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31 Easy Star Drawing Ideas

Are you looking to add a little glimmer and shimmer of something bright to your sketchbook? These thirty-one easy star drawing ideas are perfect for a little extra star power.

From simple standalone stars in the spotlight to different big groupings of them. Some fun tools to use while creating these bright, familiar orbs are listed below!

These markers have a great range of colors, these pencils are easy to work with, this eraser is for any mistakes, this ruler keeps those edges sharp, this set of pens accents the lines of your drawings, and these crayons for kiddos trying their hand at a star, and a kids sketchbook if they need one.

star drawing ideas

However you go about trying these ideas out, it’ll be a shining time! Don’t forget to start with a pencil and return with any more permanent media.

1. Shining Star

shining star drawing

Where else would I start other than a shooting star? This idea is a classic for a reason: design your shooting star in whatever way that makes sense to you.

Feel free to use any colors here, too. For example’s sake, I stuck with black, but any color works great.

2. Headphones

headphones drawing

Stars make a wonderful accent to pretty much any scene, ever.

This adorable little critter peeking in with headphones seems a bit plain, but with the addition of the stars, it rounds out the image.

3. Dandelion Stars

dandelion stars drawing

Combining two uncommonly matched subjects in a way that makes sense is always fun.

The stars as dandelions work because of the angular petals and the classic yellow of both.

4. Starburst

starburst drawing

Not to be confused with the candy, a starburst is a great doodle/drawing idea to play around with.

Starbursts can range in shape, size, and more–so why not try out a whole page of them and see what you like best?

5. Spiral

spiral drawing

Adding a design within the star’s body, or any other cute design, makes a simple idea more interesting. A classic spiral is a great place to start trying out this type of drawing.

Make sure you pay attention to the size of the star in relation to how detailed the design you’d like associated with it.

6. Gold Star Medal

Gold star medal drawing

A classic image and idea of a star with a well-known item is a medal one receives for winning. A medal is an easy enough image to draw. Curate the star’s space to whatever you’d like!

Drawing a singular huge star for your page or a trio of three works just as well as the other.

7. Brilliant Star

brilliant star drawing

A shiny, bright star is a given for the list today. Any given star is at least shining in the slightest.

Stick with this easy geometric representation or dive in with detail to make this star really stand out.

8. Gold Coin

gold coin drawing

A gold coin with a star is a great option to make a statement on the page. Make the scene as detailed as mine, or have the coin stand alone.

9. Shooting Star

shooting star drawing

Arguably, the most recognized image of a drawn or created star earthside, a shooting star, is a must for the post.

Rescale and make sure to add color to your shooting star or stars to really impress others.

10. Raining Stars

raining stars drawing

Raining stars sounds pretty and exciting, but the reality of stars falling would probably be more troublesome. Thankfully, it’s a lot of fun to draw on the page and looks great in various sizes.

11. Spirals

spirals drawing

We’ve done spirals on the interior of the stars, so why not have them accent your grouping outside of their bodies?

Intermixing both small and big stars and spirals makes for a more interesting composition, so don’t be afraid to play.

12. 3D Star

3D star drawing

A star that could be popping off the page makes for an excellent subject for any artist who understands the concept!

Keep it simple to make it stand strong on the page, or add some squiggly or other accenting lines to make it more complex.

13. Bunny

bunny drawing

Truthfully, any animal will benefit from the addition of stars in the background. I stuck with a rabbit because they are easy to draw, and detailing is easy.

14. Starfish

star fish drawing

I couldn’t leave the literal most natural star there is out there–starfish! Starfish are always a great subject, and they bring a built-in beach scene if you decide to draw them.

15. Hearts and Stars

hearts and stars drawing

A winning and classic combination of two shapes! The mood of this idea changes entirely based on the colors you choose.

If you’re looking to doodle with this heart drawing idea, I think variations of this in different color schemes across the page would look darling.

