23 Craft Room Ideas You Have to See to Believe

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Your craft room is where you go to let your creativity shine; having a beautiful, organized, and functional space will help keep you inspired. These craft room ideas will help you!

From dazzling décor and spectacular storage to playful pops of color, the possibilities for upgrading your craft room are truly endless.

Below are 23 incredible craft rooms that will blow your mind and unleash unlimited creativity.

ways to Organize Craft Rooms

1. Pink Aesthetic

Pink Aesthetic

Source: @podandherpeas

This room is the very definition of pretty in pink. The simple pale pink shades set a lovely, feminine tone.

What truly makes this room amazing, however, are the bold pinks interspersed throughout. These intermingle with the lighter shades to create a sophisticated, tied-together space.

2. Cardstock Paper Organization

Cardstock Paper Organization

Source: @smileitspaper

If you use lots of paper, good storage is an absolute must. Whether you use construction paper, cardstock, tissue paper, or anything else, a shelving unit will keep you organized.

You can add visual interest by color coding the way this brilliant crafter did!

3. Pegboard Organization

Pegboard Organization

Source: @heyletsmakestuff

Pegboard organizers keep your supplies readily available and can save you valuable workspace. In this room, the fun, bold colors make the supplies themselves look like wall art!

If you want to add pegboard storage to your crafting space, this one is a pretty option!

4. Planner Organization Cart

Planner Organization Cart

Source: @clmplans

This beautiful cart is quite an upgrade from the elementary school art cart! The most fun thing about incorporating a craft cart into your space is its customizable nature.

You can incorporate shelves for paper, add pretty jars for pens, or have a shelf on the bottom for a printer or other large items. Playing with color and accessories will make it truly your own!

This affordable cart is a great option; it may appear simple, but with your unique touch, it will become a useful and beautiful piece.

5. Pastel Theme

Pastel Theme

Source: @tilda_loves_teddy

There is something so calming about pastel colors. The use of these soothing, subtle tones creates a soft, delicate vibe that makes you want to create something beautiful.

6. Fabric and Stamp Organization

 Fabric and Stamp Organization

Source: @oldragdollcupboard

Fabrics and stamps are prone to being misplaced. But with storage like this, you will have all your precious supplies in one place.

The fabrics are displayed like books on a shelf, while the stamps are organized according to size. This storage system is sure to simplify your crafting life.

7. Scrapbook Organization

 Scrapbook Organization

Source: @inkiequill

Scrapbooks are another shelf-friendly craft, and the color coding in this room makes for a stunning aesthetic.

You could even add some storage organizers like these to keep track of your scrapbooking paper.

8. Cabinet Storage

 Cabinet Storage

Source: @thecabinetgalleryutah

Cabinets keep clutter at bay so that you have plenty of room to work. You can hide your supplies behind modern cabinets and use open shelves to display pretty boxes or art.

 This crafter has created a simple yet stunning space.

9. Labeled Drawers

 Labeled Drawers

Source: @heyletsmakestuff

Labeling is a great idea in a craft room, especially if you have a lot of supplies. Adding fun, colorful lettering to drawers the way this crafter did can enhance the design of your space.

10. Color Coded Markers

 Color Coded Markers

Source: @lisa_anderson771

The organizational style of these markers reminds me of the way nail polishes are displayed in a salon.

The gorgeous rainbow of colors creates a tantalizing visual experience and makes all the hues easy to find.

11. Flower Wall

flower wall

Source: @arielleelisedesigns

Who doesn’t love flowers? They are pretty, colorful, and exude positivity.

I love how this crafter used varying sizes, shapes, and colors for their decorative flowers. The designs work together to create an elegant room fit for making pretty things.

If you don’t want to make your own flowers, you can order these ones.

12. Peel-and-Stick Accents

 Peel-and-Stick Accents

Source: @ocvintagecharm

The vibe of this stunning space may seem out of your reach, but it is attainable. The secret is peel-and-stick wallpaper.

You can cut it to fit cabinets, drawers, and shelves to create a lovely and cohesive look. You might consider this beautiful floral option for your crafting space.

13. KALLAX Storage

 KALLAX Storage

Source: @frecklyfaced

A KALLAX is a go-to storage solution and a great addition to any crafting room. As you can see from this stylish room, a KALLAX unit has plenty of space to store your supplies.

You get storage space plus room to express your personal style with this IKEA hack. Check out these other great IKEA KALLAX hacks!

14. Bright and Colorful Organization

Bright and Colorful Organization

Source: @colormadehappy

The organizational prowess in this space is incredible, but what makes this room amazing is the joyful vibe. The vibrant colors and charming touches really add something special.

I particularly like the sweet, color-coded pen cups with adorable faces.

15. Thread Wall Storage

Thread Wall Storage

Source: @magnusandquill

Thread is tough to store. It can easily get lost or tangled.

With a wall-mounted system like the one in this room, you will have all your thread at your fingertips. It is also beautiful to look at and saves space!

Check out these other unique wall shelf ideas for your craft room!

16. Clay Storage

clay storage

Source: @fleursdefitz

Design and workflow were at the forefront of this crafter’s mind when they created their space. A clutter-free work area and well-organized clay make this craft room an ideal place to create.

17. Yarn Bookshelves

yan bookshelves

Source: @repeatcrafterme

Don’t you want to run your fingers across these yarn bookshelves? With shelving like this, you can choose to arrange yarn by color, style, or weight.

If you want to incorporate something like this into your space, this bookcase would work perfectly as a yarn organizer!

18. Marker and Pen Closet

Marker and Pen Closet

Source: @procrastinatingmama

Many crafters have tons of markers and pens like the one who created this stunning storage solution. It is beautiful to look at and so easy to see where everything belongs!

19. Ink Cabinet

Ink Cabinet

Source: @pigskinsandpigtails

A crafting room should look like an artsy space but should also be a clear area to allow for maximum creativity. This crafter strikes the perfect balance.

They have displayed some ink while hiding the rest behind cabinets for simple, organized beauty.

20. Color Coded Organization

Color Coded Organization

Source: @julianamichaels

This crafting room is delightful to look at and seems incredibly easy to use. The colorful organizational style lends beauty and functionality to the space.

21. Craft Room Neon Sign

Craft Room Neon Sign

Source: @ashleeyfalco

What an amazing touch! This neon sign adds spunk and fits the funky aesthetic of the space. Between the sassy wall art and bright colors, you are sure to make something fun in this room.

22. Wall Decals

wall decals

Source: @sarahrenaeclark

The wall decals in this room add simple beauty. Instead of empty space, you have gorgeous floral designs and interesting swirly patterns.

Here are some beautiful decals if you want to recreate the look. These boho wall decor ideas would also look great!

23. Spice Rack Storage

 Spice Rack Storage

Source: sadieseasongoods.com

Sometimes, the little things are the big things. Beautiful beads, tiny buttons, and other miniature items are important for crafting.

With a repurposed spice rack, you can keep your little things safe. If you don’t have an old spice rack, this one would work great!

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