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41 Boho Room Decor Ideas

Bohemian-styled rooms are something that will seemingly never go out of style. You’ve come to the right page if you’ve been looking for boho room decor ideas.

There are plenty of options and inspiration for both homeowners and renters. These projects are also adaptable to most price points and are generally easy to add to many different spaces.

I hope you enjoy the post, and now, on to the ideas!

boho room decor ideas

1. Macrame Accents

Macrame Accents

Source: @krystalghome

Textiles are a cornerstone of boho-inspired style, and one specifically you can’t go without is macrame.

The best part about the infamous and beloved material is that it can be used for essentially endless accessories for a room to create boho chic decor.

2. Feather Wall Hanging

 Feather Wall Hanging

Source: @artsy.northeast

Unique and textured items describe a feather wall hanging well! Find one to buy or make your own with a handful of materials and these cute wooden beads.

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3. DIY Wall Succulent Planters

 DIY Wall Succulent Planters

Source: @thecraftycouple3

Boho isn’t complete without some living or living adjacent like some greenery! Go big with either fake or real succulents for that great natural vibe.

4. Floor Bed

floor bed

Source: @cozyyylilcorner

Another wonderful element to draw from is the cozy feeling you get from most boho-inspired spaces!

If you like the idea but don’t want your bed directly touching the floor, consider pallets or an extra short setting on a bed frame.

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5. Macrame Plant Hangers

Macrame Plant Hangers

Source: @artsy.northeast

As I’ve already mentioned, macrame can be used for countless accent points throughout a home.

These sweet macrame plant hangers are the perfect option to add for an extra sweet and chill vibe.

6. Hexagon Shelves

Hexagon Shelves

Source: @coffeecurves

Hexagonal shapes or other more complex silhouettes are great to use for shelving units to accent the space. They’re great options to display some sentimental pieces.

What’s great is that these are easy enough to make or buy at many different retailers.

7. Paper Palm Leaves

Paper Palm Leaves

Source: @eko_ekonomen

Living or dried plants are a great addition to any home, especially if you can elongate their life span. If you aren’t one of those people, don’t fret!

Making plants with paper is a great, greener, and more sustainable alternative. Varying results will occur, but you have total creative control.

8. Hat Wall

Hat Wall

Source: @withlovefromjordyn

A hat wall is never a bad idea for any space or hat wearer! Not only is it a great way to literally store your collection, but it also personalizes your space.

Also, if you have any sentimental hats, it’s the best way to keep them in great condition.

9. Boho Tray

 Boho Tray

Source: @pashae_homes

A tray in any room is a great secret weapon to house all the odds and ends in one streamlined place. Opt for one with natural materials, fun patterns, or a set of different sizes.

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10. DIY Boho Wreath

 DIY Boho Wreath

Source: @cr8tivewanderlust

A great and incredibly easy way for anyone to add a simple boho touch is to make a wreath inspired by the style!

Incorporate any of your favorite elements and add them to a craft hoop like this one.

You can change up the size, too, to fit your space! So, make sure to measure before committing to any materials.

11. DIY Boho Artwork

DIY Boho Artwork

Source: @ourstocktonlife

Artwork is easy enough to find in any store you shop regularly or online, but a DIY option makes your room more personal.

Whatever your ability to create is great–the subject and style should be your own to make your space pop.

12. Woven Wall Plate Art

 Woven Wall Plate Art

Source: @homebyjulianne

A fun textural element to add to your wall other than art is some woven plates. You can find options for this idea from any store, but especially thrift shops.

The more contrasting the textures, the more interesting the display! These woven placemats are a few that can help you get started.

13. Dried Flowers

Dried Flowers

Source: @alfie_n_gem

As I touched on earlier, dried vegetale plants are a great way to get the natural feel without the upkeep.

If you’ve never dried your flowers or greens before, there are plenty of easy tutorials out there.

14. Green Couch

Green Couch

Source: @thesolbergfam

A statement couch is very bohemian and adds an extra level of coziness to your room.

Any shade of green is sure to make a statement while still feeling cool, calm, and collected–just a bit cozier.

15. Beaded Wall Hanging

 Beaded Wall Hanging

Source: @melodeehome

What’s great about a beaded wall hanging is that it’s entirely up to you in the design.

No two homemade hangings will ever look the same, and that’s what’s so bohemian about the fun addition.

16. Wicker Shelving

Wicker Shelving

Source: @oliviamay_evierobyn

Wicker shelving is an absolute classic standby in the world of bohemian-styled accessories and accents.

Any pieces made from wicker are fair game, too, from a great big vintage chair to a small shelf.

17. Textured Wall Art

Textured Wall Art

Source: @ember.pearl_co

Texture, as mentioned, is a great way to add some bohemian flair to any styled room. A minimalist craft that represents this well is this textured wall art.

The secret to the textured wall art–dry wall mud like this!

18. Boho Headboards

Boho Headboards

Source: @sherylsandersdesigns

Are you looking for an accenting point in a bedroom that is boho-inspired? Headboards are the perfect answer to that!

Create your own or scour vintage shops and online.

19. Fairy Lighting

Fairy Lighting

Source: @casafilipe

Fairy lighting is never a bad idea for any styled space, but it’s especially great for boho rooms. There are plenty of different options for fairy lights these days, so make sure to shop around.

20. Pampas Grass

 Pampas Grass

Source: @belinda.lapenta

Another great dried plant is pampas grass. You can find this grass type in any size for your decor needs.

