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41 Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Adults

Gather all your paper rolls and make these toilet paper roll crafts for adults!

Are you looking to create a waste-free environment in your home? Or maybe you’re trying to save some cash and avoid those all-expensive activities and products.

Well, luckily for you we’ve got the perfect solution: toilet paper roll crafts! Whether you’re into DIY or crafts, this is the perfect activity to keep you geared.

And don’t worry, we have over 40 ideas to go through, so you’re sure to find something to your liking!

Here are my top picks for toilet paper roll crafts – join today so you don’t miss out on the fun!

adult paper roll crafts

1. Snowflakes



Dreaming about the snow that’s missing from outside your bedroom windows? Well, here to bring some magical white excitement are these toilet paper roll snowflakes!

Oh-so-easy to make and so pretty to look at, these snowflakes won’t ever melt!

All you need to craft these neat little tree ornaments are some toilet paper rolls, scissors, pencils, a ruler, a hot glue gun, glue, paint, and other decorative material.

Simply prepare and cut the rolls before designing the snowflakes to achieve perfect results!

2. Fire Starters

Fire Starters


Summer means camping season, and what better way to celebrate the much-awaited summer sun than by bringing in all the festivities. Yes, I’m talking about fire starters, the color-changing ones!

It’s clear that these are campsite winners, the only question left is whether you can handle the heat!

To make your stunning color-changing fire starters all you need is some toilet paper roll, dryer lint, tissue paper, dryer sheets, adhesive material, and campfire color changing packets which you can get your hands on here.

Start by quarter filling your toilet rolls with dryer lint, adding tissue paper, and then inserting the color-changing packet while it’s still sealed. Top it up with dryer lint and wrap the roll with tissue paper or scrapbook paper. However you like!

3. Heart Wreath

Heart Wreath


If you’ve got a ton of extra toilet rolls lying around and want to show someone special that you appreciate them, then this toilet rolls heart wreath is the perfect DIY to give as a token of your love.

All you need are some toilet rolls, some bendable wire, scissors, and paint!

Start by painting and cutting your toilet rolls, and then bend the wire until it takes the shape of a heart. Simply string your cut-up toilet rolls on the wire, and use tape to secure them together.

And voila! Your heart wreath is ready. Check out more crafts to make and sell.

4. Seedling Pots

Seedling Pots


It’s never too late to get in touch with your green thumb, and what’s a better way than to make your very own seedling pots from empty toilet rolls? Easy to make and good for the environment, that’s a double win for one!

All you need to make these nature-filled pots are some toilet paper rolls and scissors. Yes, that’s it! And, of course, the contents would be some simple soil, seeds, and water.

A great place to get your seeds is here!

Simply make four even slits in your toilet roll and fold them, so they’re overlapped, making a cavity to trap the soil in. And ta-da! You’re done!

Now fill those babies up with soil and seeds and get growing!

5. Napkin Ring Place Holder

Napkin Ring Place Holder


Is it that busy time of the year when there’s always a party or a dinner to be had? Well, nothing says welcome quite like a customized napkin ring place holder!

Not only does it add some thought to the night, but it also personalizes the experience for every guest.

And making one yourself is easy! All you need are some toilet paper rolls, twine, burlap, markers, scissors, and a hot glue gun.

And if you don’t have mini clothespins at home then you can purchase one here.

The first step is to cut your toilet rolls and burlap pieces, wrapping the burlap around the rolls so they are fully covered.

Here you can use your glue gun to secure the burlap in place. Now add in your twine and name tags, and there you have it: customized napkin ring place holders!

6. Pillow Boxes

Pillow Boxes


Pillow boxes are a great way to give out small treats while staying within budget. So if you’ve got a kids’ party coming up soon or a fundraiser event, then these toilet roll pillow boxes are the way to go.

Get your hands on some empty toilet rolls, tape, and twine, and you’re all set to make your pillow boxes.

Simply decorate your toilet roll however you like, fold one end in to make a closing, and fill it with your desired goodies. All done!

Check out more paper crafts for adults!

7. Bird Feeder

Bird Feeder


Birds are a delight to have in your backyard. Not only do the little creatures add some life to the place but their sweet chirping is the perfect melody to work to.

And now you can make your very own bird feeders fill your yard with these feathered friends. Gather some toilet rolls, string, a paper plate, scissors and a hole punch, and some natural ingredients like peanut butter or birdseed that you can find here.

