40 Easy Drawing Ideas for Kids

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Do your kids want to expand their drawing skills? These easy drawing ideas for kids are fun for children of all ages!

As the seasons start to change and activities become a little more restricted, I know some of us are scrambling for activities for the little ones!

I know how challenging that can be–we’ve all been there in seasons past.

I’ve assembled quite a little collection of easy drawing ideas for the junior artists in our lives.

a picture of drawn watermelon slice

From beloved cartoon favorites, sweet treats, and animals galore, there’s something for everybody on this list–maybe even for you if you partake in art time with the littles!

Here are a few fun art supplies that are always in rotation over here: an art kit for the youngest artists with a built-in easel, mess-free twistable crayons, Pip-squeaks washable markers, and a washable dot marker activity set.

drawing ideas for kids

For the older artists: fine line markers, watercolor pen sets, and these acrylic paint pens if they want to make a shirt or use canvas.

Watch Video: 21 Easy Drawing Ideas for Kids

1. Chicken

chicken doodle

The first on our list, a chicken, may not seem like a go-to for many children, but a chicken is very simple and can get very goofy quickly. Add a goofy smile or a silly hat, and the chicken transforms!

Or, spoiler alert–you could grab all the other barnyard pals and make a whole hootenanny.

Start with a lowercase “n” for the head, draw the belly with a little curve outward, jump and finish the back, then complete the outline with the tail and feet.

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2. Scorpion

scorpion doodle

Are you or your little one feeling a little edgy? Although a danger in real life, this scorpion on the page is a lot friendlier and maybe the perfect option!

Start with the eyes–spacing however the drawer sees fit; next, draw the body–jumping over where the eyes are. After that, the ligaments, mouth, and other little details as you see fit.

If someone was feeling a little crabby but chose to draw this feels better!

3. Mule

mule doodle

A mule is the next animal on this list. Eeyore, from Winnie the Pooh, always comes to mind for me–he’s always been one of my favorite characters from the 100-acre woods.

Anyways, my drawing is a little livelier than our fictional friend. To draw the head, I visualize a sock puppet with an ear at the top.

Continue by filling in the other details.

4. Penguin

penguin doodle

A beloved and fun penguin waddles in as the next drawing. If your little ones love Happy Feet, this one could be a home run!

I recommend starting with a long oval–with a bit of rounded edges on the bottom. Fill the flippers, feet, and any hairdo that suits you.

Then draw the belly facial features, and color in as you please! I do love a colorful penguin, and if you do too, go for it!

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5. Teddy Bear

teddy bear doodle

A classic and cuddly favorite, the teddy bear, will make anyone smile. I made this one classic looking, but it’d be fun to gear it toward someone’s favorite teddy or stuffed animal.

We start with a circle for the head, followed by an open rounded rectangle for the body that connects to the head. After, the details get filled in–legs, arms, hair, ears, and face.

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6. Butterfly

butterfly doodle

Butterflies were one of my favorite things to draw as a kid–I couldn’t stop! So versatile and unique, each one is an excellent idea for those who like to put their own touch on a project.

Start with a skinny oval for the body, leave an opening at the top for the head—next, a circle for the head, then antennas and wings.

The wings are unique, but if you’re interested in my technique, I think about elephant ears for the top and a bubble letter capital “Y” without actually finishing.

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7. Lizard

lizard doodle

Another excellent and versatile subject to draw is a lizard! The lines are simple, and the coloring part is fun.

We’ll start with a rounded bottom triangle for the head–the round part facing outward. Next, we’ll do the same sort of thing for the body–the belly is a flat line, and an arced line is the back.

For the tail, draw an oversized six without closing the way a six would. Mirror this line with another and bring the two to a point.

Finish with the face and tongue, and have fun coloring!

8. Turtle

turtle doodle

The following two can go hand-in-hand, or paw-and-paw, more aptly. If your kids are The Turtle and the Hare fans, that’ll be perfect for you.

First, we’ll tackle the turtle. Start with a shell by drawing a soft arced line, followed by a straight line for the bottom of it.

Then, we’ll do the feet, like you’d make teeth on a jack-o-lantern, but don’t close the line. Following the feet, the pen gets pulled up and away from the body to make the head.

Finish by bringing the line back to the top part of the shell after completing the head.

9. Rabbit

rabbit doodle

On to the infamous hare, or rabbit, in a simplified way. The real trick to this rabbit is to use someone’s hand to do most of the work for you.

