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20 Toilet Paper Roll Crafts That Are Fun

Got toilet paper roll lying around? Reuse them and create these beautiful paper roll crafts with kids.

toilet paper roll crafts for kids

When you’ve come to the end of your roll, don’t be too quick to throw those cardboard tubes into the trash can.

There are so many possible recycling possibilities for toilet paper rolls; it would be a shame to bin them without exploring these.

To start the exploration, we’ve curated 20 of our favorite ideas below.

1. Gruffalo Props from Recyclables

Gruffalo Props


Recreate the characters from Gruffalo, an award-winning and internationally bestselling children’s book. It’s best to make these characters after your kids have read the book, or after you’ve read the book to them.

That way, they will get to know the characters better, making it easier for them to bring them to life through toilet paper rolls.

These storybook characters are incredibly easy to make – all you need are a pair of scissors, some marking pens, and of course, the toilet paper rolls.

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2. DIY Pirate Spyglass

DIY Pirate Spyglass


Ahoy, Matey! Help your kids find hidden treasures in the stormy seas, and create the ultimate pirate experience with this extendable spyglass.

You don’t have to look far! You can complete this extendable spyglass with extra cardboard toilet paper tubes and paper cups like these!

Use your spyglass craft for pirate-themed events or as an added accent to your kids’ trick or treat costume.

3. Toilet Paper Race Cars

Toilet Paper Race Cars


Unleash your child’s creativity and let them zoom their way across the racetrack with these awesome custom-made toilet paper race cars!

Prepare your glue, toilet paper tubes, a pair of scissors, a hole puncher, black craft foam, acrylic paint, aluminum foil, paper fasteners, and you’re ready to go!

If your kids want a shiny finish to their car, use metallic acrylic paint, like these.

4. Tin Foil Bangles

Tin Foil Bangles


Spice up your child’s dress up game by adding shiny bangles to their accessories! All you need are some tin foil, scissors, a hole puncher, ribbons, and your choice of décor.

Glittery washi tapes like these are perfect for adding color and texture to the plain foil bangles.

5. Artsy Mini Album

Artsy Mini Album


Are you thinking of the perfect gift for your special someone for Valentine’s Day, their birthday, or better yet, your anniversary? Express your utmost love and appreciation for your partner with this personalized compact album!

Fill them with love notes, souvenirs, and bits and pieces that have significance to both of you. Simple, yet created with so much love and effort.

6. Burlap Napkin Ring

Burlap Napkin Ring


Add a special touch to your dinner parties with these easy-to-make burlap napkin rings. Guaranteed, your guests will feel extra special the moment they see their names on the placeholder.

In addition to your toilet paper tubes, brown paper, a burlap ribbon, a glue gun, glue sticks, and markers. You will also need twine and mini clothespins, which you can buy as a set here.

7. Cardboard Roll Easter Bunny

Easter Bunny craft


Make your Easter celebration extra fun with this adorable toilet paper roll Easter Bunny. It’s fun and straightforward, and the kids can do it on their own.

If you want your craft to look like the bunny in the photo, use this printable template. You can use the eyes included in the template or glue in some googly eyes like these for an added animated effect.

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8. Space Exploration

Space Exploration


Help your child explore outer space with this DIY rocket. Making it is as easy as 1-2-3, they can make an entire rocket collection of their own.

They will need craft paper, card stock, scissors, a pencil, and glue – and they’re for take-off!

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9. Abstract Cardboard Tubes Sculpture

Abstract Cardboard Tubes Sculpture


This project encourages the entire family to stretch their imagination and creativity. It’s something that even the adults in the home will enjoy doing.

The wonderful thing about abstract art is that you and your kids have the freedom to create whatever you think is attractive. So, go all-in with this sculpture, and encourage your kids to do the same.

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10. Easy-to-Do Bird Feeders

easy bird feeder


Your backyard winged friends will love you for this project. It’s incredibly easy and inexpensive.

Grab your toilet roll, smother it with peanut butter, and roll it on a generous amount of birdseed. Pop it into a branch on your backyard and have fun with the kids naming the types of birds that help themselves to the free feed.

This craft for kids offers a great way to teach children about birds and our need to support nature!

