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31 Easy Flower Drawing Ideas

If you dream of flowers like me and find yourself doodling them often, you’ve come to the right place. Today, I have easy flower drawing ideas for you all.

It is always a certain time of year when I start finding more and more flowers in the pages of my notebook.

They all fall within the doodle category, but some are, admittedly, a little more detailed than others.

These ideas are for fun, whether for practice, inspiration, or anything in between. Take what you want from the images below and create something all your own.

Here are the materials I like or would use for these flower drawings: these metallic markers, these regular markers, this set of pens, this set of pencils, this art drawing notebook, and these types of erasers.

flower drawing ideas

1. Blot Doodles

blot flower drawing ideas

A page of flower doodles is pretty normal for my notebook pages but can be a little tiresome to look at after a while.

There are plenty of ways to add something special to these pages, including small pops of colors to each image.

If you’re looking for an even more special addition, try going over the lines with glitter glue. Once everything is dry, take in the result as it pops off of the page.

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2. Yellow Daisies

yellow daisies flower drawing idea

A gathering of uniform flowers can make a statement with the right additions. These cute drawings pop particularly well because of the bright yellow middle parts.

Keep them in this state, or go further by coloring in the petals.

3. Flower Cat

flower cat drawing idea

Animals and flowers paired together are always a reliably cute image anyone can count on. The animals’ faces work perfectly as the flowers’ central point–cat, dog, or your given favorite.

4. Cat in Flower Field

cat in flower field drawing

Alternatively, placing a favorite animal, like a cat drawing, in a small field or bushel of flowers is a great idea. It’s a great way to liven up your flower drawing practices with a furry friend.

5. Rose Bouquet

rose bouquet drawing

If you’re looking for a bit of a romantic floral drawing idea, consider this small rose drawing for one.

This drawing is a great option for a card or print for a highly appreciated or loved one–customize it using appropriate colors on the rose and paper.

6. Arrow in Heart

flower arrow in heart drawing

An easy and creative idea with endless possibilities is replacing a flower with common or classic items within an image.

This flower replaces a classic arrow going through a heart–it is a fun way to play around with easy images to alter its outcome.

7. Paw with Daisies

paw with daisy drawing

An oddball, out-of-the-ordinary image always works well for any subject, and this cat holding a flower is no exception.

We don’t expect to see this image play out in real life, so it’s fun to doodle the thought of it on the page.

8. Tulips

tulips drawing

A trio of any flower is an easy and always reliable way to spend an afternoon doodling. These tulips are easy and adaptable for an artist of any level!

Stick to the simple silhouette or opt for a more complex and realistic look if you have the ability.

9. Pink Doodle

pink flower doodle

Are you looking for a cutesy and feminine doodle to add to your pages–this pink doodle is a perfect option.

The best part of this idea is that you can have a small cluster or take up the whole page. Either way, it pops on the page.

10. Heart Petals

heart petal drawing

Making your flower petals an intentional shape can make for a more interesting and even abstract composition. Try a whole project based on this idea–different shapes and all!

You can experiment with what shapes look best in place of traditional flower petal shapes.

11. Small Circle Flowers

small circle flower drawing

For those who are looking for a bit more simple and minimalist flowers to draw, try these fun small circle flowers.

The best part about these little fellas is that you can change size and color–even shape if you prefer.

12. Band-Aid Bouquet

band aid bouquet drawing

A sweet and wholesome feeling image that is a bit different is this Band-Aid bouquet.

Two contrasting items coming together make the doodle feel a little more like a statement is being addressed, which interests people.

13. It’s Ok

its ok flower drawing

Another awesome option to implement into your doodles is mixing images with words!

This drawing of ‘It’s OK’ becomes more adorable with the flower replacing the ‘O’.

14. Red Rose

red rose flower drawing

A classic flower doodle with simple, straightforward is this rose top.

It’s a great option to practice if you are leveling up in your florals–everyone knows what a rose looks like, and therefore, everyone has a good frame of reference here.

