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21 Super Cheap Organizing Ideas

Whether you are a college student, moving, or just looking for a nice alternative to those pricey organizers you can find at the store, look no further than these cheap organizing ideas!

cheap organization ideas

Today I have 21 super cheap ways to organize any part of your home.

Most of these crafts or hacks are like it says–cheap! Use what you have, and feel free to take liberties with each one if it suits your needs better.

I will add some specific things that helped me while making these different ideas. Let me know what you end up trying, and feel free to share any substitutes in the comments below. 

As always, I hope you enjoy the post and have as much fun as I did with these ideas!

1. Sweater Storage Box

sweater storage box


By now, you know I’m a regular upcycler, and I love reusing old clothes for new designs or projects. Grab any size box you’d like, and hot glue to create a new stylish, and lovely storage!

Add any detailing that you’d like, or keep it simple with just the sweater! Either way, it has a great look once finished.

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2. Cable Organizer DIY

cable organizer DIY

This idea is a favorite technique for moving or giving your cable drawers some much-needed sanity. Pull out your cords and organize them before adding them to the toilet paper rolls.

Once all gets organized, label your tubes and fit them away in the drawer or given box. When looking next time, you’ll save so much time looking for the correct cord.

3. DIY Earring Organizer

DIY earring organizer


This idea is a great afternoon project for creative girls or anyone that wears earrings. It’s great and easily customizable and can always get altered if someone’s tastes change.

Grab this pack of shelf liners for easy use in this project. Swap in new material or add washi tape or paint to the frame to switch it up.

4. Coat Closet Organizer

coat closet organizer


Simpler than you think; it really takes about 5 minutes to complete, and that’s mainly to get the hooks on straight.

Think clothing line, but keep your seasonal accessories organized and accessible to anyone in your home.

5. DIY Desk Organizer

DIY desk organizer


One of my favorites, this DIY desk organizer is fun and easy to make. Grab any assortment of old cereal boxes or snack containers and cut them to a preferred size to make this cutie.

For that special extra touch, add a platform for everything to sit on and a rolling rotating piece for easy accessibility.

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6. Hanging Storage Baskets

hanging storage baskets


For the sewer out there, these storage baskets are an easy enough project for anyone in their sewing journey.

I’d recommend determining what you would like these for first, then choosing how much fabric you need for the project.

I love these for the car, the kitchen, and even the kids’ bedrooms.

7. Cabinet Organizer

cabinet organizer


Perfect for snack cabinets or below sinks, this cabinet organizer hangs on the dorm and is ideal for those with smaller but essential needs.

As mentioned, these are great for both options, and I’d recommend grabbing the items you plan on incorporating to map out your organizer better.

8. Craft Box Organizer

craft box organizer


Honestly one of the messiest places in my home. By implementing these dividers and fasteners, I spend way less time searching through all of the elements of my craft box.

9. Draw Dividers

drawer dividers


Pair this idea with the desk organizer to use all of the bits of cereal boxes and snack containers. Whatever you need for your space, feel free to customize it to make it work.

10. Ribbon Organizer

ribbon organizer


Perfect for your gift wrapping station or craft station, grab a handful of these cups or cups similar to them and make adjustments so your ribbons can pull through easily.

That way, you’ll never have tangled ribbons again!

11. Rope Basket

rope basket


If you’ve been here for a while, you know I’m a big fan of macrame. This super cute rope basket is so easy to make, and you’ll finish it within an hour.

Bonus it’s also the perfect place to store your yarn or macrame rope.

12. Wall Art Organizer

wall art organizer


One of my favorite things to give as a gift is being in my home and almost every room. It’s the perfect craft to have as decor and is functional.

13. Desk Magazine Holder

desk magazine holder


One of our most used organizers, the desk magazine holder, has expanded beyond our desks. It helps sort our mail, holds children’s books on vacation, and so much more.

14. Simple Desk Organizer 2

simple desk organizer


 A more basic version of the desk organizer above, this is perfect for a student in elementary to high school ages. Feel free to add color and any specific organizing needs to this display.

15. Pencil Holder

pencil holder


People always compliment me on my pencil holder because it looks so professional. It’s really very easy.

All you need to do is grab some of this paper and a bit of this patterned paper (if you want a design) and pay attention to the directions!

It took me once or twice to get all the folds right, but once I did, it really kept its hold.

16.  DIY Storage Box

DIY storage box


Storage boxes always get overlooked, but I need them in my life. I have storage boxes for each child, bins of family photographs, and even previous years’ paperwork.

Of course, I like to embellish here. I used some denim but feel free to use any extra fabric you may have lying around that’s durable.

The more durable, the better since they get used for utility purposes more than decor.

This is one of the most smart DIY storage ideas for your home!

17. Square Desk Organizer 3

square desk organizer


I’ve included three different desk organizers because everybody’s desk looks different. Whether you have an oversized desk or a very streamlined one, there’s an organizer for everyone.

Or use this as a mini library or a makeup organizer, whatever your organizational needs; you can adapt this one.

18. Dollar Tree Storage Bins DIY

dollar tree storage bins


My favorite part about the Dollar Tree? The buckets!

Keep them simple like this, or add more detailing, whatever you need for this project. I love that they are so easy to clean.

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19. Rope Organizer Pen Cup DIY

rope organizer pen cup


If you have leftover cups from your ribbon craft, use one here. Simply hot glue all of your rope onto the cup.

Another great little gift to give as a present! Grab some cute colorful rope here.

20. DIY Cloth Storage Baskets

DIY cloth storage baskets


I did this for my pantry during the pandemic, and it’s never looked better! Upcycle old fabric you have or grab some specific colors that coordinate with your kitchen and then get to work!

The best part is that people don’t usually guess; these get made of cardboard boxes!

I added a little extra support on the inside with extra cardboard for the flimsier ones, but no one will suspect it.

21. DIY Magnetic Organizer

DIY magnetic organizer


I love this cutie magnetic makeup organizer! I never have to go hunting for anything in the morning, and it has really cut down on my routine.

Hang it inside of a cabinet door or keep it right on your counter; either way, it looks like a nice little addition to any bathroom.

Add some contact paper to spice it up a little. This brand has a bunch of sweet patterns to pick from.

These other ingenious organization ideas are sure help you get inspired to organize your home!