31 Cutest Cottage Style Summer Decorating Ideas

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If you have a dream of retreating to the countryside this summer, then you’re in the right place. Even if you don’t actually live in a cottage, there are many ways to turn your home into country retreat.

These summer decorating ideas are worthy of a spread in Architectural Digest… but they won’t break the bank.

Looking for some ways to transform your home? Let’s dive in to some of my favorite cottage-style decorating ideas.

Summer Cottage Style Decor

1. Vintage Vases

vintage vases

Source: @goldenboysandme

One of the best ways to bring some cottage-style summer frivolity into your space is to invest in some vintage vases! Scatter the blooms around your home.

You can hit up your local thrift store or start your collection with an adorable gumboot vase like this one.

2. Cottage-Style Blooms

Cottage-Style Blooms

Source: @mandyscottagelife

Turning the inside of your home into a summer cottage is easy when you have the right florals on hand. The idea is to pick delicate wildflowers you could have found in your own backyard.

Cow parsley, lavender, and sunflowers are all popular choices to put in your new collection of vintage vases.

3. Vintage Statement Drawers

Vintage Statement Drawers

Source: @cassimagiroto

Head to your local thrift store and pick out a stunning set of vintage statement drawers. These will go well in a bedroom or lounge, either as a side table or as a functional set of drawers.

If you can’t find something that looks vintage enough, you can pick up a can of blue chalk paint like this and do some DIY.

4. Gingham Kitchen Curtain

Gingham Kitchen Curtain

Source: @mimi.in.wales

I’m in love with this next idea. When you picture summer in a countryside cottage, I’m betting you see spots of gingham and check everywhere you look. Well, it’s easy to bring that to your home!

For example, this short gingham check curtain idea is the perfect way to lend some whimsy to your kitchen sink.

5. Corner Entryway

corner entryway

Source: @adoredhouse

As with any décor scheme, the moment you enter the front door is the best time to set the tone. This corner entryway is absolutely stunning! Not to mention, it’s easy to whip up on a Sunday afternoon.

All you need is a coat rack like this, a vintage mirror, a floating shelf, and a simple wooden chair to bring it all together.

6. Vintage Fruit Bowl

vintage fruit bowl

Source: @arteperpiacere

Looking for something quick and cost-effective to bring that cottage feel to your kitchen? Pick up a vintage fruit bowl and keep it stocked with your favorite summer fruits.

It’s such an easy way to kick off a cottage-style kitchen transformation.

7. Handmade Sack Cloth Cushions

Handmade Sack Cloth Cushions

Source: @sweetcottagecharm

Here’s another cost-effective cottage décor idea: a sack cloth cushion! Pick a summer motif like bees, sunflowers, or a particular fruit and whip up your very own.

The materials are cheap and easy to work with, so this is great for beginners.

8. Wooden Statement Pieces

 Wooden Statement Pieces

Source: @thevintagebreadbox

One of my favorite ways to create a ‘cottage’ feel is to invest in a few thrifted wooden statement pieces. The older the better, to give your home the look of an old country cottage!

One example I particularly love is this vintage wooden rocking horse (which you can put almost anywhere).

9. Baskets of Dried Lavender

Baskets of Dried Lavender

Source: @designthusiasm

Like I said earlier, lavender is a popular floral choice when decorating country cottages. To bring that concept to your home, consider adding some baskets of the stuff in your living spaces!

You can pick up real dried lavender, or try using some of this fake variety to minimize fallout.

10. Floral Wreaths as Interior Decor

Floral Wreaths as Interior Decor

Source: @holcombedreaminteriors

I’m absolutely in love with floral wreaths, but they’re usually stuck to the outside of front doors. But why not bring a piece of that floral joy indoors?

Bringing a floral wreath inside is the perfect way to give your kitchen or living room a farm-style feel.

11. Old-Style Candle Lanterns

 Old-Style Candle Lanterns

Source: @taranchap

Nothing says ‘cottage’ or ‘farm’ quite like an old lantern with a burnt-down candle sitting on a nearby surface.

You can put this kind of fixture almost anywhere you’d love some candlelight in the evenings. Try out a brushed steel lantern like this one!

12. Update Your Coffee Corner

coffee corner

Source: @mackenziechilds

Give yourself a dose of cottage life first thing in the morning by updating your coffee corner. I love creating coffee corners because it’s like carving out a little nook to sit in each morning.

Pick up a set of matching vintage dishware to pull that cottage-style coffee nook together.

13. Wicker Basket Table Setting

Wicker Basket Table Setting

Source: @camelotartcreations

A simple way to add some summery vibes to your dining room table is to grab a simple wicker basket and keep your table setting dishes in there.

Add a bouquet with a spray of wildflowers to tie the whole thing together. A lemon or two wouldn’t hurt, either!

14. Vintage Framed Pictures or Signs

Vintage Framed Pictures or Signs

Source: @real_honeybrook

If you’re updating your space on a budget, a great way to bring some vintage vibes in is to pick up some old wooden frames. Age them with some sandpaper or paint.

Then, all that’s left is to fill them with old portraits, newspaper clippings, or vintage-style imagery.

