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61 Cute Easy Paintings for Beginners

Want to get into painting? These cute and easy painting ideas are great for beginners.

After a long day, you know what would really hit the spot? Winding down and relaxing in front of the TV with a movie, a glass of wine, and maybe an hour or two of painting.

Don’t you just love therapeutic painting is? There are so many different mediums, choice of base, techniques, and styles to choose from. You can spend your whole life experimenting with color and exploring new ways to paint. But the point is to start.

So, here are 61–61!–cute and easy paintings for beginners for you to check out and try!

beginner paintings

1. Cherry Blossom Tree

Cherry Blossom Tree


Did you know that white cherry blossoms are produced by the first-ever hybrid variety of cherry blossoms to be introduced in Japan? They are called Somei-Yoshino and they’re just mouthwateringly gorgeous.

They deserve to be painted, drawn, sculpted…just everything that can be done to display their beauty. You can have it framed and hang it up on your wall as an accent piece because this is definitely the kind of picture that would catch one’s eye.

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2. Seashell Plant Labels

Seashell Plant Labels


When you’ve got a thriving garden at home or run a center, you have got to have some sort of system to help you get all your plants cataloged and categorized. Sure, you can go ahead and buy some plant labels online.

Or, if you’re feeling a little creative, you could make your own plant labels. Grab some seashells, some paints, and a few brushes. You’re going to turn these seashells into plant labels.

You can even rope the kids into it and make it a fun and creative painting lesson!

3. Abstract Wall Art

Abstract Wall Art


How about an easy to paint abstract art to brighten up your walls? What I love about abstract art is that it is unique and one-of-a-kind.

This particular piece is also a rather quirky blend of modern with a touch of tribal thrown into the mix. If you’re getting all that from just one painting, then it’s time to sit yourself down and paint it.

You can use up any old canvas for this, or paint on your medium of choice and then have it framed up and mounted.

4. Bumble Bee

Abstract Wall Art


There’s something splendidly bumptious and bubbly about bumblebees that just make you want to get all cuddly with them–or at least a plush toy version of them. Bumblebees are fascinating and adorable, and your kids probably think so too.

So sit them down for a fun hour or two of rock painting. They can even make an afternoon of it and go outside to collect the rocks.

When they’ve picked up their pebbles and rocks, bring them in and sit them down with a plate of cookies and lemonade. Sounds like the perfect way to spend the day, doesn’t it?

Get more painting ideas with these rock painting ideas.

5. Impressionist



Have you ever worked on impressionist art? No? Well then, now’s your chance. Grab the following supplies and get started:

  • Masking tape from here
  • Canvas
  • Small brushes
  • Sponges from here

Take this project as an opportunity to experiment a little, play around with techniques, and really go all out with trying out new products. Impressionist art really does allow you room to grow as an artist.

6. Mediterranean Tile Stencil Art

Mediterranean Tile Stencil Art


Have you seen those gorgeous Mediterranean tiled artwork? You probably noticed how a lot of kitchens have those tiles as a part of their backsplash.

What if I told you that you could make–paint–those Mediterranean tiles yourself? Take a look at how easy this project is and all the different places you can put these tiles to use.

If you’re worried about getting all those intricate lines and designs right, fret not. It’s all stenciled, anyway, so just pick out your favorite design and get to work.

7. Dandelion



There’s something so unique and peaceful about painting dandelions. There’s so much movement here on this canvas that has been artfully captured; you can tell that there’s also a ton of technique and skill involved, too.

Just look at how those dandelion tufts are floating away in the breeze. There’s also that lovely loping landscape in so many shades of greed to offset the white of the dandelion.

Grab your brushes and start painting! Check out more DIY projects you’re going to love.

8. Salad Spinner

Salad Spinner


Do you have a Jackson Pollock streak in you that’s just been dying to get out? Well, I might have something just for you.

