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25 Simple Life Hacks You’ll Need

Are you looking to organize different parts of your life with little tricks or hacks to free up time and energy? You’ve come to the right place for simple life hacks that are beyond helpful.

They’re easy and quick to implement into your daily routine, or if you need a quick solution, these hacks offer the same.

Full of smart ways to roundabout some boring or time-consuming cleanup.

And, as always, nothing on the list is too costly. All the hacks use relatively common home goods that are inexpensive.

I hope you find some fun hacks on the list that you try out and share your favorites with friends and family!

Simple Life Hacks you need to know

1. Wrap The Tights Around The Hoover Hose to Find Small Objects

wrap tights around hoover hose to find small objects

Drop an earring or tiny screw? This trick of slipping a pair of stockings around the hose of your hoover can help you find the missing item half the time.

Make sure your tights don’t have any holes in them, though!

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2. Stick Sandpaper Around the Drill to Sharpen the Knives

stick sandpaper around drill to sharpen knife

Sharpening knives can be long and timely, but this hack can save time while keeping your utensils reliably sharp.

You can evenly work the blade using your drill wrapped with a fine piece of sandpaper like this.

The drill is a safe option, too, because of its heavy base. Just make sure to use it safely.

3. Use a Lint Roller to Dust a Lampshade

use lint roller to dust lampshade

When doing a big clean-up at home, do you find it hard to clean your lampshades? If you do, try this easy hack of lint rolling it!

Since your shade is most likely a fabric of some sort, the lint roller acts like it’s taking the dirt off any other fabric.

4. Make an Orange and Cinnamon Candle to Keep Insects Away

orange and cinnamon candle to keep insects away

Try making this candle whether you’re having a night outside or at that certain time of the year when bugs seemingly appear anywhere.

Insects are known not to love the scent of cinnamon or citrus, and if it drifts from the candle, it will deter uninvited house guests.

The fresher the ingredients, the more potent the candle will be.

5. Use a Balloon as a Lid

use balloon as lid

Have an odd jar or just can’t find the lid to something? Grab a balloon the next time this happens!

It sounds odd, but it works like a charm for most small-mouthed items!

6. Use a Funnel to Separate the Yolk from the Egg White

use funnel to seperate yolk from egg white

When a recipe calls for an egg to be separated yolk from white, we sweat just a bit, right? It’s not easy, and commonly things can go awry quickly.

This hack uses a funnel as a reliable egg separator, which works well. The whites naturally want to slip through while the opening cradles the yolk.

7. Use Coffee Filters to Dust Screen

use coffee filters to dust screen

While cleaning any piece of technology, their screens can be an easy thing to dust or clean. A great and gentle option for a computer screen is using a coffee filter like this one.

8. Insert a Teabag into the Kettle Mouth Cap to Serve More Cups of Tea

insert teabag into the kettle mouth cap to serve more cups of tea

If you’re having people over for an afternoon or evening and serving tea, consider this hack to stretch your tea bags.

When filling up your teapot, add a tea bag to the spout–that way, every pour gives a little extra flavor, and you use less tea overall.

9. Use a Balloon to Easily Rinse the Sink.

use balloon to rinse the sink

Don’t have an overhead sprayer for your sink? Grab another balloon, slip it over the faucet’s opening for a makeshift detachable sprayer, and hose your sink down like a charm.

10. Use Walnuts to Cover Up Wooden Furniture Dings

use walnuts to cover wooden furniture ding

Are you trying to fix a recent ding on wooden furniture? This hack is a great first step in fixing it; all you’ll need is a walnut!

The oils from the walnut help any abrasive remain mellow, and the knick heals as the oil continues to be absorbed.

11. Use Tongs to Squeeze Lemons Better

use tongs to squeeze lemon

A wonderfully helpful way to juice the most out of citrus is using a pair of tongs. Simply add the cut fruit toward the hinged part of the tongs and squeeze!

