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27 Thanksgiving Crafts for Toddlers

toddler thanksgiving crafts

Keep your children occupied on this holiday with these fun Thanksgiving crafts for toddlers. They’re fun and easy to make and will do for a great activity with the little ones.

Thanksgiving time means you’re rushing to get down your Halloween decorations and put up your Thanksgiving ones. You’re going to need all the help you can get, especially if you’re planning to host a big dinner party.

It also means that while you’re going about finishing up those chores, your kids need to be occupied, especially if you’ve got younger tots and toddlers who love to get distracted.

How about you rope them into some Thanksgiving craft project. It’s a win-win situation: you keep them happy, and you get some cute little knick-knacks to display around your home.

Check out these 27 Thanksgiving crafts for toddlers.

1. Handprint Turkey

Handprint Turkey


Craft projects that involve handprint tracing, cutting, and painting are always a parent’s go-to craft of choice when they’re in a bind. They’re super easy, and there’s a ton of creative ways to jazz them up.

These Thanksgiving turkeys’ feathers just happen to be similar in shape to handprints, don’t they? So go ahead and grab some colored cardstock or construction paper from here.

Then, just help your toddlers trace their handprints, then help them cut the drawing. You can embellish these ‘feathers’ with little gem stickers, glitter, or sparkle, too.

Check out these construction paper crafts if you want to use up any extra paper you might have.

2. Turkey Headband

Turkey Headband


Find me a toddler who doesn’t love learning about animals. Since it’s Thanksgiving time, why don’t you use this opportunity to teach him about turkeys?

This turkey headband will certainly get them interested, I assure you. They’re fun and exciting, and with the downloadable template ready to print, they’re also easy to make.

In fact, your kids can decorate their headbands anyway they like once you’ve cut and assembled them. So let’s get to it; grab this glue stick and start putting the headband together!

3. Easy Paper Turkey Craft

Easy Paper Turkey Craft


Thanksgiving turkeys are definitely a great craft inspiration. This paper turkey is just one of the many possible projects for your toddler. It’s super colorful, and you can use it to teach your tots their colors.

Here’s a list of what you’ll need:

  • Colored paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Black markers
  • A printer

I’m pretty sure you already have all that in your stash, so grab your scissors and start cutting the paper as instructed. You can switch out the paper eyes for a more 3D version: these googly eyes.

4. Pumpkin Apple Stamping

Pumpkin Apple Stamping


Pumpkins and apples—tomahto tomato, right? Well, for all intents and purposes, this project uses apples to make pumpkins.

Confused? Then this probably might not be the best time to teach your toddler the different fruits. Instead, just let him enjoy this apple stamping craft project.

Just remember that toddlers and paint get on each other like white on rice, so don’t forget to lay out newspapers. You should also probably have a few paper towels at hand.

5. Coffee Filter Turkey

Coffee Filter Turkey


This coffee filter turkey is exactly what you need to try out for your kids’ next craft project. It’s certainly an ideal project for younger kids.

So, sit them down at the kitchen island with a plate of cookies and a pitcher of lemonade. You’ll need coffee filters to start with. I hope you saved some googly eyes from your last projects.

I bet you have a ton of markers and paint, too. So go on and lay your supplies out. But before you do, don’t forget to spread out some paper towels.

6. Paper Pumpkin For Preschoolers

Paper Pumpkin For Preschoolers


If you’re wondering whether this project might be a little too complicated for a toddler, don’t worry. While it looks that way—it is rather elegant, isn’t it?—it’s actually pretty easy to make.

All you need is a pair of scissors, some adhesive or a stapler, and a few sheets of orange or red-colored cardstock paper. Start cutting the paper into eight long strips as indicated, at least an inch in width.

Then, just bend each strip into a circle and stick or staple it in place. In less than 15 minutes, you will have assembled this paper pumpkin for your toddler!

7. Turkey Potato Stamp

Turkey Potato Stamp


Potatoes are truly versatile vegetables, aren’t they? Especially when it comes to using them in craft projects—they’re perfect for painting or stamp painting.

Here’s a list of what you’ll need:

  • Potatoes
  • Acrylic paint
  • Cardstock
  • Glue stick
  • Googly eyes
  • Scissors

Once you’ve got everything you need, cut the potato in half. You can use a paper plate to spread paint and dip the potato in.

8. Tissue Paper Turkey

Tissue Paper Turkey


Don’t you love tissue paper crafts? I know I do! They’re always super fun to work with.

This tissue paper turkey will keep your toddler occupied for a good amount of time. You might need to help them cut these tissues into tiny bits, to begin with.

But once that’s done, they can get their favorite part: gluing the bits onto the template you’ve printed. I bet your toddler will love getting his hands sticky, so lay out some paper towels just to be safe!

