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31 Gorgeous Wedding Card Ideas

If you’ve been or have a loved one that’s been proposed to recently–congratulations! What an exciting time!

Once you’ve all been through the initial excitement phase and begun to start thinking of or actually planning the wedding, the never ending choices begin. Remember to take your time if you can afford it and enjoy, the really important part comes after the wedding.

In the meantime, wherever you are, here are thirty-one wedding card ideas! Whether it’s your save the date, actual invite, or anything in between there’s an option for everyone down below.

wedding card design ideas

1. Pink Florals with Built-In Envelope

 Pink Florals with Built-In Envelope

Source: @art_shed_

If you’re looking for a casual but cute floral, consider this floral theme with a built-in envelope! You can generally find a customizable envelope on various websites or have your vendor account for it while ordering.

Here is a similar card on Etsy.

2. Elegant Vintage Florals

Elegant Vintage Florals

Source: @theweddings_goals

A classic floral may be more of your style, and these classic blooms do wonderfully for wedding cards. Florals obviously work wonderfully in spring and summer weddings, but with a little color manipulation, florals truly work year-round.

3. Elegant Earthy Minimalism

 Elegant Earthy Minimalism

Source: @invitationcard_abusharaf

If you and your partner aren’t into florals but do like a natural and earthy vibe, this format is a wonderful option. You can opt for any shade of green and swap the gold in for another color that will correspond to your big day.

4. Delicate Lacy Overlays

 Delicate Lacy Overlays

Source: @khushmag

For those looking for a special type of statement or accented card, this option could be a great choice. The color contrast makes the details pop even more, so opt for colors that are symbolic or ones that match your big day to make a big impact.

5. Handmade DIY Paper Invites

Handmade DIY Paper Invites

Source: @paradiseinvitations

Another great statement-making set of invites or wedding cards could be with handmade paper. Texturally, it stands out amongst the crowd, ensuring it makes for a memorable invite or card.

6. Ivory, Almond, and Black Cards

Ivory, Almond, and Black Cards

Source: @polkadotpaper

For the couple that is a little more classic or minimalist, a solid color combination, such as ivory, almond, and black, is a natural must. These colors always look together!

Make these cards a little more catered to a part of your style by opting for a specific silhouette.

7. Ribbon Botanic Set

Ribbon Botanic Set

Source: @ivorytalesstudio

A wonderful way to get a botanical feel in your cards is obviously to use specific colors, but dried florals are smart. Something simple like dried baby’s breath is a great option to make your cards unique.

Your botanic invites can match your wedding ceremony décor!

8. Minimal Black and White

 Minimal Black and White

Source: @sc_designstudios

This set is begging to get used for a classic formal wedding or a sweet, minimal one. The best part about these black and white cards is that they are suitable for any occasion.

9. Pearled Envelope

Pearled Envelope

Source: @byfeyzagoncal

An accented or statement bit, whether it’s a floral or a pearl, makes for a card that shows real character. If there’s something specific that is a part of your relationship and you’d like to include it, get creative!

10. Summer Italian Citrus

Summer Italian Citrus

Source: @jemandi_designs

This collection would be excellent for a destination wedding (like Italy) or a themed wedding. If you like this idea but citrus doesn’t match the theme, opt for something that does!

Other cute options could be a horseshoe if it’s going to be at a farm, a bottle of wine, or a geographical feature.

11. Tropical Palm Tree Cards

Tropical Palm Tree Cards

Source: @coralpheasant

Talking about geographical features, if you’re having an island or beach wedding, this set is for you. You could play around with the additional information on vegetable or produce-oriented cards.

12. Water Color Aquatic

Water Color Aquatic

Source: @thingsbymona and @sur2_suryani

Another option for a beachy or coastal-themed get-together is pastel water-colored maritime features. Pick and choose how minimalist or maximalist to be here according to the style of the party!

13. Dark Botanics with Envelope

Dark Botanics with Envelope


More often than not, we see brighter florals on wedding cards, but why not go for darker shades? This set brings some romantic drama to the card and immediately sets the tone for what is to come.

14. Warm Vintage

warm vintage

Source: @art_n_elegance

For those interested in a vintage feel, some older-looking cardstock that’s been treated does a lovely job. Add small touches like a stamp or twine to showcase some personality to the set.

