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21 Easy Dog Drawing Ideas

Itching to expand your portfolio or just looking for new ideas to draw? I’ve got you covered with these adorable dog drawing ideas.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned artist, these 21 simple dog drawing ideas will have you wagging your artistic tail with joy.

From cute puppies to playful poses and realistic portraits, there’s something for everyone. If you’re looking for some supplies for this project, look no further – below are some of my favorites.

This pack of pencils cover any sketch needs, this notebook is a great deal, these erasers are a family favorite, and these markers have dual ends for small or large pieces.

These pens to define our pup work beautifully.

They make for cute cards, fun prints, and other various small gifts for the dog lover in your family or amongst your friends.

drawing ideas of dogs

As you will see – they are real characters and some even seem like they may bound right off the page.

And with that, grab your pencil and paper, and let’s dive into a world of furry friends and endless possibilities. Get ready to bring your favorite four-legged companions to life on the page!

1. See Spot Sit

spotted sitting dog

Starting off with a classic good boy – any dog sitting is a great and easy way to begin this post. No need to capture anything complex with this idea, other than the emotion on your pup’s face.

My tip for this cutie, and in general, unless noted, is to start with the head and work your way down. I’ve found that my proportions are easier to get right working in this fashion.

Feel free to add any shadowing after any dog on this list is drawn for a realistic look.

2. Bruce The Brave And His Bone

Bruce the brave and his bone

Bruce and his bone are another great way to try something a little different but still simple!

He, like Spot, isn’t in motion and is generally easy to sketch – again, the emotion on his face is what matters here.

For him, if you aren’t comfortable with drawing the bone in his mouth, feel free to add it somewhere else.

His body is best started by sketching the essential parts of the frame and then filling in the blank spaces.

3. Dolly The Dachshund

Dolly the daschund

Like Bruce, Dolly is all body but maybe waiting for a treat patiently or going out for a walk. Either way, another easy pup to begin drawing.

Also, like Bruce, lightly sketch the essential parts of her frame and then return to play a game of connect the dots, or really, lines.

Have fun with her sweater – change the color, change the shape, or make it seasonal!

4. Pancho And His Bow-tie

Pancho and his bow tie

Pancho is similar to his friends above, but there is something different about him, and I don’t mean his bow tie!

Although he has a simple body, his face has much more specific detailing – so be cognizant of that as you begin.

I would start with his head and facial details. That way, you can match his body better this way. Like Dolly, have fun with Pancho’s accessory – even try a flower or tie if you don’t like a bow tie.

5. Parker The Puppy And His Yarn

Parker the puppy and his yarn

We all know this list wouldn’t be complete without an adorable little puppy – enter Parker. Like his other furry friends, he is stationary and relatively simple, but notice his fur is fluffy and detailed.

A trick that helps is to very lightly outline the pup. Go back in with pencil to make the fluff lines of your sketched line, then follow over it with pen, and erase the sketch line.

6. Polly The Princess Poodle

Polly the princess poodle

As mentioned, Polly is the princess of all of these pooches on the post today, and she’s not afraid to show it.

Although stationary, she’s the most detailed out of all the others we’ve covered so far – specific fur and emotions are prevalent here.

Like the other standing canines, outline the basics of Polly in a light pencil, fill in the details, go over it all in pen, and then erase any remaining pencil.

If you’re inspired, give Polly’s crown a makeover – color, size, etc.

7. Jazz The Jumper

Jazz the jumping dog

Jazz had to jump onto this list sooner than later! Even though she’s in motion, it’s a pretty simple movement she’s doing, so it makes for a relatively easy motion practice.

My trick for motion is to start with a ruler and angle it where you’d like your animal’s feet (or most of them) and make dots to act as anchors.

Do this appropriately for the head and tail, too. That way, you avoid any crazy-looking angles, then sketch normally.

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8. Holly The Happy Dog

Holly the happy dog

Holly is just happy to be included on the list! Sweet and simple, she’s a naturally great idea to try your hand at.

Start with our girl, and a basic head-to-tail outline will do – I think getting her not perfect is even better, so don’t worry and just try!

