31 Random Doodles to Draw

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Always doodling and either stuck in a drawing rut, looking for new inspiration, or just looking for cute and easy ideas to try? These random doodles to draw are for you.

From produce to homes to animals and more, there’s something here for everyone to try during their next doodle session.

And, each idea is completely adaptable–take the ideas directly or add your unique spins or additions.

All drawings are intended for any artist of any ability, too. Go extra minimal or maximalist, whatever makes you happy while doodling.

If you’re looking for some of my favorite tools and items, I use a few regularly.

These pens, these pencils, these markers, this set of watercolors, this eraser, and these colored pencils are some of my favorites.

I hope you enjoy these doodles as much as I do, and now, on to the post!

Random Doodles to draw

1. Floral Bird in Flight

floral bird in flight

Birds are a regular doodle subject, but adding an unexpected pattern makes for a completely different bird. I went for a simple floral that is warm and bright, but play around with your bird.

2. Rain or Shine Clouds

rain or shine clouds

Weather is an ever-present occurrence for all of us, so it’s natural to float into our doodling pages. Opt for all different types, like above, in my progression of rain to sun.

This extra easy drawing idea is great for beginner doodlers!

3. Night Sky with Mountains

night sky with mountains

Scenic doodles are relaxing and fun to draw, with endless natural options. Depending on your mood, let it dictate your scenic scene and compare if you’ve done a handful of them.

4. “Beet”ing Heart

beet-ing heart

This doodle is the perfect card for someone who loves beets or farming. The color of the beet makes for a perfect heartfelt doodle come to life.

5. Apple Halves

apple halves

There are endless doodles and drawings of apples and specific produce. A great way to make something common interesting is to take it on from a different perspective.

Something as simple as showcasing the apple in half transforms the image into something entirely different. Next time you doodling, consider all the potential options for something simple.

6. Sparkling Diamond Rings

sparkling diamond rings

There’s something so alluring about diamond rings, isn’t there? Drawing one or even a pair isn’t too bad, and coloring them in is even better.

7. Penguin Dreams

penguin dreams

Animals tucked into a sweet, dreamy bed is some of the most adorable material possible to doodle.

I thought clouds were a natural option, but add something else like hearts, pizza slices, or anything fun to this cute drawing idea.

8. Moth


Moths, in my opinion, are a completely underrated insect and doodling subject. They are full of beautiful designs and are highly beneficial to our environment.

I think watercolor would make this moth even cooler.

9. Sleepy Time Tea

sleepy time tea

If you know, you know this tea has a cult following. I’m a big believer in the beloved tea and even a bigger believer in this adorable doodle.

10. Swirly Owl in a Tree

swirly owl

A great minimalist option for those of you looking for a low-key but distinct image, this swirly owl and tree is a great idea.

I like to start with the owl, then the leaves, and then complete the stump; that way, the owl seems embedded into the tree drawing.

11. Watering Plants

watering plants doodle

This simple yet bright gardening doodle is excellent for those with green thumbs or dreaming of greener days. Let your mood direct the colors you choose to color your subjects in.

12. Number One Flag

number one flag doodle

Celebrating the small things is always a fun and wholesome thing. Recognition through a flag is an easy and adorable way to translate it easily on the page.

13. Sleepy Crescent Moon

sleepy crescent moon doodle

The moon and sun are always on the doodling table, in my opinion. Giving the moon some human characteristics makes for a more fleshed-out and cute idea.

Any emotion is possible, too! Test a few different ones out and see how they feel.

14. Cute Corn

cute corn doodle

Who doesn’t love a cute little corn cob? The personification of ordinary produce, objects, and more always makes for an interesting subject.

This corn is vibrant, fun, and simple enough for any artist to try.

15. Orbiting around the Cloud

orbiting the cloud doodle

Planetary and outer space material is always fun to embellish on the page. Doodling is the perfect place to experiment, too; keep it minimal or go all out–whatever you feel that day is right.