9. Corn Craft

Corn Craft


Sometimes, you just don’t have time to plan and execute elaborate craft time projects for your kids. o, if you’re in a hurry and want a quick and easy craft idea, then how about you try this corn-on-the-cob craft?

I’m sure you already have everything you need, so just gather your craft essentials. This project also comes with a template that you can download and print.

Plus, if you have a couple of googly eyes in your craft supplies, then switch out the paper eyes for those, and you’ll get an A for effort.

10. Fall Snow Globe

Fall Snow Globe


I’ve always wanted to make a snow globe. But, for some reason, I assumed they were rather difficult to make. Boy, was I wrong.

So why don’t you and your kids make a fall snow globe? If you’re thinking there isn’t going to be snowfall in fall, you’d be right. But you know what does fall in the fall season, right? Leaves!

Grab some faux fall leaves from here, have your kids gather some twigs and branches, and finally, find a mason jar with a tight lid. Now all that’s left to do is assemble your fall snow globe!

11. Paper Bag Turkey

Paper Bag Turkey


I’m sure you have a couple of paper bags lying around in your kitchen. If you don’t, then you can pick them up here.

This paper bag craft is super easy to make and pretty inexpensive, too. You probably have everything you need at home on your craft desk.

Flatten out the paper bag, to begin with. Next, cut out bits of construction paper into feather-like shapes, as well as bits of paper for the beak and wattle. You can use googly eyes, too.

Check out more paper crafts here.

12. Pinecone Turkey

Pinecone Turkey


Since pinecones are so naturally autumnal, you’ve got to incorporate them into your Thanksgiving craft project. This pinecone turkey should be pretty easy to recreate. Just grab some pine cones from here to get started.

You can paint your pine cones, of course, but since they’re already pretty much the same color as turkeys, you can just as easily let them be. But what you should not skimp on are feathers!

Kids love playing with feathers. So have your toddler stick as many feathers as they like to the back of the turkey.

Check out these pinecone crafts!

13. Turkey Handprint Crafts

Turkey Handprint Crafts


This handprint turkey is rather sweet, I think. It’s a very quintessential kind of project. Don’t you remember when you used to smush your hand in paint and then press it against white paper?

Well, now it’s time for your toddler to carry on the tradition. Grab a couple of paper plates from here to help with mixing the paint. Then, grab a couple of paint brushes and start painting your fingers in different colors.

When your toddler’s done imprinting his hand, then go ahead and stick the googly eyes on, as well as the beak and wattle. All done!

14. Stained Coffee Filter Turkey

Stained Coffee Filter Turkey


Here’s yet another coffee filter turkey craft, and this one won’t take you more than 30 minutes to recreate. You only need a few craft essentials and these coffee filters, of course.

Oh, you’ll also need a few of these clothespins, but that’s pretty much it. Once you’ve gathered everything you need, go ahead and get started.

Coffee filter crafts are perfect for preschoolers. They’re super easy, but in the end, the finished product really shines through, and your tots will have had a ball.

15. Thanksgiving Tree

Thanksgiving Tree


Thanksgiving is the time for all of us to reflect on everything we’re grateful for: friends and family, all the good times we had this year, and much more.

It’s vital, too, to teach your toddlers how important gratitude is. How? A craft project should do the trick; check out this Thanksgiving tree!

Another handprint craft, yes, but one that also has the job of teaching your children the importance of gratitude. This would look lovely as a part of your fall decor.

Pick up a white canvas board or thick cardstock paper for the base and start drawing your toddlers’ handprints!

16. Pilgrim Hats

Pilgrim Hats


Find me a toddler who doesn’t love storytime, and I’ll eat a hat with mustard and relish. Thanksgiving is the perfect opportunity to teach your kids a little about their history—I’m talking about the Pilgrims, of course.

And, since we’re on the subject of hats, let’s make a Pilgrim hat to get your toddler interested in this particular story time. It’s always necessary to have a little tangible and visual aid to help you impart an important bit of history.

So download and print the Pilgrim Hat Template and start coloring it any way you like!

17. Toilet Paper Roll Turkey

Toilet Paper Roll Turkey


Don’t you just love how many different craft project you can make with toilet paper rolls? There seems to be no end to the possibilities.

So, for the next Thanksgiving-themed craft project, you and your toddler can make this super-simple and adorable looking toilet paper roll turkey. With a few scraps of fall-colored cardstock, you can cut out ‘feathers’ for your turkey.

As for the eyes, beak, and wattle, help your toddler with these tricky bits. It can be difficult, but they’ve got to learn how to cut paper so might as well start now, under supervision, of course!

18. Thankful Tree With Photos

Thankful Tree With Photos


Check out this amazing Thanksgiving thankful tree! It’s not like your typical thankful trees, though. This one’s got a little added oomph to it.

