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21 Genius Ways to Organize Cupboards

These genius ways to organize cupboards will give your shelves a whole new life. Whether you live by yourself, with roommates, or with family, these are good tips and tricks.

Cupboards can be an endless hunt for that one item you haven’t seen in months but know is around. Change that part of your life and get organized. It’s way easier than you think!

All it takes is a bit of planning and maybe a bit of money, but as always, you can adapt these ideas to any budget. You can even upcycle what you have to make over your cupboards.

organization ideas for cupbaords

1. Label Your Containers

Label Your Containers

Source: @talentedkitchen

The last thing you want to do is hunt something down in the cabinet. A great way to avoid that problem is by labeling everything.

Whether you use a cute labeler like this or use tape and a Sharpie, it truly changes everything.

2. Clear Containers

Clear Containers

Source: @thesimplesemi

Another bad part of hunting is the possibility of different colors, shapes, and even sizes.

A generally uniform set of containers can help the mind process faster in where something is located–no more getting distracted by mascots or a bunch of random words.

3. Different Shapes for Different Items

Different Shapes for Different Items

Source: @talentedkitchen

Take stock of what you’d like to add to containers and consider what type of vessel would work best for each item.

An example is microwave popcorn, which would do much better in a rectangle option like these, as opposed to cereal containers.

You’ll also want to know these fun ways to organize your kitchen!

4. Lid Storage

lid storage

Source: @organizedbyellis

We’ve all been there where the container drawer or cabinet explodes with all the different components of leftover containers.

Organize by shape and size, and for lids, grab some dividers–make sure to grab something appropriate for your lid needs!

5. Party Cupboard

party cupboard

Source: @cleanandcollected

If you have the space or have a designated area where you keep the accessories for parties, movie nights, etc., establish it as such!

It really beats fishing them out from the weirdest corners of your house! These popcorn bins are a great purchase for popcorn lovers like us.

6. Latched Jars

latched jars

Source: @provincialhomeliving

Latched jars are a game-changer! Great for dried goods to keep ingredients extra fresh, and they look great on display.

These ways to store fruits and veggies are good for your spring cleaning!

7. Organize your Linen and Cleaning Closets

Organize your Linen and Cleaning Closets

Source: @studio_chad

Your linen cleaning and closets can benefit from this overhauled organization! Grab a few baskets you have lying around, or grab a few from the dollar store and get to it.

8. Label Everything With Stickers

Label Everything With Stickers

Source: @thehomediary_

If you’re looking to really streamline your cupboards, there are great sticker options out there that are customizable to different-sized jars.

Take note of what you’d like to label, and then hunt for something that matches!

9. Add Hooks

add hooks


Adding hooks to the inside of your cabinets is a great option for a little extra organized cupboards.

It’s a great way to have a specific home for each and every measuring spoon and cup. You could also use command hooks for this idea!

10. Baskets for Paper Goods

Baskets for Paper Goods

Source: @organizedbyellis

Things like paper towels, napkins, and even toilet paper can be stored in fun decorative baskets.

If you want a few on display, it’s a smart and easy way to elevate a corner of any room or cupboard. This is one of the best ways to organize with baskets!

11. Maximize Spice Space

Maximize Spice Space


If you have a lot of spices or small jars and need access to all of them, consider adding a lazy Suzan to your shelves. Take measurements first, so you know it’ll be a proper fit.

12. Family Friendly Containers

Family Friendly Containers

Source: @fantabhome

If you’re not interested in using an array of glass jars or have children handling these items, an acrylic option with easy lids may be the best option.

Plenty of sets are out there, so do your research and opt for what makes sense for your lifestyle.

13. Hanging Shelves

hanging shelves

Source: @mdesign

Cupboards can get full quickly! A great way to add a bit extra space inside each space is these hanging shelves–they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes with varying weight allowances.

14. Medicine Cabinet

medicine cabinet

Source: @idlivesimply

Of all the cupboards that can get messy, medicine cabinets can be some of the worst offenders. Small bins with names can change everything behind the mirror or under the sink.

These mini acrylic options work great!

15. Age Appropriate Space

 Age Appropriate Space

Source: @organizedbydanielle

Families have some of the most expansive kitchen cabinet collections, and for good reason!

Kid-appropriate items stored in one place can save time and searching while eventually teaching kiddos independence.

16. Divided Round Storage

 Divided Round Storage

Source: @notaboringbox

As we just discussed, kid storage can take up a lot of space, whether it’s utensils or snacks! A divided storage option is perfect for a beloved item in many different flavors.

This way, have it completely ready to go when the little ones or you are looking for a specific flavor.

17. Snack Storage

snack storage

Source: @mdesign

As we all know, a favorite place of any kitchen is the snack stash! Keeping this area well organized can prevent overbuying and let everyone see what’s available at any moment.

Check out these other cheap organizing ideas!

18. Foil, Film, Bag Storage

Foil, Film, Bag Storage

Source: @josephjosephofficial

Investing in something to store these essential kitchen items has saved me so much sanity!

Knowing what I have and what’s missing and always knowing where any of these are has been a game-changing purchase.

19. Cup Caddy

cup caddy

Source: @getorganizedpei

This caddy is everything between kiddie cups, water bottles, to-go mugs, and all the other oddball cups.

Within moments, you can locate the exact bottle you need and move on, and there are no tumbling cups to catch.

20. Hanging Container Storage

Hanging Container Storage

Source: @josephjosephofficial

Having essential high-use food items in an undeniable location in your kitchen makes life easy.

You can always tell when you may need to buy more, grab something out of it on the run, and everyone can access it.

21. Display Nook

display nook

Source: @theminimalsort

If you have a place you’re looking to display a few items, take a look around for inspiration first! Take what you like from the research and fit it into your space and your lifestyle.

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