes like these. While there is no hard and fast rule or method when it comes to drawing fishes, there are a few tricks to nail it.

You can narrow down shapes and colors, and once you have, just go ahead and add on different components. Does your fish have fins? Only one fin like nemo? A big flashy tail? Then go ahead and pencil it down!

Once you’re done all you have to do is fill in the colors. Feel free to go all out and splashy with the colors you use and you’ll have the prettiest fishes possible.

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2. The Sea Life

The Sea Life

Did you love doodling those fishes? I’m not surprised; they were pretty amazing, and easy to boot, too.

Doodling wildlife—sealife in particular—can be pretty fun. There are so many mysterious creatures under the sea that you can let your imagination run completely wild, and end up with some beautiful creatures.

How about a pretty purple octopus? Or a big, beautiful whale, perhaps? Why don’t you draw cute faces for them, as well? That’s the beauty of doodling in your journal—anything goes.

More of a visual learner? Check this video on how to draw these doodles in action?

3. Butterflies


Who doesn’t love a big, beautiful, and colorful butterfly? They’re just such happy little pops of color to have in the world, and also on the pages of your journal.

Grab a few yellow markers and crayons first, you’re going to doodle a big yellow butterfly in your journal! Did you know that in certain cultures it is believed to be good luck if the first butterfly you see in a new year is yellow?

So if you’re starting a new journal for a new year, then you should make your own luck. Draw a whole bunch of pretty yellow butterflies, and just enjoy the color and cheer they’ll bring!

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4. Chick Doodles

Chick Doodles

I just love how soft and fuzzy baby chicks are. They’re just so darn cuddy that I have to resist the urge to aggressively hug and pet them.

If you’ve felt that way, then you know you’ve got to find an outlet for all that affection you have for baby chicks. How about you doodle a few in your journal?

I hope you didn’t put away those yellow markers or crayons just yet; you’ll need them for drawing these chicks! Start off by drawing a big ‘comma’ and work your way from there.

5. Pandas


Pandas are just ridiculously easy to draw. They’re also just ridiculously cute. I mean, have you see how roly poly and goofy these furballs are?

It’s like they’re big balls of goofy mischief, and you can capture all that on paper with just a few practiced strokes. Grab a black felt pen, as well as a pink one—that’s pretty much all you need to find when gathering your supplies.

You can use that pink color under the panda’s eyes to make it look adorable and cherubic. It’s pretty easy to recreate those classic panda eyes and little wiggly ears, too!

6. Smiley Faces

Smiley Faces

Don’t put away those black and pink markers just yet, you’ll be needing them again for thisd next doodle idea.

You know what can really set your drawings and doodles apart from any old plain and boring doodles? It’s like they say—it’s all in the eyes. It all comes down to the way you capture the emotions in the eyes.

Take a look at all the different expressions you can convey through just eyes. You also need to practice how to recreate that shiny sparkle in the eyes that make it all the more realistic and emotive.

7. Cute Creatures

Cute Creatures

Now that you’ve practiced drawing all those cute eyes, why not put them to good use when you’re drawing these cute creatures in your journal. What are they? Well, they’re anything you want them to be.

That’s the beauty of these doodled creatures—you can customize them and make them into just about any shape, size, or color. You can also play around with the expressions, too.

If you want some inspiration then how about you check out an episode or two of pokemon. I bet you’ll definitely find some pretty funky creatures there to spark your attention.

8. Weather Doodles

Weather Doodles

You won’t believe how many doodling opportunities you can explore when you’re drawing different aspects and components of the weather. It can be really fun to draw, if you know how to, of course.

Take a look at all the different types of weather, and how you can draw different patterns to represent different weather. Clouds can be big and fluffy on a sunny day, they can be at either end of a rainbow, or look dark and stormy as they shower rain down.

You get the picture, so go ahead and draw your favorite weather! You might also like these fun flower painting ideas!

9. Bees


Bees are just so adorably bumptious and, well, bumble-y. Wasps on the other hand, hard pass. But back to the bees; don’t you just love them?

They’re really quite easy to draw. All you need to do is master drawing that perfectly rotund oval-egg shape for the body and you’re almost halfway there.

Then just draw the wings, the stripes, and don’t forget a happy little smile. There’s one more thing you’ve got to do, though, and that’s to fill in the stripes with the classic yellow and black colors!.

You can also color the wings blue, if you like!

10. Stars


We’ve all heard of the age old nursery rhyme: ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star…’ But have you heard that old rhyme: “Star light stars bright, the only stars I see tonight…?”

Well, I’ve always loved that rhyme and I love stars. The thing about stars is that they’re just so darn fun to draw, believe me.

There are so many different types, as well. You can experiment with size and shape, too. For example, the Northern Star is usually depicted with a longer top.

You can also consider drawing a tail and make your start a shooting star.

11. Sun


Didn’t you just love drawing all those stars? Well, the sun is a star, too. In fact, the sun is believed to be the largest star in our Milky Way.

So why don’t you grab your color pens, markers, and your journal and draw a nice big sun? There’s a step-by-step process to help you along the way.

You can play around with different angles, play with the way the rays slant around the sun, and even throw in some reds and oranges to add depth to your doodle!

12. Cute Clouds

Cute Clouds

You’ve got the sun, the stars, you’ve even got a few weather doodles. So it’s time you worked on your cloud doodling technique so you can truly master the art of drawing different types of clouds.

You’d be surprised just how much clouds can do for your doodles. They can be big and fluffy, or dark and gloomy depending on what you’re trying to draw.

Feel free to draw a few thunderclouds, lightening, and rain showers, too

13. Cute Eyes

Cute Eyes

Trying to capture the tone of your doodle with just a few strokes? Then check out these 8 fabulous and cute eye doodles.

You can work on them step by step, starting with the base shapes, filling the different components, then filling them in with color. Some of these, however, are just really simple and don’t quite need an elaborate step-by-step process.

In that case, all you need to do is get right down to drawing them.

14. Fun Creatures

Fun Creatures

Here are some more cute and completely imaginary cartoon creatures for you to explore when you’re in the mood for some random doodling. These are the kind of doodles where you can really let your imagination flow.

Also, use this opportunity to hone the face-eyes-emoticon drawing skills that you’ve been working on recently. There are so many ways you can jazz up the space around these creatures, too.

A few bursts of colorful light, a couple of cute hearts, and plenty of stars should do the trick!

15. Kittens


Speaking of cute, check out these little balls of sheer cuteness. Don’t you just love drawing fluffy animals?

Cats, in particular, are about 90% fluff. You can draw a nice big circle, then just fill in some features, et voila, it’s a fluffy and chonky cat. If you’re filling in some color, then try to shade the fur on the cat, as well!

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