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31 Cute Food Drawing Ideas

Things like creatures, nature, and food have been filling my doodle books. So, this post was a natural choice, and today, I have thirty-one cute food drawing ideas for you.

We all have scoured the internet for new drawing ideas for our notebooks, right? Recently, I’ve been trying to simplify and not overthink complex ideas for my pages too much.

This post is nothing without colors, so these new markers I just got are wonderful, these crayons for the younger artists, and these colored pencils everyone can use!

These pencils are some great options for sketching, and these pens are great for detailing.

food drawing ideas
cookie drawing

Prepare yourself for all the cuteness! This sweet chocolate chip cookie kicks off the list–the smile and bite out of the top are the perfect additions to round out this cutie.

Customize your cookie to your personal favorite–a monster cookie could be fun, a double chocolate, or even a thumbprint cookie.

2. Iced Coffee

iced coffee drawing

The more detailed your iced coffee doodle is, the more you can taste it, in my opinion! Go all out with a fun straw, whip topping, and sprinkles to elevate the cuteness factor.

Choosing the vessel is half of this fun doodle idea, and anything from a takeaway cup to a fancier cup like this will do.

3. Strawberry Cake

strawberry cake drawing

Anything adorned with a strawberry is just adorable, and I think the cake’s color scheme can change everything.

Stay simple like mine, or add a good tower of layers to add some whimsy. I think that some pastels in oil form or watercolors could do beautifully here.

4. Ice Cream Sundae

ice cream sundae drawing

We all knew that ice cream had to be included on the list! A classic three-scoop, whether in a bowl or cone, is just a classically sweet and wholesome image.

The design of the bowl or cone can change the feel of the composition, so plan accordingly. I’ve recently loved the cow print on some places’ ice cream bowls.

5. Sushi

sushi drawing

Anything petite, distinct, and undeniably identifiable is a great contender for this post, so sushi fits in perfectly.

Draw a simple trio like the one I have, or create an entire offering for an even sweeter result. Alternatively, personifying sushi, like the cookie, is always adorable.

6. Fried Egg

fried egg drawing

The soft lines of the egg will always make for a great composition, and each egg can be completely unique from the last one.

The facial features added to your egg will also be the main contributor to the level of sweetness.

7. Watermelon

watermelon drawing

A watermelon slice has become a regular in the cutesy imagery of food.

I love a watermelon slice because it always looks great in its classic color scheme but is even more fun in unexpected color pairings.

8. Cherry

cherry drawing

Cherries are another example of a regularly used fruit to express cuteness. Cherries feel a bit more vintage in their overall feel.

I think it has to do with the fact with the stem’s whimsical nature and the cherry’s simplicity.

9. Strawberries

strawberry drawing

Whether they are paired with cakes or stand-alone, strawberries are undeniably a staple in the cute fruit category.

Try an ombre effect with the berries, from deep, ripe red ones to pinky ones still growing.

10. Burger

burger drawing

For those looking beyond dessert and fruit-oriented ideas, try out a burger! The cuteness lies within the layering of the burger’s construction.

Feel free to add in things like tomatoes, onions, and anything else you can imagine.

11. Ice Cream Cone

ice cream cone drawing

As I briefly mentioned with the triple scoop of ice cream, an ice cream cone works just as well in this world.

The design and shape of the cone can change the entire feel of the composition, so try out a few different options.

12. Fries

french fries drawing

French fries are an easy and petite project that still is as cute as the rest of the bunch! This idea is another excellent choice for those who are over the sweet treat doodles.

The carton is a perfect place to add a fun shape or design to add into the fun. Find more cute drawing ideas here.

13. Sushi Bowl

sushi bowl drawing

Sushi, as also previously mentioned, is an excellent cute doodle idea in any context.

Big or small dishes relating to sushi will always work well–the natural soft or rounder edges speak directly to why it is adorable.

14. Pizza

pizza drawing

Some may think, why pizza? It has a natural canvas to customize whether you opt for actual toppings or not, as well as classic colors or ones that pop unexpectedly.