11. Personalized Frozen Bracelets

Frozen Bracelets


Are you team Elsa or team Anna? Either way, top your OOTDs with these personalized frozen bracelets!

This could be for everyday use, but it’s also a perfect party favor for Frozen-themed birthday parties.

Add these aqua blue rhinestones to complete the Frozen look. After all, what is a princess without her glitter?

12. Kaleidoscope for Kids



Kaleidoscopes are fun educational toys. Use them to teach younger kids about colors and let your older ones use them to explore the wonders of lights and reflections.

They’re quick and easy to make – with the most critical element being the mirrored sheets, which you can get here. You will also need colorful translucent beads like these to incorporate the elements of color.

For a detailed guide on creating this kaleidoscope, check the instructions here.

13. Rain Stick Out of Kitchen Towel Roll

Rain Stick


Invoke your young child’s auditory senses with this DIY rain stick. It’s a very straightforward project; you can finish it in less than 10 minutes.

Place a spiraled aluminum foil inside your toilet paper roll, followed by rice. Seal both ends, and hand it to your kids for their decorative input.

In four easy steps, you’ve created an instant musical instrument that mimics the sound of rain.

14. Confetti Celebration Poppers

Confetti Celebration Poppers


When you think of new year’s or other celebrations, the last thing on your mind is toilet paper rolls. But this project might quickly change that.

Do away with store-bought confetti poppers and make your own instead. Start by stretching a balloon over one end of the toilet paper.

Conceal both toilet paper and balloon with wrapping paper like these metallic-themed ones that work great with any occasion. Add your final decorative touches before you fill the toilet roll with confetti and glitter.

It’s as easy as that. When it’s celebration time, pull on the balloon to create the force need to release the confetti.

15. Toilet Paper Roll Peeps

Paper Roll Peeps


Create this vibrant yellow character to spread positivity and joy around the home! The standout material in this project is the use of yellow feathers, which you can get here.

It’s incredibly easy to make, but if you want a pictographic guide, head on to this page and follow the instructions.

16. Creative Star Wars Toilet Paper Roll Figures

Star Wars figures


Save those toilet paper rolls and recreate these Star Wars figures – an activity your Star Wars loving kids will surely enjoy and love.

These DIY characters are excellent ways to help your toddler recognize objects. What makes it even better is that you can use egg cartons, another inexpensive material, as storage cases for this collection.

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17. Cardboard Unicorn Figures

Cardboard Unicorn Figures


Every little girl I know loves unicorns. I can’t blame them. Unicorns provoke a warm, fuzzy, and fun feeling.

Get pastel card stock like these, grab your scissors, glue, and googly eyes, and print this template to create this whimsical creature.

18. Bunny and Ducky from Toy Story

toy story figures


If your kids enjoyed watching Toy Story, then they must be familiar with the adorable Bunny and Ducky.

This is again another cut, draw, and glue type of project, making it incredibly easy to make. Prepare yellow, blue, and green card stock, yellow feathers, googly eyes, scissors, glue, your marker, and green pom poms like these.

Don’t end with Bunny and Ducky. Encourage your kids to create more toilet paper characters regularly. It pushes them to explore their creativity and imagination.

19. Easy-to-Do Chicken Craft

chicken craft


Transform your toilet paper rolls into a chick-chick-chicken! Apart from being super cute, this project also allows your toddler to do a bit of sensory play.

A mix of different elements will teach your toddler a lot about texture – from the rough cardboard feel to the fluffy feathers, and the smooth googly eyes.

The different colors will also exercise your toddler’s visual sensation. Use the same opportunity to teach your little one about colors – and shapes.

Now wasn’t that an extraordinarily inexpensive yet effective educational toy?

20. Hanging Bird Feeder

hanging bird feeder


This project is very similar to the other bird feeder craft earlier except that this was suspended with a string instead of being popped into a branch.

Also, this one incorporated bamboo skewers poked through the toilet paper roll to give the birds a platform to stand on while feeding.


The next time you see a toilet paper cardboard roll, tuck it away neatly in the storage cupboard, instead of aiming it at the trash can. Encourage your circle to do the same by sharing these craft ideas with them.