15. Simple Ribboned cards

Simple Ribboned cards

Source: @_dreamsandfeathers_

This set could be one of the most classic and simple on the list! It’s a wonderful option, especially with your color of choice.

Like the previous card, adding your touches makes them all the more special.

16. Specific Cut Card

Specific Cut Card

Source: @polkadotpaper

For those looking for a quirkier or less seen idea, get a specific cut on your cards! These types of cards look great regardless of your style, and they are sure to stick out of the bunch.

17. Green Minimalist with Transparent Card

Green Minimalist with Transparent Card

Source: @handesignstyle

Another wonderful, unique option is this transparent acrylic card. This set works well because the green is dark enough that the transparent card stands out against the deeper color.

18. Romantic Midnight Blue with Transparent Insert

 Romantic Midnight Blue with Transparent Insert

Source: @the_crafts_house10

Similar to the set above, this romantic set makes for a lovely bundle. The image on the inserts can easily be changed to fit your style or theme.

19. Arched Monogram Set

Arched Monogram Set

Source: @dangerandmoon

A nod to a specific shape always works well, as well as a monogrammed item. The color and font of the invites can change the mood entirely, so choose wisely!

20. Handmade Paper Minimalist

Handmade Paper Minimalist

Source: @stamp_designco

This minimalist set is perfect for those that want to keep it as is or for those who’d like to embellish! It’s a wonderful vehicle to use regardless of what you’d like to use it for.

21. Trifold Pocket with Die-Cut Pages

Trifold Pocket with Die-Cut Pages

Source: @printdivas

For those looking to send invites with a handful of inserts this collection is a great one for you! It has multiple cards and so many ways to customize how you’d like to get your information across.

22. Fun Text and Color

Fun Text and Color

Source: @somedaypaperco_

If you’re on a bit of a budget and worried about what you can do with wedding cards, don’t fret–text and color are huge components to the actual invites. By picking both unique colors and fonts you can take an ordinary card to the extraordinary.

23. Boarding Pass Invites

 Boarding Pass Invites


Another darling way to showcase and invite people to a destination wedding is by sending invites that reflect boarding passes! Add a few specific travel-oriented pictures or details to make it all the more fun.

24. Leaning into the Curves

Leaning into the Curves

Source: @paperrefinery

Specifically shaped invites have been popular and still are an excellent choice to add some whimsy to your day. If this set will become wedding invitations you could opt for one shape or go for a few different types.

25. Half Arched Cards

Half Arched Cards

Source: @graciecreative_

Shapes, as mentioned, are always a wonderful option for invite! Pick a shape that will embody the feel of the day–if it’s a more romantic affair stick with softer edging, or if it’s more casual and fun go for something funkier.

26. Cottage Floral

 Cottage Floral

Source: @b14stationery

If you’ve been one that’s been loving cottagecore or just would rather be laying out in a field of flowers, this set is a safe bet. Opt for an assortment of blooms or some that will be there on your event day.

27. Printed Belly Card Set

Printed Belly Card Set

Source: @somedaypaperco_

The invitations that are bursting at the seams can always benefit from a belly or loop to go around the outside of all the details. Keep the belt plain or add some specific details from a pattern to your initials.

28. Elegant Small Rectangular Invites

 Elegant Small Rectangular Invites

Source: @vu_effe_design

This set is for those of you that are interested in the cool shape of the ideas on the list but nothing has felt quite right yet. A small understated rectangular card in the color of your choosing pulls all the details together beautifully.

29. Minimal Botanical

Minimal Botanical

Source: @nylbfw

Are you looking for some flair without all the extra work? Opt for a few well placed vegetal images on your cards and call it a day–these cards never fail.

30. Warm Mixed Shapes

Warm Mixed Shapes

Source: @dangerandmoon

Depending on the color palette and time of year, this set could be a great option for you! Have the colors reflect the geographical place you are celebrating or the time of year.

31. Printed Interior Envelope

 Printed Interior Envelope

Source: @riverandbridge

Finally, if you are having a specific feels or theme for your celebration, a fun way to display that is on the interior of the envelope. Whether it’s horses, citrus, or any other thing that may reflect the day is a great way to nod to it preemptively.