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40 Fun Fall Art Activities for Kids

Looking for fall art projects for kids of all ages? These easy fall crafts offer a great way to engage children and have so much fun!

Fall time is the perfect time to curl up inside before the fire with friends and family. It’s a time to read, play, learn, and if you plan it right, indulge in some really fun craft activities!

Try these simple ideas for a crafty morning and engage even the older kids! So, find some of your favorite fall activities and get creative!

fall art activities for kids

1. DIY Bookmark

DIY Bookmark


There’s no better time than a cold fall evening to sit down in front of th-e fire for some cocoa and an hour or two of reading. It’s never too soon to get your kids hooked to the habit of reading for fun

So, perhaps these DIY bookmarks might lure them in.

The first step after gathering your supplies is to trace your kid’s handprint and cut it out. This handprint bookmark is just the personal touch that they can bring to reading time!

2. Forest Fairy

Forest Fairy


Woodland creatures are the stuff of magic and wonder. I remember traipsing through the woods in the fall just hoping to catch a glimpse of a forest fairy.

If your kids love fairies, then take matters into your own hands and make a forest fairy outfit for yourself out of fall leaves! This can be worn over a simple black tee and even a leafy headband!

Grab some sticky tape and go outside with the kids to gather some leaves!

3. Yarn Pumpkin Necklace

Yarn Pumpkin Necklace


I usually have a ton of yarn leftover from knitting projects around fall. If you’ve got some yarn lying around, go ahead and grab some for this yarn pumpkin necklace.

It’s a quick and easy fall-themed accessory for your kids, especially around Halloween. In fact, you can rope them into making a few yarn pumpkins, as well.

Go ahead and turn this necklace into a garland with multiple pumpkins, too, if you like!

This is one of the fun fall crafts you’ll want to make again and again.

4. Unicorn Toilet Roll Craft

Unicorn Toilet Roll Craft


I love anything related to unicorns. I always had some form of unicorn-related outfit at Halloween, too. Does your kid love unicorns, as well?

Then perhaps you can sit her down for a fun-filled unicorn craft session. The ebay part is that this unicorn craft is actually made out of toilet paper rolls!

You will also need multiple colors of yarn. Grab  a few skeins, a couple of sparkly embellishments, and markers, as well.

5. Halloween Corner Bookmarks

Halloween Corner Bookmarks


Don’t you just hate it when someone dog-ear marks the pages of your favorite book? But it can be quite tempting to fold the pages, too, right?

Well, if you want to break your kids out of this terrible habit, then perhaps a corner bookmark or two should do the trick. You can spice it up a little this fall with some Halloween-themed bookmarks.

You can probably reduce the spook factor of these bookmarks if you switch out the creepy black eyes with something quirky like googly eyes.

Give these fun autumn crafts a try and engage the little ones in a fun way.

6. Hedgehog



I always did think that hedgehogs had a bad rep. It’s not their fault that they have a spiky back; underneath all that, they’re pretty adorable.

Here’s a hedgehog-themed craft project that you and your kids can work on. It’s just the kind of project that can keep them occupied during those windy fall evenings.

Grab your supplies first, and while you’re waiting for the cocoa to be ready, set a plate of cookies out for you and the kids to enjoy!

7. Fall Hat

Fall Hat


Fall headbands have a ton of potential. They can be accessorized with leaves and other natural elements that the kids can actually forage for on their own.

This fall hat craft comes with a free template that you can download and print. Your kids can use this template to unleash their creativity.

Grab some crayons, bottles of acrylic paints, or colored markers, and sit them down to work on their fall hats!

8. Paper Pumpkin

 Paper Pumpkin


Need a really quick and easy fall project for your next craft session with your kids? Well, there’s always something pumpkin-related to see you through. Check out this simple paper pumpkin craft.

I’m pretty sure you already have all the supplies you will need for this project. That’s the best thing about paper crafts–you can use up and upcycle craft supplies already at hand in a creative way!

