21 Genius Life Hacks for Every-Day Situations

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If you’re a hack lover like me or just looking for helpful tips for saving time throughout the day, you’ve come to the right place for genius life hacks for every day!

Today, there are 21 genius life hacks for everyday use–from quick ironing jobs to storing odd-sized bread.

And, as always, the best part of these hacks is that they use everyday objects like clothespins, a pot, and more.

I hope you enjoy this bunch as much as I do!

Life Hacks for everyday situations

1. Use a Safety Pin to Fix the Laces

safety pins to fix up laces

If your laces get out of whack, pull out a safety pin like this! Use it as you would a guide to get the string re-laced–its weight and size are easier to work with.

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2. Use Toilet Paper Roll to Plant Seedlings

toilet paper rolls to plant seedlings

Are you looking to start seeds early and on a budget? Start saving your toilet paper rolls (or paper towel rolls) for a great upcycled option.

The roll is a perfect porous item to protect seeds until mature enough to go into the ground.

Have extra rolls? Check out these other toilet paper tube hacks!

3. Remove Chair Marks on the Carpet with a Damp Cloth and Iron

remove chair marks with damp cloth and iron

While rearranging furniture or cleaning up from a party, there may be pesky divots from each piece’s weight in your carpet.

To remove them quickly, grab a damp washrag and set an iron on top.

The iron will remove the wrinkle from the carpet quickly.

4. Tie a Colored Bow on Your Suitcase to Distinguish It

colored bow on suitcase

Waiting to pick up your luggage only to second guess which one is yours about three times over?

A quick fix is to tie a ribbon or distinguishable piece of cloth to some part of your bag–that way, the next time, you can take all the guessing out.

5. Use a Hair Straightener to Iron a Collar

hair straightener to iron collars

A hair straightener can save a last-minute fix to a wrinkly collar. Treat the straightener like an iron, and take precautions to treat the shirt.

6. Put Your Phone in Airplane Mode to Charge it Quickly

airplane mode to charge phone quickly

Is your phone dead or close to it, and looking to charge it fast?

Plug it in normally, but switch it to airplane mode before walking away from it–it’ll redirect more energy toward charging since many functions aren’t available once enabled.

7. Use a Clothes Peg and Double-Sided Tape to Hang the Key

clothes peg and double sided tape to hang kets

Are you or someone you live with always misplacing your keys or looking for a single spot to keep them? Try this double-sided tape and clothespin hack like this for an easy key hook.

For those who need help keeping track, try a few of these in major places throughout your space. Maybe it can help deter the habit.

8. Tie Two Forks Together with a Rubber Band to Make a Pair of Tong

tie two forks with rubberband to make a pair of tong

In times when you may need a pair of tongs but don’t have them available, rubberbanding two forks together works well.

The elasticity and structure of the rubberband do a perfect job for grilling, tossing, or flipping food.

9. Use a Clothes Peg to Hold a Nail in Place

use clothes pegs to hold a nail in place

A clothes peg or clothespin is a jack of all trades. From craft projects to home improvement, there’s always a use for them.

This particular hack is a great safety one that can greatly reduce the possibility of painful accidents.

10. Use an Empty Bottle to Fill Oversized Basins

use empty bottle to fill basins

Have you ever had a weird angle of trying to fill a bigger container with water, but the space won’t accept the bin?

Grab an oversized water bottle or plastic container as an extender to get the water from point A to point B.

Keep it handy with your bin to save time in the future.

11. Clean Your Leather with Coconut Oil

clean leather with coconut oil

Use coconut oil to condition and keep your leather seats feeling soft and well-conditioned. Test on an inconspicuous spot to ensure you’re happy with the results.

12. Wrap an Elastic Band Around a Soap Dispenser To Reduce It’s Waste

wrap elastic band around soap dispenser to reduce its waste

To save on your liquid soaps, consider wrapping a rubber band around the pump parts–that way, you can lessen the amount of soap per pump.

The rubber band acts as a natural stopper and prevents the whole amount of soap, which most of the time isn’t necessary for the task at hand.

13. Use Glasses Case to Store Make-Up

glasses case to store makeup

An excellent way to keep makeup organized while traveling is to have an extra glasses case handy to store long and skinny products.

It’s harder to lose your favorite mascara or lip liner when it’s safely stowed in a container.

The best part is that most of us have an extra case, so this hack is one of the easiest on the list today.

14. Mark the Edge of Your Tape with a Paper Clip

mark the edge of tape with a paper clip

Clear tape can be a nightmare to find the tailpiece on the fly.

This hack is awesome because, using a paper clip like this, you are essentially bookmarking where to start–no more guessing games.

You might also find these binder clip hacks useful!

15. Clean Your Shoes with Toothpaste

clean shoes with toothpaste

This hack sounds a bit bizarre up front, but think about it! If we use toothpaste to clean and brighten our teeth, wouldn’t it be the same for another white surface?

Start with small dabs along the rubber to get a feel for it, and then, depending on the toothpaste, move forward accordingly.

16. Use a Pot of Boiling Water for Ironing

use pot of boiling water for ironing

A hot pot of water can yield the same results for extra gentle fabrics or those that don’t want to or have an iron to pull out.

The residual temperature from the pot full of hot water can remove those wrinkles!

Results may vary depending on the shirt’s material and how hot the pot is once applying it to the wrinkled area. Be prepared to work quickly.

17. Saves Space on the Drying Rack

Your clothing drying rack never seems to need more space. Try clipping your clothing with clothespins like this on either side of the far bars, and you can fit far more by this method.

18. Use Command Hooks to Make a Charging Station

command hooks as charging station

Reliable spaces for phones can be tricky, surprisingly.

Make a dedicated station on the wall in the kitchen, next to your bed, or any other place you have a charger with a couple of command hooks.

Make sure to set the station up while your phone is plugged in so everything can reach you!

This is one of the best command hook hacks!

19. Use a Toothpick to Prevent the Vegetables From Sticking to the Knife

use toothpick to prevent vegetables from sticking to the knife

If you’re like me and hate a vegetable sticking to the knife while amid a whole chopping or slicing step of cooking, stick a small toothpick to the surface of the knife facing the veggies.

The bump in the knife will encourage any persistent produce to fall once sliced.

20. Wrap Your Drink in a Wet Napkin for Quick Cooling

wrap drink in wet napkin for cooling

Save this hack for summer! A great way to cool down a drink faster (varying results) is by wrapping an ice-cold paper towel around it.

It is even better if you can store your wrapped drink in a fridge or freezer for a short amount of time to encourage the temperature drop. Just don’t forget about it in the freezer.

21. Use Two Bags to Store Larger Loaf of Bread

use two bags to store larger loafs of bread

Have a long loaf or loaves of bread that need storing?

Simply slide the first half into one bag and the second into another–the bags should be big enough that they overlap and will help prevent the aging process.

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