Punch holes on either side of your toilet roll and coat it in peanut butter and seeds, passing a string through the holes to secure it into a knot.

Hang your bird feeder onto a branch or wooden pole and see as the birds arrive!

8. Baseball Utensil Holder

Baseball Utensil Holder


Baseball season is fun for the whole family, and a great way to get into the mood is by making these baseball utensil holders.

You’ll need some toilet paper rolls, acrylic paints, paintbrushes, scissors, and a pencil to make these fun creations for your next baseball hangout.

Press down on your toilet rolls to flatten them and draw on baseballs, cutting around the edges to leave the circle intact. Paint on your baseballs, and you’re all good to go!

9. Cherry Blossom Wall Art

Cherry Blossom Wall Art


There’s no such thing as too many flowers, and what better way to add more blossoms to your life than by making this cherry blossom wall art.

Get together some empty toilet rolls, paint, staples, and tape and set about making a cherry blossom art piece for your wall. You’ll love the color that it adds, bringing spring that much earlier!

10. Mandala



If you’re big on the no-waste trend then you’re bound to have some empty toilet rolls lying around the house. And what better way to utilize them than by making your mandala art.

Beautiful and intricate, mandalas are the perfect addition to any home.

So, gather your toilet rolls, a scissor, plier, ruler, pencil, glue gun, stapler, and an empty gift wrap roll and get to creating.

Start by cutting and shaping your mandala pieces, using your plier to make them pointy. Once your pieces are ready, glue them together with your glue gun, continuing until your mandala is ready.

11. Santa Napkin Ring

Santa Napkin Ring


Christmas time is the best time, and you should take every chance to join in on the festivities. Making these Santa napkin rings is a great way to get the whole family involved in the holidays.

All you need are some toilet rolls, red felt, black ribbon, ribbon buckles, fuzzy white yarn, and hot glue. And don’t worry, you can find all the ribbon buckles you need right here.

Start by cutting your felt into the right shapes, and then glue them onto the paper rolls one by one until you have a napkin ring that resembles Santa’s suit – your kids – and the adults – will love it!

12. Christmas Stars

Christmas Stars


Everyone knows that Christmas is a time for joy, and what better way to make your home a palace of joy than to fill it with DIY Christmas stars. They’ll make your home sparkle and gleam like never before!

Start by gathering some empty toilet rolls, some paint, glue, and a cord so you have all the things you need to make your Christmas stars.

Paint the toilet rolls and cut them into smaller pieces, pressing them to make pointed ends. Once you have the pieces ready, glue them together to make star shapes, all ready to decorate the home with!

13. Fake Halloween Candles

Fake Halloween Candles


Want to add some spooky chills to the house this Halloween? Make these fake Halloween candles to add to your spooky set, and you’ll have the best decorations on the whole block.

You’ll need some toilet rolls, tape, a glue gun, tea lights – get your own here -, and spray paint to make your fake Halloween candles.

Start by cutting and taping your toilet rolls so they resemble different-sized cylinders, gluing them together until they form a cluster of candles. Next, take your hot glue gun and drip it around the edges of your candles, giving the illusion of melting wax.

Finish by spray painting the candles and adding the tea lights – you’ll have the best DIY Halloween candles you’ve ever seen!

14. Confetti Poppers

Confetti Poppers


Toilet roll craft is great for any season, and the fourth of July is no different! Revel in the red and blue by making these fourth of July confetti poppers, perfect for some holiday fun!

Apart from the toilet rolls, you’ll need some colored tissue paper, paper confetti, ribbon, pipe cleaners, and star stickers.

First things first, wrap your toilet roll in tissue paper, using glue to secure it. Adorn ribbons on either end after filling it with items of your choice, and add the finishing touch with sparkly pipe cleaners and star stickers, making the most exciting fourth of July poppers that you’ve ever seen!

15. Fairy Lights

Fairy Lights


Fairy lights add charm to any room, and they’re a definite mood lifter for me which is why I have them in my bedroom. Now you can make your ones at home!

You’ll need some empty toilet rolls, LED fairy lights, tissue paper, scissors, and tape.

Start by shaping flowers out of tissue paper and inserting LED lights in the centers. Repeat this for all of the LEDs on a string, preparing your home brand of flower fairy lights.