Have the hand that will be traced palm side down on the paper with the pointer and pinky sticking straight up for the ears. Trace that line and fill in the face and ears.

10. Snail

snail doodle

Another fun customizable animal that is very easy is a snail!

Start drawing a spiraling line going outward and getting larger in space until satisfied, and connect the line back down toward the base of the shell.

Draw a thumb-like shape for the head and a squiggly line for the bell. Fill the lines in on the shell and other more minute details.

11. Dinosaur

dinosaur doodle

Another kid’s favorite to draw is dinosaurs! This drawing can also get crafted by tracing someone’s hand.

We start palm side down with the thumb and pinky stretched out how you’d like and stagger your knuckles in height.

Don’t trace the bottom–we’ll fill the outside spaces with legs and connect the front and back with a line for the stomach.

Draw the spikes on the back, and fill in the rest of the details.

12. Peafowl

peafowl doodle

Our colorful friend, the peafowl, continues the list. In the same spirit as a turkey or other feathered bird, we will use our hand to draw this bird.

As you would for any hand tracing activity, follow the person’s hand but don’t connect the bottom.

Draw the feather, put a continuous line at the base of the fingers, and make small ice cream cones for the feather detailing.

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13. Duck

duck doodle

Another feathered friend, the duck, is next. Start with the inner part of the bill by drawing a “V” at an angle.

Draw to mirror one side of the angled v at the deepest point and then return to do the other side.

Once you have that completed, round the inner “V’s” ends down and around to hook to the lower part of the duck’s mouth.

Then, we’ll draw an upper line and a lower one–the upper one having a small arc for the duck’s eye.

14. Snake

snake doodle

Slithering in as the next idea to craft is a snake. As easy or complex as you’d like to make one, the snake is an attainable subject for all drawers.

To start, make an oversized almond shape for the head and add two half circles on either side for the eyes. Fill the details in once you have the rest of the body drawn.

After, draw an “S” shape to achieve most of the snake’s body. You can connect a “C” shape to the bottom or another “S” to add more to the body.

Mirror the original line and connect at the bottom.

You can keep your favorite drawing tools in this DIY pencil case!

15. Princess

princess doodle

For those that want to draw people, a princess is a great place to start. We start with an upside-down “U” and really stretched out “U’s” for the bottom of the dress, and another line(s) mid-skirt if desired.

Then, we’ll start with a “3” facing downwards for the body. Extend each end of the “3” down to the top of the skirt.

The arms should mirror the shape of the body, and then a simple inverted arc and whatever hair you’d like to add. And don’t forget the crown!

16. Pineapple

pineapple doodle

Anyone looking for more than animals or people, a pineapple is a fun, unique thing to draw. We’ll start with a rounded-edged rectangle, slightly smaller and rounder at the top.

The leaves should be bigger at the top and continue to shrink in size, stopping where you are happy.

Afterward, we’ll fill in the body, starting with two round circles for the eyes, and then filling the blank space with a diagonal cross-hatch pattern.

17. Whale

whale doodle

One of the biggest in the sea, the whale, is a great thing to draw. We start with a tiny “v” for the mouth and then round both the bottom and top lines up and away.

We’ll begin tempering our lines as if they have a teardrop shape but not close to the very outer–those will become the tail. Keeping a gap of space for the fin, draw in after the body is complete.

18. Shark

shark doodle

Another sea creature almost too giant for the page is a shark! With many angles, this friend is a little complicated but doable for anyone committed enough.

Start at the nose and draw a gently rounded line for the shark’s back. Return to the nose, and make the upper part of the mouth.

Do the same thing with the lower mouth, but a lot smaller in scale and with a little more upward motion to hit the tail area, making sure to leave gaps for fins.

Connect the upper and lower parts of the shark at the tail. Go back and draw in all the fins and details.

19. Fish

fish doodle

Swimming right along, the following sea creature is a fish. If your little one is a fan of Finding Nemo, we’ve got you covered.

Starting with the body, we’re going to trace a very tight-fingered palm-opened hand that we will only outline the top of the fingers for–that way, achieving the waviness of the fish.

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20. Ice cream

ice cream doodle

A literal sweet treat on the page and off–an ice cream cone! Start with the cone and make an oversized “V.”

Follow the cone with a jellyfish-shaped ice cream. Add any details you’d like, and voila!

21. Bunny

bunny doodle

Hopping on towards the bunny as our next animal to draw. Start with a round “m” on top and elongate the lines to create the ears.

At the base of the ears, we’re going to make almost a circle, stopping as you head toward the mouth area.

