31 The Most Clever Small Walk-In Closet Ideas

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Small walk-in closets are often dull, cramped, untidy, and dreary places.

Today, I have 31 clever ideas to add charm and style to your closet.

Without spending loads of money, you can turn your little storage space into a boutique-style room to be proud of.

Let’s get started!

Small Walk In Closet Ideas

1. Mirrored Doors

mirrored doors

Source: @theduchessreno

Mirrored doors add a luxurious and functional touch to a small walk-in closet. By reflecting the light, they instantly make the room look larger and brighter.

Floor-to-ceiling mirrors are a perfect solution to quickly revamp closet doors that are dull, worn, in need of repair, or need a fresh coat of paint. And, they are a must-have for that last-minute outfit check.

2. Bench


Source: @edwardian_seaside_home

In this clever small walk-in closet idea, the designer has made use of one wall to install a long, low wooden bench.

While stylishly hiding the wall-mounted heater, the bench offers a versatile surface that can be used for storage and display. It can even be a cozy hideaway reading nook, adorned with luxurious velvet cushions like these.

3. Ottoman


Source: @amrit_bilkhu

When it comes to clever small walk-in closet ideas, this ottoman is calling me! It is so plush, sophisticated, and Ooh-La-La.

An ottoman offers hidden storage space, a comfortable seating option, and a surface to display magazines or books, all wrapped up in one luxurious piece of furniture.

These plush velvet ottomans from Amazon will be the perfect choice. And, they come in a stunning palette of colors to suit all decor themes.

4. Add a shoe rack

add a shoe rack

Source: @resurgam1906

Adding a shoe rack to a small closet is a game-changer for organization and space optimization.

Get your shoes off the floor and into a rack, where they are visible, can be sorted by style, coordinated by color, and remain in pristine condition.

You can DIY a rack like this, or if you prefer, buy ready-made shelving, or even start with a cost-effective over-the-door shoe organizer.

5.Cubby Storage

cubby storage

Source: @damaandwood

Cubby storage is sooo versatile. You instantly create loads of space that can be open or closed, high or low, functional or decorative.

Look for IKEA units, cost-effective cube storage like this, or head off to the dollar store for a bargain.

6. Ladder for tall spaces

ladder for tall spaces

Source: @designedbysabina

Create a stairway to heaven, or better still, a stairway to reach tall spaces where you can store a myriad of belongings.

This stylish modern ladder takes up no space, fits flush against the cabinet, and offers access to high-up spaces that would otherwise be wasted. I love this awesome idea!

7. DIY Brackets and Shelving

DIY brackets and shelving

Source: @jkdesignva

The next clever idea I came across is this cost-saving, innovative way to create storage without buying an expensive piece of furniture.

Simply install wall brackets and attach shelving and you have a solution!  You can add woven baskets, wire baskets, large plastic bins like these, or vintage wooden boxes to customize the shelves to suit your unique style.

8. Use every inch of space

use every inch of space

Source: @calclosetsjoanne

When you have a small closet, you need to cleverly make use of every inch of space.

This smart designer has created ceiling-to-floor and wall-to-wall storage space. The layout includes multi-level hanging space and open shelves of different depths.

If you cannot reach high up shelves, take a look at my idea No 9 – Ladder for tall spaces!

9. Add a shelving rack

add a shelving rack

Source: @coastal_farmdreams

Shelving racks are a cost-effective and fantastic addition to a small walk-in closet. They can be customized to fit any size space and are pleasing to look at.

Shelving racks are perfect for storing everything from bags to shoes, folded clothing, and accessories. I love the woven baskets like these that this homeowner has added to her shelving.

10. Use space above the cabinets

use space above cabinets

Source: @shelli_dierck

Empty space above cabinets should not be a haven for dust to collect. Make use of this valuable storage space to store hats, bags, linen, and seasonal clothing items.

It is also ideal for items that are not used daily like luggage, holiday decorations, extra bedding, and Grandma’s old coats that you don’t want to throw away.

11. IKEA Bookcase for shoes

IKEA Bookcase for shoes

Source: @budgethomedesign

Think books – think shoes! If this sounds odd, take a look at this clever idea for organizing a small walk-in closet.

The designer has used a classic IKEA bookcase as a shoe rack. I love that the shoes are off the floor, are all visible, and easily accessible.

And, she has used the top shelf of the bookcase to stand a basket, adding even more storage space.

12. Add a mirror

add a mirror

Source: @badgerhouseinteriors

Fancy boutique stores have full-length mirrors in their dressing rooms, but nothing stops you from doing the same in your walk-in closet at home.

Create the look by adding a full-length arched mirror like this to one wall. By reflecting light, mirrors instantly make a small walk-in closet look bigger, brighter, and more stylish!

13. Add Storage Bins

add storage bins

Source: @budgethomedesign

When it comes to packing away items that you use less often, storage bins and baskets are the answer.

In this smart design, the homeowner has placed the storage bins on the top shelves, where they look neat and tidy and offer loads of organized space.

These bins are ideal for holding seasonal clothing, holiday clothing, out-of-season sporting clothes, and extra bedding for that unexpected guest. 

14. Floating shelves to display accessories

 Floating shelves to display accessories

Source: @homegal_

This is a dreamy walk-in closet! It looks so expensive and fashion-forward and I am certainly going to copy this idea.

Floating shelves like these are inexpensive, easy to install, and perfect for displaying accessories. Adding that final touch to your OOTD becomes super easy!

15. Cozy rug

cozy rug

Source: @mrs.caragay

Is your walk-in closet cold, dreary, and uninviting? Placing a cozy rug on the floor will make a world of difference and won’t cost a fortune.

