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31 DIY Anniversary Gifts for Your Lover

Got an anniversary around the corner? Whether it’s him or her, these sweet DIY anniversary gifts will pleasantly surprise anyone!

diy anniversary gifts

Anniversaries, birthdays, and other important events need to be celebrated with all the pomp and joy you can muster. It’s the perfect time to show your appreciation for your friends, family, and loved ones.

It’s also the perfect opportunity to spend time making your gifts from scratch. That way, it’s more personalized, and you will have worked on it from start to end, making it all the more special.

So, now that you’ve decided to make your own gifts check out these 31 DIY anniversary gifts for ideas and inspiration!

1. DIY Gift Bags

DIY Gift Bags


Once you know how to make your own gift bags at home, you’ll find that you’ll never have to spend a bomb on them at stores. You also get to customize them however you like, like picking out the pattern and deciding the size.

These DIY bags, in particular, are particularly fancy, with gold edging and stickers. When you’re making these, feel free to use glitter glue(look here) to get that extra oomph!

You can start working with your paper by folding and tucking it as instructed. A word of advice? Pick paper that is thick and won’t bend or tear easily so that your bags are more durable.

2. Date Night Jar

Date Night Jar


This fun DIY date night jar is the perfect way to figure out and then store all your date night ideas. This jar might include names of movies you want to watch with your partner

 or even restaurants you want to dine out at.

When you’ve got a jar like this, you won’t need to waste precious time throwing ideas back and forth. Just pick something out of the jar and get your date night started.

You can use an old mason jar from your cupboard to serve this purpose. Then, pen down a key to help you keep track of all the different date ideas!

3. DIY Wall Decor

DIY Wall Decor


If you’re a fan of baseball, then you’re going to love this DIY wall decor idea. It doesn’t really have to be baseball, to be honest. You can incorporate any ticket of your choice and build your wall art around that.

This is also a really thoughtful Father’s day project if you want to give him something handmade and personal—like a blown-up wall hanging of your dad’s favorite sport’s ticket stub.

Grab a couple of foam brushes, matte mod podge from here, paints, brushes, paint rollers from here, and some sandpaper to get started on this project.

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4. Gift Box

Gift Box


You remember when you made that DIY gift bag? Well, while that may have worked for certain kinds of gifts, sometimes, you’ll need a sturdier gift box. That way, you can ensure that delicate trinkets will stay safe and secure.

Check out this DIY gift box made completely from scratch using cardboard, cardstock, and some ribbon. Looks spectacular, doesn’t it?

It also just happens to be super easy to make. But first, pick out your cardstock carefully. You need something thicker than your regular paper so that your box will be more durable.

Pick up some pretty printed cardstock right here.

5. DIY Farmhouse Sign

DIY Farmhouse Sign


I think a signboard in your home is a great way to define the theme for your decor. It’s also a great way to bring in hints and touches of a completely different theme and collaborate.

So, check out this rustic, farmhouse-chic DIY sign. It’s elegant in a very down-to-earth and non-fussy way, and it’s super easy to make. Since you’re making the sign from scratch, you should probably go ahead and grab your toolbox.

You’ll also need your basic craft essentials, like paints, brushes, adhesive, tape—both painter’s tape and transfer tape—mod podge, and this contact paper(adhesive shelf liner works, too).

6. Wire Ornaments

Wire Ornaments


When you’re looking for a way to up the ante with your gift wrapping, these DIY wire ornaments will help you boost the sheer awesomeness of your gift. All you need is some wire from here to get started.

You’re also going to need some embroidery floss like this or yarn to wrap around the wire. Once you get the hang of the technique, you can recreate any number or type of ornaments.

You might also want to consider using a pair of pliers to help you twist the wire more effectively. It will get the job done quickly and give you greater control over how you twist the wire.

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7. Ombre Painted Wood Sign

Ombre Painted Wood Sign


If that farmhouse sign was a hit, then I’m sure you’re contemplating making another sign for yet another gift. Check out this ombre-painted wood sign. It, too, is farmhouse-chic and would look perfect in just about any room.

