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31 Boho Living Room Decor Ideas

With thirty-one simple, budget-friendly boho living room decor ideas, you can breathe new life into any space. All projects are generally simple and not too time-consuming.

Every winter, I start looking at how to freshen up my home. This year, I’m highly interested in boho-inspired interiors with bright, natural decor in the boho-chic style.

These ideas are made from inexpensive, easy-to-find materials, and these fun DIY projects make great gifts or affordable ways to revamp your home.

This post offers inspiring pieces that will give your home a breezy, bohemian feel. I hope you enjoy it, and now, onto the post!

boho living room decor ideas

1. Basket Wall

Basket Wall


A basket wall has been an incredibly popular decor option in the past couple of years but is a great option for a boho-inspired space specifically.

Figure out where the wall should be in your home and map out the dimensions and the look before committing it to the wall.

2. Leather Vase

Leather Vase


This idea can be a great upcycle project if you have scrap leather and an old vase that needs revitalizing! The project can be completed at any price point.

The key is to have the leather fit perfectly onto the vase.

3. Texturize with Clay Paint

Texturize with Clay Paint


High-end clay pieces can be expensive. A good way to achieve a similar look is by using this hack.

A stencil is a great addition to customize any piece that uses this paint. Let the item dry before adding the pattern.

4. Yarn Christmas Tree

Yarn Christmas Tree


Easy, cute, and straightforward, these yarn Christmas trees are an excellent idea for some boho holiday cheer. You’ll need cones like this, your yarn of choice, and hot glue.

5. Clay Wall Hanging

Clay Wall Hanging


This air dry clay is perfect for this project and any artist, young or old. Play around with it and get familiar with the material before doing any specific projects.

Once ready, have water and tools to help shape and refine the look of this stylish DIY summer decor idea.

6. Patterned Pot

patterned pot


A textured or patterned pot adds great character to a living room. The influence the pot has depends on the size and colors chosen, so choose carefully.

7. Themed Bookshelf Accents

Themed Bookshelf Accents


Small touches are just as important as the big ones! Anything that showcases boho style is fair game; I have moss and vintage books pictured above.

8. Braided Raffia Pumpkins

Braided Raffia Pumpkins


These braided raffia pumpkins are an excellent way to add a bit of texture to your tablescapes.

The star of the show is a craft pumpkin, and you can upcycle old table gourds or grab some from here.

9. Tire Ottoman

Tire Ottoman


It’s a lot cozier than it sounds, I promise! A tire ottoman is another excellent option for an easy upcycling project.

You’ll only need an old tire, rope, strong glue, and time to let everything sit and dry.

10. Wall Print

 Wall Print


If you’re looking for something more classic and straightforward, a wall print gets the job done. Classic rounded and geometric shapes are a safe bet in earthy tones.

Whether you choose an oversized standalone print or a series of a couple, they look charming on the wall.

This is one of the best wall decor ideas for behind the sofa!

11. Floral Wall Hanging

 Floral Wall Hanging


Big sunflowers are one of the most classic boho images there are. The tail on each floral can be one material or a whole mix–either way, it’ll make a statement.

12. Patterned Pillows

Patterned Pillows

Pillows can make any room look extra stylish or stylized, so patterned pillows for a boho space make sense.

Look for patterns, textures, and all within your color palette; throw pillows are always a good idea.

13. Doily Dreamcatcher

Doily Dreamcatcher


Like the floral wall hanging, this doily dreamcatcher has the same option to customize the material hanging off of the focal point.

Doilies are a great option to use for the interior of a dream catcher, and each one is as unique as the last.

14. Floral and Wood Welcome Sign

Floral and Wood Welcome Sign


Try this floral and wood welcome sign if you’re looking for entryway decor or strategic places in your living room for a similar piece.

The key is to plan out the given word or phrase, the size of the wood, and the allotted space.

15. Tassel Garland

Tassel Garland


A tassel garland works for any style or season, so naturally, a boho one is a must! String your garland in any way you’d like, and ensure you follow the pattern if there is one.

