31 Smart Small Bedroom Design Ideas

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Renters, small homeowners, van lifers, and any others living in a small space, you’ve come to the right place. I have thirty-one smart small bedroom design ideas for your various homes.

We all know that the basics of small-space living involve intentionality and creative ideas. These ideas can help with projects or simple inspirations for any room.

There are bedroom ideas for kiddos to adults and most are generally straightforward to draw from.

I hope you find some good projects or inspiration from the post. Now, with all of that said, let’s get on the list.

Small Bedroom Designs

1. End of the Bed Storage

End of the Bed Storage

Source: @_myhomeinspo_

A classic look that is functional and stylish is to add storage to the end of your bed. A small extension off of the end of the bed doesn’t change much and looks great.

This hack is excellent storage for extra blankets, toys, or seasonal items. Check out these other practical storage ideas for small rooms!

2. Built In Storage

Built In Storage

Source: @homeisheathside

For those looking to add some larger changes to their space, consider built-in storage!

To keep the rest of the floor space open or free, a built-in helps keep things feeling clean and streamlined.

3. Elevated Bed

elevated bed

Source: @abby.at.number.82

You may not think of it, but an elevated bed provides some extra floor space. Whether it’s for a kid’s room or your own, there are plenty of ways to style and add some intentional storage.

4. Bed Storage

bed storage

Source: @avril_mise_en_place

Storage under the bed is a must with a smaller space, and there are plenty of ways to go about it.

A bed that is hinged that can house boxes like these looks great for a clean and minimalist appearance.

5. Compact Joint Desk and Bed

Compact Joint Desk and Bed

Source: @lk4id

Any piece of furniture that can involve multiple functions is a great option for a kid’s room. It makes the space feel a little more unique, and it provides them a little extra room to play.

Keep your space tidy with these brilliant desk organizing ideas!

6. Small Single Bed

small single bed

Source: @nellys_cottage

If you’re really tight on space, consider a small single bed. Whether it’s for a younger kid or a non-frequently used guest bed option, it provides a comfy space regardless of its size.

7. Sofa Bed

sofa bed

Source: @_myhomeinspo_

Sofa beds are a great option for a multipurpose room. It provides a space for an office or playroom while doubling for a guest room when needed.

Add a great long pillow like this for a stable base to the sofa part of the bed.

8. Attic Bedroom

attic bedroom

Source: @millieturnerdesigns

An attic bedroom is a great use of space and can offer some fun and quiet features for kids or guests.

If you’re committing to a remodel, a skylight is a great feature, especially if there aren’t windows in your space.

9. Built In Bed

built in bed

Source: @bijmargrietinhuis

Being strategic in a small bedroom can be tricky, but something like a built-in bed can be a great solution.

Consider the space of the room and opt for a corner that would otherwise have some dead space.

This is one of the most practical storage ideas for small spaces!

10. Creative Corner

creative corner

Source: @poppelgade

Tight spaces are hard to have too many elements, but with some intentional planning, a creative corner is a great option for a bedroom.

Even if it is confined to a shelf with a pull-out table, the outlet and options are available.

11. Custom Built In Cabinet

custom built in cabinet

Source: @lindseybrookedesign

Built-ins, as mentioned, are an easy and sometimes essential solution to small spaces.

Depending on the room you’re looking to add something like this to, shop around for inspiration first and then make decisions.

12. Room Divider Screen

Room Divider Screen

Source: ohohdeco.com

A room divider for studios or smaller spaces can provide some visual relief in big ways. It’s an excellent addition to an office or even a living room to divide up an open space.

This room divider screen is a good deal and a great way to test one out.

13. Neutral Bedroom Decor

 Neutral Bedroom Decor

Source: @morricehome

A lot of smaller spaces can feel cluttered or even smaller with distinct or bold colors. Neutrals can make a space feel a little larger and keep a sense of ease on the eye.

These sheets are incredibly comfortable and nice to look at.

14. Feature Wall

 Feature Wall

Source: @unicawallsnc

If you are looking for or aren’t afraid of pops of color, a feature wall can help make a space pop. The feature can help make the room feel more special and grand.

15. Vertical Storage

Vertical Storage

Source: @mountainmodernlife

As we all know, for small spaces, any space available is valuable real estate. Vertical storage is a smart and easy way to increase space without diving into a larger project.