16. Penguin with Flowers

penguin with flowers doodle

Flowers and anything, whether an animal or otherwise, makes sense in a doodling space. Use these above blooms, or opt for your favorites; you can’t go wrong.

17. Perfect Pair Hanger and Shirt

hanger and shirt doodle

Inanimate objects are always more interesting than human characteristics. This shirt and hanger are a fun take on a perfect pair like PB and J; you can see the connection clearly on the page.

18. Dreaming of a Cloudy Day

dreaming of a cloudy day doodle

Take a general idea and flip it on its head for a creative new take on a doodle. Instead of dreaming of sunny days, opt for the opposite!

The feel of the doodle is completely different from this interpretation. For balance, though, feel free to portray the classic idea, too.

19. Catching Flies on a Lily Pad

catching flies on a lily pad doodle

Catching something in a pretty natural act, like lunchtime for a frog, is an excellent material for a doodle.

It doesn’t all have to be unexpected–simple and overlooked moments also make wonderful subject options.

20. Pot of Purple Flowers

pot of purple flowers doodle

If you’re looking for a pop of color, try these purple flowers! Design the whole image to your liking, and redo anything from the pattern on the pot to the type of plant.

The plant doesn’t have to be purple, either. Whatever color you feel in the moment is more than an excellent choice.

21. An Apple a Day

an apple a day doodle

We’re all familiar with this saying, but what does an apple do to keep the doctor away? This drawing is another fun semi-prompt-oriented doodle to try out.

Stick with this interpretation, or go in your own direction with it.

22. Chatty Birds

chatty birds doodle

Birds with an interesting pattern or image oriented within their body make for a more interesting doodle.

These chatty birds can take on anything you’re looking to do. They’ll chat away the day anyway.

23. Boot of Flowers

boot of flowers doodle

Flowers are always a solid choice for a doodle. To shake up the classic idea of a floral drawing, weave in an ordinary element like a boot vase to elevate the image.

It seems odd, but it caught your eye, right? It’s a great exercise to push limits during a low-key drawing session.

24. “Love” ly bouquet

love bouquet doodle

This bouquet is darling and would make for a wonderful Valentine’s Day card or other occasion where you’d like to share the love.

A great way to alter this doodle is by either swapping the color of the flowers or the blooms themselves.

That way, it could be for a friend or a significant other.

You’ll want to see these easy rose drawing ideas as well!

25. Worm in an Apple

worm in apple doodle

Don’t overlook classic images, either! Even if something has been drawn twenty times over, it doesn’t mean it’s off-limits.

Give classic doodles your spin if you want to push the limits. Add a funny hat or expression to the worm, or make the apple a little more decayed or a weird color for a few simple options.

26. Corded Telephone

corded telephone doodle

Like the worm and apple idea, a corded phone is another fantastic classic option to put your spin on.

A few ideas to get you started are to spell a word out in the cord, add a simple shape, or make the phone itself a fun shape (cheeseburger phone, anyone?).

27. Owl

owl doodle

Owls are begging for endless cute patterns and shapes within their body’s composition. They’re even more fun with some color!

28. Farmscape

farmscape doodle

I’ve found drawing nature is generally always calming. What type of natural habitat I draw depends on the day.

29. Detailed Flower

detailed flower doodle

As I’ve mentioned, florals are never a bad idea. If you’d like to make a flower the star of your doodle, consider some fun pattering to fill in the blank space in the petals and leaves.

30. Stop and Smell the Flowers

stop and smell the flowers doodle

I can almost smell the flowers on the page. Whoever is smelling the blooms, the expression on their face says everything.

31. Mirror Mirror

mirror mirror doodle

We all know that mirror, this mirror can be anything you’d like it to be. Whether it’s a fairytale-inspired one or an ordinary one, it’s an easy idea with endless possibilities.

Check out these easy doodle pattern ideas next!

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