First, pick up a circular wooden signboard from here, and also gather your craft essentials. You’ll be using wire to fashion the words of the sign. You can make use of the technique from the previous project if you like!

Just remember to have plenty of paper towels at hand to help you catch any spills and splatters.

8. Personalized Map

Personalized Map


A personalized map is a gorgeous gift for anybody, especially so if the recipient is a map-lover. Do they have a favorite city, or perhaps a dream vacation spot they’ve always wanted to visit?

You can use the map of that place for this project. And to show them just how much you love them, you can actually cut the map paper into two heart-shaped halves.

Next, pick a frame you like. Ikea probably has plenty of simple yet elegant frames to pick from, especially if you want to customize the frame, too.

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9. Scented Candles

Scented Candles


If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times: you cannot ever have too many scented candles in your home. Every room deserves a candle or two to light it up and to freshen it up with its scent.

Just think of how inviting a room can be when it smells like warm vanilla or minty peppermint. It’s a great opportunity to put your own stamp and favorite scent in a room.

It’s also a way to upcycle old jars you have gathering dust in your pantry. So, pick out your favorite essential oil scent from here and start melting that wax!

10. Liquor Bottle Soap Dispenser

Liquor Bottle Soap Dispenser


Don’t get me wrong, I love a good bottle of wine, and they are a great choice of gift. But I think I might love using empty wine—or any liquor—bottles to make craft projects even more.

You can make a ton of DIY items out of old liquor bottles and gift those in turn. The most common choice is probably to use it as a vase, but there’s also this fabulous soap dispenser to consider.

You’ll need to thoroughly clean, rinse and dry your bottles first, of course. Then, pick up this soap dispenser pump, and you’re all set! Feel free to decorate your bottles first, too.

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11. DIY Rustic Sign

DIY Rustic Sign


Here’s yet another DIY sign, and this one’s pretty rustic too. If you have an old wooden crate, or a tray, or even just pallets that you can repurpose lying around, go ahead and get them ready.

A couple of coats of paint should spruce the wood up in no time, and you can also use a wood stain of choice for a little extra character.

The only thing left to do is figure out what you want your sign to read and then where you want to hang it up. A sign like this would really make a powder room or guest bath look like a million bucks, don’t you think?

12. DIY Printable Watercolour Card

DIY Printable Watercolour Card


There’s nothing quite as lovely and memorable as a simple greeting card. It’s the perfect accompaniment for just about any gift, and, if you play your cards right(ha!), it can be an entire gift in itself.

This printable watercolor card looks like you’ve put in a ton of creative effort and planning, and that’s exactly what you need when you’re in a pinch. Boot your computer and download the template on watercolor paper like this.

Trim the edges, score along the line down the center, and fold your card. Then, set out your paints, brushes, and paper towels and finish making your card.

13. Mason Jar Candles

Mason Jar Candles


Mason jars are one of the most versatile craft supplies ever. You can use them to make a ton of creative projects, upcycle old ones into innovative and useful items, and use them around your home as decor.

You can also—case in point—use them as candle jars for your scented candles. If you already have essential oils at home, then you’re already halfway there.

Just pick up some beeswax or soy wax(look here), candle wicks from here, and some decorative pine cones, string, and embellishments.

14. Handmade 1st Anniversary Paper Gift

Handmade 1st Anniversary Paper Gift


This handmade paper gift is something that’s completely unique and personalized to boot. It’s something you can use to celebrate one full year of marriage. How?

Well, once you’ve made or bought your paper mache box(look here), you can fill it up with a list of the best moments you’ve shared with your loved one over the last twelve months.

Just scrawl each moment of paper, and slip it into a mini envelope. You can use scrapbook or cardstock paper to make each envelope look vibrant and worthy of holding those memories!

15. Bourbon Cherries

Bourbon Cherries


What are bourbon cherries? The best possible homemade gift for anyone who loves boozy, syrupy, decadence, of course. But I’m getting ahead of myself; take a look at how you can make your own bourbon cherries.

