31 Easy Moon Drawing Ideas

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Are you looking for specific and reliable drawing ideas to pick up throughout the year? Today, I have plenty of moon drawing ideas–thirty-one to be exact.

All of the moons are fun, simple, and easily adaptable to any medium or material on which they’re getting created.

These ideas are great to pull from for young or experienced artists and can be easily made more complex with each individual.

The drawings are always here to help you get yourself out of a rut, get practice, or just have fun.

There’s no wrong way to use these thirty-one easy moon drawing ideas. If you’re looking for or wondering what I’ve used in the post today, you can find the products with links just below.

These markers, these watercolors, this set of pastels, this glitter glue set, these colored pencils, and for the young artists, these crayons are what I’ve used.

Remember, these moons are for fun, practice, and experimentation–do what is best for you.

Now, onto the post!

moon drawing ideas

1. Hanging Stars

hanging stars

Some things just go together, like peanut butter and jelly, Bert and Ernie, and the moon and the stars.

This doodle drawing is a cute way to arrange one of the best duos in the sky–keep it dark or color your image in a style that suits you.

If you’re looking to jazz up the idea above, consider adding something unexpected in place of the stars. Anything from flowers to cute smiley faces would be a lot of fun here.

2. Camp Site

camp site

Camping is one of the best places to see the moon in its entirety on Earth. So, drawing a camping scene, with the moon included, is a no-brainer for the post.

Create a camp scene that works for you–whether it is a classic scene or something more glamping-inspired.

3. Skateboarding Ghost

skateboarding ghost

Consider this skateboarding ghost for those looking for a more fun or quirky idea for your moon drawing needs!

Simple yet statement-making, it makes for a great print in a kid’s or teenager’s room.

If you’re gifting this to someone sporty, consider adding their preferred sport or pastime! A surfboard, snowboard, or even rollerblading could work well here.

4. Forest Mushrooms

forest mushrooms

Like the skateboarding ghost, the image paired with the moon can be easily swapped.

For example, these forest mushrooms are paired with the crescent and look just as darling, perfect for your outdoorsy types.

A neat take on it for the more advanced artists is that you could embed the mushroom drawings into the moon for an even cooler look.

5. Mountainscape


Landscapes paired with the night sky are a natural option for drawing endeavors.

A fun way to bring some variation to this idea is to choose a fun pattern to texture your mountain range; you’ll be surprised at the outcomes.

Or use a specific medium to add texture to the mountain ranges. Something such as glitter glue, a neon pastel, or something akin to it can also make surprising outcomes.

6. Hanging Crescent Moon with Stars

hanging crescent moon with stars

A variation on the first drawing idea is to pair the moon with the stars falling from a cloud. The trio is an even better combination, with endless ways to draw these celestial items.

This idea would also benefit from mixed media applied to the drawing–a metallic pen could make your composition truly pop on the page. 

Alternatively, keeping it as plain as this, too, works wonderfully.

7. Fishing

fishing moon

I’ve always loved the image of this idea, but you don’t see it all that often, and it’s a great source of inspiration.

Taking an ordinary activity, like fishing, and placing it in an unexpected place is great fun. 

Add a few boats further in the background for the fun, inspiring idea, or keep it as is for the classic image.

8. Arrow

arrow moon drawing

If you’d like to keep it simple, add an arrow through any phase of the moon! Sometimes, simplifying your drawing time results in great results, and you can always add more to the page.

9. Black Cat

black cat moon drawing

A wonderfully spooky combo, black cats and moons are another great duo. The cat drawing and moon getting intertwined makes for a fun and unexpected image and is fun to draw.

10. Blushing Sun and Moon

blushing sun and moon drawing

The sun and moon, of course, are the obvious classic duo. Adding something unique, like my blushing sun and moon, gives this classic pairing a little extra pop.

11. Nightscape

nightscape moon drawing

Nightscapes are endlessly beautiful, and there are so many options to be drawn.

A cool way to shake up a classic landscape is to include the whole scene within a design parameter, and the composition pops more.

12. Door to the Night Sky

door to the night sky moon drawing

This drawing is in the same spirit as the fisherman fishing for stars.

Having something ordinary paired with something that isn’t is sure to freshen up your drawing pages if you’re having trouble finding inspiration.

