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21 Easy Mushroom Drawing Ideas

Are you looking to add to your drawing skills or widen your portfolio? Or are you just looking for some cute little mushroom drawing ideas to doodle with your friends or family?

Either way, you have come to the right place! Here I’ve collected twenty-one cute, goofy, and even angry mushrooms that are easy to draw and pop right off the page.

mushroom drawing

This list has an array of mushrooms, from singular ones to clusters of them! Have fun, and take your time drawing.

Most are simple, but paying attention to the details will pay off in the long run. Generally, I go from top to bottom or where the element’s size needs to anchor the rest of the portions.

If you’re interested in knowing the materials I used, I’ll leave them here!

For the paper, I used this notebook, pens from this pack, and markers from this pack, but also a few from this one; I love these pencils for sketching, and these erasers are everything.

Mushroom Drawing Ideas

Add color to any of the images you make yourself–I didn’t add too much color so as to not detract from the appearance itself, so you all can interpret them better!

Feel free to use different media too–paints, pencils, even crayons if you’d like!

black and white mushroom drawing

One more thing, I mention it on a few of the mushroom posts, but have fun with it–add or subtract anything to make your image come to life! With all of that said, onto the mushroom drawings;

I hope you had as much fun as I did with these fantastic fungi!

1. Bugs on a Mushroom

bugs on a mushroom drawing

In my opinion, one of the most accessible mushroom types of drawing! To spice the image up just a bit without taking too much away from the pair of fungus, I added two bugs in ‘conversation.’

If you’re not in on beetle-y bugs, try a worm, caterpillar, or even butterfly! Or, if you don’t want to add any insects or animals, you could pattern the cap of the mushroom for some fun.

This is also an easy drawing idea for kids!

2. Fantastical Fungi

Mushrooms with that little extra twinkle just feel right, don’t they? The pair is a favorite to draw and would look darling framed on a child’s bedroom wall.

I started by angling my caps in the way I wanted and drew the beginning of stems outward to frame everything. Once all of that got settled, I returned to fill out both of the ideas more fully.

3. Solo Mushroom

solo mushroom drawing

For the beginners or the minimalists out there! A mushroom in its simplest form, for anyone to draw and to add or even subtract anything else from the image.

Here I started by marking where the base would be, then drew the cap in a corresponding space, and then connected the two once happy with the positioning.

4. Polka Dot Mushroom

polka dot mushroom drawing

This little mushroom is another variation of a mushroom further down on the list.

Here, I have gone with a simple polka-dotted top with matching vegetal elements in the background–feel free to do the same with whatever color you choose.

Here, start with the foreground–the mushroom–then move to any greenery that will get added. Make it larger or smaller; remember to start with an anchoring part to get the spacing right.

5. Happy Mushroom

happy mushroom drawing

In this house were big fans of happy faces on any given item–the fridge, homework assignments, and even in drawings!

So, of course, I had to add a happy mushroom here–add a few more defining outlines to make this little guy even happier.

Again, I started with the cap and then moved down to the base to even everything out and finished with what I imagined would make this little fellow happy. 

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6. Sleeping Mushroom

sleeping mushroom drawing

Like most drawings, I always recommend to start with a light pencil sketch and returning with a pen or marker post.

Work from top to bottom of the mushroom and customize the bed it’s sleeping into any season!

If you’re a teacher or working with small children, you could turn this image into a great visual aid for a lesson about the seasons!

Sketch out four different mushrooms and add leaves to one, snowflakes to the second, flowers to the third, and green grass to the last one.

7. Pumping Iron Mushroom

pumping iron mushroom drawing

This little one always gives me a good chuckle after it’s on the page. Make this one as comical or serious, and feel free to share the results!

I actually like to make the body for this little mushroom first! I like to make the belly line first to base everything off of that part.

Start like you’re making a very shallow ‘u’ but work that into the arm, mirror the line, but go outward to create the whole first part.

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8. Mushroom Family

mushroom family drawing

Probably the sweetest image on the blog post today! Add as many baby mushrooms as you would like, and color the caps differently.

Start with the big mama or papa mushroom, and then add the littles. This image could also be a great visual aid in lessons about the seasons.

9. Shy Mushroom

shy mushroom drawing

I love this one–the mushroom hiding behind the rock is just so cute! Draw any sort of item you want for the little guy to hide behind and fill everything in with detail.

The detailing on the fungus is very simple here. Adjust accordingly for how hidden or not hidden you’d like the little guy.

10. Dancing Mushroom

dancing mushroom idea

This little mushroom is getting his groove on! A good tip is to start on the cap and then continue to move outward, filling in the rest–add any music device you please.

Add a couple of friends, or set him up on a stage! Whatever this fungus is doing, he’s sure to be having a good time.

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11. Mushroom trio

mushroom trio drawing

This drawing is simple but works on a bit of proportional elements. Draw them in whatever array works best for you, and then sketch in the filler details.

Another way to make this picture more complex is to do a few clusters on the page and space them in a visually appealing way.

Like many of these drawings, they can get drawn a few times over to really stand out.

12. ‘Fungi’ having

mushroom drawing

I couldn’t not reference the pun in a blog post about mushrooms! Add any accessories you please–a bag, beachball, or even sunblock.

The cap is where this drawing begins. Center that and anchor everything off of the mushroom’s top for a fun in the sun moment.

13. Cow Print Mushroom

cow print mushroom drawing

I love to make this one because the cap is so big you can play around with the top’s pattern. The lid is still editable even if you are drawing a smaller version.

As you’ve seen higher on the list, I’ve done a few different prints, but I love the cow print the best! Try another animal, geometric, or abstract pattern out on yours.

14. Angry Mushroom

angry mushroom drawing

Mushrooms showing full ranges of emotions are fun to draw–it makes the possibilities even more endless! Fill in the scene with how you think your ‘fungi’ has become this angry.

Add more details to showcase just how angry your mushroom guy has gotten, too, with stress marks, redding of facial features, or other specific characteristics.

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15. Crushin’ Mushrooms

mushrooms in love drawing

Obviously, these two are feeling the love! Feel free to put your own spin on this idea by grabbing any two drawings from the list to crush on one another.

These two mushrooms are pretty straightforward to draw, though, if you like these two. I’d start with the shorter of the two, so the taller one will have the perfect angle to look at the first one.

16. Artist Mushroom

artist mushroom drawing

Who doesn’t love a characterized mushroom? I leaned in with this creation to make a mushroom that paints, and I just think it came out adorably!

Start with the body of this artist and then fill in around. That way, you won’t have to worry about the cap line as you continue your piece.

17. Woodland Mushroom

woodland mushroom drawing

These are the types of mushrooms I thought every fungus looked like growing up. Dark cap, whimsical stem, and just settled in amongst other greenery.

Work out the mushroom detailing first, and then add as much or little foliage as you’d like for your creation.

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18. Happy Mushroom

happy mushroom drawing

Humanizing an object with a little face just makes everything a bit cuter!

Feel free to customize facial expressions, flowers, and any background additions you’d like to have.

19. Mushrooms in the Night

mushrooms in the night drawing

Mushrooms at night always have a bit of extra sparkle or glow, don’t they? I love to draw them with a little starry scene, and they can even look more magical with a bit of color.

These cute animal drawings would add to the scenery here as well!

20. Clustered Mushrooms

clustered mushroom drawing

I love doing a few of these or making a whole page’s worth! For the caps, draw gumdrop-sized shapes and fill in the stems once finished with the tops.

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21. Tall Mushrooms

tall mushrooms drawing

Finally, for our last drawing, a simple pair of tall mushrooms. Start with the caps and sketch out from there.

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