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31 Insanely Beautiful Boho Chic Decor Ideas

Are you looking to freshen up your interior this year with some bright and natural decor? Boho chic decor ideas can offer exactly that!

Today, I have thirty-one boho chic decor ideas that will give you a breath of fresh air. These ideas aren’t anything too complicated and are made with simple materials.

The best part is that none of the ideas are too costly or adaptable to most people’s budgets. The ideas below also make for excellent housewarming or just because of gifts for loved ones.

I hope you find some fun and inspiring pieces you can try out for your space. And now, on to the post.

boho chic decor ideas

1. Rope/Macrame Word display

Rope/Macrame Word display


Are you looking for a unique piece to create that still fits the boho vibe? These cute rope words are the answer!

It is easy to scale, so pay attention to the width and weight of the rope and, of course, the length of your word.

The adhesive is the key–so whether it’s a standalone word or attached to something, make sure it’ll stick for the long hall.

2. Macrame Chandelier

Macrame Chandelier


For the macrame lovers, a chandelier is one of the best projects to try! It gives your macrame a more dimensional and homey feeling.

Making a handful to either hang on a back patio or a specific room in the house would be dreamy.

3. Woven Floor Vase

Woven Floor Vase


Large woven vases provide some nice texture at ground level to add to your furniture. This project can be done at any price point.

Whether you get your pot or vase from the dollar or thrift store or you grab your materials from pricier places, it’s a great project. The key is a good and reliable crafting glue.

4. Dollar Store DIY Wreath

 Dollar Store DIY Wreath


This idea is great if you’re looking for some Springtime projects to implement into your decor within the next month or so.

This dollar store wreath is truly one of the easiest options on the post today–perfect for a young crafter’s bedroom or a lowkey one for a rainy day.

Feel free to mix and match your materials! I love this variety pack of wooden beads.

5. Upcycled Macrame Pillow Covers

Upcycled Macrame Pillow Covers


Try out this macrame pillow cover idea for old or worn-out pillow covers. It’s a great option to save a bit of money while giving your pillows another life with this charming cover.

There’s a bit of preliminary work with measuring and arranging, but once everything is prepped, they go quickly.

You can follow a tutorial or try it freehandedly if you are familiar with different textiles.

6. Floral Wall Hanging

 Floral Wall Hanging


Nothing says boho more than big, beautiful, sunflower-looking blooms, and these hangings say just that. The tails or stalks can be a material of your choosing–lace, leather, or anything else.

You’ll want to see these other chic boho bedroom decor ideas.

7. Boho Wall Decor

Boho Wall Decor


Sometimes, a classic is a classic for a reason, and boho-inspired art is one of the easiest ideas to achieve. Any simple, soft geometric shape layer together can pull off exactly what you want.

The best part is that any medium is fair game. I like this paint set for more natural colors.

This is a great wall decor idea for over the sofa!

8. Tassel Garland

Tassel Garland


Regardless of your style, a tassel garland is a wonderful piece of decor that can adapt to anyone’s style. Swap in some warmer, earthy-toned tassels like these and call it a day.

9. Jewelry Holder

Jewelry Holder


It is an absolute must for anyone interested in boho style! Simply find a stick or two, treat it with some protection, and add some nails to hang all your jewelry.

10. Raffia Wall Hanging

Raffia Wall Hanging


Consider this raffia wall hanging if you’re looking for some dramatic texture or a statement piece for your home.

For those not familiar with the material, raffia is a woven textile made of palm leaves.

Raffia is a great option for this hanging because it heavily relies on weaving around the steel rings that support the finished product.

11. Patterned Pot

Patterned Pot


Pots that have minimalist patterns feel very boho. The option of paint color plays a huge part in how the pots feel in a space.

Grab this paint for working on pots.

12. Upcycled Leather Vase

Upcycled Leather Vase


It’s as simple as and exactly what it sounds like–an upcycled leather vase. If you have an old piece of furniture, you can extract some leather from it or go pick some out from the store.

It’s all about fitting your material to your vase well.

13. Raffia Half Moons

Raffia Half Moons

If you’re interested in raffia but the project above seemed like too much, try this one out!

You’ll still need a hoop like this one to work the raffia onto, but the process is much more straightforward.

14. Woven Placemats

Woven Placemats

Source: @indianhome_studio

Sure, you can find a store-bought woven mat pretty easily today, but making your own can be a lot of fun. Figure out what shape and material you’d like to use, and get to mapping it out.