What if I told you that you can unleash your inner Jackson Pollock…with a salad spinner. No, really, a salad spinner, and if you think about it, then you’ll definitely see the logic behind that.

Buy a salad spinner first. You can find one here. You will also need a blank canvas, paint, and finally, plenty of paper towels and newspapers. Lay them out around you before you begin to catch any spills.

9. Train Painted

Train Painted


Have a kid who’s obsessed with anything and everything involving trains? Then check out these gorgeous and cute painted trains.

Don’t you love that the different compartments of the train are all represented in individual flat rocks, all connected together? It’s a creative way to approach rock painting, don’t you agree?

Plus, your kid can add to his train over time. He simply needs to paint another compartment on a flat rock and add it to the body of the train.

10. Canvas Stencil Art

Canvas Stencil Art


When you need something cute and you need it quick, then all you need to do is turn to stencils. It’s the perfect blend of hand-painted art, only with more finesse and definition.

Stenciled canvas art has always been my go-to when I need a cute decorative addition to my home. They work especially well if you’re not that experienced a painter yet but still want that pro-finish.

11. Painting on Ice

Painting on Ice


Have you ever tried painting on ice? No, you read that right. Ice painting can be a rather fun new experience to try, and all you need is probably already at hand.

The first step is to freeze some water to make ice. You can play around a little at this stage and choose different molds to set your ice in. But if you’re a beginner, try to give yourself a lot of ‘canvas room,’ so to speak.

Next, grab your paints, and brushes, and once you figure out what you want to paint, go ahead and do it!

12. Hammer Painting

Hammer Painting


I’ve always maintained my stance on the fact that painting–any form of art–can be therapeutic. You know what else can be therapeutic? Hammering a whole wall down–smashing things up can be fun, right?

How about you combine these two therapeutic activities, albeit with less violence? Grab some supplies, first. You can even use a hammer to grind chalk like this into powder, and work your way from there.

Need another project? Check out these toilet paper roll crafts for adults.

13. Valentine’s Twig Heart Canvas

Valentine’s Twig Heart Canvas


It is never too early to plan your Valentine’s day decor. If you’re someone who likes to go all out on holidays, then V-day has plenty of decorating opportunities for you to explore.

Check out this canvas, for example. It’s so pretty and simple to make, all you need is a canvas, some twigs, hot glue, and a hot glue gun.

Once you have everything you need, just trace a heart on your canvas. You will be using this as a base of sorts.

14. Watercolor Flowers

Watercolor Flowers


I think you can never go wrong with watercolors. They’re super user-friendly–which makes them ideal for beginners– and they’re also pretty inexpensive.

Now that you’ve decided on your paint medium, the next obvious question is what to paint, right? Well, just like watercolors, you can never go wrong with flowers.

Grab your brushes and paints and look up some pretty flower designs you can paint. Or you can just wing it and paint some big and bright watercolor flowers on your canvas!

15. Scrape Painting

Scrape Painting


Scrape painting is surprisingly quite popular these days. They’re all in the rage, and honestly, I can see why.

Take this painting for example. It features a reversed canvas frame with a beautiful, sophisticated, and colorful abstract art that would go just about anywhere in your home.

But if you’ve got a minimalist theme going around your home, then this scrape painting can add just the right amount of color and texture.

16. Watercolor Canvas

Watercolor Canvas


I hope you still have those watercolors left from your previous project because you’ll be needing them again for this project. If you don’t, then just pick them up here.

When you’ve picked out your colors, as well as brushes, and a canvas, go ahead and have fun painting this watercolor gradient. In fact, you can use this activity to teach your kids how to paint with watercolors, as well.

There is just the right level of technique that is ideal for a beginner to study and recreate.

17. Eggshell Art

Eggshell Art


There is just so much to love here with this eggshell art painting. First, it’s a hands-on activity that can keep your kids engaged for quite a while.

There’s something fabulous about throwing paint–or rather, eggshells filled with paint–on a canvas and watching it crack against it and the paint inside splatter. It’s fun, it’s messy, and at the end of the day, you have a modern masterpiece ready to be framed and mounted.