You’ll need a bottle of alcohol of choice—bourbon or brandy both work. You’ll also need an airtight container and dried tart cherries.

When you’ve finished making them, your alcohol-infused cherries will be perfectly syrupy, sugary, and decadent. They would go really well in a cocktail, too.

16. Ampersand Art

Ampersand Art


This cute art project makes use of the ampersand symbol or ‘&’ as you probably know it. You can use scrap or repurposed wood from previous projects as the base for this one.

Grab a can of spray paint and paint the wood with a couple of coats, allowing each coat to dry completely before the next coat is applied. When the board is completely dry, use a pencil to trace your letters onto the board.

Then, use a sharpie to draw over the tracing. When you’re done, you can spray a coat of clear glossy or matte sealant to set the picture.

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17. DIY Watch Box

DIY Watch Box


This DIY watch box is utterly unique and easier still to make. It requires no power tools; instead, you’re going to be upcycling an old box to use as a watch box.

When you’ve picked out your box, you can choose to either paint it or pick up a bottle of wood stain to stain it. Painting it gives you a wonderful canvas to get creative with and explore artistic designs.

You can also personalize it, seeing as how it’s going to be a present. Pick a photo you’re fond of and tack it up on the underside of the lid.

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18. Marbled Nail Polish Mugs

Marbled Nail Polish Mugs


Marbling is a technique that creates utterly unique prints and finishes every single time. That’s what makes these marbled mugs a one-of-its-kind gift item.

You’re going to be using nail polish to add color to your mugs. You’ll also need a couple of mugs from here—just something basic, which you can also pick up at a nearby dollar store.

Make sure to spread out plenty of newspapers or paper towels before you begin this project. It’s sure to get messy, and you really don’t want to have to deal with spills and messy splatters.

19. DIY Memory Jars

DIY Memory Jars


Memory jars are a great way to box up some amazing memories and keep them in there for you to sift through when you feel like it. That’s what makes them the perfect anniversary gifts.

This is such an easy project, and you probably already have all the essentials. You can paint and decorate your jar however you like, but a simple ribbon around the neck will work just as effectively.

You can start collecting memories come this New Year, and by the end of next year, you’ll have a ton of memories boxed up and ready to share.

20. Red Gift Basket

Red Gift Basket


A red gift basket filled with red-colored foods, goodies, and party favors? Sign me up, please! I love themed gift baskets, and if I had to pick a color, I’d definitely go with red.

There’s a whole variety of red-colored items you can choose from. You’ve got a ton of red candy, snacks, and goodies out there, so just do a little research before you assemble every single component.

Then, grab a red container from here to use as your basket. Alternatively, you can spray paint a plain wicker basket red and call it a day.

21. Hot Chocolate Stirrers

Hot Chocolate Stirrers


With the winter months upon us, there’s nothing I love more than cuddling up before the fire with a good book and a hot cup of cocoa. Sure, plain old cocoa works, but you know what I’d love to receive as a gift? Hot chocolate stirrers like these.

You can make your own with just a few simple ingredients. Do a little research first. Then, pick out the best possible hot cocoa combinations like, say, a salted caramel and fudge cocoa stirrer or a Malteser and Kinder combo hot cocoa

So, go ahead and grab some shot glasses from here to place your hot chocolate stirrers in. 

22. Booze Bouquet

Booze Bouquet


No, you read the title right; it does say booze bouquet. But what does it mean, you ask? Take a look.

For your next Valentine’s day gift, you can make a bouquet of mini booze bottles that have been neatly wrapped into ‘flowers.’ You’re going to have fun making them, especially if you’re not averse to sampling the wares while wrapping them.

You’ll need clear tape, thick floral wire from here, green floral tape, a vase, and sheets of mylar from here. Alternatively, you can use foil or cellophane sheets to the same effect.

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23. Resin Keychain

Resin Keychain


Resin is always my go-to craft item. It’s super versatile, and whatever you decide to make—coasters, earrings, keychains, and more—you’re literally going to be making them from scratch.

