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21 Most Inspiring Boho Wall Decor Ideas

I am always trying to decide what I like best on the walls throughout the year. Boho wall decor has done its best with its bright, natural vibes, bringing a sense of peace to my home.

With twenty-one simple, budget-friendly DIY ideas, you can breathe new life into any room in your home.

This post offers both larger and smaller ideas that can easily be rescaled for anyone’s needs.

Crafted from inexpensive, readily available materials, these fun projects make great gifts or affordable ways to add a special touch to your home.

boho wall decor ideas

These wall decor ideas offer inspiring pieces that will give your home a breezy, bohemian vibe. I hope that you find some fun projects to try out!

1. Drywall Canvas Art

 Drywall Canvas Art


If you want to revitalize or upcycle past art pieces, grab some drywall mix and go over your canvas.

This idea is ideal for specifically canvas material pieces because the mixture will adhere better.

A thin layer of drywall works wonderfully. Depending on the kind you buy and the intensity of the previous image, you may have to add additional layers.

This is one of the best wall decor ideas for behind your sofa!

2. Basket Wall

Basket Wall


Basket walls are a great option for those looking to add some dimension and texture to your home decor.

The best part about these is that you can work a basket wall into any size or shape depending on your baskets’ size.

Map the whole thing out before committing to attaching it to the wall. Playing around with it on paper or the ground is much easier than up on the wall.

3. Mirror Macrame Project

Mirror Macrame Project


Another great textured project to try out is this macrame mirror! The secret here is a paper plate–how the macrame attaches to the mirror and some strong glue.

The mirror gets glued to the mirror, and the paper plate gets the material attached to it. A few small mirrors with macrame would look darling in a small space such as a half bath or hallway.

4. Macrame Wall Hanging

Macrame Wall Hanging


Anyone who has been here for a while knows that I love love love macrame! One of the easiest and best-resulting introduction projects is a wall hanging like this one.

Find a hanging you’re comfortable trying. You could even start with a small mock-up to get a feel for the project overall.

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5. Doily Dreamcatcher

Doily Dreamcatcher


A great source of the boho style revolves around texture, so this doily dreamcatcher is a natural option.

The tails of the dream catcher can be anything you have on hand or a special fabric or stringed-together item.

Grab an embroidery hoop that’s slightly larger than your doily. If you’re looking for a doily, these are a great option.

6. Glue Gun Embossing Frame

Glue Gun Embossing Frame


One of the best-kept secrets of the greatest craft tool is that hot glue can be the star of an art project. You can use hot glue as the base of an embossing project!

The cardboard will hold hot glue appropriately, and once you’ve added the glue and it is dry, cover it with the spray paint of your choice.

7. Denim Feather Wall Decor

Denim Feather Wall Decor


For a potentially entirely free project, consider this denim feather wall decor.

Between finding a piece of driftwood, cutting up an old pair of jeans, and using any reliable string you may have on hand.

Grab this string if you don’t have anything trusty at home. This project is a great option for a friend or a specific art night where a simple craft can be involved.

8. Clay Wall Hanging

Clay Wall Hanging


Clay and other natural materials are the cornerstones of the boho style. This craft air-drying clay is another favorite and a great thing to have for any project.

Play around with it before starting your project to get a feel for how to work with it.

Tools and water can help refine the look of your clay shapes as well as poke a hole through the length of each.

9. Moon Phase Wall Hanging

Moon Phase Wall Hanging


As mentioned, natural and nature-oriented elements are huge influences on boho style, and there’s nothing more so than the moon.

Grab these five of these wooden discs for each phase of the moon.

Trace out each phase on each respective disc before painting so you have everything in place and don’t have any repeat moons.

The accessories you choose can help accent each phase beautifully.

10. Yarn Wall Hanging

Yarn Wall Hanging


If you’re a minimalist or just looking for a simpler project, this yarn wall hanging is for you. This craft is wonderful because you can cater it directly to your budget.

After all, there are so many types of yarn out there. Just make sure to grab enough skeins for the size of your project.

This is a cute room decor idea for girls!

11. Crochet Plant Hanger

 Crochet Plant Hanger


Fabric alternatives to baskets and planters alike are another mainstay for boho decor.

There are plenty of different styles and tutorials out there–the key is to measure the intended planter and apply it to the crochet design.

You can choose from plenty of different fabrics, materials, or media in general. Do your research for the options and choose something within your price point and comfort levels.

12. Cricut Boho Projects

Cricut Boho Projects


For those of you who have or have been thinking about a Cricut, they are a great source of truly endless projects. A quick Google search can lead you to so many different boho-inspired Cricut wall-hanging ideas.

The options for types of projects are endless but work wonderfully with upcycled elements as well as new products. Work with what suits you.

13. Rope Headboard

Rope Headboard

This rope headboard is perfect for anyone interested in adding something unique to their bedroom.

The materials are simple and can be assembled in one afternoon, depending on the size of the frame and the space you have.

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14. Feather Accented Dream Catcher

Feather Accented Dream Catcher

Another great option to make a fun dream catcher is this feather-accented one. The feathers make the catcher pop a little more–results will vary with what color you choose for your feathers.

Grab this pack of feathers if you need some inspiration.

This is a great idea for college dorm rooms!

15. Pennant Macrame Wall Hanging

Pennant Macrame Wall Hanging

This wall hanging has the perfect mix of braided and tasseled tails.

As I mentioned before, macrame hangings have endless possibilities and are so fun to create, especially once you are familiar with the material.

A cool idea is if you’re looking to go the extra mile with this type of project. Consider dyeing your macrame with a natural ingredient like turmeric or coffee.

16. Tapestry

boho Tapestry

Hanging a large oversized printed tapestry will always lend itself to the true bohemian life and style. There are plenty of options out there, so shop around!

There are tapestries of all sizes, shapes, prices, and colors, so make sure you know what you want before you start hunting.

17. Macrame Wood Wall Hanging

Macrame Wood Wall Hanging

Another great driftwood project is this darling braided macrame wood wall hanging.

This project is one of the easiest to resize–whether you’d like a small option for the hallway or a statement one for your living room, it all depends on the size of the stick.

18. Green Nature Inspired Frame

Green Nature Inspired Frame

One of the easiest ways to add greenery to your home, especially if you aren’t a plan person, is to try this green nature-inspired frame.

Grab some of this green vine and weave it throughout a frame, securing it with bits of glue or even a staple.

This project looks great on any sized frame, and experiment with adding different fake greens and florals.

19. Rectangle Braided Wall Hanging

 Rectangle Braided Wall Hanging

Are you looking for a small addition that will greatly impact your walls? This rectangular braided wall hanging is an excellent option for you.

The dowel you use will determine the shape of your hanging, whether you utilize the whole length or a lot of an inch or so on either side.

When trimming the ends, a good pair of scissors will be your best friend.

20. Textured Placemats Wall

Textured Placemats Wall

Basket walls are a wonderful and popular option, but if you have a smaller space and literally can’t afford to give up the dimension, try this textured wall out.

Like the basket wall, this can afford to be anywhere within your home in any size or shape formation. Plan it out before committing to hanging everything.

21. Crescent Moon Wall Hanging

Crescent Moon Wall Hanging

Finally, on the post today is this wonderful crescent moon hanging. This moon can be made in a number of ways, and the tails can be tailored to your moon.

It’s a great project, whether they are lace, feathers, or anything else. Other simple shapes are possible, too–from flowers, hearts, stars, and more.