16. Door Storage Racks

Door Storage Racks

Source: @aplaceforeverything.co.uk

Along with vertical wall storage options, adding organization to the backs of doors is a great spot.

There are plenty of different systems and options, so figure out what you’d like to store and start shopping.

17. Utilize Floating Wall Shelves

Utilize Floating Wall Shelves

Source: @theshelvingshop

Going right along with the vertical storage, commit to a floating wall shelf system. It’s an excellent way to not over clutter with floating shelves since there’s less visual going on.

Be safe and attach the shelves according to the designated directions.

18. Keep it Clutter Free

Keep it Clutter Free

Source: @sedefkoer

A great tip to keep any space clutter-free is to create designated homes for any functional item you use regularly in your home.

By creating intentional places for them to rest, it will naturally eliminate any casual clutter.

19. Reading Corner

reading corner

Source: @decor_for_kids

Reading corners are an excellent option to add to any bedroom. It’s a great way to excite yourself or your kids about reading, regardless of the size of the corner.

These shelves that screw into the wall work great.

20. Hidden Dressers

hidden dressers

Source: @designcafe.dc

Small spaces call for creative solutions, and hidden dressers are an excellent answer. Smaller spaces can work for anyone with creative planning and projects.

21. Multi-purpose Corner Space

Multi-purpose Corner Space

Source: @aflux_interiors

A corner space dedicated to anything that is needed is a smart thing to add to a small bedroom. From using it as a vanity to an office desk, a multi-purpose space can be a secret weapon.

You can create this in many different ways, so work with your budget and make it your own. If you need something comfy, grab this extra cute office chair to add some fun to the space.

22. Built-In Window Seat with Storage

 Built-In Window Seat with Storage

Source: @sara_khamis_design

Built-ins and creative alternatives to pieces of furniture help keep the shape of any small room.

A built-in window seat is a classic addition to any window, and it’s a great and cozy solution that any room welcomes.

These throw pillows would look darling under a window.

23. Above the Bed Storage

Above the Bed Storage

Source: @nididesign

Vertical storage across the entirety of the room is important and, with planning, can be used!

Whether you buy a unit that includes storage and anything else or build it custom, it greatly helps your storage issues.

24. Small Bedside Table

Small Bedside Table

Source: @livingwith_sienna

As far as some essential pieces of furniture go, like bedside tables, the smaller the better. A small but intentional bedside table looks wonderful and doesn’t overcrowd the space.

25. IKEA Kallax Hacks

 IKEA Kallax Hacks

Source: @stephensons.creat

IKEA’s Kallax is an excellent investment since there are so many ways to use and style them. Take some time to find some hacks you like, and then start planning how you’ll style yours!

26. Hanging Plants

Hanging Plants

Source: @odori_plants

To liven up a small bedroom, add some hanging plants. An addition as simple as that can create real depth and interest in any room.

Make sure to hang them low enough that you can water them easily!

27. Headboard Storage

Headboard Storage

Source: @laredoute_uk

Adding unexpected items that provide places to store anything is a great idea.

An easy way to do that is by finding or making a headboard that provides various-sized spaces for storing or displaying small-scale items.

28. Keep it simple and stylish

Source: @styling_spaces_with_aman

When in doubt in a smaller space, less is more! A small space can logically only hold so much while still looking stylish or having character and charm.

A way to be able to display everything, keep intentional items you swap out throughout the year. That way, you don’t get too bored with the simplicity.

These other stylish small room storage hacks are sure to impress you!

29. Double Loft Style Bed

 Double Loft Style Bed

Source: @evermorelong

A great option for a kid’s room or maximum amount of sleeping space for a home is by adding a double loft style bed.

That way, you can host or have kids share a room while keeping the maximum amount of room in the space.

30. Play Area Under Bed

 Play Area Under Bed

Source: @mamapapabubba

For kid rooms, if they are comfortable with it, loft the bed. That way, their play place can be directly underneath instead of any given room or area they find.

31. Embrace Light and Bright Colors

 Embrace Light and Bright Colors

Source: @bvintagestyle

As mentioned, neutrals are a great way to keep a space light and airy. Day light and bright colors done intentionally can pull off the same result.

While neutrals can be a part of any element in the room, pops of bright colors lend better to the space feeling bigger instead of a full-color scheme dedicated to it.

Check out these genius ways to organize a small bedroom next!

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