27 Fun Doodles to Draw

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Doodling is a fun and never-ending activity with something new to offer. I have twenty-seven fun doodles to draw if you’re in a drawing slump or just looking for fun ideas.

These drawings can inspire your creations, or you can copy them straight from the post! The ideas vary in emotions and feelings, from happy to giggly and sour.

As always, these ideas can be for anyone from beginner to expert artists. They are meant to give you some easy and fun subjects whenever you doodle.

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Fun Doodles to draw

1. Bungee Jumping

bungee jumping doodle

A new take on bungee jumping, a cute extra small fly, and a very tall giraffe refresh the classic daredevil pastime. I suggest drawing the taller animal first–drawing around is easier.

2. Timeless Clock

timeless clock doodle

Time is a funny thing, isn’t it? Nothing is better than representing time in a cute little punny way and giving your clock some great character in the easy drawing idea.

3. Peeking In Cat

peeking in cat doodle

We all have a deep love for funny animals, and this goofy creeping cat is no exception! If you’d prefer a different animal, go for it!

A dog, deer, or even elephant would work great here in this cat drawing idea.

4. Skateboarding Turtle

skateboarding turtle doodle

Doodling unexpected situations with animals is one of my favorite subjects to work with if you couldn’t tell!

This turtle getting a ride on a skateboard gets the job done, is fun and easy to draw, and is a super cute drawing idea on top of it all.

5. Blushing Creatures

blushing creatures doodle

Freeform doodles are some of my favorites because you can personalize them in any fashion imaginable. Lead them in any direction you want that day; the more unique, the better.

6. Sour Lemon

sour lemon doodle

Sour was promised, and what’s one of the most sour things, lemons, of course. Personifying anything from clocks to citrus and more makes for great doodle material.

Dress up or down the lemon, or swap citrus if you’d prefer.

7. Cat in the Flower Pot

cat in the flower pot doodle

An animal in a pot feels cozy and wholesome for some reason. We had a dog that sat in a barrel when we were young; maybe that’s where that idea comes from.

Either way, choose your pot and choose your animal, and let me know if you find it as cute as I do.

8. You Drive Me Crazy

you drive me crazy doodle

Again, nothing is off-limits in bringing ordinary objects to life. The emotion of the objects changes the entire mood, so be intentional while mapping out your ideas!

9. To Bee or Not to Bee

to bee or not to bee doodle

Who said doodles couldn’t bee poetic and punny? This drawing is great when dreaming of warmer weather and even more fun to color.

Add a whole swarm of bees, or stick to just a few. Follow how much you’d like to doodle.

10. Distinguished Piglet

distinguished piglet doodle

Animals that get a few perfect accessories make for excellent doodles and even gifts if you know someone’s favorite animal.

Add feminine a la Miss Piggy or masculine like shown above, regardless, and your pig will be pleased.

11. Ladybug with Balloon

ladybug with balloon doodle

Creatures experience a similar range of emotions to us but don’t portray it the same way. Adapting animals and insects into this kind of space is fun and easy.

Adding a cute and matching balloon doesn’t hurt things, either!

12. Penguin going for a Dip

penguin going for a dip doodle

This doodle reminds me of the yearly tradition called the polar plunge.

If you’re unfamiliar, humans decide to take a quick dip in bodies of water during the winter months.

If our bodies could handle it, I have a feeling more of us would look like this fellow above.

13. Sleepy Avocado

sleepy avocado doodle

Again, what’s cuter than adding sweet personifying emotions to random objects and producing?

I don’t think there is much, and this avocado snoozing the afternoon away will make your doodling pages a better place.

14. Buzzing Bulldog

buzzing bulldog doodle

Trying emotions of all sorts in the pages of your drawings is an important activity. Practicing anything and everything will continue to improve your craft, including this very serious bulldog.

You might also enjoy these other cute dog drawing ideas!

15. Strawberry Snail

strawberry snail doodle

Perhaps one of my favorite items of doodles on the list today is this darling strawberry snail. Play around with what you’d like to add as your snail shell of choice.

There are some great options out there, but I just can’t get enough of the one above.

16. Crazy Dancing Beans

crazy dancing beans doodle

Beans are such an easy item to doodle one or about thirty, and having the legumes do something fun makes it all the more fun to draw.

Anything from dancing to bungee jumping works wonderfully here.

17. Gecko Going for a Taste

gecko going for a taste doodle

Are you looking for an outright colorful doodle? Look no further than this cute ice cream and gecko scene.

Add a certain array of colors or every single color you have.

18. When Rabbits Fly

when rabbits fly doodle

We all know the saying, ‘When pigs fly,’ but what about rabbits? Go for the unexpected while doodling; it’ll never disappoint.

You’ll also love these other cute animal drawing ideas!

19. Snail and a Lollipop

snail and a lollipop doodle

A cute food item paired with an easy animal is another solid option for your notebook practices.

The snail and lollipop are easy to draw and fun together, making this one of the sweetest ideas of the bunch.

20. Dog with a Fish

dog with a fish doodle

If you are an avid doodler, you probably have many animals on your pages, but pairing them with something simple can change the whole feeling of a drawing.

It adds to the composition whether the item is expected, like a toy, or something quirky, such as a fish or flower.

21. Aliens Discover Music

aliens discover music doodle

Aliens discovering something fun makes for a quirky and light-hearted doodle. Their grooving to music is a great way to start exploring the idea.

22. Frog with a Glass of Wine

frog with a glass of wine doodle

It’s five o’clock somewhere, even for the amphibians, right? Take this doodle as inspiration for your favorite animal with a beloved drink or cocktail.

23. Fly Karaoke

fly karaoke doodle

Flies can do it all, including karaoke. They are an incredibly easy subject to draw and embellish in any fashion.

24. Waving Hello

waving hello doodle

Now, any of your doodles can wave hello, but a goofy and fun-looking monster makes the greeting more interesting. Free draw a shape or take inspiration from this friendly fellow.

25. Confused Mosquito

confused mosquito doodle

Mosquitos are very task-driven, but what happens when they encounter something they are unfamiliar with? It’s a great prompt to doodle with; try it and see your mosquito and strawberry.

26. Yo! Yo! Goat!

goat and snail doodle

Having two characters interact with one another can make for a fun and one-of-a-kind doodles. This snail and goat are the perfect example of this idea.

27. Eye Contact

eye contact doodle

Finally, this isolation of facial expressions is fun to play around with. There’s a lot of material there, Whether it’s the eyes, nose, mouth, or even ears.

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