Check out more DIY projects.

16. Advent Calendar

Advent Calendar


Everyone loves a good advent calendar, and it’s always fun to test your patience and see if you can make it to the end of the month without rushing through days.

So, what’s better than making one yourself at home?

Decide what you want to include and how you want it to look. All you’ll need are toilet rolls, paper, ribbon, number stamps, elastic bands, tissue paper, cardboard, hot glue, and fillers.

Just make sure your kids don’t get through the whole calendar the minute you’re done!

17. Chinese Lanterns

Chinese Lanterns


Make these Chinese lanterns just in time for the Chinese new year and create some festivity for all! Symbols of reunion, these lanterns will add a touch of prosperity to your heart and work.

You’ll need toilet rolls, red and gold paint, scissors, red ribbon, and staples. Once you have all these things, you can get started.

Start by painting the rolls red and gold, and cut slits into the roll to give it that lantern effect. Finally, attach the ribbon and you’re all ready!

18. Pumpkin Lantern

Pumpkin Lantern


This year you can jazz up Halloween with these easy and fun to make Pumpkin lanterns! Making them will be fun for the whole family, and you’ll get the best decore compliments ever.

Gather together some empty toilet rolls, orange and green construction paper, black markers, a ruler, pencil, scissors, and glue stick so you can get to work.

Start by pasting the orange paper on your toilet roll, and then drawing your jack-o-lantern face on the orange paper and cutting it into strips while leaving the ends attached to form a lantern effect.

Add in the green paper to the ends and make a handle from the same as well, gluing it so that it’s complete.

19. Flower Vase

Flower Vase


Spring is a time of great joy! What with Easter coming up – read: chocolates – and nature in full bloom, there’s happiness to be found everywhere.

And now you can bring that happiness to your table with this candy mason jar flower vase!

You’ll need a mason jar, empty toilet roll, candy (check some out here), wire-edge ribbon, and silk flowers.

Simply insert your toilet roll into the mason jar and fill the remaining space with candy, wrap your ribbon around the rim of the jar and finish by adding your choice of flowers. All done!

20. Christmas Tree Topper

Christmas Tree Topper


Choosing your Christmas tree topper is always confusing. After all, you want the best possible one to make your tree look its best.

Well, this year why not make your own? It’ll be fun, cheap, and a source of great memories to look back on.

Just gather up some supplies: empty toilet rolls, tweezers, glitter, scissors, a pencil, and paint, and you’ll be good to go!

Believe me, you’re going to love it once you’re done!

21. Planter



If you’ve got any Marvel fans in your house then you just have to make this Baby Groot Planter! Simple to make with such adorable results, the Groot planter will be your new favourite.

Get everything you need, including toilet rolls, a plant pot, soil filler, chia seeds, glue, and planter filler before you get to work.

Soak your toilet roll in water until it opens up, and then use the pieces to shape your Baby Groot’s body. Coat the figure in glue and either let it air dry or bake it in the oven.

Now assemble your planter and adjust Groot in it, finishing by adding some peanut butter and chia seeds to his head and arms, and your Groot planter is done!

22. Shamrock Card

Shamrock Card


There are tons of great St. Patrick’s day crafts, and this Shamrock quilling card is a fun activity to try out! And the result is so pretty!

You’ll need some cards, rainbow paper, toilet rolls, green paper, toothpick, scissors, and glue to make your Shamrock card.

Cut your toilet roll to form the outline of a Shamrock and glue it onto your card. Next, take your green paper and cut it into strips, quilling it into curled circles, sticking them onto the card.

Continue until your shamrock outline is filled, and your card is complete!

23. Chinese New Year Firecracker

Chinese New Year Firecracker


Chinese New Year is great fun, and you can help your family get into the festive mood with these Chinese new year firecrackers – all made from toilet rolls!

Apart from the rolls, you’ll need red wrapping paper, construction paper, scotch tape, gold and red ribbon, glue, scissors, a pencil, and a Chinese character template.

Start by wrapping your toilet rolls in the red wrapping paper, cutting and folding at the ends, and adding the gold ribbon.

Align your rolls onto the construction paper and glue, adding the Chinese character at the top. And there you have it, a DIY Chinese New year firecracker

24. Cinco de Mayo Pinata

Cinco de Mayo Pinata


Cinco de Mayo is a time of great fun! There’s music, food, and family – what better combination is there? Now you can add your twist to the fiesta with these make-at-home Cinco de Mayo pinatas.