Check out these custom keychains made from resin. You can pick up a bottle of epoxy resin and a hardening agent here.

This is a trick I learned over the years while working with resin. Once you’ve mixed the resin and poured it over, grab a blowtorch and gently run it over the surface.

This pops any air bubbles and will give the surface of your keychain a smooth, bubble-free finish.

24. Printable Date Night Coupons

Printable Date Night Coupons


Looking for a simple present that’s going to be a big knockout with your date? These printable date night coupons might be worth a try.

With a box full of ideas for gifts, activities, and plans for date night, you’re going to have one of the most thoughtful gifts ever. Grab an old cardboard box you have lying around—you’re going to give it a nice makeover.

Then, you and your partner can come up with a dozen or two ideas for date night. Write them down on the printed template, roll them into a scroll, and pop them into the box.

25. DIY Lemon Soap

DIY Lemon Soap


Homemade soap is always a great present to give and receive. Not only is it easy to make soap, it’s also pretty cost-effective. And, admit it; there’s always something inexplicably fancy about homemade soap.

Lemon is a pretty safe bet—everyone loves tangy citrus, right? You can also pick vanilla or honey-scented soaps as an alternative. But these lemon soap bars are really good for the body.

They smell great, but also, they’re a natural disinfectant that is full of vitamin C, which, as you know, is great for the skin. Pick up this silicone mold to help you make this soap bar.

26. DIY Explosion Box

DIY Explosion Box


I love the intricacy of explosion boxes. There’s always an air of mystery and surprise around them. And, if they’re filled with confetti, it just makes it even more fun.

However, this particular mint green and black explosion box is not filled with confetti, but something better: memories. This box is filled with memories that pop open to reveal photos, messages, and even a little box where you can fit a small gift.

27. Rose Petals Homemade Chocolate

Rose Petals Homemade Chocolate


Homemade chocolates are luxurious and decadent, more so than a regular chocolate bar. The recipe for this particular batch of organic chocolate is enough to send you into a fit of ecstasy; take a look!

It’s dark chocolate which is not only healthy but also delicious and earthy. There’s just a hint of sweetness to offset the bitter taste and cocoa butter to make it creamy.

You can also add spices to this batch of homemade chocolate. Dark chocolate pairs really well with a hint of chili or cinnamon. Then, top it off with edible rose petals, and voila!

28. Scrap Wood Art

Scrap Wood Art


If you deal with woodwork projects, you’re bound to have scrap wood pieces lying around in your stash. Or, perhaps you have wood pallets you can repurpose for this project.

Either way, this wall art is completely made from scrap wood and looks like you’ve bought it off a catalog, and not made from scrap. Think about it like a jigsaw puzzle; it’s all about positioning each wooden block.

You’ll need a couple of wooden dowels, a few screws, wood glue, and mod podge. You’ll also need a large backer board.

29. DIY Anniversary Lock

DIY Anniversary Lock


An anniversary lock is such a heart-warming and romantic anniversary gift. It’s very similar to the Pont des Arts where lovebirds from around the world would lock their love along the bridge.

This lock is a little more private, something that two partners can share on a special anniversary. Grab this brass padlock and consider investing in a metal alphabet stamp kit(look here).

30. Updated Old Trays

Updated Old Trays


I wonder, do you have a few trays in the back of your pantry? They’re probably just a little too worn out to use when you have company, but not bad enough that you can bring yourself to throw them away.

You can give those trays a makeover and then display them around your room as an art piece of sorts. You can also use chalk paint to paint the tray and use them as a little noticeboard.

Loop a length of ribbon and hang the tray down in your kitchen, or prop them up on your mantle. They also make great anniversary gifts!

31. Explosion Cards

Explosion Cards


You’ve already read about how to make an explosion box. This You’ve already read about how to make an explosion box. This explosion card isn’t too different, and they’re perfect for sending a personalized message in a box.

The folding of the box might take you just a little time to get used to or figure out but follow the instructions, and you’ll be making a dozen of these in no time.