21 IKEA Craft Room Hacks

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Are you looking for some reliable and easy options to upgrade your craft room? That’s why today I have twenty-one IKEA craft room hacks for you!

Familiar places like IKEA have many great options in various price ranges of organizational items. These ideas range from small organizational recommendations to large-scale ones.

Whatever you’re looking for, I’m sure, at the very least, you can draw some great inspiration from the hacks below.

Many are renter-friendly, too, and nothing that takes too much time to construct. With that, I hope you enjoy the post, and now, on to the post!

 IKEA Hacks for your Craft Room

1. IKEA Shelves for Paper Storage

IKEA Shelves for Paper Storage

Source: @craftateria

These shelves are endlessly versatile and adaptable to any need. They are a great way to store paper in a craft room!

Add a few different storage options, like these magazine holders and these acrylic shelves, for versatility.

This is one of the best IKEA hacks to keep things organized!

2. Pegboard Storage

Pegboard Storage

Source: @sweetredpoppy

Pegboards have been an essential element of a workshop or craft room or workshop for decades, and for good reason.

These boards can store both smaller and larger accessories that you use regularly.

3. IKEA Kallax Units

IKEA Kallax Units

Source: @lisasoares

If you have more materials to store, you may want to opt for the Kallax Units over the regular shelves for paper. They offer even more squares to store an assortment of crafting goodies.

4. Table/Drawer Storage

Table/Drawer Storage

Source: @homesweetpink

The smaller bits of craft projects are always the hardest to store. A set of drawers underneath a table or desk solves this problem easily.

Each drawer can easily house like accessories and you can even label everything for easy access.

5. Wall Storage

wall storage

Source: @maker.meli

Hooks, shelves, and peg boards are all wonderful options to store, stock, or any other purpose for your most used items.

Figure out what you’d like at your literal fingertips and decide from there what type of wall storage you’ll need.

Check out these other unique wall shelf ideas!

6. Pen Holders

pen holders

Source: @craftymommybees

Pen holders that can double as storage for any small-scale utensils work great. Grab some pen holders like these that you can hang off your wall to maximize your space!

7. Billy Bookcase Yarn Storage

Billy Bookcase Yarn Storage

Source: @annmariahelena

One of my favorite ways to organize something is through an unexpected piece of furniture or other means.

A bookcase that has a display case like this Billy one is a great place to display and store something as bountiful as yarn neatly.

Enjoy these other creative IKEA bookshelf hacks as well!

8. Paper and Vinyl Storage with Kallax

Paper and Vinyl Storage with Kallax

Source: @bloomingdecor.ltd

A Kallax is so versatile for storing craft items. It’s such a versatile piece of furniture and incredibly easy to customize to anyone’s needs.

9. IKEA Besta Frames Desk Storage

IKEA Besta Frames Desk Storage

Source: @sarah.plans.her.life

Besta frames are awesome to use in customizable places throughout your craft room. Whether you have one for special items or a handful throughout the room, they’re easy, versatile pieces.

These other IKEA Besta hacks will show you just how versatile this piece is!

10. Cubby Organizers

cubby organizers

Source: @creativeonthecheap

Cubby organizers aren’t just for classrooms! They are awesome to store different-sized or various pieces of crafting materials in one easily accessible place.

11. IKEA Alex Drawer Storage

IKEA Alex Drawer Storage

Source: @paperkreationsbyjeanette

A classic but reliable option to use in a craft room is the Alex Drawer Storage unit. It’s a great option for scraps, loose materials, or jarred items.

The drawers are easily customizable! These drawers come in endless colors and are perfect to use.

12. DIY Craft Table with Storage

 DIY Craft Table with Storage

Source: jennifermaker.com

If you’re looking to create an entire table for your crafting space, consider making a table that has storage! It’s the perfect answer to table space in a crafting room of any type.

13. Towel Hooks to Hang Paint Brushes

Towel Hooks to Hang Paint Brushes

Source: iheartorganizing.com

A great option for the painters in the group! Drill a hole or hook brushes onto S-hooks and add them to any wall storage you have.

It’s a great way to keep them for them to dry after being cleaned.

14. Vinyl Storage in IKEA desk

. Vinyl Storage in IKEA desk

Source: @homesweetpink

Vinyl is like wrapping paper, and it can take over any space it’s a part of! To keep your vinyls contained, consider adding them to a desk of drawers that offer enough space.

You’ll also want to see these DIY craft desk ideas!

15. Craft Tool Storage

. Craft Tool Storage

Source: @kaitlynstitches

Tools can be a tricky thing to store, especially if they are loose in a tool box or other container. I firmly believe suspending them on the wall is the safest and easiest way to store it all.

It also makes clean-up a snap. All the items generally have to return to the same place so everything can fit into the space.

16. Stamping Storage

 Stamping Storage

Source: @claudias_crafts

We all know that a stamp collection can get out of hand quickly between actual stamps and ink pads.

Labeled bins are an excellent and constantly customizable option as a collection changes with time.

17. Crochet Cart

Crochet Cart

Source: repeatcrafterme.com

If you’re someone who constantly crochets or knits, a fully mobile cart may be a great option for you.

It can move anywhere in the room to store all the yarn you need for each project, as well as the extra supplies.

18. IKEA Doll House to Store Yarn

 IKEA Doll House to Store Yarn

Source: @studiomilanina

Another great option for an unexpected storage option is the IKEA doll house. It’s perfect for a quirky addition without disrupting the space too much.

19. Paint Inserts in IKEA Kallax

 Paint Inserts in IKEA Kallax

Source: @lisasoares

To brighten up or organize your Kallax further, consider grabbing paint inserts! They can be any assortment of colors and help tie the room together.

20. Spice Organizer Washi Tape Storage

 Spice Organizer Washi Tape Storage

Source: @rnjetta

Washi Tape can be such a useful and versatile craft item but storing them all can be a nightmare. The secret to storing all the various bits is using a spice organizer.

It’s perfect for all of them to sit together however you choose to organize.

21. Skadis Containers to store small items

Skadis Containers to store small items

Source: @genna_riggins

Are you looking for a secret weapon for small items that work on pegboards? The Skadis Containers will be your best friend.

These cups come in both transparent and opaque options, perfect for any styling needs.

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