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25 Easter Crafts for Adults

Love getting crafty? Make these Easter crafts for adults and have fun being creative during this holiday. Most of the crafts are relatively simple yet look extra cute.

easter crafts for adults

Whether you’re celebrating religiously, love the long weekend, or adore chocolate with all your heart, there’s something for everyone at Easter.

They say this is the ultimate child’s holiday, but personally, I think Easter can be excellent for adults too. In fact, it’s best because it brings out our childlike side, and isn’t that a true celebration?

So, in pursuit of getting in touch with our inner children, I think it’s high time the world’s adults started crafting. Here are 25 ideas for décor, gifts, bath wares, and more around Easter.

1. Spring Easter Egg Wreath

Egg Wreath


First up on the list is something to decorate your door. A gorgeous spring wreath! It’ll be the very first thing people see when they visit – whether in-person or virtually – so your festivities start off right.

I’m in love with how colorful and bright this wreath is, not to mention how well the different textures blend together! If you have a lot of yarn lying around, this is perfect for you, but you can also pick up a pack here.

Don’t worry if you have leftover yarn from this project. You can use it to create an Easter-themed version of this yarn-wrapped vase!

2. Easter-Themed Mantel Banners

Mantel Banners


Your door isn’t the only thing you can makeover this Easter. These fun and adorable Easter banners are so easy to make with a few basic supplies, and they’re perfect for crafting along with your family.

Make multiple themed banners to hang together, or just pick one and let it speak for itself (I love the layered look). All you need is some white yarn, a cardboard box, some scissors, glue, and twine for this DIY.

Butcher’s twine is perfect for the banner string because it’s strong, but you can always opt for jute twine (like this) if you prefer the farmhouse look. I know I do!

3. Burlap Utensil Holders for the Table

Burlap Utensil Holders


In my opinion, the ultimate center of festive décor has to be the table. It’s where the family gathers to eat together, where the food (the best part) is, and where laughter and love are shared. So, it makes sense to decorate!

These burlap utensil holders bring a little bit of the outdoors inside, celebrating Easter and farmhouse life in the same stroke. If you don’t currently own burlap, trust me, you won’t regret adding it to your supplies (here).

4. Recycled Easter Bunny Vases

Bunny Vases


These adorable vases are where minimalism and Easter meet, and I, for one, am in love. The best part is, this craft re-uses old glass jars you might have to lie around, so it’s ultimately sustainable too!

Once you’ve cleaned off your jar, all you need to do is coat it in chalk-finish paint (here) before adding an adorable bunny face. Finish it off with some twine around the top, and you’re done! One vase ready to go.

5. Moss-Covered Succulent Eggs

Moss-Covered Succulent Eggs


I love DIY projects that take an idea and tilt it on its side, and these moss-covered eggs fit the bill. Perfect as a centerpiece, an outdoor accent, or even to ring a candle on your side table, these are stunning.

Don’t worry. You’re not using real eggs here. Pick up some fake cardboard eggs to bring these to life; you can find plastic options, but cardboard is by far the more sustainable option. Then, simply get to work ‘gardening.’

If you love these eggs, you no doubt love having greenery in your home. So do I, which is why I created this list of genius dollar store planter ideas.

6. Papier Mache Rabbit Head

Papier Mache Rabbit Head


If you consider yourself to be modern, cool, or trendy (or like things), this is the craft for you. Merge the sophistication of a mounted animal bust with Easter’s pretty colors for wildly cool decoration.

Making this Papier Mache rabbit head will be a crash course in sculpting if you haven’t done it before, so prepare to have oodles of fun. Make sure you have craft aluminum mesh aplenty (here) for the base shape.

7. Minimalist Easter Signs

Minimalist Easter Signs


If you love minimalist style as much as you love Easter, these simplistic and festive signs will have you grinning ear to ear. In basic black and white with wooden frames, these stackable signs fit anywhere at home.

The trick? That’s not actually wood. The ‘wooden’ frames are made from cardstock, then shaped into boards with a straight edge. Then, it’s just a matter of printing out your Easter signage and filling the gap.

Love these frames for your mantelpiece? There’s more where that came from with these dollar store frame ideas.