15. Tea Cup

tea cup flower drawing

A tea cup is a perfect vessel to house some young blooms–both the cup and the flowers equal the other out, and the whole image feels sweet and delicate.

I highly recommend coloring the duo to make them even more unique as they sit together.

16. Hanging Flowers

hanging flowers drawing

This hanging flower set is one of the cutest floral doodles I’ve seen in quite some time. Use your favorite flowers, colors, and other design elements to make your hanging flowers your own.

17. Mason Jar

mason jar flower drawing

A mason jar has been an incredibly popular option to use as a vase, so it’s no surprise why it’s on the list today.

Play around with the size of the jar, the amount of flowers, and how you’ll color it to put your personal spin on it.

18. Heart Holding Flower

heart holding flower drawing

If you’re looking for something undeniably adorable, you’ve found it; this heart-holding flower checks all the sweet boxes.

Have the heart holding a single flower or a whole bouquet–whatever interests you.

19. Star Flower

star flower drawing

Like the circle flowers, a fun shape can replace the main part of a bloom for a more abstract and interesting composition.

Have a standalone plant or a full scene of them of singular or multiple colors.

20. Puppy

puppy with flower drawing

This idea is for the dog lovers who have been waiting patiently since the two cat images above.

Have the pup hold a singular one like the one above or have a bunch of flowers with him–whether it’s in his mouth or shredded around, the image is up to you.

21. Purple Vines

purple vines drawing

For a fresh botanical feel, try out these purple vines. This grouping of climbing blooms is easy to draw and completely customizable for whatever your composition desires!

22. Lighter

As you know by now, I’m a big advocate of two unexpected items getting put together, and this lighter and flower combo is no exception.

Opt for your favorite flower and use multiple mediums to make this combo come to life.

23. Watering Can

watering can flower drawing

If you want a less edgy pairing, an adorable watering can adorned with flowers is a wonderful alternative option!

The best part about the can is that you can add any detailing or patterning you’d like to it.

24. Blushing Mirror

blushing mirror flower drawing

Personifying a flower is another great doodle option to literally liven up the page! Stick with simple ideas to start like this flowering, checking itself out and admiring itself.

Once comfortable with simpler ideas, expand into more complex actions for a flower or other subject.

25. Sunglasses

flower with sunglasses drawing

Another great option to personify a flower and even simpler than the last is to add a cute pair of sunglasses. It’s a low-key, easy item to draw and works seamlessly with your doodle’s space.

26. Pink Rose

pink rose drawing

This pink rose is a great simplistic option for a bold statement flower or a patterned option across a whole page.

Resize the bloom or blooms as needed to achieve the intended effect, and feel free to play around with color, of course!

27. Eye Flower

eye flower drawing

Possibly the most unique idea on the post today, this eye flower stands boldly on the page and can see you through its creation.

A fun expansion would be to add more of these flowers at varying heights and eye expressions.

28. April Showers

april showers flower drawing

We all know that April showers bring May flowers, so of course, it’s another natural option for an easy flower doodle option.

May flowers could be any option on the list, but the addition of the rain makes the image inherently more interesting.

29. Stamp

stamp flower drawing

An unexpected but not completely out-of-the-ordinary place to find a flower is on a stamp.

It’s a cute and clever designated canvas that makes the whole doodle more complex with a seemingly ordinary object.

This doodle would be another great candidate for mixed media options–metallic markers and some glitter would make this a completely unique doodle.

30. Floral Pattern

floral pattern drawing

This doodle pattern takes no time at all to do a small bouquet from overhead or an entire page of patterned flowers.

It makes for a great card, print, or even wrapping paper pattern to add personally to a loved one’s gift.

Pattern the whole page or add the pattern to designated areas for a field effect.

31. Lavender

lavender drawing

Last but not least, lavender is a crowd favorite and pretty easy and straightforward to draw. If you are using markers, I suggest having at least a few shades of green and purple.

The depth of the image becomes more interesting with each layer of color. I didn’t add layers to my greens, but it will add to your doodle if you choose to go for the full layering effect.

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