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27 Dark Boho Bedroom Ideas

If you’ve been loving the boho look but haven’t found anything beyond a certain style, you’ve come to the right place. These dark boho bedroom décor ideas will transform the way your home looks.

I have deeper color tones, more dark and romantic styles, and how to apply the basics.

There’s something for everyone, with twenty-seven dark boho bedroom ideas. Whether you find inspiration here or full projects, it’s a great set of ideas.

The ideas can be adapted into different home spaces also, within reason. Some things are a bit too much for renters, but not much.

dark boho bedroom decor ideas

1. Deep Natural Color Palette

Deep Natural Color Palette

Source: @darkhomes

To start, opt for deeper and more natural colors to create your space. Whether it’s a new coat of paint or a new framed print, anything will help.

2. Moon Phase Mirrors

Moon Phase Mirrors

Source: @thatorganizedhome

Moon phase mirrors like these are great for any boho-inspired space but really pop with darker interiors. There are plenty of different styles, so take a look around if you don’t like the one I recommended.

3. Dark Furniture

dark furniture

Source: @shoppeamberinteriors

Suppose you like elements of the darker look but are only interested in pops; pieces of furniture that are darker-toned work excellently. It helps break the room up while still feeling wholesome and a bit whimsical.

4. Canopy


Source: @noor_unnahar

A well-hung canopy can add great dramatic and romantic flair to your bedroom! Make it stand out with a unique way to hang it; Pinterest is a great place to brainstorm.

5. Monochrome Look

Monochrome Look

Source: @dominomag

For a hip take on the dark boho idea, try a monochrome look. Try it in a small space in the bedroom, or paint the walls in coordination with your color of choice.

Simple additions such as dried plants like these, deep florals or patterns, and different textures can bring the look together beautifully.

6. Textures


Source: @elegancegroup

The principles of a boho look still apply to the dark version of the style! Mixing and matching will never fail–light curtains, textured blankets, patterned floors or walls, etc.

The contrast between the room and the window is what makes this room so striking.

7. Plants


Source: @bohemiandecors

Another element that will complete a room regardless of the type of boho style is the addition of plants. The presence of one or a whole room brings the calming feel of the light and airy feel of a boho-inspired room.

8. Botanical Statement Prints

Botanical Statement Prints

Source: @northwoodsupply

Dark Bohemian gets a touch of fun with bold and statement-making botanical prints. What you opt for in the image can easily help add to the ambiance, so make sure to know what you’re looking for.

9. Painted Image Wall

 Painted Image Wall

Source: @photowall_sweden

If you want to commit to a statement-making piece of art, fully, consider adding it directly to your wall. There are plenty of ways to achieve this idea, from wall decals to having it done by hand, it transform the space.

10. Black Wall

black wall

Source: @bohohipgypsies

For a bold, can’t-miss look, consider painting a wall black! I know it’s bold, but black helps a lot of a room’s interior shine with such a plain background.

11. Materials


Source: @boho.dreamers

Like textures, materials, and what something is made from can elevate any look. Velvets, knitted, and suedes can be great materials to layer a dark boho bedroom.

These velvet throw pillows are great.

12. Alternative Lighting

 Alternative Lighting

Source: @thebuildit_

Dark boho looks are much moodier than their brighter counterparts. Considering simple swaps for alternative lighting makes the room instantly cozier!

Anything from well-placed lamps to string lights can get the job done.

13. Vintage Prints

vintage prints

Source: @emiliefournetinteriors

Vintage prints can add warmth and funness to a romantically inspired boho space. Thrift stores are great places to hunt for that kind of stuff, but there are some places where you can find vintage-inspired prints.

14. Rugs


Source: @my_roomlook

Rugs are another wonderful option to add layers and dimension to a boho bedroom, especially if it’s carpeted already. The use of multiple rugs makes the space cozier without having to do too much work.

15. Tapestry


Source: @tapestrygirls

One of the most classic and easiest ways to make a room feel more bohemian is by adding a tapestry. Any size will do, but these large tapestries are great if you are committed to the look.

Need more inspiration, check these Boho chic décor ideas!

16. Bed Frame

bed frame

Source: @myhousesdecor

For a while, an over-the-top bed frame was kind of out of style. It’s now coming back into popularity, and there are plenty of options that would make a boho bedroom come together.

17. Minimal Color Palettes

 Minimal Color Palettes

Source: @macramesociety

A great middle ground of dark and airy boho style is opting for a minimal color palette. The natural parts of the architecture can shine through the minimalist additions.

It’s a great way to highlight unique parts of your home.

18. Functional Wall Hangings

Functional Wall Hangings

Source: @lillevinter

Functional wall space that is also stylish is one of my favorite bedroom ideas. For a dark boho idea, add a handful of items to Command Hooks like these or use nails, and then hang any items you’d like to display.

This idea also works great for displaying any sentimental clothing piece.  Find more Boho wall décor ideas here.

19. Rattan


Source: @palim_tintin

If you’re completely lost in where to start, find something made out of rattan. This material is a staple of boho-inspired interiors and will help the room pop.

20. Shiplap


Source: @southshorefurniture

Shiplap is one of the most stylist and functional medium-sized projects there are. It’s completely versatile and makes any room a little more polished.

The color you decided to paint will change the shiplap’s feel entirely.

21. Macrame Wall Hanging

macrame wall hanging

Source: @wallknots

Macrame is another wonderful material that is a staple of the boho look. A tapestry made of braided macrame makes for a smart over-the-bed option.

It can be any size, too, a gallery wall’s worth or an oversized one like the one above.

22. Palette Frame

palette frame

Source: @projektjangla

Another great romantic option that is simple to pull off is using palettes as a bed frame. Something about being low to the ground and being supported by wood feels dark and bohemian.

23. Eclectic Treasures

eclectic treasures

Source: @lola.decor

If you’re looking for a unique option that can easily be personalized, this is it. Collecting and layering anything and everything, within a vision and reason, can easily illicit this look.

24. Vining Plants for Windows

vine plants

Source: @bohemiandecors

There’s nothing more magical than vining plants around a window. The only way to beat that is to bring the vining plant indoors so you can enjoy it from your bedroom.

25. Traditional Trim and Fixtures

Traditional Trim and Fixtures

Source: @cat_maginnis_

Many people, while renovating, decide to update a lot of the features in a bedroom or space, and it takes away from the character. A great way to incorporate the old pieces is by either re-staining, painting, or updating a minimal part.

26. Fresh Cut Flowers

Fresh Cut Flowers

Source: @myvictorianhouselove

To balance a dark boho space, add some fresh-cut flowers regularly! It’s a wonderful way to keep a room fresh and new without much effort at all.

Even if it’s a greenery like Eucalyptus or other sturdier cuts, it makes all the difference.

27. Pops of Pattern

Pops of Pattern

Source: @akindofhome

Finally, if you want some fun amongst the darker elements of your bedroom, add pops of pattern. It works great with one or two pops or a concentrated amount.

These pillow shams are an easy option to try out.