8. Life-sized Crocheted Easter Eggs

Crocheted Easter Eggs


Not only do these adorable eggs look great, but they also work up really fast if you’re experienced with crochet. If you’re not, this is the perfect project to start with since they only require a single stitch type.

I love the idea of displaying these soft little eggs on my nightstand or in the living room. You can use an old egg carton, or if you want something a little creative, try stacking them in a glass vase like this.

9. Easter Bunny Napkins with Trim

Bunny Napkins


Bunnies are such an iconic part of Easter, so it only makes sense to highlight them in your décor. Enter these adorable Easter Bunny napkins. Colorful and fun, these are perfect for the Sunday morning table.

If the idea of picking up a needle and thread freaks you out, don’t worry, you can use no-sew tape like this to save you! The bunnies go on via transfer paper (here), so it’s easy to turn this into a no-sew project.

10. String Nest Serving Bowl

String Nest Serving Bowl


Who says you have to shell out major bucks to have something resembling a modern art piece in your home? This string nest serving bowl costs almost nothing, but it looks like a million dollars.

The bowl-making method is very clever, utilizing the same logic as crafting a Papier Mache head. Use a balloon, simply wrap the yarn around it, then pour over your Elmer’s glue and let it be set in a bowl.

11. Easy and Adorable Nest Necklaces

Nest Necklaces


Nothing says Easter like a necklace of tiny little eggs, and you don’t need to head to a jewelry store to find yours. This cute small craft is perfect for the budding jeweler, as it’ll get you familiar with some basic techniques.

If you or your little ones have recently picked up a treat in a tiny plastic eggshell, this is the perfect way to repurpose it. You can even make this with real flowers (live or dried) if you’re in the mood for some nature.

12. Painted Easter Egg Soap

Easter Egg Soap


Did you know that you can paint soap? You do now! Create an adorable and long-lasting soap design with a little pouring, some painting, and a whole lot of Easter cheer. I can’t get over how cute these are.

So, what’s the key to a long-lasting soap paint job? Turns out it’s Mod Podge (find it here). This sealer holds the color in, keeping your handmade Easter soaps pristine for as long as possible.

13. 3D Paper Easter Bunny

3D Paper Easter Bunny


German engineering is truly a marvel, even when it applies to a little paper bunny. This 3D paper rabbit is constructed purely from cardstock, relying only on your careful folding and glue to come to life.

If you’re in the mood for a paper crafting challenge, then this is the project for you. Whip out your craft knife and cutting mat (or grab some here), pull up a chair, print out the template, and get folding.

In the mood for something simpler? Don’t worry. There are a whole bunch of inspiring paper crafts out there to try.

14. Easter Bunny Pom Pom Garland

Pom Pom Garland


We’re making a U-turn from clean-cute engineering to soft and joyful retro-inspired crafting. This sweet bunny banner uses pom-poms to create fluffy little tails, and the varying colors are a treat for the eye.

In fact, it’s thanks to these varying paper colors that this is the perfect stash-buster. Collect all the random paper scraps from around your home, cut bunnies out, glue on pom poms, and you’ve got a décor piece!

15. Stand-Up Paper Eggs

Paper Eggs


While they’re certainly no substitute for chocolate (is anything?), these stand-up paper eggs make for a delightful Easter decoration pretty much anywhere in the home. The best part? All you need is paper and ribbon!

I recommend picking a single egg template and printing it out, as you want every single sheet you cut to be the same size. Once glued, if your egg is a little shaky, put a pipe cleaner around the bottom as a base.

Give these a crack with your kids, or set them loose on any of these twenty-four bee crafts to get them in the springtime spirit.

16. Embroidery Hoop Easter Bunny

Embroidery Hoop Easter Bunny


If you’re a fan of embroidery, you most likely have a spare hoop you can dedicate to this next craft. Using said hoop, some fun fabric, and a little burlap, you’ll have your own Easter wall hanging in under an hour.

I love how this craft combines two embroidery hoops to create a bunny shape. Void of hoops? Grab two here. If you want to get extra creative, try embroidering a form that continues from one hoop to the next.

17. Egg Carton Embroidery Hoop Wreath

Egg Carton Embroidery Hoop Wreath


With one of the extra hoops from the craft above, you can create a vibrant yet minimal wall hanging that will inspire joy each time you look at it. Give an old egg carton a new life as a gorgeous Easter wreath.