18. Sunset Cityscape

Sunset Cityscape


Sunsets are just so intrinsically lovely. They are colorful, magical, and one of nature’s greatest spectacles.

When nature blends with the manmade, like with this sunset cityscape, then you’ve got the best of both worlds. You’ll also be learning how to paint silhouettes, which can be quite a useful technique to master.

Grab some cardstock from here and get started now!

19. Lavender Acrylics

Lavender Acrylics


You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to paint lavender. It can be a little daunting at first when you look at all those little buds and sprigs but trust me, it’s much easier than you think.

The biggest challenge you’ll probably face is trying to recreate the different shades you’ll be using. Try to use a wide palette to help you mix and experiment with the colors.

You can pick up a wide palette from here, and also your canvas, brushes, and more. Here’s a tip: you can also use Q-tips to recreate lavender buds!

20. Paint Pouring on Rocks

Paint Pouring on Rocks


Here’s a beginner’s guide to paint pouring…on rocks! Paint pouring can be a wonderful opportunity to explore new and innovative approaches to painting that does not involve your traditional painting-with-brushes.

The key is to find the right type and size of rocks. While any rock would suffice, using flatter ones, or rocks with a bigger surface area, will give you more room to create patterns and designs.

21. Cactus Painting

Cactus Painting


Maybe it’s the simplicity of cacti in general–the shape, the details, the colors. Or maybe it’s because I can paint big and bright flowers on top of them.

Either way, painting cacti are just splendid and I can’t begin to explain just how much I truly love painting them. You probably already have everything you need, so just grab some colored cardstock to make a frame, and you’re set.

22. Van Gogh with Forks

Van Gogh with Forks


Of all the things that have evolved through the ages, art, I think, has evolved the most. Who would have thought that you’d be painting Van Gogh’s Starry Nights with a…fork?

So now that you know what you’ll be painting and what you’ll be painting it with, go ahead and grab your supplies. You will need a couple of paper plates from here to help you coat the forks with paint.

23. Fork Painted Ostrich

Fork Painted Ostrich


Don’t put away those forks just yet; you’re going to need them to paint these ostriches. Before you do, though, why don’t you just take a minute to admire how adorable and quirky these ostriches look.

There are so many colors and combinations that you can choose from. If you decide to animate your ostrich a little, then blue, pink, and purple shades would look fabulous.

Alternatively, you can stick to a more conventional palette of earth hues like reds, yellows, browns, and oranges.

24. Autumn Tree with Cotton Balls

Autumn Tree with Cotton Balls


And, speaking of earth tones, have you noticed how those shades also go just right during fall time? You can use those hues to paint this gorgeous autumn tree…with a twist.

Instead of plain old brushes, you’re going to switch them out with cotton balls. You’ve probably already tried this technique of painting with cotton balls. If you have, then use this opportunity to enhance your skills.

If you haven’t then go ahead and try it out now!

25. Watercolor Christmas Tree

Watercolor Christmas Tree


This watercolor Christmas tree can be quite fun for little kids to paint. It makes for a lovely addition to their painting portfolio, and you can tag it up on your refrigerator with a magnet.

It’s one of those really quick paintings that can add to the air of festivity in your home during the holiday season. It can also help your kids to get into the spirit of decorating when you actually involve them in the process.

26. Galaxy



When you think of the great vastness of space, you probably only picture never-ending darkness. But when you picture the Galaxy? I bet a lot of blues, pinks, purples, and even the odd glittery sparkle of silver pop up.

If you’ve ever rubbed your eyes too hard, then you’ve probably experienced the volley of colors that pop up behind your eyes, too, right? Well that’s what I usually think of when I think of the galaxy.

So let’s capture those colors, abstract designs, patterns, and enigmatic shapes of the galaxy on canvas!

