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21 Easy Fish Drawing Ideas

Are you looking to unleash your creativity with some easy fish drawing ideas? Dive into a world of artistic inspiration as we explore simple and uncomplicated sketches of fish.

Whether you’re a beginner or simply looking for a relaxing art session, these ideas are perfect for all skill levels.

Grab your utensils and let your imagination swim free as you bring the beauty of underwater life to your paper canvas.

Get ready to create charming fish illustrations with these accessible and fun drawing concepts. Look no further if you’re looking for some art supplies for this aquatic art project.

drawing ideas of fish

I love this set of pencils, these markers, this notebook is a great price, these erasers for mistakes, and this ruler to guide my fish to their full selves.

Now, let’s get swimming!

1. F is for Fish

F is for fish drawing

There are so many fish to draw in the sea–it can get tricky depending on where you want to start. Fear not-to get a pretty picture-perfect fish every time–simply start with a capital ‘F.’

By drawing an ‘F,’ you can anchor the rest of your fishy friend by the lines in the letter. This method is a surefire way to create regardless of size proportionally.

This is one of the cutest easy drawing ideas!

2. S is for Swimming

S is for swimming drawing

As starting points, letters are a great way to structure your drawings. Like the previous ‘F,’ an ‘S’ is a great way to put some movement in without compromising the overall image.

A good tip is to draw the face area first. That way, it gets the proper space it deserves, and the rest of the ‘s’ is easier to connect.

3. 4 is for Goldfish

4 is for goldfish drawing

Not only do letters work for our fish, but numbers, too. The number four acts as a goldfish’s tail and provides an easy guide to draw the rest of the body.

Resize and angle your fours accordingly! By trying different ways, your goldfish will look a little more 3D-ish on the page with the varying sizes.

4. E is for Extravagent

letter E into fish drawing

Another letter works for our next fish–a capital ‘E.’ This ‘E’ sets up perfectly as the face, which allows for a guide as the body.

The body is up for a bit of possibility, depending on how you’d like to create it.

Use a slightly arched line to make a bigger fish, or the opposite for a smaller one, and decorate its body. However, you see fit!

5. D is for Don’t Do It

letter D into fish drawing

‘D’ is a natural shape for drawing any type of face, and it’s no different with this troubled guppy. Add the hook or something less threatening for a different kind of picture.

Use the same facial expression if planning on trying this scene, or go for a more vibrant expression to completely change the feel of this guppy.

I think adding something to the hook, if it stays, will help enliven the whole page.

6. 3 is for Freely Swimming

3 into fish drawing

Three is a great way to create some height or volume for any aquatic creature you’re looking to create.

This angel fish is my example of using this number, and the best part is you can alter the pattern inside to anything.

Add varying-sized trees, sea grass, and bubbles to make for a fun and individualized landscape. Go that extra mile by adding a ton of fun colors to make it all pop. 

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7. Sideways W Makes Way for Fish

sideways W into fish drawing

At this point, you know that any letter is fair game to create your drawings. Rotating or tweaking letters or numbers opens up a new world of possibilities!

Re-size your ‘W’s’ to create an entire school of fish. Try them in alternating directions, too, for a more lively page.

8. Fish Love

fish love drawing

Just like numbers and letters–simple shapes do wonders as base sketches! Draw a heart and rotate your page to give this one a go.

Try my scales and color scheme, or experiment with both to find what you like. Even more, fun, plan the color scheme according to the time of year!

9. The Smartest Fish in School

school of fish drawing

These three are top of the class in terms of fun and ease! Like the ‘W’ fish, draw as many ‘A’s’ of any size as you please and then spin the paper on its side.

Play with pattern, color, and size to let your smart fish shine. Add some other textural elements for a very smart look alongside these brainiacs.

10. E is for Extraveant Fish pt 2

letter E into 2 fish

‘E’s’ are incredible letters that use a drawing structure and alter the lines to get a completely different fish. Change up the patterns and add some color to make them all your own.

Some background details, like a treasure chest, sunken ship, or even a small underwater sandcastle, can really round out this drawing. Play around and do what feels right for your fish.

11. Puffer Fish

puffer fish drawing

A puffer fish is a classic, fun, and whimsical aquatic friend to have on the list! A trick to getting that perfect circle–use a compass or an appropriate-sized household item.

12. Sea Friends, Both Large & Small

whale and fish drawing

As we all know, the sea has species of all sizes and shapes, so naturally, it’s a great idea to include them both in one drawing!

I love pairing something contrasting to make the idea more complex while still looking cute and fun.

13. Koi Fish

koi fish drawing

Koi fish are so beautiful and fun to draw! Although I don’t mention it here, for the face, draw an upsidedown ‘U.’

Add more for a more complex image, or keep it simple like mine with the solo Koi. Either way, the signature coloring on these fish is what makes them.

14. Four Friendly Fish

four fish drawing

I love a rag-tag group of beings–whether human or animal form. It makes the picture unique and gives you the liberty to try anything.

For images like this, I really like to experiment with new patterns here because I know it’ll give the image, as a whole, more character.

15. Solo Goldfish

solo goldfish with coral drawing

A proper goldfish is also essential for an easy fish drawing ideas list! As one of the most classic domesticated fish in the world today, it’s relatively easy to draw.

Start with the body and main signifiers for either end of the tail and the midpoint. Continue to sketch the tail once all anchoring dots have been drawn.

16. Fish Filet Sticks

fish filet drawing

Minimalist fish are fun to draw, and this particular one reminds me of two things–a fish getting filleted as well as fun fish sticks I used to eat as a kid!

The only difference is that neither a fish getting filleted nor fish sticks look this fun.

I only did a few sections between this fish’s head and tail, but add as many sections as you’d like! This drawing also offers a great small but significant place to play with different patterns.

17. Fish in Love

fish in love drawing

We all love to see love anywhere it’s possible–even underwater! So this small whale is no exception.

Choose a romantic color that you like, stick with classic red, or go rainbow color for all of the love. Resize our friendly head-over-tail in love whale to the size you’d like, and share all the love!

18. Trio of Fish

trio of fish drawing

These three give me a very Mediterranean feel–like you could spot them on wall art, clothing, or even on a tin of sardines! Regardless of where you choose to put them, they look smashing together.

They also look great in any medium–as is, with watercolor or even markers, these three are sure to make a splash.

Switch up the direction they are facing, or alternate them even for a more whimsical style project.

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19. School of Square Fish

school of fish drawing

As we’ve all seen, many different-sized and shaped fish are in the sea, so why not experiment with some of them?

Whether you’re trying your hand at rectangular or square-shaped fish, all are some of the easiest ones to draw!

It’s very easy to create a scene like the one above. Add fish in small, medium, and large sizes for immediate texture and complexity, and maybe a few bubbles or seagrass to complete it.

20. A Pair of Lovely Fish

a pair of fish

These fish certainly found one another in the big deep blue sea! I love to personify any animal, and this scene is no different.

The illustration adds a completely different feel with the visualization of their affection. Stick with these two, or draw any shaped fish to create your own lovely pair of fish in love.

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21. Brightly Colored Zebra Fish

zebra fish

Last but not least–a fun little zebra fish! When I was little, one of my favorite pets was a cute zebra fish–black and white, not red and white.

I couldn’t resist adding a pop of color to make this little guy a little more interesting and personal to me.

Feel free to do the same–use your favorite color or combination of colors, or stick to black and white for a classic zebrafish.

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