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27 Earthy Boho Bedroom Ideas

This post is for those boho lovers out there just moving into new places, renovating rooms, or even looking for some new inspiration. There are twenty-seven earthy boho bedroom ideas down below.

 The ideas range from small additions to larger reno projects! Most can be adapted into various budget and renter-friendly options or inspire you to create something that makes sense for you.

I hope you enjoy the post and find some good ideas or inspiration!

earthy boho decor for bedrooms

1. Paper Lantern Lighting

Paper Lantern Lighting

Source: @aprilnotes_official

To give any room a softer illumination, paper lanterns are an excellent option way to achieve that lovely glow. Measure out what you need for the space and look accordingly–there are plenty of sizes out there.

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2. Mixed Textiles and Patterns

Mixed Textiles and Patterns

Source: @magiclinen

A wonderful and reliable styling trick is to have varied textiles with matching and simple contrasting patterns. This idea elevates the environment and makes everything more lively, even if you have a monochrome design.

I love this knit throw! It comes in plenty of colors for any home.

3. Natural Headboard

natural headboard

Source: @magiclinen

If you’re looking for an accent point in your bedroom, a headboard is a great option to make it a bit unique. The more distinct the piece, the better–natural materials are a great place to start looking for boho-themed items.

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4. Accent Wall Hanging

Accent Wall Hanging

Source: @onesixtyoneinteriors

Another great way to make a statement in a room is by adding a distinct wall hanging. It’s an elevated version of that fabric tapestry or blanket you may have hung on your wall when you were younger.

Trust that this is the way to do this trend!

5. Minimalist Night Tables

Minimalist Night Tables

Source: @magiclinen

The best way to tie your bedroom is to create spaces for minimalist bedside tables! Keeping them simple will help add to the balance of your room–stick some cute but powerful lamps on either end and call it a day.

6. Pendant Night Light

Pendant Night Light


As long as we are on the subject of bedroom lamps, this idea fits in perfectly. If you have tables that are too small, consider some funky pendant lamps that hang instead.

7. Touch Lamps

touch lamps

Source: @thespruceofficial

Going even further,  these sweet globe touch lamps are an excellent buy and will fit into any boho vibe. What’s great about these is that it can change colors with it’s remote.

8. Mismatched Matching Lamps

Mismatched Matching Lamps

Source: @yashidesigns

If you’re looking for an interesting and off-beat option in terms of lighting, a mismatched matching lamp option could look great. Get creative with this, if you can–any combinations of a pair with the same colors or silhouette.

9. Natural Nature

natural nature

Source: @luxestyleco._

Things like eucalyptus, palm fronds, and wheat variations have been popular additions to homes forever. A cheaper and longer way to display natural nature is by going to your local craft or even dollar store and finding an artificial alternative.

10. Vertical Shiplap

Vertical Shiplap


Another popular trend that has been a reliable option for a room makeover is vertical shiplap. It’s a great minimalist and vintage option that heightens the look of any room.

11. Bedside Trays

bedside trays

Source: @twin_oaks_studio

The secret to having a put-together bedside table? Trays that make sense for your end tables–a perfect place to showcase, store, or collect the odds and ends that may end up there.

A tray on any table or surface can help the same achievement occur.

12. Natural Color Palette

Natural Color Palette

Source: @aprilnotes_official

Some boho vibes are great in a monochrome or a minimal color variation, but a natural color palette can look just as nice. The recommendation would be about three to four colors–that way–things can still feel simple and chic.

13. Bed Sheet material

 Bed Sheet material

Source: @aprilnotes_official

Textiles and fibers play an important part in boho styling. Linen, in particular, is one of the best options to use in a boho bedroom.

This set is a great option and has plenty of colors.

14. Light Curtains

light curtains

Source: @floorspaceaustralia

If the room you’re creating has a window, some sheer but privacy-friendly curtains can feel ethereal. As always, if you’re adding curtains to a room, take measurements, and do your homework into things you like–it makes all the difference.

15. Candles


Source: @kikiandbow

Candles are always an excellent idea for extra ambiance! Opt for lighter-colored options or some that directly match your decor for some cozier lighting options.

16. Plant Life

plant life

Source: @bohogeekz

A boho room is nothing without at least a bit of greenery, whether it’s real or not! Even if one plant completely changes the feeling of a room, they are known to boost feelings of calmness when inside.

17. Accent Pillows

accent pillows


Another may be too obvious an idea, but it really helps transform any space in your home. A few statement-making ones among your pillows can tie everything together.

18. Canopy Bed

Canopy Bed

Source: @hipimistore

To add an extra cozy vibe to your bedroom, consider a canopy bed! Add a sheer cover or some faux vining greens to make it earthier.

These vines look good anywhere on display.

19. Textured Wall Display

Textured Wall Display

Source: @safavieh

An exciting way to create a personalized wall is by using various woven placemats on the wall. Draw or map it out before construction–that way, you don’t make any mistakes on your wall.

20. Unique Vases

unique vases

Source: @busadesigns

The smaller details can truly personalize someone’s space. Fun and interesting-shaped vases are a perfect addition to a space.

 It gives off more personality without overshadowing the rest.

21. Floor Baskets

Floor Baskets

Source: @boho.dreamers

Oversized baskets are a great option to use for display or functional use. A basket, depending on the material, can say a lot.

22. Layering Decor

Layering Decor

Source: @interiordecorvibe

For the maximalists or those who want a bit more to a certain area of the room, try layering different items. From frames to candles gives a controlled warmth–play around with how little or much layering you’d like for varied results.

These chunky candle holders are a great place to start.

23. Vintage Ordinary Vases

Vintage Ordinary Vases

Source: @rentcafecom

As mentioned, the more unique an item the more personality will be showcased in a room. Anything you have of sentiment or found and looking to display can be a vase.

It’s a great upcycle project, for sure.

24. Woven Carpet

woven carpet

Source: @littlecrafthse

One of the best ways to make a room cohesive is by a rug. A natural or textured rug can add that perfect extra touch of boho to any space.

25. Hanging Swing Seat

Hanging Swing Seat

Source: @havenhomesinteriors

Another option for those smaller spaces trying to conserve clutter, a hanging hammock or swing seat could be a great option. It keeps the flow of the room open and you can, depending on the type, unhook it if you need the space.

26. Patterned Accents

patterned accents

Source: @flowbylara

One of the most classic boho vibes includes a patterned piece. Whether it’s woven, printed, or embroidered, it adds to the richer side of the earthy bohemian look.

27. Rattan Pieces

rattan pieces

Source: @coffeeandtravel11

Rattan pieces are one of the easiest ways to add a boho feel to your room. It doesn’t matter what type of piece it is or how large or small–it all achieves the vibe well.