Below, two backward “3s” make the paws. We’ll continue the lines from the head down and around to the base of the paws.

Watch Video: 20 Easy Drawing Ideas for Kids

22. Lion

lion doodle

Lions are next on the list for a fun animal to draw. Start with a circle, and then, as if to draw a flower, draw the mane.

Next, a capital “E” in bubble letters facing downward will take care of the legs. Add a fun little tail and the details.

23. Mouse

mouse doodle

Quietly sneaking into the next spot is a mouse! Easy as possible, start with an unclosed number “6”, then add a line for its neck and connect at the nose.

24. Dinosaur


A variation on the dinosaur we did earlier is a long neck if your drawer is interested in drawing more than one type. We’ll start with a backward “L” that lifts the littlest bit at the lower end.

As you continue, you’ll add a backward “C” for the face and then draw a line mirroring its neck.

After we return to the body, we’ll want a wavy line to showcase the torso. Taper it to meet the tail’s point.

25. Lollipop

lollipop doodle

For the sweet tooth artists out there, try drawing a lollipop.

All you have to do is make a skinny rectangle with an oversized circle on top and any detail that makes you happy!

26. Bee

bee doodle

Buzzing in, as an easy project for anyone, is a bumblebee.

Two circles stacked one on the other, attach wings on either side, antennas, a stinger, and there you have it!

27. Baby Blue Dinosaur

baby blue dinosaur

For the minimalist dinosaur enthusiast, we have the baby blue dinosaur!

Mainly made with identifiable shapes, this is great for artists learning their shapes.

28. Fox

fox doodle

Another animal drawing from geometric shapes that is pretty simple for anyone is a fox.

All you need is a series of triangles, one long rectangle, and one not-so-geometric tail.

29. Cow

cow doodle

One of my favorite farm animals, cows, is another fun one to draw. We start with a sizable unclosed oval near the head area.

Then a half moon for the head and an oval for the mouth.

30. Chick

chick doodle

Another barnyard buddy has been added to the list. Chicks are a fun bird to create on the page.

Start with the outer lines, expanding at opposite ends and coming back together near the tail area.

Now that you’ve learned to draw birds, why not try these tree drawing ideas?

31. Robin

robin doodle

Robins are a beautiful bird to draw. Start with a “3” facing downwards and at a slight angle. Continue the lines down at a slight angle until the desired point.

Return to draw the head, breast bone detailing, and wing.

32. Pig

pig doodle

This particular pig may remind us of a very famous and lovely one. Start by drawing the underside of the circle, but instead of curving to close it, make the pig’s snout.

Then make a triangular dress, feet, arms, and ears.

33. Strawberry

strawberry doodle

Looking for something refreshing to draw–try this strawberry! Start the body as you would with the bottom of a raindrop, but don’t make it skinnier as you draw upward.

After most of the body gets drawn, bring your lines up and head towards closing the gap, but don’t. That’s where the leaves and stems come in; don’t forget to fill in those details!

34. Ladybug

ladybug doodle

Spotted! Next is a fun little ladybug.

Start with the bug’s head–a letter “D” facing the top of the page will do just fine. Then make two large “Ds” facing away from one another to make the wings, but leave a slight angle at the bottom.

Try making this lovely ladybug craft out of toilet paper rolls!

35. Caterpillar

caterpillar doodle

Another fun and colorful insect on the list is a caterpillar! All that’s needed is one circle, followed by a series of loops placed behind the next (none should get closed fully).

Add the feet, eyes, antennas, smile, and color away!

36. Car

car doodle

If your drawer is looking for a vehicle, don’t worry–I’ve got you covered!

A simple car here with one small round and a fuller round takes care of most of the detail for you.

37. Fish

fish doodle

This list wouldn’t be complete without a classic like a fish!

Make it as colorful or plain as you’d like after making a sideways egg shape and adding fins and a tail.

38. Mushroom

mushroom doodle

Another simple drawing for maybe a Mario lover–a mushroom. The more waved the lines, the better for this fungi.

Love drawing mushrooms? Find more mushroom drawing ideas here.

39. Mouse

mouse doodle

If your little one is a Cinderella fan, add a few of these mice in the background of their drawing. A sideways almond will make the head, and a large vertical one will fill the body!

Love this drawing? Try these cat drawing ideas!

40. Watermelon

watermelon doodle

As we close, we have another off-the-beaten-path item to draw. All you need for watermelon is a rounded bottom triangle, and fill in as you please!

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