12. Use a Pencil Sharpener to Remove the Rubber Outer Part of Cables

use pencil sharpener to remove rubber outer part of cables

When working with anything electric-related, it’s important to use a lot of precaution and safety measures.

A great way to strip a wire’s end of the rubber layer is by using a personal pencil sharpener like this one.

13. Use an Egg Carton as a Fire Starter

use egg carton as fire starter

Starting a fire can be tricky, so a reliable fire starter is always helpful. Some store-bought options are expensive, so a great alternative is a paper-based egg carton!

14. Cut the Corner of a Tupperware to Shelter Plugs From the Rain

cut corner of tupperware to shelter plugs from the rain

Whether it’s the holiday season with outdoor decor or backyard party season, you’ll probably have some electric-powered items outside.

A great way to protect these items is by investing in some Tupperware for the outdoor protection of those cords.

Slitting either end of a Tupperware container like this one and placing an extension cord connection can protect it from the elements.

15. Use a Post-It to Clean Your Keyboard

use post it to clean keyboard

Perhaps the easiest hack on the list today is using a Post-it note to clean the depths of your keyboard.

It doesn’t get easier than grabbing a sticky note and swiping it through each column and row of your keyboard.

16. Create a Coaster with Hot Glue

create coaster with hot glue

Hot glue is a gift that never stops giving! From its obvious crafty benefits to functional cleaning options and even household items, hot glue is endlessly helpful.

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17. Keep the Bar of Soap Clean with Two Rubber Bands

keep bar of soap clean with rubberbands

Soap scum is possibly one of the weirdest and grossest things to deal with while getting clean.

Whether it’s your soap in the shower or at the side of your sink, add two rubber bands to elevate your soap so it doesn’t sit in the old scum.

18. Use a Cork as a Felt Pad

use cork as felt pad

Furniture moving across the floor can be troublesome if you don’t have or have lost the protective parts that sit at the bottom of the furniture.

One of the best quick or cheap fixes to remedy this issue is cork!

19. Cut a Sponge to Easier Clean the Window Guides

cut sponge to clean windows easier

While cleaning windows, do the tracks always take the longest because there isn’t a great way to clean them reliably deep?

Well, grab a sponge and cut slices in it to mirror your window tracks and clean away!

20. Use a Binder Clip to Hold a Ball of Yarn in Place

use a binder clip to hold ball of yarn in place

While knitting, that yarn ball can be completely unreliable and hard to work with–rolling across the floor, knotting into itself, and more.

A great way to cut that part out of your creating experience is by throwing your yarn in a bowl and adding a binder clip for your thread to travel through.

21. Use a Ceramic Mug as a Sharpening Stone

use ceramic mug as sharpening stone

For a quick sharpening hack, use the bottom of a ceramic mug to get your blade back up to snuff for a quick sharpening hack.

The ceramic material is a fine and common option to use in knife sharpening practices, and the bottom rim of your cup is a great home option.

22. Use a Sponge to Rest Your Wrist When Using the Mouse

use sponge to rest your wrist when using a mouse

If you’re an avid computer user, whether for work or personal reasons, keeping your body comfortable is important for work or personal reasons.

It may seem silly to use a sponge to guard your wrist while using a mouse, but prolonged motions can lead to trouble.

23. Use a Tennis Ball to Remove Stains on the Wall

use tennis ball to remove stains from a wall

You read that right; a simple tennis ball like this one can get rid of any scuffing off the walls of your home. Lightly rub the area with the ball to lift the marks.

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24. Use Spaghetti to Light Candles

use spaghetti to light candles

Run out of matches? Grab a dry spaghetti noodle–it doubles as a great match stick.

25. Put Paper Towels at the Bottom of Your Bin to Absorb Food Juices

paper towels at bottom of bin to absorb liquid

Finally, to help prolong the cleaning of your trash bin, simply add paper towels to the bottom to prevent any juices running too far.

Laureeann Ruel

Sunday 7th of April 2024

You are so inventive. These hacks are great!!