I think this is such a great way to get your kids in on the fun. Let them paint your flowers, and you can take on arranging said flowers on the embroidery hoop. It’s fun, simple, cheap, and stunning.

18. Mason Jar Easter Centerpieces

Mason Jar Easter Centerpieces


There’s a lot to be said for the power of a centerpiece. It brings the table together, signifying them or embodying your chosen celebration. When it comes to Easter, few choices are better than a mason jar centerpiece.

Using some pastel candy, a mason jar, and an arrangement of gorgeous blossoms, you’ll have your own in absolutely no time. Don’t want to deal with real flowers? Pick up an array of artificial blooms here.

19. Easter Egg Candle Holder

Easter Egg Candle Holder


Don’t worry. This next project doesn’t require incredible feats of balancing prowess. All you need is a love of sparkles and festive, pastel-colored holiday weekends. These candleholders will blow your guests away.

One essential for this craft is definitely a drill. If you don’t have one already, I highly recommend investing (try this one). This is the ideal project to break it in (and the results are so sparkly).

20. DIY Concrete Easter Candle

DIY Concrete Easter Candle


From sparkles galore to industrial minimalism… who knew Easter was such a versatile holiday? Apparently, this clever crafter did because they came up with a gorgeous hybrid of candle and concrete.

While you’ll need to allow a little more time than the other crafts to let the wax and concrete set, the ultra-professional result is definitely worth it. Light these beauties anywhere at home and let them speak for themselves.

Make sure you purchase the right kind of concrete (preferably one that sets quickly). This one sets in just 15 minutes.

21. Upscale Modern Easter Basket

Modern Easter Basket


I never considered how upscale glamour and the Easter holidays could intersect, but now that I’ve seen it, I can’t turn back. Here’s a way to get the kids involved in the craft while still getting a professional result.

This genius hack turns faux eggs into a glamorous nest by creating different designs. Some are in neutrals, while others are covered in shiny copper leaf (here) to add a metallic accent.

Check out more Easter basket ideas here.

22. Burlap Bunny Treat Bags

Burlap Bunny Treat Bags


Whether you’re having an Easter gathering or you’re simply looking for a fresh take on your kids’ Easter egg hunt, this is the way to go. These burlap bags come together at light speed, and they look great!

Fill your muslin drawstring bags (find them here) with all manner of chocolate delights, hide them around your house, and let your guests or kids try to find them. That’s what I call a new spin on an old tradition.

23. Easy Easter Explosion Wreath

Easter Explosion Wreath


Here’s another take on the Easter wreath, but this time, it indeed looks like Easter is exploding from your front door! Thanks to a careful arrangement of eggs, mesh, and the central ears, this is a true focal piece.

Apart from your standard wreath form, it’s up to you to gather the materials you think will work for your creation. Looking for a sustainable alternative to the plastic ribbon and mesh? Try tissue paper instead!

Speaking of wreaths, here are some more DIY Easter wreath ideas to adorn your home with.

24. Adorable Easter Village

Easter Village


Christmas has the Nativity Scene. Halloween has fake front garden graveyards, so why not give Easter its very own little village? This is the perfect mantelpiece to bring some pastel-toned festivity to your space.

You can make the village as large or small as you want (it all depends on where you want to put it). Sit down alone or with the kids to paint your unpainted birdhouses (here).

From there, it’s up to you to create the neighborhood around the homes. Are there trees, mailboxes, flowerpots, and even animals? The world is your oyster… literally. You’re making it!

25. Gorgeous Floral Easter Eggs

Floral Easter Eggs


Our final DIY brings it back to the simplest pleasure of Easter; gentle pastels, lovely florals, and the joys of newly-awakened springtime.

Choose between dyeable craft eggs (here) and real chocolate eggs for your decorations. You can even make the eggs entirely edible by opting for sugar flowers instead of faux blooms.

Lay these out on the table for your guests to consume, or simply let them feast with their eyes as these delightful Easter eggs adorn your kitchen counter, windowsill, or table.


There you have it! Which of these Easter crafts will be gracing your home this spring? Let me know in the comments below!

Serena Johnson

Monday 3rd of January 2022

Brilliant, I co-run a craft group and it is difficult to come up with new Easter ideas each year. Problem solved!