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27 Stunning Boho Wedding Decor Ideas

Wedding season is coming! If you or a loved one is getting married and looking for inspiration, you’ve found the right post for boho wedding decor ideas.

Whether you’re looking for color ideas or accented points throughout the big day, they’re all here. Pull inspiration and adapt it to your budget needs.

I hope you and your loved ones have a wonderful time planning, celebrating, and enjoying this blog post in the meantime.

boho wedding decor ideas

1. Alternative Seating

Alternative Seating

Source: @dreamersandlovers_

Most don’t think about seating options for a wedding, let alone extra unique options. Wow, the crowd with some more natural options for all, scattered throughout, or a sweetheart table that features it.

2. Dried Florals and Vegetable Features

Dried Florals and Vegetable Features

Source: @adrianaweddings

Instead of obsessing over fresh blooms, a great option for a boho bride is to consider dried alternatives like these.

They are a more sustainable option, give you more opportunity to design, and you can keep what was most important forever.

3. Macrame Wedding Arch

Macrame Wedding Arch

Source: @bohemianbrideworldwide

Another great sustainable option for any eye-catching place is to use macrame. This wedding arch draws the eye and all the details together effortlessly!

You could DIY something with these wall hangings if you want to try it out before the big day.

4. Simple Wishing Table For Guests

 Simple Wishing Table For Guests

Source: @theshabbybohemian

Lots of guestbooks or wishing stations for the bride and groom have gotten very elaborate over the years.

Sticking with a classic and easy setup with natural elements and texture is the perfect way to create a boho one.

5. Deep Accent Colors

Deep Accent Colors

Source: @eventbowtie

As far as boho color palettes go, there are many ways to go. A great way to make your day pop visually is to pick a deeper color to play with the rest!

Opt for a color that means something to you and your partner to make it even more special. That way, you’ll feel comfortable on the day and won’t second guess a trendier color option.

6. Floor Affair

floor affair

Source: @bohobabeeventrentals

If you’re having a smaller affair, are culturally inclined, or prefer a chairless experience, a lowered table makes for an entirely unforgettable event. Make sure to opt for some comfortable seating cushions for those who need them!

These pillows would look marvelous for the rest as accents! Plenty of color options, too.

7. Photo Back Drop

Photo Back Drop

Source: @adrianaweddings

We all love a wall or area to grab a few pictures at a wedding. A simple natural option, like a crescent moon, is simple yet elegant to have all your family and friends pose in front of.

Find more wedding backdrop ideas here.

8. Rug Runners

rug runners

Source: @olga_tsurkan03

Rugs are always statement-making in any context. Adding them to the aisle and where the couple will stand are no-brainers!

It adds warmth to the scene without overpowering anything else. Love the large dreamcatchers? You can get some here!

9. Pampas Grass

pampass grass

Source: @konarkevent

Pampas grass is an unsung hero of any boho-inspired decor space or event. It’s so versatile in what it can provide for the design.

Whether it’s the show’s star or excellent accents, it brings any space together. Grab some of the bundles here.

10. Minimalist Wedding Arch

Minimalist Wedding Arch

Source: @truenatureevents

Alters or focal points of any ceremony vary greatly in design. A minimalist wedding arch can be powerful, whether it’s your personal taste or chosen because of the setting.

Personally, I think minimalist arches work best in natural settings! It’s generally beautiful and doesn’t need much added to it.

11. Textured Tabletops

textured tabletops

Source: @revelryeventdesign and @revelryromina

Tablescapes can change the look of any affair! The best boho designs I have seen have a lot of textural elements and various plant-related themes.

What’s great is that you can adapt this to any budget and make it work for you.

12. Macrame Bridal Chairs

macrame bridal chairs

Source: @loopsandpetals

Give the couple’s chairs a little extra pizzazz with something as simple as macrame tapestries draped over the top of them. Go as minimal or maximalist as you’d like–either way, they’ll look darling.

You can find macrame for chairs here.