27. Cotton Ball Rainbow Painting

Cotton Ball Rainbow Painting


Have you been trying to incorporate fun into your lesson time with the little ones? Then you know how hard it can be to get them interested in learning, and harder still to retain their interest throughout the session.

Here’s a fun activity you can do with the kids when it’s time to teach them their colors. You can never go wrong with painting a rainbow.

It’s got all the major colors and they’re super fun to paint, especially when you’re using cotton balls(look here) to paint them.

28. Watercolor Salt Painting

Watercolor Salt Painting


You might be wondering what watercolor salt painting entails. Well, take a look at what you can do with it and how to recreate this fun ocean-themed painting.

First, grab some table salt from here. You will also need watercolors, brushes, watercolor paper from here, and finally, some color copy paper. There are also a couple of downloadable templates that you can print and use as a guide to help you along the way.

29. Moon



There’s something that just makes sense about the moon. It always features in a big way when I’m painting nature–almost as much as the sun does.

I think that it’s one of those things that any budding painter has to know how to paint–like trees, grass, clouds…you get the point. Do you know what would make your moon painting even better?

You can paint it on a black surface like black cardstock or canvas (look here). That would truly make your moon stand out like it does up there in the starry skies.

30. Baking Soda Paint

Baking Soda Paint


If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times–baking soda is the absolute best for…everything! Whether it’s to heal wounds or as a cleaning agent, or, case in point, a painting medium, baking soda does it all.

Check out this fabulous and interactive painting activity. You can entice your kids into a little fun with science time by showing them how baking soda reacts with vinegar.

Throw in some color from these food dyes and you have a smashing hit!

31. Leaf Art Marble Painting

Leaf Art Marble Painting


Leaf art and marble painting in one single painting project? Sign me up, please! Glass marbles are a unique choice for applicators in lieu of traditional brushes or sponges.

It will create some unique patterns and designs on canvas once you get the hang of how to use it. For this particular painting, you’re going to be using marbles to create a lovely bunch of leaves in a plethora of colors.

32. Butterfly



Painting a butterfly is all about going back to the basics. But that doesn’t mean there’s no skill or technique involved; quite the opposite, actually.

You can practice basic art techniques when you’re painting something simple as butterflies. So take the opportunity to hone your existing skills with a big and pretty butterfly or two.

33. Pollock Inspired Splatter Painting

Pollock Inspired Splatter Painting


I always did love Jackson Pollock. The man was a genius, and I’m pretty sure that letting loose the way he did on canvas had to be therapeutic.

Splatter painting can have a purpose, as much as you’d think otherwise. A few carefully practiced flicks of your wrist can create a pattern–something you normally won’t expect from splatter, right?

So try this Pollock-inspired splatter-painted tree! Don’t forget to buy plenty of paper towels(look here) to control the mess.

34. Beach



I’ve always loved the beach and that breezy vibe you get from being around the salt, the sea, and the sun. If you’re a beginner-level painter, then this is your chance to learn how to paint the beach with acrylics.

First, buy some paint from here. You’ll need plenty of shades of blue and green, as well as white for the frothy waves against the sand.

35. Birds on a Branch

Birds on a Branch

Source: ​​

Birds on a branch…it doesn’t get more classic than that, does it? What is it, I wonder, about two birds sitting on a branch and looking off into the sunset, or up at the moonlit sky?

There is such a wave of longing and romance affiliated to the image. I get the need to capture all those thoughts and emotions on paper, or canvas, as the case is.

36. Rose Painting

Rose Painting


Speaking of all things romantic and beautiful, roses are right at the top of that list. You can never paint a rose too many, a rose too red, or a rose too flamboyant.

So take this opportunity to practice your rose painting techniques so you can master the art of painting this gorgeous flower. You can also practice painting on different bases and using different mediums, as well.

37. Abstract Oil Painting

Abstract Oil Painting


This is probably the best way to lure your budding artist kids into the field of oils. It can be a tricky medium to work with and can seem a little daunting at first.

