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15 Ways to Turn Cereal Boxes into Organizers

If you’re a big upcycler, you’ve come to the right place! These stunning and creative ways to turn cereal boxes into organizers will help you transform your space!

If you know me or my blog, I’ve always been one to save for repurposing crafts.

It’s my favorite way to add my own touches to different parts of my house while simultaneously saving money!

ways to turn cereal boxes into organizers

The best part, you can completely customize any of these projects to what boxes you already have.

You do need a handful of pretty basic supplies to help you with your organizer creations. You’ll want this set of cute washi tapes, this ruler set, this pair of scissors, and these pencils for marking cuts.

Keep these for yourself, or gift them to friends or family!

1. Office Storage Desk Organizer

office storage desk organizer


This organizer has never made my desk function better! Streamline all of your essentials into one easily accessible spot.

Play around with the formation, too, whether you set it up from most used to least, whether you’re left or right-handed, etc.

2. Jewelry Storage

jewelry storage


Grab the size box of your jewelry collection and get to organizing the space you need for all of your pieces. Add a mirror if you are feeling extra motivated–I’d reinforce the side of the cardboard that has it.

While you’re at it, check out this easy DIY makeup organizer!

3. Mailbox

mail box


Make this with your kids for the classroom, or keep them as mail organizers for your family members. It’s a great way to spend an afternoon and a fun, cheap art project for the kiddos.

4. Cabinet Organizer

cabinet organizer


You’ll need two boxes for this project to organize your cabinet goodies. Before making any major official steps, roughly plan out how you’ll situate the items intended for these pockets.

Use it as a snack holder for the little ones or cleaning supplies below the kitchen sink. That way, you can restock when supplies are low for either one.

5. Drawer Divider

drawer divider


This idea really changed my kids’ drawers’ lives! In all seriousness, though, after adding them into their rooms, there’s way less digging through clothes, toys, etc., in the morning.

It was originally just for clothes, but we did expand into toys and even their clothing storage boxes.

6. Desk Magazine Organizer

desk magazine organizer


This magazine holder holds so much and is a great addition to the desk organizer or a stand-alone item. Make a few to organize specific subjects for your kids or the past, current, and future folders for yourself.

I like to have one for the current year for essential information that will get used more than once a year. Think of a school calendar for the kids, any tax information,  or an agenda for yourself.

That way, you’ll always have it on call if you need to reference anything.

These other brilliant DIY desk organizers will help you keep your home office neat and tidy!

7. Pencil Case

pencil case


I love this little pencil case! It’s one of my go-tos when I know I’ll be working on a specific project away from my supplies and know what I need.

Draft a few in a couple of different sizes if you know you travel a lot with supplies to make it a customizable art pack on the go.

8. Tiered Spice Rack

tiered spice rack


The easiest of hacks to create way more space in one of the most notoriously cluttered areas–is the spice shelf/drawer.

The best part–it’s way cheaper than the products you can buy in stores, and you can customize them too!

9. Storage Box Organizer

storage box organizer


Similarly to the drawer organizer, this craft saves so much time digging for the tool or item you’re searching for. Add these to your storage, kitchen, or even art drawers to transform your life!

10. DIY Desk Organizer

DIY desk organizer


A nice alternative to the magazine holders or office organizer, this one is a great middle-ground of the two. Easy to fit anywhere, this desk organizer is an excellent addition to any workplace or home office.

This is one of the best cheap organizing ideas for your home!

11. Gift Box

gift box


Since I started doing this hack, I generally steer clear of gift boxes if I can help it. Add a bit of craft paper to give it a little more life–and let the recipient know the box can get used as an organizer in their home.

12. Book Holder

book holder


The sturdier version of the magazine holder, this book holder looks darling to hold special books in a book collection.

Or, use it as a great traveling tool for an array of kid books while on vacation–that way, there’s less of a chance of losing anything.

13. Bathroom Drawer Storage

bathroom drawer storage


Stack them to make mini shelving, or cut the tops and bottoms of your boxes to make shallow bins–whatever works for your space under your bathroom sink.

If working with drawers, play spacially with the material you have before starting on the project. You can cut one of the walls on the boxes to make them smaller or larger and to make your own shapes too.

This is one of the smartest DIY storage ideas to get organized!

14. Decorative Storage Box

decorative storage box


This craft may be my favorite hack of the bunch! Really, whatever you need storage for, you can create it and style it yourself–with a bit of planning.

Whether in a displayable place or the farthest corner of your closet, make this box what you want it! You may have to double-layer the cardboard or change the thickness depending on what you want to store.

Not sure what to do with your storage box? Check out these stylish ways to organize with baskets!

15. Picture Frames

picture frames


Finally, and probably the cutest of the bunch, use your old boxes to make fun picture frames!

We made a few of these to display the kids’ art in different spots in the house to make it feel extra special while streamlining the amount of art on display.

A great tip to ensure a perfect fit–have the picture or the size of the intended photo on standby. That way, it’ll take the questioning out of the size of the frame getting created.