25 Cute Frog Drawing Ideas

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Want some fun and adorable ideas that jump off the page for your drawing practices? You’ve come to the right blog post today for frog drawing ideas.

There are a whole twenty-five leaping, lively frog-drawing ideas for you, all with a distinct personality. Some of the amphibians are goofy, happy, sad, and everything else in between.

These ideas are adaptable for any artist. They are generally pretty simple on the post, but for those looking for more complexity or simplicity, tweak the image as needed!

If you’re interested in some of the materials I use regularly when drawing froggy friends like these, I’ll leave them below.

These pencils, this notebook, these pens, this eraser, and this ruler are some of my go-to’s.

frog drawing ideas

1. Star Gazing

frog drawing

To start this post, consider trying out this star-gazing frog. This hopper is happy to take in the night sky on this blog and in the pages of your notebook.

2. Lucky Clover

lucky clover frog drawing

If you’d rather try your luck on this next idea, it’s a great option, too! Play with the size of the frog or clover for various whimsical outcomes.

3. Dancing to the Beat

dancing frog drawing

Frogs really do know how to move, and that’s whether they are fleeing the scene or hopping to a bop.

Add a musical instrument if you’re looking for more inspiration for this cute animal drawing.

4. Splish Splash

splish splash frog drawing

As amphibians, I couldn’t not include a frog in an aquatic setting! Keep this frog center stage, or add some friends or family frogs in for a grouped image.

5. Simplistic Frog

simplistic frog drawing

Are you looking for a quick and simple doodle of a frog? If you are, this is the frog for you–change the expression if you’re looking to alter the idea.

6. Keeping Dry

keeping dry frog drawing

As we know, amphibians both like water and land environments, so it was a fun thought to give a frog an umbrella. I could see this drawing turning into a great greeting card.

7. Glasses

glasses frog drawing

If you’re looking to humanize your frog drawing, think about adding a facial accessory like glasses or a scarf. This item will help add to the uniqueness of the frog while still being an easy item to draw.

8. Flower Crown

flower crown frog drawing

This flower crown frog is a great variation of the frog with glasses. By adding a human-oriented accessory, it adds a lot of character to each individual frog.

These other flower drawing ideas are also cute!

9. Leaf Hat

leaf hat frog drawing

Instead of an umbrella, a leaf works just as well for a little frog like this one. Try playing around with leaf type for a more specific result.

10. Catching Flies

catching flies frog drawing

A frog has got to eat, right? There’s nothing more classic than a frog going after a fly with its incredibly long tongue.

11. Bumpy Frog

bumpy frog drawing

A frog with bumps may be more of a toad, but for these purposes, this is a bumpy frog on the blog today. Color the fellow any color your heart desires.

You could also add a sweet toad friend hanging out or have them in the middle of an activity.

12. Under the Rainbow

under the rainbow frog drawing

Like the frog full of wonder, this one under the rainbow is admiring it all. This idea also doubles as a reminder always to appreciate the beauty in things.

The rainbow can be any colors you’d like–as you can see mine is more of a reverse and inverted rendition. An ombre array of colors could really make this composition pop.

13. Party Time!

party time frog drawing

Frogs can have fun, too, and in any type of situation! I can’t think of a sweeter way to detail that this frog is indeed ready to have a good time partying the night away.

Add this fellow to a party full of frogs or a specific occasion into the scene.

I could see the New Year’s Eve ball dropping in the background or this frog surrounded by some froggy friends dancing the night away.

14. ‘Berry’ Good Catch!

frog drawing with strawberry

Frogs eating is some of the most darling doodles we have today. This frog catching this big berry is a great option for those who need their day brightened up just a bit.

15. Under the Leaves

under the leaves frog drawing

When looking for real frogs in the wild, you can always bet a few will be hiding under low-lying leaves.

Embellish the scene with a cute mushroom or other woodland friend.

16. Peek-a-Boo Frog

peek a boo frog drawing

This frog is the most straightforward drawing on the list today. It’s a perfect option if you’re looking to draw something quick.

17. Lily Pad Family

lily pad frog drawing

Nothing like a little family time spent on a lilypad together. This trio of froggies seems quite comfortable hanging here for as long as they want.

Check out these other cute drawing ideas!

18. Flower Patch

flower patch frog drawing

You can bet that it’s supposed to be if the two subjects start with the same letter.

Frogs and flowers make for a wonderful composition–you can stay simple or super whimsical and still get a great drawing.

19. Taking a Leap

leap frog drawing

There had to be at least one frog in motion, right–even if it’s just hopping across the page?

Liven up this easy drawing with something the frog is jumping from or into; anything from a pond to a creature chasing works.

20. Cool Sunglasses

frog drawing with sunglasses

Like the other styled frogs, this cool amphibian with sunglasses fits right into that uniqueness. The best part of sunglasses on a frog is that if you can draw it, you can add any shades to your green guys.

I think some pink heart shades would be a great addition to any hopping fellow.

21. On a Cloud

frog drawing on a cloud

Are you looking for a much more quriky type of idea, this frog on a cloud could be the perfect option for you. Change up the cloud color, add in any other whimsical features or characters into the mix for an even more fantastical time.

22. Who’s That Frog in the Mirror?

frog in the mirror drawing

As I mentioned, you’ll see many types of frogs on the blog today, and I am here to deliver. A frog that has this many feelings is a fun project to start and continue to play with.

This particular frog happens to be in love! Whether this amorous amphibian knows what a mirror is can be up to you. Feel free to swap the emotion for any other you’re interested in expressing on the page–most would work wonderfully.

23. Galaxy

galaxy frog drawing

Like our beginning fellow, this frog is intrigued by the extraordinary sky and what is beyond.

Stick to a simplistic interpretation like this, or add the frog to an outer space scene for a different effect.

Are you looking for the extra mile idea? I think putting a frog in a space costume checking out the galaxy would be a full home run.

These easy moon drawing ideas might give you inspiration!

24. Tongue-Tied

tongue tied frog drawing

There are a lot of lovely little frogs in the bunch today who just seem to love love! If you like this idea but not into the heart, try different shapes with the tongue.

I could see anything from a word to a specific item incased within the tongue. It could turn into a fun drawing practice with many different tongue shapes or words.

25. Fairy Frog

fairy frog drawing

Last, but not least, the fairy frog is another great option if you’re looking for a little extra whimsy and fun. Miss fairy frog seems to be pretty content with her deal in life, add some fun accessories to give her a bit of an edge or warmth.

A great option to add to this idea would be to add some other storybook characters done up as frogs. I think some of your favorites whether it’s from a known movie or entirely of your creating, it’ll give the fairy frog some friends.

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