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21 Easy Tree Drawing Ideas

Are you looking to practice tree drawing or looking for new and exciting trees to implement into your artwork? You’ve come to the right place–I’ve got 21 easy tree drawing ideas for you!

These tree drawing ideas are very simple, intuitive, and inspiring. They offer a perfect way to start your drawing journey.

smiling tree drawing

All are simple for any artist anywhere in their journey, and if you need to practice it–do it! A little trial run will help you work out any logistical block you may be experiencing.

I haven’t used anything unusual for these pictures–drawing paper, pens, watercolors, etc. If you want to know the specifics of what I used, they are below for you!

tree drawing ideas

For paper, I used this notebook; to draw, these pens, and these pencils.

Mostly, I used these watercolors to give more life to the trees and my secret weapon, this simple ruler, to keep everything space evenly.

tree drawings

I hope you enjoy these fun and decorated trees as much as I do! Feel free to share your favorites and enjoy!

Youtube Video: Tree Drawing Ideas in Action!

1. Finger Printed Flowering Tree

finger printed tree

A fun project for art therapy for yourself or with children!

Start by painting the tree’s base and then choose the colors of leaves and start dotting–fingertips, q-tips, or any other small round-tipped item works just fine.

After the tree gets completed, feel free to add any leaves in motion surrounding the branches and any that outline the trunk. Have fun with it and try it during different seasons.

2. Patterned Line and Dot Trees

patterned line and dot trees

I love how minimal in design these three are, but they are interesting because of the distinct dot and line work for the greenery.

Try a different shape or go with more rigid lines to play around with the look of the trees.

Also, add more or less accenting shapes to the mix to play around with the results too. Try different spacing also, depending on the size of the workable space.

3. Evergreen Tree Line

evergreen tree line

Evergreens are so festive and cheery to me! I love this line of them being customizable.

For the winding tree, make small marks evenly down the base of the tree to yield a more structured tree. Add color to be extra festive!

4. Watercolor Classic Tree

watercolour tree

I love painting a watercolored tree. It’s enjoyable to play with, blending all the colors in the foliage and trunk.

Try this idea with accent marks to signify the different seasons! More practice with color for fall and spring.

New to watercolor painting? These easy watercolor hacks will help!

5. Watercolor Flowering Tree

watercolour flowering tree

These trees are always welcome in our house! Once we see flowering trees flower, it means warmer weather is coming.

Sketch the whole thing very lightly in pencil, and then return with your watercolors of choice! I think yellow flowers would also be a beautiful fit for this practice.

If you liked this flowering tree, these easy flower painting ideas will be right up your alley!

6. Trio of Trees

trio of trees

A simple trio of trees is an easy project for anyone to try out! Try a different textural element in the trees for different results depending on your comfort.

Mark the page evenly to have the tree trunks spaced evenly.

7. Different types of Trees

tree drawings

This idea is a fun way to practice different types of trees in one space. I have a few more further down in the post, but this one has a few more going on and is closer to classic looking trees.

I touch on both ideas in the small series, but to get the spacing, mark evenly across the page to draw the trees. Also, this tree line would make for a cute present or homemade card.

8. Smiley Face Tree

smiley face tree

I’m really giving this tree some life–literally! Adding a smile to the trunk provides the tree with a whole new feel.

A fun idea would be to draw a few different emotions on different trunks and create a small forest full of feelings.

These easy mushroom drawing ideas would be a perfect addition to your forest!

9. Wintry Tree Line

wintry tree line

The following few fun little tree lines get you practicing a handful of different styles of trees! Here we have minimal wintry trees that are completely bare bones.

Practicing simple trees on the same page creates a nice scene. To get the spacing like mine, take a ruler, measure four equidistant marks at the tree’s trunks, and then return to draw each one.

All of these tree lines make for a great little art print or a sweet homemade card! Add color to any of them or keep them as is–it’s sure to be a hit!

10. Twirly Tree Line

twirly tree line

You’ll get the ruler back out for our twirly trees to mark the spacing evenly. Add differently sized spirals of rings to add dimension to the trees.

Large and small will continue to give the trees more life and depth. Add any extra detailing that works for you.

11. Cute Tree Line

cute tree line

The best part about this idea–you can really play around with the pattern inside some of the trees.

Make the detailing as complex or as simple as you please–the more distinct, clean lines, the more attractive they’ll be.

I like adding color to this one; it makes the image all the more fun! I’ve mainly added watercolor, but I think markers or colored pencils would be just as pretty.

12. Minimal Tree Line

minimal tree line

Last but not least, more minimal trees, but not as bare bones. There’s some room to play around with their greenery as well.

Try some different shapes or sizes in a few of the trees to play around with the intensity of the image.

13. Series of Trees

series of trees

This trick is a great way to sample drawing a handful of different trees. Grab a straight edge and add as many baselines as you’d like, and get to practicing.

A fun thing to do once you’ve tried your hand at the smaller-scale trees is to enlarge one on another page. This idea is an excellent way to practice sizing with a simple starting item.

14. Short and Tall Tree

short and tall trees

We always love an odd couple–Oscar and Felix or Mulder and Scully! Anyways, these two are an excellent practice in drawing shapes and sizes on the same page.

Try practicing these in different sizes and shapes next to each other. Doing this will help you with your spacing and perspective practices.

15. Minimalist Tree

minimalist trees

This one is for those that always have trouble drawing leaves! Doing the leaves minimally achieves the shape but lets you skip the rest of the form.

If you like to make your own cards, I think this would be perfect for a general occasion card. Add color or any small detail, or keep it as is for a sweet homemade card.

This tree would be a nice aesthetic drawing idea for journals!

16. Tree Swing

tree swing

A classic image to me–a swing attached to a tree. Make it as simple as a plank seat, or go for a tire swing or any other classic swing that comes to mind.

Add a playset nearby for a more fun scene. Or add touches to showcase what season the tree is in.

17. Bending Tree

bending tree drawing

A field of these bending trees looks beautiful together! I’ve only shared one for the example and simplicity of sharing the image.

Let the bends go in any direction if you’re drawing more than one–it makes the image more complex. Adding some blooms would be a great addition too!

18. Sitting on a Hill Under a Tree

sitting on a hill under a tree drawing

For a peaceful moment, drawing this person under a tree on a hill is just the ticket. Simple and minimal–fill it in a bit or keep it black and white.

This drawing would make a great gift, too. Stick it in a frame and gift it–I think it’d look very sweet in a nursery or child’s room.

19. Storybook Tall Tree

tall tree drawing

This tree reminds me of a few trees in some classic children’s literature–The Giving Tree, arguably the most famous storybook tree. Add as many branches as you’d like!

A fun idea to add, depending on where you plan on drawing the tree, try adding some goofy items into the branches. Or add an entire row for the edge of a forest feel!

20. Apple Tree

apple tree drawing

Fruit trees couldn’t get excluded from the list! Simple, sweet, and customizable to any fruit you’d prefer on the tree–cherries, peaches, pears, etc.!

Draw a whole orchard or implement one of these trees into a pastoral picture you’re working on. Easy to implement anywhere!

This would make a fun fall art activity for kids of all ages!

21. Abstract Fallen Foliage

abstract foliage art

For an interesting perspective, but still in the woodsy spirit? Try drawing the forest floor with all of the leaves, grasses, and fungi your heart desires!

Go in a round, drawing the specific parts throughout the space. Once done with one item, move to the next, and so forth.