So just go ahead and start working on it right away! Find more craft ideas for 3-year-olds here.

9. Fall Leaf Garland

Fall Leaf Garland


If you’re looking for an outlet for all that energy your kids have pent up from being stuck inside all day? Then open the back door and let them outside to forage in the backyard for some gorgeous fall leaves.

You’re going to string all those leaves up into a gorgeous and earthy fall leaf garland. Then you’re going to hang it up in your living room–over the mantel, perhaps?–as a part of your fall-themed decor.

10. Scarecrow



Did someone say scarecrow? Because I have the easiest scarecrow craft project for your kids that I bet they’re going to get a kick out of.

This is just a plain old coloring project, so you can use it as a quick-fix solution to meet your kids’ crafting needs. There is a template that has been provided.

Just download the template, print it, and then have your kids paint their scarecrows.

11. Leaf Suncatcher


Remember the last time you let your kids out in the backyard to collect some leaves? Didn’t they just have a ball? Well, set them out once more to collect a few more leaves.

Why? Well, check out this gorgeous suncatcher that you and your kids make using fall-colored leaves! These leaves would look great on your kitchen window.

But first, grab some glue–plenty of it, mind–before you begin this project.

12. Fall Dot Marker Printables

Fall Dot Marker Printables


Here’s another printable fall craft that literally only takes you under half an hour to work on and complete. This one would be ideal for younger kids. How?

Well, for one, this project calls for dot markers which can be particularly fun for toddlers to play with. Then just print the template and have your kids practice their dot painting on them!

13. Watercolour Fall Leaf Painting

Watercolour Fall Leaf Painting


Does your kid just love painting? Perhaps it’s time to introduce her to watercolors.

Watercolors are a great medium for your little ones to start their painting journeys with. It’s user-friendly, easy to find, and easier still on the wallet when compared to oils.

If you’re wondering what to paint, then wonder no more. It’s a no-brainer; just paint fall leaves!

14. Autumn Tree Finger Painting

Autumn Tree Finger Painting


Sensory craft projects are particularly fun for toddlers and kids alike. Heck, it’s just as fun for adults, too. You can paint an autumnal tree using, and for that sensory touch, just have your kids paint with their fingers!

Grab a couple of paper plates first. You can use them to mix colors, and they’re easy to dispose of, as well.

This is truly one of the great ideas if your kids enjoy sensory play. Also, check out more paper plate crafts for kids here.

15. Fall Popsicle Stick Bookmarks

Fall Popsicle Stick Bookmarks


If your kids enjoyed making those bookmarks earlier, then here’s another one to celebrate their love for reading and the fall season. It’s easy to make and can be used as party favors, too.

Do you have a few popsicles lying around your home? If you don’t then pick up craft popsicle sticks to make these fall popsicle stick bookmarks.

You can make little pumpkins, acorns, mushrooms, leaves, sunflowers, and more. You can play around with colors and sizes, too.

16. Apple Suncatcher

Apple Suncatcher


Do you remember playing with pony beads when you were little? Well, grab some from a store near you for this next DIY for the kids.

You will also need an apple-shaped cookie cutter. Curious about what you’re going to make? Apple-shaped suncatchers!

You’re going to melt the plastic pony beads and shape them into apples on a glass surface like your window. You will need red and green beads, so make sure you have plenty on hand.

17. Maple Leaf

Maple Leaf


There’s just so much to love about maple. There’s the syrup, there’s the leaves, and their color, and so much more.

How about you and your kids sit down and work on this maple leaf printable craft? It’s oodles of fun and super easy to make.

To make it even more fun, just combine paint and shaving cream to make puffy paint!

This is a perfect craft for elementary school. It offers a great way to engage with beautiful colors and appreciate nature.

18. Salad Spinner Paint Art

Salad Spinner Paint Art


I think there’s an inner kid in every one of us. There’s also an inner Jackson Pollock in every kid just dying to make a mess out of paint and colors.