13. Airy Vibes

airy vibes

Source: @canadianbrideguide

A key component to keeping the boho vibes strong is to keep things light and airy. Design elements should remain natural, with little pops of intentional items and lots of simple textures and patterns.

The space shouldn’t look too complicated; it’ll detract from the flow of the setup.

14. Elements from Animals

Elements from Animals

Source: @withagypsysouldreamcatchers

Items such as animal feathers or even antlers and bones can lend to that free-roaming boho vibe.

Natural elements, specifically real-world, are some of the best items you can use when trying to pull off a boho-inspired wedding. Even realistic crafting feathers like these can get the job done.

15. The Great Outdoors

the great outdoors

Source: @natayainc

If you can afford–monetarily, geographically, or by any other means–to have your big day outside, there’s not much more boho setting than that.

The bohemian vibe only gets enhanced in outdoor settings, and it’s just up to you which type of location suits you best.

Find more backyard wedding ideas here.

16. Piece of Cake

piece of cake

Source: @todaysbridemag

Don’t forget about the cake! It’s another great place to either pull out all the stops or keep it incredibly lowkey.

Figure out what you want your wedding cake to be: a simple macrame design or a completely floral masterpiece. It’ll make a statement.

17. Trendy Bold Pastels

Trendy Bold Pastels

Source: @thebotanicabridal

If you are a fan of the idea of the deep accented colors in your color scheme but prefer pastels, go for it!

Color options are endlessly possible, as we all know, but for those who like pastels or trendier pastels, this is a great idea to sprinkle into your color palettes.

18. Macrame Seating Chart

Macrame Seating Chart


Macrame has been a classic staple in any extensive boho-inspired space since its inception. Use macrame if you’re looking for a fun (and simple) seating assignment chart.

It’s straightforward, low-key, and relatively easy to set up!

19. Faux Lanterns or Vases

Faux Lanterns or Vases

Source: @makrameeart

If your ceremony site needs some extra decor for the focal point, consider oversized faux lanterns or vases. These items can help draw the eye toward the most important part of the day–the I dos!

If you’re lost, these floor vases can be a great starting point.

20. Twinkle Lights

twinkle lights

Source: @abellabride

If you have no idea where to start, no that you can never go wrong with some twinkle lights!

Whether you have one string or the entirety of your wedding is covered with them, they just illicit a certain magic that is never wrong.

21. Hanging Florals

hanging florals

Source: @partyl_90

Hanging florals can be a home run for those looking to add a fresh element to their boho-inspired day.

However you display them–from ceilings to a specific display, it looks great and animates everything else.

22. Mixed Upcycled Vases

Mixed Upcycled Vases

Source: @bohemianrevolution67

For a savvy and sustainable boho flair, add mixed vintage vessels along the landscape of the day. You can collect these items throughout your engagement for a more eclectic look.

23. Darker Tones

darker tones

Source: @alma_novia

If both color inspirations previously aren’t interesting to you, opt for a darker look overall. The darker colors showcase a romantic and dark academia feel that makes for a striking day.

24. Framed Table Numbers

Framed Table Numbers

Source: @berlinflowerschool

Something about a frame is so comforting. Seeing one mixed into wedding decor that is unique helps with the carefree bohemian feel, perfect for this post.

25. Unexpected Furniture

unexpected furniture

Source: @zumaimports

Furniture set up for a wedding day falls into the same idea as frames being included but on a larger scale. A small and humble piece–or something ornate–is a great way to add to the ambiance of your day.

26. Lighting


Source: @dreamersandlovers_

If you’re not into twinkle lights and looking for an alternative, there are plenty of possibilities and suitable for different budgets.

Hunting around for pendant lights like these, a funky chandelier, or even a color-changing lighting unit can all be impressive options.

27. Candles of Different Heights and Shapes

Candles of Different Heights and Shapes

Source: @weddingplannerinistanbul

You can always count on candles to add to any ambiance or look. Opt for romantic, minimalist, and textured patterns if you’re looking to mix and match for that extra boho feel.