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31 Crafts for Toddlers The Little Ones Will Love

Need to keep your toddlers busy? There is nothing better than getting them involved in a few crafting projects. Check out these crafts for toddlers to choose the one you like.

toddler crafts

Craft time can be the perfect way to occupy your toddlers. They’re an even better opportunity to teach them about everything that kids their age need to learn: shapes, colors, animals, fruits, and how to explore their creativity all at the same time.

So here’s a list of 31 crafts ideas for you and your toddler to explore and enjoy!

1. Sticky Nature Cards

Sticky Nature Cards


A dozen or so sticky cards in your handbag; now, won’t that come in handy when?

They’ll keep your kid engaged for a good long time: while you’re in line at a coffee shop or just walking down the street with him in his stroller while you finish up some errands.

Just pop them in your bag and pull them out on the subway or at the park. Bonus? They’re a great visual aid to help your kid learn more about nature!

All you’ll need are:

  • Some card stock paper.
  • Some double-sided sticky tape that you can find here.
  • A few nature-themed ideas and supplies, like leaves, petals, twigs and shiny stones, to create the card.

2. Cloud Playdough

Cloud Playdough


Nothing says craft time like pressing your hands into some good lumpy playdough. With just two easy ingredients—cornstarch and lotion—you’ve got homemade playdough.

Actually, make that three ingredients. Is it really play dough if it isn’t colorful? You can find gel-based food coloring here. Also, why not get some shape cutters like these to make it even more fun?

Once you’re done, just make sure you store them in air-tight containers until it’s time for the next craft session.

3. Apple Tree Craft

Apple Tree Craft


Why not have a more hands-on approach to craft time? How? A handprinted, hand-painted apple tree is just the way to go. For the handprint, all you’ll need is one cute toddler.

You’ll just need a pencil, some sturdy brown and green colored cardstock and a pair of scissors.

Trace your kid’s hand on the brown paper for the bark. Next, on the green card, trace an outline for the leafy part of the tree. You’re almost done.

The final step is painting red or green apples. Here’s a fun idea: why not use mini red or green pom-poms like the ones you’ll find here for the apples? You can stick them on, and voila, the apple tree’s ready.

4. Paper Snowflakes

Paper Snowflakes


No, this does not mean you tear up pieces of paper, throw them up, and pretend that it’s snowing. There’s another cleaner way to have snow, even in summer, and that’s during craft time.

Get started on ripping some paper. You can use plain old white paper, or, if you want to make it really pretty and frosty, you can use some shimmery, ice-blue card stock like this.

Help your tot draw a lovely big snowflake on another piece of cardstock. Now grab a glue stick and start getting those fingers sticky!

5. Paper Plate Farm Animal

Paper Plate Farm Animal


It’s imperative for your toddlers to know their animals. You can take them out to the zoo or even a petting farm. Or, you can make some paper plate animals to help them identify animals right at home.

The easiest paper plate animals to make are cows, pigs, and chickens. You can even make paper plate cats, dogs or go wild and make a lion or tiger.

Draw and cut out the different features of their faces, and use a sharpie or a marker to draw the eyes.

Done playing with animals? Check out these fruit-themed paper plates, or try this paper plate flower craft during your next craft session.

6. Paper Plate Dinosaur

Paper Plate Dinosaur


Forget the cows, chicken, and pigs. We see them around enough. How about you teach your kid about dinosaurs?

Plopping them down before a TV and having a Jurassic Park marathon is definitely a no-no. So, how about a paper plate dinosaur?

Let’s make it colorful and fun. If Barney the dinosaur can be purple, so can your paper plate dinosaurs.

7. Paper Loop Pufferfish Craft

Paper Loop Pufferfish Craft


Your toddler is probably fascinated by that balloon-like fish from Nemo. I certainly was, because pufferfish really are fascinating sea creatures.

Why not introduce them to your toddlers during craft time?  It’s easier and cheaper than setting up an aquarium at home.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Some colorful cardstock
  • Craft paint to paint the bubbles
  • A Couple of googly eyes that you can buy here.
  • Glue

8. Cardboard Rainbow Collage

Cardboard Rainbow Collage


If ever there were a method to the madness, you’ll find it in a rainbow-themed collage.

First, you can teach your kid all about colors. Then, you can go ahead and teach them about what rainbows actually are.

You can use more than just colored paper. Grab some mini pom-poms, buttons, sequins, cabochons from here and beads. Now, paste them on!

Craft time that’s fun, colorful, and informative: a win-win-win situation, don’t you think?

9. Rainbow Threading Craft

Rainbow Threading Craft


After that last craft session, your toddler’s obsessed with rainbows. Luckily, there’s another fun craft project on this list: a rainbow threaded necklace. 

No, hold on. Make that an edible rainbow necklace. Craft time and cereal time, all in one go!