You’ll need some toilet rolls, ribbon, rainbow tissue paper, candy, and glue. If you’re indecisive and don’t know what candy to choose, you can get some delicious ones here.

Cut and wrap your tissue paper around the toilet roll, cutting the attached pieces into strips to give a frilly effect. Fill the tube with candy and seal from the sides, attaching a ribbon handle on the top.

And there you have it, home Cinco de Mayo pinatas!

25. Gift Card Holder

Gift Card Holder


Gifting in the holiday season can be pretty tough, which is why gift cards are often a great idea.

But they might seem a little impersonal, which is why you can add your touch to them with this handmade gift card holder, which will show all the thought behind your gift.

Get some toilet rolls, kraft paper, gold foil, ribbon, tape, and gift label printouts.

Flatten your toilet rolls and wrap them in kraft paper, adding your gift card before wrapping with ribbon and pasting your gold foil label on top. Add a customized note and you’re all done.

26. Cat Toy

Cat Toy


If you’re a cat parent then you know what those little creatures mean to you, and many toys on the market are often injurious to their health. Now you can leave all those worries behind by making your cat toys at home.

Come on, I’ll show you how.

Start by collecting supplies: toilet rolls, scissors, and glue – yup, that’s all you need!

Cut your toilet roll into rings and arrange them on top of one another gluing to keep them in place and adding more rings until you have a ball shape. Your cat will love it!

27. Desk Organizer

Desk Organizer


Are you guilty of a cluttered desk? Are you always losing stationery? Well, this is the perfect DIY for you: a toilet roll desk organizer!

You’ll need cereal boxes, toilet roll, wood plaque, mod podge satin, acrylic paint, scrapbook paper, ribbons, glue, and tape.

Cut and tape your compartments, making the sizes according to your liking, and paint them with plaque. Continue to cover with the satin and scrapbook paper, finishing with a final layer of plaque.

Add in your ribbon and set it aside to dry, and you’re all done! Check out more back to school crafts here.

28. Springtime Flowers

Springtime Flowers


Flowers brighten up any room and imagine flowers that don’t wilt away. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?

I’ll tell you just what you need: toilet rolls, a stapler, a wooden skewer, and decorating materials such as paints and glitter.

Start by bending your toilet roll in half and stapling it to itself to hold it in shape. Join four such shapes by stapling them together in a circle to form a flower.

Now you can decorate your flowers, pushing the skewer through them once done, and your springtime flowers are ready

29. Easter Candy Vase

Easter Candy Vase


Easter is a time filled with family, flowers, and sweets, and this Easter candy vase is the perfect combination of all.

You won’t need much, just a mason jar, toilet rolls, candy, and some ribbon and glue.

Start by placing your roll in the mason jar and filling it with candy. Next, wrap the ribbon around the edge of the jar and place flowers in the opening. Your Easter candy vase is complete!

30. Tulips



Flower crafts are the best crafts, especially when they’re made from recyclable material. And these toilet roll tulips are just that!

You’ll need some toilet rolls, wooden dowels, paint, scissors, and a hot glue gun.

Paint your toilet rolls and dowels before cutting the rolls in half, flattening them from one end and cutting slits on both. Fold inwards from one side and insert the wooden dowel, securing it in place.

On the other end, cut triangles to form a tulip shape, and your toilet roll tulips are complete!

31. Sun Catcher

Sun Catcher


Sunlight and flowers are a great mix, and with this flower-shaped suncatcher, you can see the lovely flower shapes right from your window.

Get together some toilet rolls, a hole punch, some tissue paper, paper plates, twine, glue, and scissors.

Start by flattening and cutting your toilet roll into equal rings, punching a single hole into each. Next, cut some tissue paper to the shape of your ring petals and attach it on one side, using twine to go through the holes on the other and pull to form a flower shape.

Hang it up and watch as the sun creates a beautiful medley of colors.

32. Tablet Stand

Tablet Stand


Are you always fumbling around trying to think of how to see your recipes while cooking in the kitchen?

Or maybe you’re gardening and want some tips but don’t want to get your tablet dirty with your soil hands. Well, this tablet stand is the perfect solution.

You’ll need some toilet rolls, scissors, pencils, and decorating material.