There are a ton of photos that really kick things up a notch. It’s so much easier to feel thankful when you have visual reminders of everything you have to be thankful for, yes?

So, why don’t you and your toddler pick out a few photos you like? Then, you can have them sized and printed. Just use a few clothespins to hang them up on the branches!

19. Toilet Paper Turkey With A Hate

Toilet Paper Turkey With A Hate


This is not just any old toilet paper roll turkey, no. This sassy little turkey comes fully furnished with a hat to show off!

Your toddler is going to love propping this turkey up on his nightstand. It’s not just a decorative craft, you know; he can play with this turkey, too!

Just make sure that you do justice to that hat. A sparkly strip of gold paper like you see here can offset the black fedora quite nicely. So go all out and enjoy the process!

Check out more fun toilet paper roll crafts here. Check out this unicorn toilet roll craft here or these phone holders.

20. Turkey Handprint Thankful Chart

Turkey Handprint Thankful Chart


Have you ever considered putting up a thankful chart in your kids’ rooms? November is the perfect month for this craft, with Thanksgiving right around the corner.

Your preschooler and even the older kids can fill this chart up over the course of the month with different things they’re grateful for. It’s quite a lovely activity.

You’ll need a poster board from here, a couple of markers, and for the cute little paper turkeys attached to the board, you’ll need colored paper, preferably cardstock.

21. Thanksgiving Painted Rocks

Thanksgiving Painted Rocks


If you’ve never painted a rock growing up, did you ever truly have a childhood, I wonder? Well, it’s time we made sure the next generation carried on the tradition.

A Thanksgiving turkey rock painting craft session is in order!

You know that it all comes down to picking out the right rock. It can’t be too big or too small, and just the right level of smoothness. You can make rock picking an activity, too!

Grab your paints and sit them down for a fun afternoon of rock painting. Love the craft? Check out these DIY rock photo holders!

22. Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

Thanksgiving Coloring Pages


This craft project is as old as time itself. Who wouldn’t love to spend a good hour or two just coloring? I’m an adult and I still do it sometimes!

Your toddlers will enjoy it even more. You can set a plate of cookies and a glass of lemonade and leave them to it.

These Thanksgiving-themed coloring pages are quite adorable, and you can download the template provided and have them printed. Don’t forget, they’ll also need these crayons!

23. Toddler’s Wreath

Toddler’s Wreath


Does your toddler love to spend time outdoors? Then they’re going to go nuits with the first part of the project.

Not only do they get to play outside, they get to forage for leaves and twigs. You know what that means? They get to get their hands dirty and play in the mud and you know kids love a good romp through the mud.

Once you’ve cleaned your toddler off, sit down with him and you can work on this lovely craft project together. This wreath would look wonderful hanging on your kid’s door.

Check out these DIY fall wreath ideas that you might want to try out.

24. Leafy Toilet Paper Turkey

Leafy Toilet Paper Turkey


I believe that I’ve lost count of just how many of these toilet paper turkeys we’ve seen, but I think that they’re super popular these days. And besides, didn’t you kid love making them?

So go ahead and grab some more empty toilet rolls. You’ll also need a few bottles of washable paint from here, a bottle of glue and a few brushed to use as applicators.

25. DIY Glitter Jar

DIY Glitter Jar


You can bet your last penny on this fact: kids love glitter. There’s no getting them away from it, and rather unfortunately, there’s no getting the glitter off them.

But still, a sensory glitter jar like this one is a wonderful craft project. The bonus? Well, in honor of Thanksgiving, why don’t we make it a turkey-themed glitter jar?

So go ahead and pick out an old jar you have lying around or just grab a mason jar from here to begin.

This is a great project for teenagers.

26. Turkey Paper Headbands

Turkey Paper Headbands


A turkey headband is definitely what your kids need for a good romp through the backyard. They’ll do wonders to aid their make-belief games and adventures.

This isn’t quite your run-of-the-mill headband, no. It’s got more color, texture, and depth. If you elongate the orange beak just so, it will fall rather perfectly over the kids’ forehead.

To make your turkey headband just a little wonky, make its eyes big and goggle-like, with just a little squint to animate them.

Want to make a proper headband? Check out this headband tutorial here.

27. Simple Turkey Headband For Preschoolers

Simple Turkey Headband For Preschoolers


To round off this list, we have one more turkey headband. This one is perhaps even more simple to recreate than the others.

It comes with a downloadable template, so all you need to do is print it out and assemble it. That being said, I’m sure that your kid is going to get a kick out of having a turkey, albeit a paper one, sit on his head.

Now that you’ve come to the end of this list, here’s another fall crafts for kids of all ages to make for you to get inspiration and ideas from!