13. Poison Bottle

poison bottle moon drawing

The poison bottle may seem ominous, but regardless of intent, it’s an easy and fun image to draw. Keep your bottle design simple, or go all out with twists, turns, and angles.

14. Smiling Moon and Star

smiling moon and star moon drawing

As mentioned, this nighttime duo does well together and can benefit from the same treatment the blushing sun and moon had. 

A fun little pop of a feature or emotion can change the whole mood of an image.

15. Falling Leaves

falling leaves moon drawing

Natural images paired with the moon feel fresh and wholesome and would make for fantastic prints.

Paired with the forest mushroom moon, this fun doodle would make for a great present.

16. Night Sky Over the Ocean

night sky over the ocean moon drawing

The moon feels so small compared to a body of water and is a perfect option for a perspective drawing.

As we all know, both the moon and most bodies of water are of a grander scale than we can casually perceive, and translating it onto the page is a good experience.

17. Hanging Planet and Stars

hanging planet and stars moon drawing

There are no moon drawing ideas without at least a few planets coming onto the page.

This drawing is another fun sizing idea because most planets are larger than our moon, flipping it on its head is an interesting take.

18. Moon Cycle

moon cycle drawing

Moon cycle images have become incredibly popular in the last few years, so it’s an easy idea to include them today.

Adding some unexpected media (glitter, neon markers, etc.) to color it in would be a great idea.

19. Perfect Fit Sun and Moon

sun moon drawing

As I’ve mentioned, the sun and moon are one of the most recognizable duos. Having them fit perfectly together speaks to their never-ending bond.

20. Planets

planets drawing

Since most moons revolve around a planet, these planets are a fun additional idea to add to your moon drawing repertoire. Dress them up however you’d like!

21. Planetary Globe

planetary globe moon drawing

Planetary globes are a great small-scale version of a bigger project that may be more time-consuming.

What’s great about the globe is that it can be added to any drawing or be a standout solo subject.

22. Rosey Moon

rosey moon drawing

Moons can be a very romantic symbol in any phase that they currently inhabit.

To make a moon even more so, consider adding another pretty or romantic idea to the page–a rose drawing is a great place to start.

23. Spiral Cloud

spiral cloud moon drawing

A whimsical cloud also plays up a moon nicely, whether it’s a singular one or a good handful surrounding or overlapping the moon.

Changing the design of how the clouds are drawn makes for a more unique result.

24. Sleeping Rabbit

sleeping rabbit moon drawing

Another fun way to make a moon scene more interesting or complex is by adding a favorite animal to an activity.

Here, I’ve added a rabbit to sit and take a nap at the bottom of the crescent, add multiple furry friends, or have a solo one.

25. Sleepy Moon

sleepy moon drawing

Alternatively, you could have the moon asleep itself! Facial expressions or other facial additions always make for a more exciting composition.

26. Vines

vines moon drawing

This idea is for nature lovers–simply vines to the moon gives the scene a much more refreshed and lighter feel.

Make your vines minimalist like above, or go all out by adding different flowering items like produce or actual flowers.

27. Heart Leaves

heart leaves moon drawing

As you can see, the possibilities abound with natural vining by weaving in other non-natural items. A beautiful alternaitve could be a patterning of stars and vines.

28. Crescent Window

crescent window moon drawing

Drawing ideas can always become more lively when framed into a specific space. This crescent window is great because it can be resized to fit any size of paper or canvas you have available.

29. Moon Moth

moon moth drawing

An unlikely but reliant pair of two are moths and the moon. Most moths are nocturnal and therefore, rely on the moon religiously, making this drawing idea a natural one for the post today.

30. Jumping Fish

jumping fish moon drawing

Interesting framing always lightens up a composition as well as an action happening on the page. This drawing idea is both cute and quirky.

It’s an unexpected image, similar to the fisherman fishing for stars. Take some time to draw this original image and then play off of it–and see what you come up with!

31. Rising Sun

rising sun moon drawing

And finally, as this post closes up, the moon ideas are setting, and the sun is rising. It felt appropriate to end on this drawing idea.

Re-arrange the composition to make it fit your vision, and add any other ideas from the list to this final idea.

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