The first step is to decorate your toilet rolls and then cut a slit big enough for your tablet. Cut a hole in another toilet roll and insert it into the first to create a support stand – and you’re done!

You mgiht also like this DIY phone holder.

33. Bee Wreath

Bee Wreath


Save the bees – it’s as simple as that. And you can play your part by making this beautiful bee wreath, letting people see how cute these fuzzy buzzing creatures are.

Start by collecting some toilet rolls, yellow plastic tablecloths, scissors, a metal wreath frame, some scrap burlap, paints, a hot glue gun – you can get a great one here – and some scrap cardboard.

Your bee wreath will be the star of any room!

34. Wedding Popper

Wedding Popper


Being a bride is expensive, so if you can get your hands on any cheap but trendy wedding favours then you’re in luck. And these wedding poppers are just that: cute and affordable.

You’ll need some tissue paper, toilet rolls, ribbon, scissors, and bride and groom buttermints – you can get some here.

Fill your toilet roll with the times and wrap with tissue paper, tying it with ribbon on both sides. And that’s it, you’re done! Easy, wasn’t it?

35. Birdhouse Ornaments

Birdhouse Ornaments


If you’re looking to invite some chirpy creatures into your backyard then these DIY birdhouse ornaments are the perfect addition to your home.

Gather together some toilet rolls, cardboard, a glue gun, twine, bark, twigs, rope, felt, and leftover fabric.

Once you’re done making your birdhouse ornaments, decorate them to your heart’s desire and add in some bird treats if you want, you’ll soon see your yard filled with their sweet sounds!

Check out more Christmas decorating ideas here.

36. Marshmallow Shooters

Marshmallow Shooters


Kids love marshmallows, so if you’re looking to keep the little tots entertained then these marshmallow shooters are the way to go.

You only need a few items: toilet rolls, decorative paper, balloons, rubber bands, glue, and marshmallows.

Start by wrapping your toilet rolls in decorative paper and attaching a half balloon on one end, using a rubber band to tie it up on one end and secure it on the other.

Done! Now you can add your marshmallows

37. Toy Car Garage

Toy Car Garage


Does your little tyke have a growing collection of toy cars? Are they always getting under their feet? Well solve the problem – and add some fun to playtime – with this toy car garage.

You’ll need an overlapping box, toilet rolls, construction paper, a sticky name tag, a black marker, scissors, and a glue gun. You can get a variety of construction paper here, so you can choose your favourite.

Start by cutting the side flaps off of the overlap box and covering the outside and bottom flap of the box in construction paper using your glue gun.

Stack your paper rolls inside the box and add a name at the top using the sticky tag. Your little ones will love it!

38. Heart Shape Stamp

Heart Shape Stamp


Who doesn’t love a good session of some arts and crafts? And now you can make your activities even more exciting with these heart-shaped stamps.

The best part? They only require two things to make: toilet rolls and tape!

Start by pressing and bending the toilet roll so that its opening forms a heart- shape. Now secure the other end with tape to keep the shape intact.

And that’s it! Dip them in paint or ink to get heart-shaped stamp prints.

39. Trinket Display

Trinket Display


We all have little bits and bobs lying around our house, and what better way to store them all in one place than this trinket display!

Get together some toilet rolls, a shoebox lid, paint, and glue.

Start by painting the shoebox lid and cutting up the toilet rolls. Attach these cut-up rolls onto the lid using glue, and let it dry. And there’s your trinket display ready!

40. House Warming Cake

House Warming Cake


Sometimes it’s the practical things that make the best gifts, and this toilet roll housewarming cake is the perfect gift to go by.

You’ll need some new toilet rolls (with the tissue still on!), scissors, tape, ribbon, string, and other household items such as toothpaste, washing liquid, and shampoo.

Start by arranging the products so they form a ‘cake’, using string to tie them together securely. Wrap a ribbon around it too to add to the look, and tape the products together to keep them in place.

Your housewarming gift is complete!

41. 4th of July Shaker Boxes

4th of July Shaker Boxes


Nothing says patriotic like a 4th of July shaker box! And now you can make your own.

You’ll need some toilet rolls, a knife, a ruler, pencils, a foam sheet, cardboard, scissors, cardstock, and glue.

Believe me, your shaker boxes will be the talk of the party – adults and kids, everyone will love them, and you’ll love making them!

41 Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Adults

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