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25 Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

Decorate your Christmas tree with these DIY decorations. They’re fun to craft and great to do for Christmas activities.

christmas tree decoration ideas

It’s that time of the year again!

With the cooler months upon us, we know it’s not much longer until things start getting a little festive around here. Instead of spending a fortune on Christmas tree decorations, just DIY it. 

As a DIY enthusiast, there’s inarguably nothing more fun than using a couple of craft sessions to bring some Christmas cheer into your home. Here are 25 fun DIY projects to decorate your Christmas tree!

1. Rustic Burlap Ornaments

Rustic Burlap Ornaments


Forget about spending a fortune on buying ornaments for your tree, when you can just make your own custom decorations to suit your theme. By sewing your own ornaments out of burlap, you get to pick and choose whichever shapes you want to use!

For this simple DIY project, all you need is burlap, pillow stuffing, twine, white yarn, a hot glue gun, a sewing needle, and some thread. You can grab a ton of burlap for a great price here.

2. Festive Paper Hearts

Festive Paper Hearts


This is one of the easiest DIY projects on this list!

All you really need is some pretty craft paper. Of course, you want to go with a pattern or color scheme that will match the theme of your tree.

When it comes to making my own paper ornaments, I love using craft paper with gold patterns like the style you can find here.

3. Bell Ornaments

Bell Ornaments


It really doesn’t feel like Christmas without throwing some bells into your decorations!

To assemble your DIY bell ornaments, you’ll need to grab a couple of packs of bells. That’s depending on how many ornaments you want to make.

Also, you’ll need twine, and pretty ribbon – my top pick is silver or blue! For this project, you’ll need medium-sized bells like the type you can find here.

4. Cinnamon Stick Christmas Trees

Cinnamon Stick Christmas Trees


The best part about Christmas? When you walk into a room and it’s filled with the aroma of nutmeg or cinnamon.

What better way is there to decorate your Christmas tree than with mini Christmas trees! You can easily assemble your own mini Christmas trees by tying a couple of fancy ribbons around long cinnamon sticks.

You’ll also need to grab some twine to make a hanger loop for your ornaments. You can get quite enough of the twine for a cheap price here.

5. Dazzling Stars

Dazzling Stars


Bring a magical quality into your Christmas décor setup by throwing a couple of sparkling stars into the mix!

The best part about this simple DIY project is that you can really customize the appearance of your stars by choosing the best colors to match your theme.

Make sure you get a good quality hot glue gun for this one!

6. Santa Sticks

Santa Sticks


Your entire holiday setup is pretty much incomplete without adding a couple of Santa-inspired decorations around your home!

These miniature popsicle Santas are hands down one of the cutest additions to any Christmas tree.

Not to mention, it’s also a fun activity to do with the kids so you can get them more involved in decorating the tree with you.

7. Folded Paper Ornaments

Folded Paper Ornaments


We all love a budget-friendly DIY project! To construct your own paper sphere ornaments, all you need is scrapbook paper, tape, a hot glue gun, twine, ribbon, and scissors!

For Christmas DIY projects, I love using festive scrapbook paper with patterns like the type you can find here.

If you’re going to use ribbons in so many projects, it’s best to buy them in bulk for a cheaper price. Here are the ones I usually go for.

8. Yarn Stars

Yarn Stars


Want to add a vintage quality to your Christmas tree setup? Instead of decorating your tree with sparkly stars, you can easily make your own rustic stars out of yarn.

I love using white yarn to make my stars, but I also throw in a couple of blue stars to enhance the entire aesthetic!

9. Christmas Tree Garland with Pom Poms

Christmas Tree Garland with Pom Poms


Forget about the regular old tinsel garland because we’re getting creative with our decorations this Christmas!

Make your own garland out of ombre-colored miniature Christmas trees and white pom poms. For this DIY project, I recommend grabbing cute little white pom-poms like the ones you can find here.

10. Homemade Clothespin Snowflake

Homemade Clothespin Snowflake


There’s something special about incorporating snowflakes into your holiday décor!

The best part about this simple project is that you can really customize the size and color of your snowflakes to suit the theme you’re going for.

And chances are, you’ve probably already got a few extra clothespins lying around the house that you can spare for this simple DIY project.

11. Tinsel Ornaments

Tinsel Ornaments


Want to get creative with your Christmas tree ornaments? Instead of wrapping your tree in tinsel, use it to make ornaments!  

Aside from being a stunning addition to your Christmas tree, this easy DIY project also doubles as a fun activity for your entire family.

You can grab tinsel in an assortment of gorgeous colors here.

12. Ribbon Christmas Trees

Ribbon Christmas Trees


Looking for an easy way to add a pop of color to your tree?