I’m sure you’ve got some Fruit Loops at home. Once you’ve settled your kid in his high chair, upturn a bowl of cereal and help him sort them by color: purple, blue, red, green, yellow, and orange.

Did I mention you’ll need some jumbo marshmallows? You can find them here. So, grab a sewing needle and some embroidery thread like this to get started!

10. DIY Handprint Bookmarks

DIY Handprint Bookmarks


You have to teach kids to take proper care of their book. That means o folding down the pages into dogs ears. Enter, DIY handprint bookmarks.

You’ve already got colored paper, glue, pencils, paint and scissors. Do you have popsicle sticks? You can find them right here.

I bet you and your toddler will have a dozen of these in no time. So gift them to his friends at his playgroup!

Check out some more popsicle crafts that your kid will love!

11. Pipe Cleaner Finger Puppets

Pipe Cleaner Finger Puppets


Here’s a rainy day craft project for you and your toddler: finger puppets with pipe cleaners. You read that right.

Pipe cleaners have just the right curl-factor and just the right amount of fuzz to make amazing finger puppets. Just think of how fuzzy a green caterpillar pipe-cleaner puppet would be.

So find yourself a glue gun, some colorful pipe cleaners here, and start twirling.

12. Bubble Art

Bubble Art


You don’t have to be a toddler to love bubbles. How about making some art with bubbles?

It’s never too early to introduce your kid to abstract art. So, get a blank canvas board here and some concentrated food coloring to brighten up the bubbles.

You can even tape strips of surgical tape to form patterns or alphabets. Then, once you’re done painting and the canvas is dry, just peel off the tape, and you’ll have some swanky art right there.

13. Pom-Pom Painted Watermelon Craft

Pom-Pom Painted Watermelon Craft


Did you save some of those mini pom-poms in your craft supplies? Perfect, because you and your toddler are going to make this lovely pom-pom painted watermelon today.

You’ll need red and green cardstock and some black paint. I’m all for messy fun during craft time, but do you know what would make painting with pom-poms more convenient and clean?

Grab a few clothes pegs to clamp the pom-poms and dip them in the paint!

14. Paper Roll Dragon Craft

Paper Roll Dragon Craft


There’s always a few empty toilet paper rolls at hand, just not when you really need it, right? Why not save a few and use them for craft time?

How does a fire-breathing dragon made from a toilet roll sound? You’ve already got the pom-poms and the googly eyes for your fierce and fun dragon.

Now all you need is (kid-friendly) fire— or strips of tissue paper if you have to be a Muggle about it. You can find some brightly colored tissue paper right here.

Here are some more toilet roll crafts if you’re interested.

15. Paper Bag Puppet

Paper Bag Puppet


Butterflies are fascinating and always just out of reach. So you’ve got to find a different way to get your toddler his very own butterfly in the palm of his hands.

Speaking of his hands, you can make handprint 3D butterflies from paper bags. You can find small, colored paper bags right here if you don’t want to waste time dying them on your own.

Once you and your toddler are done making them, why not fill up the paper bag with some candy to share with his buddies?

16. Yarn Wrapped Monster Craft

Yarn Wrapped Monster Craft


Who said that monsters couldn’t be colorful, fun, and quirky? Yarn-wrapped monster craft is a great way to decorate your home or toddler’s room for Halloween.

This craft uses a combination of interactive and tactile learning, which means that your toddler’s developing essential skills at the right age.

All you need are:

  • Some scraps of cardboard.
  • Few skeins of yarn that you can find here or even some ribbons.
  • Some PVA glue to arm yourself for monster craft-time.

Here are some more ideas for Halloween crafts for kids.

17. Shape Sorting Caterpillar Craft

Shape Sorting Caterpillar Craft


We’ve been working with a lot of colors, but what about shapes? It’s vital that toddlers learn about, identify and recreate different shapes.

Have you tried this shape-sorting caterpillar craft?

Cut out bits of colored paper into different shapes and group them into different colors. Now, with a bit of time, effort, and glue, your toddler will soon be sorting shapes onto the caterpillar in no time!

18. Pineapple Finger Painting


This craft is as fun and straightforward as it sounds. All you need are some paper, a few tubes of acrylic paint, and a chubby toddler’s fingers to paint the body of the pineapple.

Just help your kid dip his thumb in the paint and firmly press down on the paper. But, of course, you can get involved, too!

Dip your fingers in some green paint, swipe up and out, and you have big, bright pineapple leaves.

19. Handprint Fish Puppets

Handprint Fish Puppets


Maybe you should just go ahead and cut out a dozen or so of your kid’s handprints of craft time. You’ll need on for this project: handprint fish puppets.

You should already have a few popsicle sticks left and a googly eye or two. Do you have some beads to use as decorative fins? You can buy some here and save them for future projects.

20. Fingerprint Glass Magnet

Fingerprint Glass Magnet


We’ve got another finger painting craft lined up. Only this time, you’ll be using your fingerprints and, wait for it, making magnets! How cool is that?