It looks great mixed in or a stand-alone accent as well.

21. Canopy Bed

 Canopy Bed


Boho-style means layers and different textures as much as you can handle! A great way to layer in without overcrowding other areas is by making a canopy bed.

It’s a great way to have a central point and a little bit of whimsy and drama take shape for your bedroom.

22. Plant Decor

plant decor

Source: @laura_pigeon

As I’ve mentioned, plant decor is an obvious and easy choice for any bohemian-inspired space.

By this point, we’ve covered different types for anyone interested in opting to have a bit of vegetale in any state or form.

It’s one of the best options to bring calmness and serenity to your room. These are some easy, small plants to add if you’re looking to add just a few to start.

23. Rattan Lighting

rattan lighting

Source: @hamburgdaniahoi

Like wicker, rattan is a classic option in which you can never go wrong. A rattan lighting piece offers great lightness to the room with its light color and woven pattern.

24. Boho Pillows

boho pillows


Throw pillows are one of the easiest and quickest ways to transform a space.

Mixing and matching pillows are a great way to add a little extra boho flair–I think this square pillow with this rectangle one would look wonderful.

25. Boho Wall Tapestry

boho wall tapestry


Another incredibly easy way to inject some boho vibes without introducing anything major is by hanging a tapestry. These are incredibly easy to find in many different sizes and styles.

It’s also a wonderful DIY wall decor project and would be a great option for a crafting party.

26. Woven Baskets

woven baskets

Source: @cutewithcognac

Textures, materials, and patterns all aid in the styling of a bohemian space. Woven baskets are another great functional and stylish addition to liven up your space.

These baskets come in all different shapes and sizes and are great for organizing. Hide anything from blankets to video games in them.

27. Hammock Chair

hammock chair

Source: @maisonandmaison

Opt for a hammock chair if you’re looking for that extra laid-back and chilled feeling. If you do add one of these, make sure to do your homework and secure everything properly.

Hammock chairs are great for small spaces, especially if you can unhook them if you need the space.

28. Blanket Ladder

blanket ladder

Source: @tweaking_28

A functional yet cozy decor idea is the blanket ladder. These accents were very popular a few years ago, but they are an incredibly helpful and stylish way to store your favorite blankets.

29. Boho Throw

boho throw


You can never go wrong with a cozy throw blanket that adds to the overall feel of your home.

There are endless options for boho throws out there, whether you thrift it, buy it new, or make your own.

30. Coastal Boho Mural

coastal boho mural

Source: @oh.eight.oh.nine

If you aren’t even interested in tending to fake plants, consider a coastal or nature-inspired boho mural.

There are plenty of options to recreate this in your space, including renter-friendly options.

31. Rug


Source: @myboholuxe

Rugs are another great way to always pull together a space. For boho-oriented ones, consider the textures, print, colors, and materials.

Boho options can vary depending on what type of styling you’re focusing on.

32. Vibrant Boho Wallpaper

vibrant boho wallpaper

Source: @thecrownprints

A unique but fun way to add some extra bohemian feels into your space, try some wallpaper. 

Like rugs, wallpapers will vary depending on your personal style, but focus on the same elements mentioned above.

There are renter-friendly options out there for those who rent, too.

33. Wooden Accents and Furniture Pieces

wooden accents

Source: @thebrickhousejungle

Natural materials like wood are great additions to calming bohemian rooms.

Great options are often found at vintage or thrift shops–make sure to shop around with something in mind so you don’t impulse buy.

34. Orange and Green Tones

orange and green tones

Source: @myscatteredjoy

If you aren’t afraid of some colors, try out orange and green tones! What’s great is that you can opt for a specific shade to fit your style.

Whether they are pastels, natural coloring, or bright and bold, all can lend to great styling.

35. Blush Pink and Neutral Tones

Blush Pink and Neutral Tones

Source: @groundedinneutral

For the simpler alternative, opt for light pinks and neutral tones. This combination will always be a winning combination and so easy to style any new item into the mix.

36. Rainbow Wall Hanging

rainbow wall hanging


Are you looking for a few projects you can make yourself to add to a boho-inspired space? This rainbow wall hanging is the perfect answer!

Grab this pack of embroidery thread to swap in any colors you want.

37. Crochet Blanket

Crochet Blanket

Source: @bryceatjuut

Items that look handmade or are are always a wonderful item to style into your boho room.

A crochet blanket of any style is something that shouts boho and adds incredible texture to any space.

38. Use Textures and Patterns

textures and patterns

Source: @little_york_house

As I’ve been saying throughout the post, the addition and mixing of textures and patterns is a must.

It’s a surefire way to make your boho room really pop distinctively, and it doesn’t matter the amount.

39. Boho Paintings

Boho Paintings


Creating or sourcing boho-inspired paintings is a wonderful option to add easily. This idea can be turned into another crafting evening spent with loved ones.

The medium you choose is up to you! The more unique it is to you, the better it’ll look in the space.

40. Boho Textiles

boho textiles

Source: @blushingbungalow

Like textures and patterns, textiles are another absolutely definitive way to make your space distinctly bohemian.

Stick with natural or plain textiles for accent purposes or a main focal point–you can’t go wrong.

41. Fabric Draping

fabric draping

Source: @baptistebohu

Last but not least, a fabric draping behind your bed can add some great dimension and coziness to a boho room.

The color of the draping will determine the full feel, so make sure you figure out what makes sense.