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21 Pretty Ways to Organize with Baskets

Ever think about adding cute accented home decor to your house only to see the price and completely change your mind? These ways to organize with baskets on a budget will help!

You’re not alone and in the right place–I’ve collected many different price-friendly ways to achieve that look, but for a fraction of the price!

Baskets are a great way to organize your home and add a decorative touch. Here are 21 pretty ways to organize baskets that no one will ever guess are homemade.

ways to organize with baskets

1. DIY Round Rope Basket Organizer

DIY Rope Basket


Create a DIY rope basket organizer for your needs, and make a set or one big one to be the perfect accessory for any given room.

Grab this crafting rope, which is available in multiple colors.

These are able to be switched up a bit, depending on what you plan on doing. Rope the whole thing, or block it, exposing the bucket or adding some material to the uncovered portion.

These DIY baskets really are one of the best DIY storage ideas for your home!

2. Dollar Tree Rope Basket DIY

Dollar Tree Rope Basket DIY


If you’re really on a tight budget, make a dollar tree rope basket! It’s one of the best budget-friendly craft places to visit.

Make sure to check out each aisle–they do rotate through goods seasonally. I love checking because you’ll never know what you’ll find!

It also doubles as an adorable gifting basket for any gift idea on the cheap. The recipient gets double the gifts that way!

3. DIY No Sew Rope Bowl

DIY No Sew Rope Bowl


Try a no-sew rope bowl for a stylish storage option. Remember to give it a little extra reinforcement, depending on the intended use of the bins.

I love the two-tone styles of these baskets, making them look all the more chic. Use them as pure decor or storing produce–wherever they are, they’ll make a lovely addition to your home.

4. Farmhouse Style Basket

Farmhouse Style Basket


Make a farmhouse-style basket from dollar store items for a rustic touch. Generally, they have a wire basket, but if you don’t like the color, grab some of this spray paint to give it new life.

Check out the materials at the Dollar Store. They generally sell a burlap-like material for that natural look.

5. DIY Square Rope Basket Organizer

DIY Square Rope Basket Organizer


Similar to the other rope baskets above, this square rope basket is perfect for storing clothes, accessories, or any larger quantity of items.

We have made a few for each kid’s room; they use it for all sorts of things. I’ve even used it for kid stuff, important paper, and a mail holder in my office.

Keep giving items a new life with these other clever recycling storage ideas!

6. T-Shirt Pop-Up Bin

T-Shirt Pop-Up Bin


We love these; my friend made one for her kids with their favorite sports team and thought it was so cute. Use a specific graphic tee or a fun pattern that looks cute on a pop-up bin.

7. Hanging Storage Baskets

Hanging Storage Baskets


Make hanging storage baskets for your car, kitchen, or pantry. These work great for small snacks or car essentials, keeping those areas from quickly getting messy.

8. DIY Fabric Tray

DIY Fabric Tray


Add personalized yet modern shelving unit organizers for a sleek look. The best part–make them any dimensions you need or are comfortable working on.

9. DIY Basket Liner

DIY Basket Liner


Make a DIY basket liner for a pop of color and with any material. If you’re newer to sewing, go with a notoriously like cotton or linen.

10. DIY Recycled Jean Bag

DIY Recycled Jean Bag


We love to upcycle in this house, and whenever I have an older pair of denim, that pair normally becomes this bag.

Such an easy small container to make and can be used for anything because it’s machine washable.

I like giving mine a little extra sparkle, so if I don’t have old patterned fabric, I’ll grab this variety pack of material.

If you are looking for better blanket storage ideas, this is it!

11. Storage Box

Storage Box


Try this DIY storage box for an extra chic accessory in your house. I like adding these pulls to most of my bins if I want a pull on a specific item.

12. Coffee Table Tray-Basket

Coffee Table Tray-Basket


Create a knock-off coffee table basket for a trendy living room accessory. I know these can get so pricy quickly, and this has been a great replacement.

13. DIY Rope Easter Basket

DIY Rope Easter Basket


Make a rope Easter basket for a unique twist on a classic tradition. I love adding some multicolored rope like this to a basket like this to make it fun.

14. DIY Painted Baskets

DIY Painted Baskets


Paint fun patterns on baskets for a boho vibe. Make a stamper, or buy a cute one from the store and your choice of paint for a one-of-a-kind beauty.

This organization idea will take your home to the next level!

15. DIY Leather Key Basket

DIY Leather Key Basket


Make a leather key basket for a stylish and functional storage solution. My old key basket used to get overstuffed with other random things; this way, pretty much only the keys can live here.

16. DIY Painted Woven Basket

DIY Painted Woven Basket


Paint a woven basket for a pop of color and pattern. Polka dots, color-blocked, or striped are some of my favorite ways to give a woven basket that extra unique look.

These woven baskets make one of the best towel storage ideas as well!

17. DIY Ikea Style Denim Storage Box

DIY Ikea Style Denim Storage Box


Repurpose old denim into a storage box with this IKEA hack. The perfect under-bed storage or closet storage for out-of-season clothing.

18. DIY Cloth Storage Cardboard boxes

DIY Cloth Storage Cardboard boxes


Repurpose cardboard boxes into storage boxes for an economical option–double up on cardboard if flimsy.

Once the cloth is on the boxes, it’s really hard to tell that they were completely homemade.

My friends are always completely surprised when I tell them how the bins get made. Use any cardboard snack containers, too–I love an oatmeal canister upcycled look.

19. Customizable Dollar Tree Storage Bins

Customizable Dollar Tree Storage Bins


Use dollar tree storage bins to organize your home office or craft supplies. To customize, either use your Cricut or letter stickers to designate the bins.

Or, if you’re a minimalist, a trusty old label maker will get the job done too! I like these bins for stuff that gets dirty; that way, I can completely sanitize as needed.

20. No-Sew Fabric-Covered Storage Boxes

No-Sew Fabric-Covered Storage Boxes


Upcycle a cardboard box into a storage bin for a sustainable solution. All you need to do is adhere the fabric to the boxes.

I’ve used hot glue, staples, and more to make these types of boxes for quick fixes! Great for kid’s stuff, and you can change the print easily by just adding it on top of the old one.

21. Kilim-Inspired Painted Baskets

Kilim-Inspired Painted Baskets


Paint a Kilim-inspired pattern on a basket for a global-inspired look. Grab some leftover paints or try a combination of new colors on one of these baskets.

These especially make for beautiful housewarming, bridal, or even baby shower gifts. It’ll be all the more special because you handmade it for a loved one.