You’ll need a few glass cabochons, so just check out this magnet kit. Press your toddler’s painted finger on the glass and while you’re at it, why not doodle a little, and turn that fingerprint into, say, a ladybug or a spider?

Now all that’s left is to tag the magnet to your refrigerator and even use it to display your toddler’s other works of art!

Here’s are some ladybug crafts, as well as spider crafts that your toddler will love!

21. Pom Pom Caterpillars

Pom Pom Caterpillars


While I’m all for butterflies, I do love caterpillars. Or at least craft caterpillars. I’ll leave the creepy-crawly ones outside where they belong, thank you.

So to get started on this fuzzy caterpillar, get your stash of mini pom-poms and a few googly eyes. You’ll also need to cut some green paper leaf-beds to glue your caterpillars on.

Additionally, cut off two small strips of pipe cleaners and attach them to your caterpillar’s head as antennae.

22. Puffy Painted Caramel Apple

Puffy Painted Caramel Apple


A caramel-covered apple with sprinkles? That’s as good as craft time with your toddler can get.

Cut out some red or green paper apples and stick them to a popsicle stick. Now for the fun part: the caramel and sprinkles.

You’ll need some brown paint and shaving cream for the ‘caramel,’ some sprinkles like these to top it off, and now all that’s left to do is make sure your kid doesn’t take a bite out of it.

23. Fork Stamped Tulip Craft

Fork Stamped Tulip Craft


Simple household items always make for excellent craft project tools. Here’s one—using forks to paint pretty tulips.

Grab some craft paint, preferably the washable kind, some white paper, a couple of paintbrushes, a paper plate to use as a palette, and finally, a fork.

You can also top the tulips off with a few dashes of sparkle by switching out the regular paint for shimmery paint like this.

24. Toilet Roll Stamp Flowers

Toilet Roll Stamp Flowers


Aren’t you glad you saved those toilet rolls for craft time with your kid? Here’s one that calls for a couple of rolls that can be used as floral stamps.

Cut the toilet roll about half-way down into strips or ‘petals.’ Feel free to experiment with shapes and petal sizes.

Now your toddler can dip the petals in paint and press it onto some cardstock paper, much like he’d use a stamp.

25. Paper Plate Caterpillar

Paper Plate Caterpillar


Your kid is probably a pom-pom caterpillar aficionado by now. So go ahead and cut him a nice, twisted strip of paper plate.

He’ll enjoy sticking those pom poms along the length of the cutout to form a caterpillar. Don’t forget the googly eyes and pipe cleaner antennae!

26. Paper Plate Donut

Paper Plate Donut


If it’s good enough to eat a donut on, it’s even better to make a donut out of. Yes, I’m talking about paper plates again.

You’ve got all the supplies by now. But I’m sure you’ve run out of sprinklers because kids go crazy with them. So, here’s a quick hack for you: sprinklers out of rice!

Check out how to make colored rice sprinklers and make that another craft project altogether!

27. Ghost Crafts

Ghost Crafts


A good dose of monsters, ghosts, and fantastical creatures is a rite of passage for young toddlers and kids. Sure, storytime is one way to do it, but how about this cute-as-a-button ghost painting?

Just look at that smile he’s got on his face! It’s time you and your toddler made your own kid-friendly ghost painting.

28. Paper Plate Rainbow

Paper Plate Rainbow


You see cotton rounds and strips of colored paper. Your kid?  He probably sees fluffy clouds and dazzling rainbows.

So, grab some cotton balls from here, and a plain white paper plate Get started on cutting those rainbow-colored strips of paper.

Just don’t use too much glue, or you’ll have soggy clouds. Check out more paper crafts here!

29. Rainbow Necklace

Rainbow Necklace


Unlike the edible rainbow necklace we read about earlier, this one isn’t made from fruit cereal. Instead, you’ll need some string or twine, a hole punch, and some colored straws that you can buy here.

Next, cut out little paper clouds, and you’re all set to make a rainbow necklace for your toddler!

Check out more indoor activities for kids here!

30. DIY Salt Dough

DIY Salt Dough


You’d be surprised how long a lump of pliable dough can occupy a toddler, but it also makes for a fun and easy craft project.

Salt dough ornaments, with beads, glitter, and sparkle? They can adorn your kid’s craft station, as well as your mantle or kitchen island.

Why not buy some of these cookie cutters, sit down and make some pretty ornaments?

31. Flower Crown Spring Craft

Flower Crown Spring Craft


You probably read fairytales to your toddler, and I bet they’d love a beautiful crown for themselves.

Doesn’t this flower crown just scream woodland fairy queen?

With a few sheets of color paper that you can help them cut into petals and some glue, you’ve got the makings of a flower crown for a princess in the making!

If you’re still looking for fun craft ideas for kids to keep them busy, look no further.


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These are great ideas! Thank you! I’m not crafty at all, but these I can do and it gives me creativity that I didn’t know I had!!