But once you get a hang of how the paint works–it’s texture, viscosity, the way it runs on different bases, etc–you’ll be well on your way to advancing your skill. Pick up your oil paints from here.

38. Pumpkin Painting in a Bag

Pumpkin Painting in a Bag


With Halloween around the corner, it might be time to start planning your decoration. It’s also time to jot down a few themed craft projects to keep your kids engaged, as well.

This is a mess-free and sensory activity for your kids. It’s effectively finger painting, sans the messy fingerprints on the walls. Bonus? They also get a cute little Halloween-themed collectible when they’re done!

39. Apple Tree

Apple Tree


You cannot get more wholesome than apples. Whether you’re painting them in a bowl with other fruits or hanging from trees, they’re just so darn pretty.

So to paint your pretty apple tree, go ahead and gather all your supplies. There’s no hard and fast rule, as long as your tree is laden with these juicy apples, you’re all set.

40. Fall Tree Painting with Q-Tips

Fall Tree Painting with Q-Tips


It’s time to get out your fall-colored paints because it’s that time of the year when the leaves are turning gold and crimson. Go ahead and gather up all the supplies you’ll need.

But instead of brushes, why don’t you pick up some Q-tips from here? You can use a rubber band to bundle up a few Q-tips. Next, dip the Q-tips in paint and simply tap them over your canvas to create the foliage.

41. Watercolor Fish

Watercolor Fish


When you’ve got young ones at home, you’re constantly on the lookout for new projects to keep them occupied. It can be a little challenging, too, to keep up with the demand for new themes and ideas.

So here’s one to help you: a simple yet colorful watercolor fish painting. I’m absolutely certain you have all the supplies you’ll need.

Just download a printable template to help you along the way, and you’re set.

42. Abstract Painting with Round Brush Strokes

Abstract Painting with Round Brush Strokes


I can’t tell you why, but abstract art–for me, at least–was all about splatters and wide strokes. It was never quite about round patterns, although I can see how it just makes sense, somehow.

Grab a brush–you can use a flathead brush, too, as long as you make circular strokes. Then, grab some paint and just have a ball practicing and creating swirls and more.

43. Watercolor Triangles

Watercolor Triangles


You’ve been practicing your round strokes, and I’m sure you’ve probably already mastered linear strokes. So how about you try some…triangles?

These watercolor triangles are perfectly geometric and symmetric and can also be your foray into the world of watercolor zentangle. You can even use stencils if you think that will help you!

44. Block Painting

Block Painting


In many countries, block painting is an art form that has its hooks into block printing on textiles, fabrics, and more. Artisans take pride in this craft and it is pretty exclusive.

If you want your kids to have a little fun along the way, and learn the art behind block printing, then start them out small, like with this painting! You just need simple blocks and imprints–any household product will suffice, as well.

Check out more fun projects for adults here.

45. Snowy Night Painting

Snowy Night Painting


Ah, Van Gogh. The man really did a ton of study on the night skies, didn’t he? If you love his Starry Nights, then you’ll definitely love his Snowy Night painting, too.

There are a ton of unique techniques that you can practice with this painting. In fact, remember when you made round strokes earlier? You can use this painting to touch up on that skill, as well.

46. Mountain



We seem to be on a nature-themed painting spree, and rightfully so. Mother nature gives us a ton of inspiration and you can take that inspiration and put it on paper or canvas with paints and brushes.

Next up, you’re going to be painting some breathtaking peaks and mountains against a backdrop of the setting sun’s pink skies. You can also add the barent hint of sparkly stars and even a little moon peeking out as day turns to night.

47. CloudsClouds


Speaking of the moon peeking out, where do you think it will peek out from? The clouds, of course! So take a look at how to paint the most delectably billowy clouds, tinged with blush pink, purple, and ivory of the setting sun.

With a backdrop of dark night skies fading into a light pink, you have a whole gradient of colors to work with, as well!