Choose a soft, plush rug and add a touch of luxury to your closet. This designer went for a snow-white color that complements the tones of her cabinets. Very upmarket and stylish!

16. Narrow drawers for accessories

Narrow drawers for accessories

Source: @garrison.street.designstudio

Accessories are by nature, small and flat. So why waste space storing them in large chunky drawers? This clever idea uses narrow pull-out drawers to hold accessories.

Instead of one massive drawer, the designer has installed four narrow drawers where all her accessories are perfectly organized.

17. Shelves for shoes and bags

Shelves for shoes and bags

Source: @annlouisesophie

Storing shoes and bags can be a headache if you have limited space in a small walk-in closet. Let’s take a hint from this idea!

Install shelves above your hanging space to hold large bags and shoes. The open design allows visibility and easy access.

18. Multiple sections to categorize clothes

Multiple sections to categorize clothes

Source: @shelli_dierck

Categorizing your clothing makes it easy to look runway-ready on the busiest of mornings.

It also helps to organize what you have, sort out items you no longer need, and make sure you have all your essentials at your fingertips.

By creating multiple sections to categorize your clothes you will reduce stress, save time, and feel so much better about your morning routine.

19. Long bench

long bench

Source: @neatbymeg

Have you ever wondered why we all stand in our walk-in closets? I certainly hadn’t until I saw this stunning pic!

Install a long bench where you sit, relax, sip a cup of coffee, plan your outfit, and contemplate starting the day in a relaxed mood!

I found this versatile bench on Amazon. It has a luxurious plush feel and also doubles as a storage unit to pack away lesser-used items.

20. Add wall hooks

add wall hooks

Source: @calclosetsbyemily

Walls seldom come to mind when I am looking for storage space.

But, by simply mounting a few stylish strong wall hooks like these, you instantly turn a blank wall into a versatile space to hang up bags, coats, scarves, belts, sporting gear, throws, caps, beanies, jackets, and more.

21. Cubbies for purses and bags

Cubbies for purses and bags

Source: @budgethomedesign

Cubbies are perfect for small walk-in closets! They offer accessible space and can be customized to fit your needs.

This creative homemaker has installed cubbies to hold her purses and bags. Her closet looks like a boutique store and I am sure that she does not have a mad rush in the morning (like I do) to match a bag to her outfit.

I need this now!

22. Built In Shelves for shoes

built in shelves for shoes and bags

Source: @jt_home_

If you are planning a small walk-in closet revamp, do not forget to add built in shelves for shoes.

Your shoes are off the floor, they stay clean, they are visible, they are easily accessible, and they last longer. All great reasons to ‘borrow’ this cool idea for your home.

23. Vertical Drawer Space

vertical drawer space

Source: @whatnowtahnee

Well, my walk-in closet certainly doesn’t look like a designer store like this one! So, I am very motivated to get started and sort it out.

The vertical drawers look so neat and tidy and add loads of storage space for clothes, accessories, bags, linen, underwear, makeup, and seasonal items.

Get yours from IKEA or find a bargain at the dollar store.

24. Acrylic Drawers

acrylic drawers

Source: @casanavidasteene

Acrylic drawers have two great advantages – they offer drawer space in the traditional sense, and, they also offer visibility!

I love that I can see what is inside at a glance. I also find that I now want to pack everything neatly which is another added bonus.

If you have a DIY expert at home, you can easily replace standard drawer fronts with acrylic panels. Why not give it a try?

25. Fitted Wardrobes

fitted wardrobes

Source: @the_robinsonfamily_abode

Wow – talk about style and elegance! I am absolutely captivated by this look, feeling the vibes and luvin every detail.

The homemakers used components from the IKEA HAVSTA storage series to create this stunning walk-in closet. They also added an extra touch of class by choosing stylish long silver closet handles like these.

26. Hat and Bag Rack

hat and bag rack

Source: @malindaevi

Do you find that hats and bags are so tricky to store? Mine topple over, fall onto the floor, and become a point of major stress in my life.

This clever small walk-in closet idea uses a hat and bag rack to solve the problem. Get one from your dollar store, buy a hat rack like this, or make it a DIY family project to build one.

27. Pull out shelves

pull out shelves

Source: @mj.hemmafix

The next great idea I have for small walk-in closets is pull out shelves.

This designer has used one style of shelf, creating a cohesive look that is neat, tidy, functional, and looks awesome.

28. Display Cabinet

display cabinet

Source: @shannonhamzehdesigns

Now that we have stored, organized, and arranged the closet, why not add a personal touch and display some sentimental photos, memorabilia, or ornaments?

No one said that a closet must only be used for storage!

This fun idea uses a display cabinet to store items and show off little treasures that make the owner happy.



Source: casawatkinsliving.com

My first idea is taken unashamedly from this blog post from Casa Watkins Living. Stephanie has turned a dull closet into a style haven simply by adding wallpaper.

Give your closet a backdrop that matches your style. I love this nature-themed wall paper I found on Amazon. Kids will adore this jungle-themed wallpaper featuring giraffes, toucans, zebras, and lions.

30. Remove The Door

remove the door

Source: @lynn.aing

By removing the closet door you instantly open up the space and make both the closet and the room look BIGGER.

But – make sure that your closet is tidy and looks attractive – else you should probably keep the door on!

31. IKEA Pax

IKEA pax

Source: @casalawson

As you probably know, I am an IKEA fan! I love how this designer has created a sophisticated walk-in closet by mixing and matching IKEA PAX components to create both cabinet and drawer space.

I am smitten by the ottoman in the center of the room that serves as a seat, a clever storage solution, and a chic surface to display stylish coffee table books. 

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