After Holly’s done, draw in her blanket, bed, a mound of pillows, or whatever makes you happy.

This is one of the cutest easy drawing ideas for anyone to create!

9. Poppy The Petite And Her Bone

Poppy the petite dog and her bone

All dogs are welcome on this list – big, little, and everything in between. So Poppy and her bone naturally are a great addition and a fun way to work on different types of facial featuring.

Start with her essential features – ears, eyes, nose, mouth, and maybe even her bow if you need it! Then with arched lines fill, in the blank space with corresponding lengths.

10. Duggar The Digger

Digging dog

We all know and kind of love but also maybe get frustrated with a Duggar. Regardless, we’ve all seen a dog do something like this!

Start with the outline of the whole, but don’t fill it in. Follow it with Duggar’s outline, and then return to all the detailing.

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11. Cooper The Curious

curious dog

Always on the lookout, aware, and nose twitching or high in the air, Cooper doesn’t miss a thing.

He’s a no-nonsense type of dog, and that goes for his tips, too, a basic outline to begin. Draw in the remaining lines and then add the leash to complete his look.

12. Bella La Belle

Bella la belle french bull dog

French bulldogs are just so sweet and seem to be one of the dogs that can pull off some chicer looks!

Bella is all about the details! Don’t get fooled by her, though. Start with her outline, and then feel free to accessorize her to your heart’s content. She’ll thank you for it.

13. Archie The Angry

angry dog

We’ve all seen a dog act this way in different moments – it happens to all of them. A good trick for getting Archie all squared up to face that squirrel or other trigger is to draw his lower body first.

Add whatever may be making your Archie mad in the scene!

14. Buddy, His Bone, And The Balloon

Buddy the dog, his bone and balloon

Buddy, his bone, and the balloon have really set the story for Buddy’s day. How the bone got attached to the balloon, who knows, but Buddy’s face sure says it all!

The scene is simple but has a lot going on—feel like Buddy needs a change of pace? Feel free to draw Buddy chasing the balloon or tackling it to make the idea yours.

15. Scared y Dog Sam

Scared dog

We all know a dog that acts like this, whether from your past or present—dogs like Sam do exist with their fears.

I tried to make this scene a little lighter with the inter-tube, but feel free to swap in any other item to have a dog like Sam afraid.

16. Wally The Winged Wonder Dog

Wally the winged dog

Similar to pigs flying, this Wally is a sight for non-believers’ eyes! Add some fun toys, snacks, or another fun subject Wally can chase in the sky.

Start with the main parts of his body and then return to the wings to get the look just right.

17. Napping Nellie

Nellie the napping dog

One of the cutest things a dog can do, in my opinion, is take a sweet nap curled up on a rug like Nellie. A good trick for her is to draw a backward ‘C’ for the body and then fill the rest in around it.

Also, feel free to play around with what she’s sleeping on! Play with the shape of the carpet, the pattern inside of it, or both.

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18. Champ the Champion

champion dog

Champ is the best of the best on this podium! A great way to proportionately get Champ right is by drawing the podium first. That way, you can decide how big he is based off the platform.

Add a few friends to the other spots to make the image more interesting.

19. Outside Time with Ollie

Ollie the active outdoor dog

We all know a super active dog like Ollie, too. Always interested in being outside playing with a ball, frisbee, or other toy he’s a great idea to draw.

All of Ollie’s motion lines are the key to making him seem even livelier.

20. Snack Time For Fido

Fido the dog and snack time

Like the others, we all have a story about a food-obsessed dog! Fido has one thing on his mind, and it’s food of any kind.

To make this drawing your own, add your own favorite stuff in front of him—pizza, strawberries, cookies, or whatever will do!

21. Fluffy The Fancy With Bow

Fluffy the dog with her fancy bow

Finally, Miss Fluffy with her fancy bow. Her body is relatively simple in silhouette but very detailed, and it is a great practice for anyone looking to do something more detailed but in a simple way.

Add more bows to her tail or change the color up to have some fun with Fluffy.

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