15. Tiered Wooden Table Settings

Tiered Wooden Table Settings

Source: @jadesreclaimedlove

Take the wicker basket to the next level with a tiered wooden stand for your dining room table. A selection of matching whiteware is the perfect thing to tie this together.

Grab a wooden tier for this idea here!

16. China Bowls

china bowls

Source: @queenbeinta

A simple way to craft a summer cottage vibe in your space is to bring in some old blue and white China. These dishes are quintessentially cottage-y, and also useful in many ways.

If your local thrift store doesn’t have any, you can always pick some up here!

17. Simple Glass Vases

simple glass vase

Source: @exquisitelyunremarkable

The main draw of a summer cottage setting is the simplicity, the vintage vibes, the old-style charm of it all. That’s why I love opting for simple glass vases with sprigs of wildflowers.

If you’re on a budget, this is the perfect way to decorate the side tables in your home.

18. Vintage Mantel Setting

vintage mantel setting

Source: @peppermintsandcherries

Give your fireplace mantel something to do with a customized mantel setting! The key is to use vintage or aged pieces.

Start with a focal point, then dress the rest of the space with foliage and small pieces.

19. Brushed Green Glass

brushed green glass

Source: @imaxcorp

A big part of the cottage aesthetic is making use of things you might have found outdoors. So, brushed green glass bottles are a wonderful choice for vases or unique décor.

Stack a few around your home, especially if you’re going for a summery seaside vibe!

20. Terra Cotta Pots

terra cotta pots

Source: @sydnieraedrummond

Terra cotta pots are affordable, sturdy, and super easy to find. They’re also a wonderful way to bring the outdoors inside! Stack these on your bookshelf and fill them with greenery.

Your local thrift store might have some pots for you, but you can also grab them here.

21. Natural Front Door Wreath

Natural Front Door Wreath

Source: @favolaincantata1997

For me, the signs of summer on the horizon mean it’s time to start making floral wreaths. This is a simple DIY that anybody can do with the right wreath frame and florals.

I like to start with a branch wreath like this one, then weave in some fake blossoms to complete the picture.

22. Sunflower Table Runner

sunflower table runner

Source: @littlegreyfarmhouse

Sunflowers are one of the most aesthetic cottage-core flowers, and so great for the indoors! This mason jar table runner can sit in your kitchen, living room, entryway, or dining room.

Try using chalk style spray paint to whiten some old mason jars to complete the effect.

23. Wicker Front Door Décor

wicker front door decor

Source: @cottageintheoaks

Your front door is your chance to announce your home’s style to incoming guests. Why not do something a little out of the ordinary?

This wicker basket is easy to put together, and makes your home stand out with ease. The cottage vibes are real with this one.

24. Sea Creature Tic Tac Toe

Sea Creature Tic Tac Toe

Source: @taylorsweetrevenge

Simple games and vintage vibes combine in this delightful sea creature tic tac toe. This is a great piece of décor to drop on a side table or coffee table.

Grab some of these plaster sea creatures to get started!

25. Ceramic Knobs as Coat Hangers

Ceramic Knobs as Coat Hangers

Source: @a_flann

Got some old ceramic cabinet knobs lying around? Try screwing them into your wall at even intervals to create a cottage-style coat rack.

To really bring it home, hang a few vintage fabric squares from the knobs to create a decorative piece that doubles as something functional in your entryway.

26. Cottage-Style Bedding

Cottage-Style Bedding

Source: @theoldhouseonmain

The secret to a cottage-style bedspread is to lean into two things: color and texture. Different natural textures like wool and raw cotton are perfect here.

Try setting those off with an accented floral pillow and matching knit throw.

27. Thrifted Basket Wall

thrifted basket wall

Source: @theblackbeecottage

If you’ve ever walked into a real old cottage, you likely saw wicker baskets hanging or sitting on every available surface. Why not create something similar without taking up important space?

Mount some thrifted wicker baskets on your wall in a scattered grid formation for ultimate cottage kitchen vibes.

28. Coffee Table Setting

coffee table setting

Source: @farmncozy

Your coffee table is the perfect place to create a cottage-style table setting without worrying that it will be disturbed by daily life.

Start with a round, shallow wicker basket like this, then fill it to your heart’s content with cottage knick knacks. A table runner in a raw, natural fabric will tie it all together.

29. Add Trays to Beds

bed trays

Source: @cooneynest

In olden times, homes would often keep trays on their beds as a way to store important objects needed for a good night’s sleep. Bring that tradition back to your bedroom with a small tray arrangement!

Small knick knacks, candles, vases, and books are all great to place on these adorable bedroom additions.

30. Vintage Birdhouse Decor

Vintage Birdhouse Decor

Source: thediymommy.com

Bring the cottage style into your garden without breaking the bank! This is a super simple and cheap décor DIY that uses miniature birdhouses.

These sit on tall branches that have been staked into the ground. I love these mini birdhouses because they come ready to paint.

31. Faux Garden Clock

faux garden clock

Source: worthingcourtblog.com

Finally, living the cottage life is all about bringing elements of the outdoors inside with you! This faux garden clock is the perfect way to do it. Blend modern and vintage style in your living space.

You can make a functional clock with this clock kit too, so it can actually tell you when it’s time to get out in the garden!

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