21 Easy Heart Drawing Ideas

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Are you continuously looking for different drawing ideas? Today, I have easy heart drawing ideas for anyone. All the ideas are accessible to beginners or more advanced artists.

If you’re interested to know the supplies I’ve used, they are just below. I used these pens and these pencils.

There are a few recommendations for supplies within the post, but all are easy tools that aren’t costly. I hope you enjoy the post and find some ideas that you love!

heart drawing and doodle ideas

1. Waving Hello

heart drawing waving hello

What’s friendlier than a heart? One that is waving hello to all who see it, regardless of color, shape, or pattern, a welcoming heart drawing is a wonderful idea for anyone.

2. Flower Pot

flower pot heart drawing

A heart has become one of the most recognizable shapes in fun home decor, so why not draw it on the page?

This heart vase is a perfect subject for a homemade print, card, or any other small project.

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3. Lava Lamp

lava lamp heart drawing

As I mentioned, hearts are easily adaptable to any pattern, piece of decor, or specific object. Get those hearts feeling groovy by adding them to a classic lava lamp in this easy drawing.

4. I Love You

i love you heart drawing

Candy hearts are some of the most fun and nostalgic holiday candies, in my opinion. Draw one large heart or add an entire page’s worth–whole or broken–whatever works best for you.

5. Key To My Heart

key to my heart drawing

A classic idea in romantic stories, an actual key with a heart is an easy and potentially sweet idea for someone you like or love.

The best part is that you can customize this darling idea in how you see fit and feel about the key to your heart.

6. Cactus

cactus heart drawing

Notoriously prickly and avoided for their spiky exterior, cacti need some love, too. Try drawing one in the shape of a heart or adding heart shapes to texture the plant’s body.

7. Heart Arms

heart arms drawing

Showing love is one of the best things you can do for anyone, even if you don’t know them. A simplistic representation of this idea is a great drawing idea and can help brighten your day.

8. Band-aid

bandaid heart drawing

Band-aids, in an odd way, are a sign of love. Helping someone mend, give, or even accept a Band-Aid is the perfect way to showcase love, which is a cool way to draw it.

9. Cute Cat

cute cat heart drawing

Animals and pets are some people’s preferred places to show love. This cat drawing is a great example of how to incorporate an outright appreciation of your favorite animal.

I think any animal would do if you don’t love a cat or want to explore different animal options.

Just plan out the drawing before committing it in pen–that way, you can play around with how the heart gets incorporated.

10. Love Letter

love letter heart drawing

There’s no easy heart-drawing post without a love letter. A love letter completely encompasses all of these ideas–a message filled with love.

Dress up your love letter in any design that makes you happy or works for your life. Whether it’s how you feel or what you envision, it’s all lovely.

11. Planet of Love

planet of love heart drawing

Hearts work well in replacing classic planets. Replace the shape while drawing a favorite planet, or just get a little out of this world while drawing–either way, it’s a darling fun doodle.

12. Rainbow

rainbow heart drawing

A rainbow with hearts couldn’t be a friendlier image! Get creative with the media you choose to decorate this drawing–anything from this glitter glue to these pastel crayons will make it pop.

13. Cherries

cherries heart drawing

Fruit is always an easy subject to draw, and replacing the normal shape with a heart is even easier.

Create a whole produce display with lovely little fruits, or create a statement like the cherries above.

14. Jar of Love

jar of love heart drawing

If you’re looking for an incredibly easy but cute idea–look no further than this jar of love! Make your jar any size or shape you’d like, and fill it with hearts.

Use any colors that work well for your jar of love.

15. Raining Hearts

raining hearts drawing

When it rains, it pours, and the same happens when there’s love present. This drawing is a fun and simple way to represent this idea for anyone to understand, from a child to older people.

16. Lock of Love

lock of love heart drawing

It’s a different interpretation than what I think of when I hear lock of love. But this would be a great lock to add to any of the love bridges across the world.

Mixed media would make this image even more of a statement, too.

17. Love Potion

love potion heart drawing

Another classic image is a love potion that had to be included in the easy heart drawing ideas post.

The bottle can be any shape in this cute drawing idea. Just make sure to have a statement heart somewhere present on the image to get the idea across.

18. Arrow

arrow heart drawing

An arrow with a heart is another classic image in this category.

If you’re looking to add a bit extra to this idea, consider Cupid somewhere within the frame to round out this idea or the word ‘Mom’ through the middle.

19. Present

present heart drawing

A present in the shape of a heart most often makes me think of candy, but plenty of heart gift boxes are on the market.

Play around with composition, size, and shape depending on what you have in mind for the optimal gift drawing.

20. Balloons

balloon heart drawing

Heart balloons are some of my favorite balloons, so they had to be included in the ideas. A heart person holding a grouping of heart balloons makes for a lovely sentiment.

Keep all the balloons in one color, or make each one a different color. Similarly, opt for a single balloon or fill the page.

21. Wings

wings heart drawing

The simplest but most effective option is to add wings to the main heart on the page.

Keep it minimal, like the image above, or add any particular addition that will make your winged heart soar.

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