15. Soda

soda drawing

A takeaway or to-go cup is always brightly colored and has some sort of fun element to it, whether it’s size, design, or what’s inside even!

Anything from a soda to a slushie is possible with this idea, so pick your preferred poison and get to it.

16. Taco

taco drawing

Tacos with cute faces like the one above became a very popular image over the past decade, and there are a few reasons why.

That’s mostly because it’s truly one of the easiest images to draw on the list today!

17. Popcorn

popcorn drawing

Popcorn falls into that vintage cherry category of sweet–with its classic red stripe bucket and domed uneven top.

Elevate the popcorn bucket to fit your style and play with its size and shape for varied outcomes.

18. Popsicle

popsicle drawing

A popsicle, like a pizza slice, is a perfect vehicle to customize completely. You are able to add any color, design, or topping to the cold confection.

The type of popsicle is completely fair game, too–anything from a fudge bar to a twin pop is easily possible.

19. Berry Tartlet

berry tartlet drawing

Another petite, colorful, and festive idea is to draw some berry tartlets. The deep colors of the possibility of berry add to the fun of these treats.

20. Strawberry Roll

strawberry roll drawing

As a third and even more colorful option, a strawberry roll is a natural shoo-in for cute foods.

It’s easy to add fun designs like polka dots, stripes, or anything else that can fit inside of the particular lines within the roll.

21. Hot Chocolate

hot chocolate drawing

Another great place to completely customize the shape of the mug, design, and overall look of a hot chocolate, and the reason why it is on my easy drawing ideas list.

Your mug could have a fun word, pattern, or anything else on it.

22. Strawberry Milk

strawberry milk drawing

Strawberries are the clear winner of all the cute food options today. Strawberry milk, whether it’s pink nature, the silhouette of the carton, or both is a natural fit.

23. Piece of Cake

piece of cake drawing

A classic piece of cake is more than needed on the list; it is one of the main staples of cute foods. The cake is never a bad idea and can never not be cute.

24. Burrito

burrito drawing

Burritos, like tacos, are simple to draw, and the small parts to accessorize are bright and colorful. The side-by-side of the tortilla and ingredients help the image stand apart.

25. Corndogs

corndogs drawing

In my opinion, anything on a stick is an option for the cute food category. It makes for an extra fun composition with the different toppings added to the dogs.

26. Onigri

onigiri drawing

It’s the cutest part of the sushi food world, in my opinion! One of the best things to eat on the go, too, it’s a wonderfully easy option to doodle quickly.

Add some extra accessories if you’d like to spice it up. Check out these other cute anime drawing ideas!

27. Guacamole Ingredients

guacamole drawing

The ingredients that make something are sometimes cuter than the actual product–enter guacamole!

As a dish, it’s excellent, but drawing it can be difficult and could end up looking like a very specific ice cream.

The actual items paired together are sweeter with their different lines and colors.

28. Strawberry Milkshake

strawberry milkshake drawing

There’s nothing better than a strawberry milkshake! Between the strawberry ice cream, whipped cream, and the cherry on top with a straw poking out, it screams can it get any cuter than this?

29. Matcha Bubble Tea

matcha bubble tea drawing

Bubble tea is another excellent, cute drink item to draw regularly, with how many options there are.

This variation on the infamous drink is one of my favorites, with matcha and a few extra tapioca balls.

30. Candy

candy drawing

Candy is the other absolute top of the list: cute food items that are endlessly interchangeable! For example, I chose a rock-like candy.

Stick with singular colors or opt for multi-colors like mine. Anyway, you go with it; you can’t go wrong. 

31. Sushi Cone

sushi cone drawing

And last but not least, a hybrid of two of the cute food items on the list today–sushi and being able to eat it in cone form, known generally as a handroll.

Again both of these elements have room to be played around with, moreso the sushi for this particular idea.

Add some fun additions around the sushi cone like dipping sauces, a cute animal trying to get in on the adorable fun, or anything else that suits your fancy.

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