You’ll also want to see these unique wall shelf ideas!

16. Magazine Holder Upgrade

 Magazine Holder Upgrade


An excellent way to upcycle an old magazine holder is to give the exterior some new material or add color.

Depending on what you find or make, make sure you have appropriate tools to give your holder new life.

17. Oversized Canvas Wall Hanging

 Oversized Canvas Wall Hanging


 More commonly known or heard of as a tapestry, it is a quintessential style for anyone who has a boho-style home.

If you’re worried about it looking a little childish, frame it and have it accentuate the colors in the room.

18. Minimalist Frame

Minimalist Frame

If you’re a minimalist boho type, a minimalist frame may be your perfect answer!

This idea is the simplest idea to try out by finding a color frame and adding a color of cardstock you choose.

19. Raffia Wall Hanging

 Raffia Wall Hanging


Raffia is an excellent natural material that can be used in any boho-inspired craft. This wall hanging makes a bold statement, but it couldn’t be easier to make.

Check out these other fall decor ideas for your home!

20. Macrame Wall Hanging Garland

Macrame Wall Hanging Garland

Garlands are always a wonderfully easy but statement-making way to decorate, so this macrame wall-hanging garland is a perfect option for the post.

Grab any design you want online and apply it to a garland structure.

This would also be a great college dorm wall decor idea!

21. Mantel Basket Wall

Mantel Basket Wall


Now, basket walls are very popular; a fun take on the decoration is relocating. A basket wall above the mantel is an excellent place to shake up the incredible decor trend.

22. Sherpa Accents on Furniture

Sherpa Accents on Furniture

Sherpa has become a great new material that has caught popularity recently.

For the colder months of the year, sherpa accents throughout the living room can give the space an extra cozy feel.

23. Fabric Rag Rug

 Fabric Rag Rug


For you upcyclers out there, this fabric rag rug is a classic for a reason. It is perfect between having that eclectic look and having each one being unique.

If you’re looking for a more tailored idea for this, be selective about the colors you use while making it blend in more with your living room.

Start with some fabric from here if you want standout colors.

24. Rattan Light Fixture

 Rattan Light Fixture

Light fixtures can be so boring and bland. Replacing one with a homemade rattan one is a great project.

Make sure you take all your measurements first!

25. Minimalist Shelving

Minimalist Shelving

For those who are looking for rustic boho, a minimalist shelving unit strictly made from wooden boards can be a great option.

Have some plans or blueprints to follow, and have everything prepped.

This would also be great on your kitchen wall!

26. Macrame Feathers Wall Hanging

Macrame Feathers Wall Hanging

As I have said and will say again, macrame is one of my favorite materials to work with!

This is a great option if you’ve been looking for something to do with the textile a little out of the ordinary. Grab this thinner macrame here.

27. Minimalist Coffee Table

 Minimalist Coffee Table

Like the minimalist and rustic bookshelves, coffee tables or end tables are in the same game.

Look around for inspiration; whether you hire someone to make you one or try it yourself, you’ll need to know what you want.

28. Simple Washi Tape Home Wall Silhouette

Simple Washi Tape Home Wall Silhouette

For those of you with kiddos, a great and easy option that will benefit everyone in this sweet minimalist home shape.

The kids can use their imagination while recognizing this is a designated play place in the living room.

29. Wooden Crates

Wooden Crates

A great way to stay rustic, boho, and budget-friendly is to buy wooden crates for shelving. They come in a lot of different sizes, but I always like these for starter ones.

30. Hammock


If you want to go all out, commit to adding a hammock to your space! Hammocks allow you to hang around and enjoy the world as it goes by.

You may want to have a stand or other structure instead of relying on anchoring it in your walls, especially if renting.

31. Canopys


It doesn’t have to be anything grand, but a good draping of fabric over a piece of furniture to accent it (and have some privacy) is a great and stylish boho choice.

It can be an old flat sheet to this fun lacy one here.