17 Easy Rose Drawing Ideas

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As the world blooms around us, I thought there was no better post than to have one celebrating one of my favorite flowers–roses! I’ve gathered easy rose drawing ideas for anyone to practice.

The collection has various perspectives of the bloom, so if you feel a bit intimidated to draw the whole flower, worry not, there are options here.

As always, feel free to add or subtract to make your roses your own!

The supplies you’ll need if you would like to try your hand at these pretty petals are the following.

rose drawing ideas

These markers, this pen for definition, this notebook, and these pencils for any preliminary practices or to sketch what you need to illustrate will help you create your blooms.

If you try any of these drawings, please let me know which ones are your favorites, and feel free to share them with me here! Now, onto the roses

1. Classic Single Red Rose

classic red rose drawing

There’s no other place to start than the classic image of a rose–with its signature red petals and prickly forest green stem, petals, and thorns.

These roses remind me of classic childhood stories involving a beast in a current-day reality show.

This classic red bloom has no limit and a romantic feeling, but try it with a different shade if you’re looking for a different vibe.

2. Butterfly and Rose

butterfly and rose drawing

Other than bees, butterflies are natural friends to any flower they can rest and eat.

So this idea was an obvious choice–even add a bumble bee or swap one out for the butterfly–they’re all friends and help the environment.

I like to practice this one multiple times over on a sheet of paper. Once finished, you have a great scene of flowers and butterflies floating around the beautiful blooms.

3. Cartoon Rose

cartoon rose drawing

A magical rose that has come to life seems like an appropriate and natural addition to this list, right?

Adding a face to the front petal section is so easy and completely changes the illustration in front of you.

Leave the friendly flower as is, or color it as you see fit.

These easy mushroom drawing ideas go hand-in-hand with your pretty flowers.

4. Rosy-Colored Heart

rose and heart drawing

Roses and hearts go hand in hand–it’s essentially the two main symbols of Valentine’s Day. Perfectly matched, both are easy subjects to recreate.

I suggest starting with the rose’s detailing and moving your way to the heart and, of course, color to your heart’s content.

You can keep exploring your creativity with these easy watercolor flower painting ideas.

5. Minimalist Rose

minimalist rose drawing

Art that uses its negative space to its advantage is so smart to me–that’s why I’ve included this minimalist rose today.

Negative space art is a little tricky to wrap your head around at first by concept, but once you achieve it, it’s second nature.

Branch out into creating a minimalist stem and leaves to test yourself on the idea.

6. Cutesy Bouquet of Roses

bouquet of roses drawing

There’s nothing better than picking up or receiving a big bouquet of flowers, in my opinion!

Completely customizable in pattern and color, and the best part, the lines for your roses don’t have to be perfect.

Since everything gets wrapped up in the paper, the lines look more interesting with imperfect flowers than meticulously drawn ones.

7. Growing Rooted Rose

rose with roots drawing

Since we’re celebrating one of the most beloved naturally occurring flowers, one rooted in the ground only made sense to include today.

Draw a whole bed of these beauties or add other types to create a beautiful blooming garden.

These genius drawing hacks are perfect to up your drawing skills.

8. Vase of Roses

vase of roses drawing

My other favorite form of receiving flowers is some beautiful ones arranged delicately in a vase in my home for me to come home to.

This idea makes for a lovely and sweet homemade card for any occasion–swap the flowers accordingly or add a small nod to the subject at hand (if appropriate).

9. Sparkling New Rosebud Blossoming

sparkling rose drawing

There’s something magical about finding a new bud having bloomed overnight. In my mind, when I find new growth, this is what I see–the sparkly accents surrounding the newest result.

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10. Simple Sketched Rose

simple rose sketch

For the absolute minimalists out there, don’t think I wasn’t thinking about you all! Here, I have the simplest of the simple and a pure classic.

Add the stem, color it, or leave it completely alone–any result? Pretty and gorgeous any way you choose to do it.

11. Sunny Flower Crown

sunny flower rose

I think this may be the cutest idea on the list, and for a good reason, the sun with a flower crown–so sweet! Swap out the color or make the crown multicolored and let that sun shine.

12. Giving Roses

giving rose drawing

Besides getting flowers, giving flowers is one of my favorite feelings and things to do for my loved ones.

It really brightens someone’s day–if you’d like to ‘give more flowers,’ change the spacing of the hands to add more roses into the mix.

13. Perfect Winter Rose Sweater

winter rose sweater

A floral winter sweater is just so goofy and cozy at the same time. Here, I’ve gone pretty simple with a singular rose but play around with either sizing if you’d like to add more flowers.

14. Rosy Girl Blooming Roses

girl with roses in hair

Florals, and more specifically, roses in hair, are just so delicate and pretty. Add a couple or as many as the space allows–it’s up to you.

A fun idea is maybe to combine this female with the sweater above her and really flush out a cozy and sweet romantic scene for our floral female.

15. Planetary Rose Growth

planetary rose drawing

I thought this idea was out of this world! Haha, sorry for the goofy joke, but I haven’t seen the two subjects here paired regularly before, so I thought I’d take a shot at it myself.

Pick a specific planet or give enough context clues that it’s some planetary object.

16. Some Bunny is in Rose with You

bunny with rose eyes

An easy enough idea with any preferred animal–I thought a bunny would be the easiest to portray this idea for demonstration purposes.

If you feel compelled enough, take this idea and completely run with it–animal, color, or even flower!

17. Ballerina Spinning with a Rose Dress On

ballerina with rose dress drawing

A sweet little dress is the perfect counterbalance to a goofy holiday sweater with a big old rose on it.

I see the girl about to hit the stage for her solo performance with her dance troupe, but place this female anywhere you would like.

Or change the garment entirely–making this a top, a long dress, a skirt, or anything else that makes sense, go for it!

And, of course, change the flower color or make it a multiple color piece that really showcases your favorite colors.

Keep exploring your creativity with these easy flower painting ideas!

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