48. Grey and Yellow Abstract

Grey and Yellow Abstract


When minimalism meets the abstract, you’ll find yourself with a lovely grey and yellow abstract artwork like this. You can have it framed, mounted up on the mantle, or hung as an accent piece in your living room.

There are ways in which you can add texture to this painting as well, by sanding or graining the canvas.

49. Cork Stamp Flower Painting

Cork Stamp Flower Painting


If you’ve got a handful of wine bottle corks, then go ahead and gather them up for this project. If you don’t then just pick some up from here!

Grab an elastic band and group seven of them together to form a flower. There should be six corks around to act as ‘petals’ and one in the center.

When you’re done, just dip the stamp flower in paint and press it down onto paper to transfer the image.

50. Abstract Texture Pink Watercolor

Abstract Texture Pink Watercolor


These abstract art pieces are getting more…abstract by the minute. But lucky for us, it’s all about whatever you want to paint, and however, you want to do it on canvas.

The one thing I really do love about abstract, though, is how a little texture can go a long way. This watercolor painting has just one stroke of the palest pink to add color, but doesn’t the texture just make it stand out?

51. Abstract Black Strokes on White

Abstract Black Strokes on White


Well, I called it; abstract art is getting more abstract and that’s just the plain truth. Now you might think that this is just a plain old white canvas with black brush strokes…and you’d be right, mostly.

But even that, when placed in the right decor theme, can become a stark accent piece. So go ahead and give it a try!

52. Watermelon Painted Napkins

Watermelon Painted Napkins


You know what really gets me going in summer? The promise of cool watermelons. Even watermelon motifs can get me through the day and make me feel cool.

If you’ve got a bunch of these white napkins, then how about you grab some brushes and paints? You can paint a cute little watermelon on them and have them out on your table for your summer-themed table setting.

53. Heart



Whether you’re decorating for V-day, or you’re just looking for a quick heart-themed DIY painting project, you’ve come to the right place. Instead of your typical heart-shaped drawing or painting, this one’s a little different.

There are plenty of little decal work, stamped cut-outs, and patterned paint to add depth and layer to this heart painting.

54. Fall Leaves

Fall Leaves


You can never go wrong with painting anything autumnal. But what you can do is switch things up a little.

You can switch out the regular paint brushes and use some creative applicators…like marbles, perhaps?  Buy a packet of glass marbles from here to get started. Just roll them in paint and then roll them around on paper to paint your leaves.

55. Marble Painting Fireworks

Marble Painting Fireworks


I hope you still have a few of those marbles left. You can always wash them for round 2 of painting with marbles.

This time, instead of leaves, you’re going to paint a whole bunch of fireworks. It’s festive, unique, and colorful, and with the help of those marbles, you can really recreate the bursts and splashes of light and color.

56. Mickey Mouse Marble Painting

Mickey Mouse Marble Painting


Okay, now go ahead wash those marbles for round 3 of painting with marbles. I guess this method really did become a hit, because people always come back for more.

How about a little bit of abstract marble painting, with a Jackson Pollock twist thrown in there for good measure? You can use painter’s tape to section off the center where the silhouette of Mickey Mouse is and then let your marbles loose.

57. Rainbow Ombre Flower Pots

Rainbow Ombre Flower Pots


On your next trip to Dollar Store, why don’t you pick up a couple of generic pots? They’re always pretty useful to use as planters, or at least they will be once you give them a makeover.

Grab some rainbow colors, paintbrushes, and layout plenty of newspapers around you. You can use a sponge, too, if you like, to texturize the pots a little as you paint and blend a rainbow of colors on it.

58. Winter Birch Tree

Winter Birch Tree


Winter, in all its stark and cold beauty, deserves to be captured on canvas. The trees, especially, are quite lovely that time of the year.

This winter birch tree painting is ideal for kids under the age of ten to work on. They  can practice texture building techniques and also how to bring in winter colors and hues to the picture.

