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21 Genius Drawing Hacks for Everyone

Looking for easy ways to start your drawing journey or teach the kids to draw? These little drawing hacks will make all the difference!

Give yourself the time and space to be creative! These little hacks will put you on the right track from the beginning.

Drawing is a fun and creative activity that allows you to express yourself in various ways. However, it can be challenging for some people to develop ideas or techniques to improve their skills.

In this blog post, I will share 21 drawing hacks for everyone that will help you enhance your skills and inspire you to create drawings that may have been too difficult in the past.

drawing of 3 cats

Some tools to help you out while trying out these hacks are these markers, these pencils, this notebook, these pens, and a roll of tape like this one.

drawing illustrations

Check out the video on my YouTube for a more detailed explanation, and I hope you find some new art to try out.

1. Pair of Owls

pair of owls drawing

Owls are fascinating creatures, and drawing them can be a fun and rewarding experience. To create a pair of owls, draw two circles with a coin for the heads and then two ovals for the bodies.

Add some details to the faces, such as the eyes, beaks, and feathers, and then connect the bodies with some curves. Finally, add some wings and tail feathers to complete the drawing.

This is one of the best easy drawing ideas for kids to create!

2. 500 to Sleepy Cat

500 to sleepy cat drawing

If you want to draw a cute and sleepy cat, try using the number 500 as a starting point. Draw the number 5 as the cat’s back leg and belly, and then use the 0s to create each front paw.

Add some remaining lines to the head and then draw some curved lines to the body to show that the cat is sleeping.

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3. R to Girl in a Raincoat

R to girl in raincoat drawing

Try using the letter R as a starting point to draw a girl in a raincoat. Draw a capital R to the scale you’d like the girl to, then add some curves to create the head and body.

Add some arms and legs, then draw the raincoat over the body. Finally, add details to the face and hair to complete the drawing.

4. Sheep in Motion

sheep in motion drawing

Drawing a sheep in motion can be challenging, but it can also be a lot of fun. Start by marking the body and head, then add some bent legs to show the movement.

Add some motion marks and fluff accents heading in different directions, and finish with any detailing.

5. Cat Trio

cat trio drawing

If you want to draw three cats together, draw three unclosed circles for the bodies. Add details to the faces, such as the eyes, nose, and mouth attributes, and then draw some paws and tails.

Finally, add some fur to show the cats are fluffy and adorable.

6. Pair of Doves from Two “2s”

pair of doves from '2s'

To draw a pair of doves, use two 2s as a starting point. Draw one “2” normally and the other backward wherever you want on the page.

Add some curves to create the heads and bodies, then draw wings and tails. Finally, add some details to the faces and feathers to complete the drawing.

7. S to Duckling

S to duckling

To draw a cute duckling, draw the letter S to the size you’d like the duck. Add some curves to create the head and body, and then draw some wings and legs.

Finally, add details to the face and feathers to bring the duckling to life.

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8. Friends at the Zoo from Four “3s”

animals at the zoo drawing

Drawing a group of animals at the zoo can be a fun and creative challenge. Try using the four 3s as a starting point.

Depending on the animal you’d like to recreate, mimic the given three. Follow it with some simple lines to fill out the rest of the animal.

Add some details to the faces and bodies, then draw tails, faces, or other information to show that the animals are different species.

9. Excited Dog from “b” and “d”

letters b and d to dog drawing

To draw an excited dog, draw the letters b and d facing each other. Extend the lines both upward and downward to the paws and ears.

Draw a small circle for the nose and draw some dots for the eyes. Add the paws, ears, tails, and arms. Finally, add details to the face and fur to show the dog’s excitement.

10. Holding hands for World Peace

holding hands for world peace drawing

We’re going for a minimal look here, so start using a circular object to make for the people. Next, make the bodies with different colored circles.

Follow that with the globe in the middle and finish with the detailing. Rub some pencil lead with a Q-tip at the appropriate angles to get the shadowing.

11. A “t” to Protect from the Rain

T to umbrella drawing

To draw a person holding an umbrella, start by drawing a lowercase t. Add some spokes to create the rest of the umbrella, and then draw the legs poking out from the bottom of the umbrella.

Connect the umbrella points and add the rest of the detailing to complete the rainy day.

12. From Outlines to Kids

from outlines to kids drawing

To draw some kids, start by writing the word ‘UH’ vertically–for a girl, the bottom of the “H” should have a little fan to it.

Add some details to the faces, such as the eyes, nose, and mouth, and then draw some hair and clothes. Keep them minimal, or add colors as you’d like.

13. Trees Found at the Park

trees drawing

Drawing trees can be a fun and relaxing activity. Start by outlining the trunk and branches, then add some curly scribbles, lines atop one another, a raindrop, or small-scale curly leaves.

Use different colors–green or autumnal- to show the foliage’s depth and texture.

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14. Minimalist Feather

minimalist feather drawing

To draw a minimalist feather, start by drawing a naturally curved line for the shaft. Start at the very top of the post and draw equal lines headed out toward the body of the feather.

As you draw the full body, make some deep insets to make the feather look more natural. Use a light touch to create the textured parts of the outer part to make an elegant feather.

If you like minimalistic art, these easy aesthetic drawing ideas are for you!

15. I Can Count to 9 and Draw Real Fine

To draw an array of characters, start by writing out the numbers one through nine. The drawing may take some time, but the numbers help get each image a good head start.

Use different colors or patterns to make each image stand out, and then add some decorations, such as cheek color or animation lines, to make the series look more fun and playful.

16 ‘Boy,’ Am I Glad to See You

from letters 'b, o, y' to a boy's face drawing

To draw an easy cartoon head, start by drawing the face. Add some details to the look, such as the eyes, nose, and mouth, and then draw some hair.

Use some curved lines to show that the person is expressing any emotion to see someone.

17. Rising Star

rising star drawing

To draw a rising star, start with the smaller asterisk, and add as many lines as you’d like. Draw the lines to create a burst effect, with the points of the star extending outward.

For the second, think in terms of triangles. Start with the top and then move toward the bottom.

Finally, for the biggest star, add the two together, starting with the starburst and then moving outwards, connecting each angularly.

18. Love to Smell the Roses

heart to rose drawing

To draw a rose, start by drawing a heart that’ll make up for the upper outer petals. Add some curved lines to create the body of petals, and then draw the inner details and any extra petals.

Draw some leaves and stems to complete the drawing, and use different shades of pink and red to make the rose look vibrant and romantic.

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19. Pocket Full of Daisies

daisies drawing

To draw this series or one flower, start by drawing a series of straight lines (or singular). Add some stems–as many as you’d like for your drawing.

Add petals anywhere on the stem, then draw some petals and other detailing. Use different fine pens in various shades to make the flowers look fresh and cheerful.

20. Honey to The Bee

honey and bee drawing

To draw a bee, start by drawing the wings with an angled downward “3”. Continue towards the head and then return to fill out the rest of the body.

Use a light touch to add some details, such as the eyes, antennae, and stinger. Draw some honeycomb to round out the photo, beyond that, feel free to add more bees.

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21. Butterfly by Tape

butterfly drawing

To create a butterfly drawing with tape, start by laying the roll on paper. Repeat the process to have two circles.

Then carefully, make two circles with the smaller part of the tape roll and then an even smaller circle underneath both medium-sized circles.

You’ll use this series of circles to base the outline of the butterfly on.

Create the body and antennae after the wings have been created. Use different colors to make the butterfly look bright and beautiful.

Finally, erase the pencil marks once you’ve added all the details needed to complete the insect.

A good tip, use different sizes of tape to create different-sized butterflies to make a more interesting scene.

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