This salad spinner art can help your kids practice their splatter painting technique. It’s a super easy prop to find, and you probably already have one at home!

19. Tissue Paper Plate Apple Craft

Tissue Paper Plate Apple Craft


Apples in fall are like flowers in spring–they just belong. So let’s embrace all things apple, and that includes apples at craft time.

Here’s a quick and easy apple craft project for toddlers. It involves tissue paper and paper plates, and trust me. Your kids are going to have a ball.

You can get in on the fun, too, and help tear and crumple the tissue paper to make the apple!

20. Q-Tip Fall Tree Painting

Q-Tip Fall Tree Painting


I love it when you can make use of everyday household items–like Q-tips–and create art. It’s a wonderful opportunity to teach your little ones about sustainable crafting through upcycling and recycling.

Painting trees with Q-tips can be a technique that you can cultivate, and there are so many nuances to it, too. Did you know you could tie 5-6 Q-tips and use them as stamps to paint the leaves?

21. Pom Pom Fall Leaf Painting

 Pom Pom Fall Leaf Painting


Do you know those little fluffy pom poms you use in craft projects? DId you know that you can use them as a prop for painting fall trees?

Grab some of those pom-poms and also buy a packet of clothes pegs while you’re shopping. These will help you hold the pom poms in place while you dip them in paint and use them as an applicator.

22. Fall Macrame Rainbow

Fall Macrame Rainbow


Macrame crafts are just super fun and perfect for when you’re spending a cozy afternoon in fall inside. It’s also super customizable, from the colors you use to the threads and cords.

This fall-colored macrame rainbow is a great project for when you’re trying to use upp scraps of leftover cords from previous macrame crafts.

23. Fall Popsicle Stick Bookmark

Fall Popsicle Stick Bookmark


24. Rag Wreath

Rag Wreath


Don’t worry, this rag wreath is actually quite trendy, despite the ratty name. It is, however, a simple and frugal craft project, perfect for adults and kids alike.

Depending on the colors you use, you can pass this wreath off at Christmas, spring, and fall alike. It can also be a great year-round wreath to have hanging from your front door or mantel.

25. Tree Silhouette Placemat

Tree Silhouette Placemat


Kids, especially toddlers, have been known to make a big mess…or two. WHether it’s at play time or dinner time. There’s bound to be a mess.

Why not make a few placemats during their next craft session. You can help them make this silhouette tree with lovely sunset and fall colors in under an hour!

26. Fall Wreath

Fall Wreath


This is one of the fall art ideas you’re going to enjoy making with the little ones!

Now, this wreath doesn’t leave any doubt in mind about which time of the year it belongs to…fall! Right from the earthy colors of the leaves, you can just tell that this wreath is fundamentally fall.

To tire your kids out before their craft session, have them go outside and gather leaves and pinecones from the backyard. Don’t forget to get a wreath form, too.

27. Fall Scavenger Hunt

Fall Scavenger Hunt


This printable activity sheet might just be the thing to help your kids get into the fall mood and appreciate everything that the season has to offer. Just download the template provided and print it down for your kids.

It’s a good activity for a party, as well, especially if there are prizes involved!

28. Wooden Fox

Wooden Fox


Maybe it’s the colors, or perhaps it’s something to do with the animal itself, but I’ve always considered foxes to be fall animals. It’s like how we associate butterflies to summer and polar bears to winter, I guess.

These wooden foxes are made from wood slices. Grab some paints, brushes, and decorative twine to get started. You can also hang it up as an ornament, if you like.

29. Fall Tree Silhouette Art

Fall Tree Silhouette Art


There’s something about silhouettes that are predominantly fall or winter-themed. They’re probably more suited for autumn and winter skies and backdrops.