15. Wicker Chair

 Wicker Chair

This idea is one of the more advanced ideas on the list today, but plenty of variations of wicker chairs are out there.

Also, there are plenty of ways to build an existing chair with wicker or other natural textiles–try it out on an old chair.

16. Old Fabric Scrap Pillows

Old Fabric Scrap Pillows

Source: @boheme_aliso

If you have an old quilt, sheet, or other large-scale piece of fabric, give it another life by turning it into a pillowcase.

These fun and bright pillows give any room a nice natural pop without stealing the show.

17. Wicker End Table

Wicker End Table

These wicker end tables are the perfect match if you’d like to pair your wicker chairs with something.

Hit your local craft store and use a combination of strong glue and raffia, wicker, or any other natural material that works for your space.

18. Tassel Pillows

Tassel Pillows

Source: @pampasliving

Tassels nod to bohemian style in a quiet but distinct way; they can be attached to virtually anything!

Adding these tassel pillows to your home is a perfect way to add some style to your home.

Whether you add tassels to your existing pillows or craft up the whole idea, it’ll effortlessly add some chicness. Grab some here.

19. Woven Baskets

Woven Baskets

These look impressive, but keep reading for a simpler way to create them.

All you really need is a braided natural textile, your bin of choice, and some hot glue or glue that adheres incredibly well.

If you want to go that extra mile, line the bins to hide any of the interior plastic from showing.

20. Mixed Material Vase

 Mixed Material Vase

Source: @by.sheyhara

Natural materials meshing is a great way to mix up the boho-vibe. These natural textile glass jars and vases are stunning here.

Make sure to use any materials that aren’t too bulky to keep the crafting part less complicated.

21. Basket Planters

Basket Planters

This is literally the easiest idea to try–basket planters. The idea is to get a basket a bit larger than the chosen pot and set the base down inside.

It’s as easy as that and a wonderful way to hide garish planters.

22. Nice Woven Blankets and Throws

Nice Woven Blankets and Throws

Source: @nolardasi

We all know a good blanket can completely transform an experience. The same idea goes for decorating a room–a woven blanket lends to the boho style in a quiet but cozy way.

This is one of the best bedroom decor ideas!

23. Woven Catch-Alls

Woven Catch-Alls

Catch-alls in any type of style are one of the trustiest accessories any home can have! As always, natural textiles in woven patterns are a classic boho fit for these dishes.

Add one to any rooms that seem to collect odds and ends regularly.

24. Paper Palm Leaves

 Paper Palm Leaves

Source: @sannas.torp

These paper palm leaves are a great project for leftover or scrap pieces of paper. If you’re working with lighter-weight paper, add some cardstock to elongate the lifespan.

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25. Tapestry

boho Tapestry

A classic tapestry is never a bad idea! How you display it can add to the style and flair it brings to the room.

Whether you pin it up or put it in a frame, it’s a piece that will definitely stand out.

26. Mini Pallet Planters

 Mini Pallet Planters


This idea is entirely a dollar tree-friendly project and pretty straightforward. Make a single one for your home, or create a whole wall of them for propagating.

27. Circular Rug

Circular Rug

An unexpected and fun touch of style can be done with the right circular rug! There are plenty of options out there, from woven DIY ones to classic ones shown here.

This is one of the best aesthetic bedroom decor ideas!

28. Wooden Bead Tassel

Wooden Bead Tassel

Source: @eunaosouarquiteta

For sweet and minimal accents that pull everything together, these wooden bead tassels are the best.

Endlessly easy and customizable, you could make different themed ones for any point in the year.

29. Textile Mirror

Textile Mirror

We all know mirrors are a great option to incorporate more light into a room, so why not give it a bit of boho flair?

Grab your favorite textile and an incredibly strong glue to frame the mirror with the desired material.

30. Sherpa Ottoman

Sherpa Ottoman

Source: @thebrickhousejungle

Sherpa material is one of the most recent popular textiles to be included in the boho craze.

Whether you upholster a basic existing ottoman with the material or opt for a specific Sherpa one, it’ll add a lovely layer to your living room.

31. Fur Rug

fur rug

And finally, a classic fixture in the boho-inspired home decor, a fur rug. We prefer faux fur these days, but all the same, a fur rug is sure to stand out in your living room and make a statement.