59. Fork Painted Flowers

Fork Painted Flowers


Are you up for painting another batch of flowers? This one’s quite fun, actually. Instead of using brushes, you’re going to be using forks to paint the petals.

When you drag a paint-dipped fork across the canvas, you can recreate some pretty amazing strokes. So go ahead, grab a fork and a paper plate and start painting these flowers!

60. Mandala Rock Painting

Mandala Rock Painting


Have you ever worked on a mandala art project before? There is such a lovely and intricate symmetry to mandala that I just cannot get enough of.

There are so many different options available to you when you’re choosing a base–canvas, paper, glass, and in this instance, flat rocks. You can incorporate a little dot painting techniques, as well, to create your mandala.

61. Poured Paint

Poured Paint


After the intricacy of Mandala, I can understand your need for something less…well, less. Paint pouring has always been just the right amount of messy and the right amount of freestyle painting.

It makes for some truly unique designs and patterns that would otherwise be impossible to recreate. Don’t you think this particular painting looks like something you’d see in space on another planet like Jupiter perhaps?

Maybe that’s why it looks out of the world!

Yield: paintings for beginners

61 Cute Easy Paintings for Beginners

paintings for beginners
Prep Time 10 minutes
Active Time 20 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Difficulty Easy


  • 1. Cherry Blossom Tree
  • 2. Seashell Plant Labels
  • 3. Abstract Wall Art
  • 4. Bumble Bee
  • 5. Impressionist
  • 6. Mediterranean Tile Stencil Art
  • 7. Dandelion
  • 8. Salad Spinner
  • 9. Train Painted
  • 10. Canvas Stencil Art
  • 11. Painting on Ice
  • 12. Hammer Painting
  • 13. Valentine’s Twig Heart Canvas
  • 14. Watercolor Flowers
  • 15. Scrape Painting
  • 16. Watercolor Canvas
  • 17. Eggshell Art
  • 18. Sunset Cityscape
  • 19. Lavender Acrylics
  • 20. Paint Pouring on Rocks
  • 21. Cactus Painting
  • 22. Van Gogh with Forks
  • 23. Fork Painted Ostrich
  • 24. Autumn Tree with Cotton Balls
  • 25. Watercolor Christmas Tree
  • 26. Galaxy
  • 27. Cotton Ball Rainbow Painting
  • 28. Watercolor Salt Painting
  • 29. Moon
  • 30. Baking Soda Paint
  • 31. Leaf Art Marble Painting
  • 32. Butterfly
  • 33. Pollock Inspired Splatter Painting
  • 34. Beach
  • 35. Birds on a Branch
  • 36. Rose Painting
  • 37. Abstract Oil Painting
  • 38. Pumpkin Painting in a Bag
  • 39. Apple Tree
  • 40. Fall Tree Painting with Q-Tips
  • 41. Watercolor Fish
  • 42. Abstract Painting with Round Brush Strokes
  • 43. Watercolor Triangles
  • 44. Block Painting
  • 45. Snowy Night Painting
  • 46. Mountain
  • 47. Clouds
  • 48. Grey and Yellow Abstract
  • 49. Cork Stamp Flower Painting
  • 50. Abstract Texture Pink Watercolor
  • 51. Abstract Black Strokes on White
  • 52. Watermelon Painted Napkins
  • 53. Heart
  • 54. Fall Leaves
  • 55. Marble Painting Fireworks
  • 56. Mickey Mouse Marble Painting
  • 57. Rainbow Ombre Flower Pots
  • 58. Winter Birch Tree
  • 59. Fork Painted Flowers
  • 60. Mandala Rock Painting
  • 61. Poured Paint


  1. Find the painting you like.
  2. Gather your supplies!
  3. Start painting.


Thursday 27th of October 2022

These paintings are cute! My question: Where do you go to find those cool frames? Some look quite fancy!

Karo @

Monday 31st of October 2022

Etsy is a good place for interesting frames :)

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