Either way, these fall silhouettes are breathtaking and mysterious and your kids will find them easy to work with, too. You can cut out the silhouettes if you’re not up for painting them.

30. Cork and Button Apple Tree

Cork and Button Apple Tree


For this next DIY, you’re going to have to dip into your stash of wine bottle corks. If you don’t have a collection, then just pick up a few from here.

You will also need a few red buttons to use as ‘apples’ and paint–particularly green for the tree’s leaves and brown for the trunk.

31. Handprint Fall Tree

Handprint Fall Tree


Sometimes, we just need to give in to the kids’ need to make a mess. Let’s call it a sensory craft activity and leave it at that.

For this particular project, you–your kids–will be painting with both hands and fingers to make a handprint tree. The leaves can be a blend of fall colors while the branches and the trunk can be all-brown.

Check out more handprint crafts for kids!

32. Tissue Paper Fall Craft

Tissue Paper Fall Craft


I find that scrunching up tissue paper is an activity that toddlers really enjoy. Why not sit your toddler down and help them make this tissue paper fall tree?

You can buy fall-colored tissue paper from here to begin. Then, you can use a bit of cardboard as the base and set up your tree on top of it, as seen here.

33. Fall Suncatchers

Fall Suncatchers


Suncatchers are just so darn pretty that you can never have too many of them. Take a look at these fall suncatchers and tell me they don’t make your breath catch, as well.

They’re just the kind of thing to keep your little ones–toddlers in particular–occupied and entranced. Just watching the lights dance off the window pane is a treat for the eyes.

34. Nature Mason Jar Lantern

Nature Mason Jar Lantern


Mason jars are some of the most versatile craft props you can use. They’re almost always available at hand; it’s finally time to upcycle those jars in your pantry and make this nature lantern.

You’ve probably got everything you’ll need: leaves, twine, and finally, fairy lights. Just assemble your nature lantern jar, light it up and watch the lights twinkle and glow through the leaves.

35. Corn Painting

Corn Painting


Corn is pretty popular around fall time. Halloween hay rides in the corn fields ring a bell? How about candy corn or just plain old buttery popcorn and movies by the fire?

For this corn painting, you will need a couple of cobs of corn from your pantry, a couple of paper plates to mix the paints, and cardstock to paint on.

36. Fall Tree Apple Stamping

Fall Tree Apple Stamping


Stamp painting is a great alternative to more traditional applicators like brushes. They’re ideal for young toddlers who are just starting out on their journey as painters.

Grab a couple of apples and slice them up. You can use acrylic paints and a paper plate as a palette to mix those paints. Simply press the apple into the paint and then onto the paper to stamp the imprint.

You can experiment with color patterns and even with how you slice the apples to give a new stamp design.

37. Leaf Printing

Leaf Printing


Just like with flowers, you can never get tired of painting leaves. There are just so many techniques that you can explore and master, so it’s important you start young and learn right off the bat.

There are also different mediums and paint types you can explore. With each new component, the technique, too, will change!

Check out more fall crafts for kids here.

38. Autumn Leaves Colouring

Autumn Leaves Colouring


If your kid has started leaf-painting in earnest, then it might help to start them off easy. While painting leaves can be a freestyle venture, sometimes, especially for younger kids, a template sheet like this might come in handy.

Just download and print this leaf template. You’ll find that there are different angles and sides to the leaves to explore and paint.

39. Pumpkin Apple Stamping

Pumpkin Apple Stamping


Remember when you painted that tree earlier using apples as stamps? Well, how about you paint pumpkins instead this time?

You’ll find that a half slice of apple works as the perfect stamp for a pumpkin slice. So go ahead and buy some orange paint, grab a knife, and start slicing that apple.

40. Apple Tree Window Cling

Apple Tree Window Cling


This cute as a button apple tree can be made into a decal for your window this fall season. You will need to buy some transparent contact paper from here, tissue papers–yellow, green, and red. Finally, a strip of brown construction paper for the bark.