Construct your own colorful mini trees out of colorful ribbon and twigs. For this specific project, I love sticking with a specific color for each tree but using different color tones to create a gradient effect!

Also, these offer just a great way to use up those ribbon leftovers!

13. Paper Lantern Ball Ornaments

Paper Lantern Ball Ornaments


Add a whimsical quality to your Christmas tree by making your own paper ball ornaments out of paper strips. I love how the finished result ends up looking like a mini paper lantern!

For this project, you’ll need to create a hanger loop out of twine or ribbon. You can grab a bunch of twine for a great price here.

14. Cute Unicorn Ornaments

Unicorn Ornaments


Without a doubt, this is one of the cutest DIY ornament ideas – EVER. Add these adorable unicorns to your tree for a sweet, magical quality.

Not to mention, this is a super fun activity to get the kids excited about decorating the tree with you!

15. Rustic Crochet Ornaments

Rustic Crochet Ornaments


Hoping to bring more of a rustic or vintage-inspired vibe into your Christmas tree setup?

You can easily construct your own rustic crochet ornaments by wrapping crochet cording over an old ornament or styrofoam balls.

For this specific project, you’ll need to grab a crochet hook (5.5mm) like the one you can find here.

It’s one of those crafts that’s just so fun to make.

16. Wooden Bead Hanging Ornaments

Wooden Bead Hanging Ornaments


Here’s a fun project for making your own unique wooden bead ornaments! You can easily customize your ornaments by choosing specific colors for the tassels to suit your color scheme.

You can’t go wrong with white or red!

17. Hanging Succulents

Hanging Succulents


A beautiful succulent arrangement screams ‘aesthetic.’ Take things to the next level by using an artificial succulent arrangement to put a modern spin on your entire Christmas tree setup!

For most DIY projects, I love using realistic-looking succulent arrangements like the artificial plants you can find here.

18. Miniature Twine Wreath

Miniature Twine Wreath


Forget about hanging a large wreath onto some empty wall space around the house! Instead, you can easily make your own miniature wreaths out of twin to scatter around your tree.

19. Acorn Ornaments

Acorn Ornaments


Nothing says rustic more than adding acorns to your Christmas tree!

For this DIY project, you’ll need to grab some acorn caps and marbles to assemble colorful acorns. To secure the caps onto the marbles, I highly recommend getting an industrial-strength adhesive like E6000, which you can find here.

20. Gorgeous Miniature Terrariums

Miniature Terrariums


Going for more of a modern, minimalistic approach with your Christmas decorations? Here’s one of the most unique DIY ideas to make your own stunning mini terrarium ornaments.

For this project, you’ll need to grab reusable ornament orbs. I highly recommend getting yourself a set of fillable, clear orbs like the type you can find here.

These miniature terrariums are so special you can probably sell them as crafts!

21. Snow Globe Inspired Ornaments

Snow Globe Inspired Ornaments


Here’s a fun DIY project that puts a creative spin on the classic snow globe. Just use a mason jar lid to depict a snowy winter scene that you can add onto your Christmas tree!

All you need is a mason jar lid, spray paint, mod podge, glitter, and a tiny bottle brush tree. For spray paints, you can choose from a variety of options here.

If you’ve used up your mason jar lids, you might as well try something with the mason jars themselves. Try these DIY Mason jar decoration ideas.

22. Star Wars Ornaments

Star Wars Ornaments


This is a super fun project for the ultimate DIY enthusiast!

Take things to the next level by decorating your Christmas tree with ornaments featuring characters from your favorite movie or TV show.

23. Rustic Wood Ornaments

Rustic Wood Ornaments


Looking for a simple way to bring a rustic vibe into your Christmas tree setup? Well, nothing says rustic more than ornaments made out of wood slices.

Add a personal touch to your wood slice ornaments by handwriting a special message over the surface. Make sure you get Sharpie markers for that, like the ones here.

24. Homemade Gold Star

Homemade Gold Star

Credit: Youtube

When it comes to decorating your Christmas tree, it goes without saying that the most important part is the topper.

Instead of spending a fortune on something extravagant, you can easily construct your own gold (or whichever color your heart desires) star out of a couple of items from your local dollar store!

25. Adorable Felt Characters

Felt Characters


Here’s another unique way to add a personal touch to your Christmas tree!

Use felt to construct miniature 3D versions of your favorite characters or just about anything else you think would look great on your tree.

Not sure where to get started? You can’t go wrong with a felt Santa or candy canes!

Jennifer Gutsche

Tuesday 8th of August 2023

I love these ideas but there are not links for the directions in this post. Where do I find the directions? Thank you.

Karo @

Thursday 17th of August 2023

Just click on the name of the craft and you'll get to a link :)