16. Starry Jar

starry jar drawing

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’re familiar with my opinion of this next one.

As it’s been a popular idea to frame scenes within an unexpected, ordinary item, this idea is no exception.

Jarring a field of stars makes a classic scene a little more exciting.

17. Batting Kitten

kitten star drawing

Having a kitten batting around a star is probably the cutest thing you’ll see on the internet today.

A natural habit, such as a cat playing with a toy, with a star being incorporated, is a great way to get extra creative within a creative moment.

Any action replacing the main object with a star should work well, like the cat and her star toy.

18. Cabybara

capybara drawing

Similarly, you could just draw one of your favorite animals with a star somewhere within the composition. Play with the size of the animal as well as the star for varied results.

19. Platform Shoes

star drawing

For those looking for that extra fun or quirky idea, you’ve arrived! What’s more fun than platform boots and a star who is wearing them?

Keep it minimal like mine, but I think this idea is begging for color. The more unique the medium, the better!

20. Bird

bird with star drawing

This idea more or less came from a crow! You may or may not know that crows love something shiny, so this pairing is picture-perfect.

These two are in the same spirit as the cat batting at her toy. The crow could have a small treasure or some of their lunch normally, but with a cute star, the image pops.

21. Stargazing Cat

stargazing cat drawing

Those creatures in the middle of actions could also just look up and admire a star in the sky!

This idea is more of a classic scene than the ones in the list I’ve mentioned, but it works for a reason.

Draw inspiration from your beloved pet or favorite animal for this cat drawing idea.

22. Sunglasses

sungalsses drawing

Another excellent and recognizable idea, and for a good reason, is personifying the star with some shades.

Pick any accessory you’d like to add to your personal star to give them a little extra spirit.

23. A Face in the Stars

face in the stars drawing

A star with a face and no accessories is just as striking!

I always like to use this specific subject as a practice–trying different style stars and facial features makes for one of the easiest but quick experimental exercises.

24. Starry Night

starry night drawing

You could also draw inspiration from your favorite artist or time of day! A starry night, regardless of where you pull inspiration from, is striking with that glint.

Play around with the number of stars and simplicity or complexity within the amount.

25. A Heart in the Sky

heart in the sky drawing

A heart bursting is quite an exciting subject! This idea is fun and a little unexpected, but it still hits all the bright spots.

I think the addition of a few smaller hearts bursting around the main one would be a great variation.

26. Bouquet

star bouquet drawing

Like the unexpected frame, an unexpected object housing your subject makes for a cool composition. A vase is one of the easiest and fastest options you can choose.

The best part about this idea is that all of this begs for a personal design! The vase, type of flowers, how many you’d like, and that’s not even mentioning color.

27. Colorful Shooting Star

colorful shooting star drawing

As you know, I’m a big advocate of color, but I keep it generally plain for the posts to share the examples in their easiest form.

This colorful shooting star is one of my favorites just because of its simplicity and easy injection of color.

28. Sunburst

sunburst drawing

Like the starburst, a sunburst is another great option for this post. Since the sun is a star, it has to be a part of the list all about stars.

29. Folded Star

folded star drawing

This star is for you if you’re looking for more complex ideas within this post. This folded star has extra lines, which can make almost anything more intricate and interesting.

Even as a solo subject, your eye travels more throughout the image than some simpler stars.

30. Sharing Hearts

sharing hearts drawing

In the spirit of personifying celestial stars, these two sharing a heart scream the very idea!

If you’re looking for something a little less sentimental, try an ordinary object like a carton of milk, a flower, or whatever else.

The object between them completely directs the mood of the page, so choose carefully! Think about what you’d like to portray first–humor, romance, horror, etc. and go from there.

31. Lightbulb

lightbulb drawing

And, finally, another unexpected frame hosting our bright, shining stars is this simple light bulb.

I love using a light bulb on multiple layers here, but it is a quirkier item that may make more sense for some subjects over others.

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